Jacksonville, FL 32206 ZIP Code Map


32206 Schools


  • School For The Future
  • Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • Impact Halfway House
  • Andrew A. Robinson Elementary School
  • Richard L. Brown Elementary School
  • Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School
  • Long Branch Elementary School
  • John Love Elementary School
  • Andrew Jackson High School
  • Kirby-Smith Middle School
  • Brentwood Elementary School
  • Mattie V Rutherford Alt Ed Center
  • Census



    ZIP Code 32206 is located in Duval County

    32206 Street Addresses

    21st St E ((1-2099)) 21st St W ((1-899)) 22nd St E ((1-1899)) 23rd Cir N ((1400-1499)) 23rd Cir S ((1400-1499)) 700-10 21st Ap ((600-798)) 700-1 21st Ap ((3000-3498)) 700-4 21st Ap ((700-798)) 700-5 21st Ap ((801-899)) 700-9 21st Ap ((3601-3798)) 7th St W ((1-499)) 8th St E ((1-1999)) 9th St E ((1-1999)) Alder St ((300-799)) A Philip Randolph Blvd ((2-1099)) Arey St ((1000-1099)) Basswood St ((300-699)) Bayard Rd ((2000-2199)) Baywood St ((900-999)) Beechwood St ((300-699)) Benham St ((1100-1199)) Bennett St ((1700-4599)) Birch St ((300-699)) Blair St ((2000-3099)) Bliss St ((4300-4499)) Blodgetts Ln ((600-699)) Bond Ave ((900-1099)) Bond St ((900-1099)) Boulevard ((1100-3999)) Boulevard St ((1100-3999)) Brackland St ((1700-2199)) Brentwood Ave ((3201-5099)) Brentwood Blvd ((3100-3899)) Bridier St ((600-3599)) Brown's Aly ((1200-1399)) Buckman St ((1700-4499)) Buffalo Ave ((4900-5399)) Carmen St ((300-699)) Castlewood Dr W ((4500-4799)) Cemetery St ((800-999)) Charlevoix St ((2400-2599)) Clark St ((1200-1599)) Confederate St ((100-299)) Cottage Ave ((1-399)) Daisy Ct ((4600-4699)) Danese St ((1700-3799)) Drysdale St ((100-199)) Dyal St ((800-1599)) E 10th St ((1-1699)) E 11th St ((100-2199)) E 12th St ((600-1899)) E 13th St ((600-1699)) E 14th St ((1-1699)) E 15th St ((1-1699)) E 16th St ((1-1699)) E 17th St ((1-1499)) E 18th St ((1-2199)) E 19th St ((1-2998)) E 1st St ((1-1499)) E 20th St ((201-1999)) E 21st St ((1-2099)) E 22nd St ((1-1899)) E 23rd Cir ((1400-1499)) E 23rd St ((300-1999)) E 24th St ((1-1999)) E 25th St ((1-1999)) E 26th St ((1-1799)) E 27th St ((1-1999)) E 28th St ((600-1999)) E 29th St ((1-99)) E 2nd St ((1-599)) E 30th St ((600-1999)) E 31st St ((1-1499)) E 32nd St ((1-1299)) E 34th St ((1-99)) E 38th St ((1-99)) E 3rd St ((1-1399)) E 40th St ((1-199)) E 41st St ((1-199)) E 4th St ((1-1499)) E 5th St ((1-1299)) E 6th St ((1-699)) E 7th St ((1-1999)) E 8th St ((1-1999)) E 9th St ((1-1999)) E Castlewood Dr ((4400-4799)) E Dyal St ((600-799)) Egner St ((1700-2199)) Elizabeth St ((1500-1699)) Ertha Rd ((1-99)) E Union St ((500-1399)) Evergreen Ave ((1100-4399)) Fairfield Pl ((1500-1799)) Fairview St ((4500-4599)) Fern St ((100-699)) Flanders St ((2600-3299)) Florida Ave ((2-3299)) Flower Garden Ln ((3000-3498)) Franklin St ((800-4299)) French St ((3100-3199)) Fuller Ln ((1000-1099)) Furry Ct ((4600-4699)) Golfair Blvd ((300-1499)) Goodnor St ((300-399)) Haines St ((800-4499)) Harrison St ((1100-1599)) Hubbard St ((900-5099)) Hubbard Ter ((1900-1999)) Hudson St ((4300-4599)) Hwy 17 ((3700-5099)) Ionia St ((800-4099)) Ivy St ((300-699)) Jennings St ((1100-1399)) Jessie St ((400-1799)) Jones St ((1700-3399)) Joseph St ((1100-1499)) Jupiter Ave ((2600-3099)) Kemp St ((1000-1099)) la Main Ct ((51-99)) Lambert St ((1700-2199)) Langston Ln ((1000-1099)) Laura St ((2-3699)) Laura St N ((1-2099)) Laurie St ((3800-3999)) Lehigh St ((3700-3899)) Lem Turner Rd ((7101-7230)) Liberty Cir ((3200-3299)) Lindrose St ((1400-1799)) Linn St ((4300-4499)) Linwood Ave ((300-699)) Long Branch Blvd ((100-699)) Louise St ((2000-3099)) Main St N ((700-5099)) Market St ((2100-3099)) Marlboro Cir E ((4500-4799)) Marlboro Cir W ((4500-4799)) Marshall St ((1500-1799)) Mars St ((2800-3099)) Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy ((600-2799)) Meta St ((1500-1598)) Milnor Ave ((1000-1698)) Milnor St ((1000-1698)) Moody St ((1400-1599)) Morrison St ((4200-4499)) N Davis St ((4400-4599)) Nelmar Pl ((4600-4799)) Neptune Ave ((2800-3099)) N Laura St ((1-3599)) N Liberty St ((100-3999)) N Main St ((1-5099)) N Market St ((500-2099)) Norwood Ave ((4600-6898)) Notter Ave ((3800-4699)) N Pearl St ((48-5099)) N Village Center Dr ((801-899)) N Washington St ((800-1099)) Oak Arabor Cir ((600-798)) Odessa St ((500-1399)) Old Panama Rd ((4900-5099)) Old Talleyrand Ave ((1400-1599)) Otto St ((2000-2099)) Pacetti St ((1100-1599)) Palmetto St ((800-1399)) Parker St ((800-899)) Peachtree St ((3700-3799)) Pearl Pl ((1900-1999)) Perry St ((1500-4599)) Phelps St ((1-1299)) Phoenix Ave ((1111-3599)) Pippin St ((500-1399)) Plateau St ((3100-3599)) Popular St ((3700-4299)) Preston St ((2700-2899)) Privette St ((3701-3899)) Ravine St ((100-299)) Redell St ((1900-1999)) Redwing St ((2000-2099)) Roland St ((1200-1299)) Santa Claus Ln ((4400-4499)) Saturn Ave ((2800-3099)) Searing Ter ((1100-1199)) Shelly Ct ((4600-4699)) Silver St ((1300-5499)) S Laura St ((2-2199)) Slone St ((4200-4499)) Spearing St ((800-1999)) Spearing Street Ln ((700-799)) Springfield Blvd ((3700-4799)) Springfield Ct ((400-499)) State Hwy 115 ((1-5199)) State Hwy 117 ((4100-5199)) State Hwy 5 ((700-3698)) S Village Center Dr ((700-798)) Sylvan Ct ((1000-1099)) Talleyrand Ave ((800-4399)) Terrace Ave ((3100-3299)) Thelma St ((1700-3199)) Tilden St ((1700-2199)) Troyan St ((1000-1099)) US Hwy 1 ((600-2999)) US Hwy 17 ((700-5099)) US Hwy 1 Alt ((201-699)) Van Buren St ((800-1599)) Venus St ((2800-3099)) Victoria St ((601-899)) W 10th St ((1-599)) W 11th St ((1-599)) W 12th St ((1-599)) W 15th St ((200-299)) W 16th St ((1-899)) W 17th St ((1-899)) W 18th St ((1-999)) W 19th St ((1-599)) W 1st St ((1-177)) W 20th St ((600-699)) W 20th Street Expy ((600-698)) W 21st St ((1-899)) W 22nd St ((1-599)) W 23rd St ((1-599)) W 24th St ((100-9599)) W 25th St ((1-599)) W 26th St ((100-599)) W 27th St ((1-599)) W 28th St ((1-599)) W 2nd St ((1-199)) W 30th St ((1-199)) W 32nd St ((1-199)) W 33rd St ((1-199)) W 35th St ((1-99)) W 36th St ((1-199)) W 38th St ((1-299)) W 39th St ((100-299)) W 3rd St ((1-299)) W 40th St ((100-499)) W 41st St ((1-799)) W 4th St ((1-399)) W 5th St ((1-499)) W 6th St ((1-599)) W 7th St ((1-499)) W 8th St ((1-499)) W 9th St ((1-499)) Walnut Ct ((400-499)) Walnut St ((1000-4099)) Weare St ((1100-1399)) Wendell Ct ((4600-4699)) Westcott St ((1700-2199)) Westlake Ave ((3300-3599)) Whitehall St ((3700-3899)) Wigmore St ((1200-1999)) Williams ((2000-2899)) Wilton St ((1600-1799)) Winona Dr ((1-699)) Winthrop St ((800-1799)) Woodbine St ((300-699)) Woodcreek Ln ((3601-3798))

    32206 Places and Attractions

    Abbas Place Missions Abundant Life Outreach Act of the Apostolic Bibleway Church Agape New Life Christian Church All People Church of God in Christ All People International Church All Souls Episcopal Church Andrew A Robinson Elementary School Antioch Baptist Church Axson School Beal School Bethel Church Youth Center Bethesda Faith Assembly Church Beulah Beal Young Parents Center Breath of Life Seventh Day Adventist Church Brentwood Brentwood Elementary School Brentwood Park Brown Museum of Art Brown School Cathedral of Prayer Family Worship Center Central Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Education Building Christian Development Center Christian Fellowship Ministries Christ Temple Church of God in Unity Christ the King Church of God by Faith Church of God Springfield Church of Good Shepherd Church of Our Savior-Episcopal Church of the Living God City Cemetery City Center Ministry Deer Creek Duval County East Eleventh Street Baptist Church Edwards Park Ephesus and Breath of Life Community Center Faith Chapel Church of God Faith Deliverance Assembly Church Faith Outreach Ministries First Baptist Church of Oakland First Samuel Baptist Church Fountain Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Franklin Street Baptist Church Full of Faith Ministries Gateway Community Service Center Gateway Plaza Hospital Gateway Trailer Park Gilbert Junior High School Glorious Church of the Lord Jesus of the Apostolic Faith Good Samaritan Temple Grace and Hope Deliverance Church Grace Baptist Church Fellowship Center Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church Holy Family Catholic Church Holy Rosary Catholic Church Holy Rosary School Holy Spirit Catholic Church Hope in Christ Church Hope Outreach Ministry for Everyone House of God Saints in Christ General Church Interchange 3 Jackson High School Jacksonville Division Jacksonville Electric Authority Buckman Wastewater Treatment Facility Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Station 11 Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Station 2 Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Station 9 Jacksonville Port Authority Toyota Berth J D Kennedy Power Plant Jennings Park Jerusalem Baptist Church John Love Elementary School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kirby-Smith Junior High School Kooker Park Lakewood/San Jose Plaza Life Line Outreach Ministries Little Rock Baptist Church Long Branch Long Branch School Longbranch Trailer Park Louis S Sheffield Elementary School Love Fellowship Christian Church Love of Christ Community Church Love School Macedonia Church of Deliverance Methodist Hospital Mirimar Center Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Charity Missionary Baptist Church Mount Moriah House of God Church Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church New Palmer Grove Baptist Church Full Gospel Ministry New Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church North Pearl Street Missionary Baptist Church Northside Assembly of God Church Northside Church of Christ Northtown Square Oakland School Oil of Joy Full Gospel Church Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church Public School 17 Raiford A Brown Eastside Library Rutherford School Saint Johns Lutheran Church Saint Joseph United Methodist Church Saint Luke Baptist Church Saint Marys Episcopal Church Scottish Rites Masonic Cathedral Scott School Second Chance Ministries Servants of Christ Episcopal Church Springfield Springfield Baptist Church Springfield Christian Church Springfield Park Springfield True Church of God Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church Spring Park Church Sweetfield Baptist Church Tabernacle Baptist Institutional Church Talleyrand Temple of Jesus Church Terminal Channel Thankful Missionary Baptist Church Union Progressive Baptist Church United Full Gospel of Christ Christian Center University Hospital of Jacksonville Victory Baptist Church Westside Church of Christ Youth Development Program Zarephath Tabernacle Church Zion Community Church Zion Temple Freewill Baptist Church