Keysville, GA 30816 ZIP Code Map


Keysville ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 30816 is located in Burke County (88.30%) Jefferson County (11.70%)

30816 Street Addresses

Barrett Dr ((100-398)) Barrow Rd ((1000-3399)) Birt St ((201-299)) Bothwell Ave ((100-499)) Bridge Taylor Rd ((101-399)) Broad St ((201-10299)) Brushy Creek Rd ((500-4499)) Butler's Mill Rd ((100-198)) Bynes Ave ((2801-3199)) Cates St ((100-398)) Center Ave ((100-199)) Center St ((101-199)) Cheatham St ((100-299)) Chinaberry St ((100-299)) Chirp Rd ((1000-1099)) Chris Cir ((100-298)) Cohen Rd ((301-498)) Co Rd 19 ((1000-2899)) Co Rd 22 ((1668-5199)) Co Rd 25N ((601-3199)) Coursey Rd ((200-599)) C R 16 ((1001-6698)) Dinwiddie Pl ((200-299)) Dixon Hendricks Rd ((400-1598)) Dixon Hendrix Rd ((400-1598)) Drone Rd ((2881-3199)) E Coursey Rd ((200-599)) E Four Points Rd ((100-298)) Farmers Bridge Rd ((401-1499)) Fendig St ((1496-1598)) Forest Hill Rd ((501-1080)) Four Points Rd ((100-298)) Frankie Ln ((400-498)) Gay Rd ((1200-1799)) George Massey Rd ((1501-6098)) George Perkins Rd ((1400-1699)) Gough Rd ((1470-1499)) Gough-Red Hill Rd ((101-2698)) Gough Spur Rd ((1200-1598)) Gresham Ave ((100-299)) Gresham Rd ((100-1299)) Hadden Pond Rd ((472-825)) Hannah Ln ((200-298)) Hephzibah Keysville Rd ((601-1430)) Hill St ((100-199)) Houston Dr ((1000-1599)) Jerry Rd ((100-199)) Keysville-Boggs Academy Rd ((101-5298)) Keys Way ((1-198)) King Edward Dr ((1000-2498)) Kingston Dr ((801-999)) Lakewood Dr ((100-199)) Little New York Rd ((1300-1398)) Martin Luther King Jr Rd ((284-599)) Martin Luther King Rd ((284-599)) Massey-Doss Rd ((300-398)) Moten Cir ((101-299)) Neely St ((100-199)) New Burke Dr ((100-299)) Noah Station Rd ((1668-5199)) Northlake Dr ((101-699)) Northlake Rd ((101-699)) Northview Dr ((100-299)) Old Louisville Rd ((100-299)) Old Waynesboro Rd ((100-299)) Pebble Rd ((300-899)) Pecan Place Rd ((1001-6698)) Phillips St ((100-299)) Poole Melton Rd ((1-350)) Pughsley Branch Rd ((301-1299)) Rhodes Lee St ((300-399)) Saint Clair Rd ((300-499)) Shelly Ln ((201-299)) Side Track Rd ((1000-2899)) South St ((100-398)) Spread Oak Rd ((200-1299)) Stapleton Hwy ((5692-10599)) State Rte 24 ((2600-4199)) State Rte 305 ((301-14399)) State Rte 80 ((1661-6098)) State Rte 88 ((300-7340)) St Clair Rd ((300-499)) Stephens Rd ((301-1098)) Story Mill Rd ((3700-7499)) Susie Bailey Rd ((1201-1319)) Swamp Rd ((1000-1499)) Taylor Rd ((501-1098)) Terrell-Forth Rd ((201-899)) Torbit St ((100-198)) Twin Pine Rd ((100-298)) Tyrone Brooks St ((100-299)) US Hwy 25 ((601-3199)) Walker Place Cir ((200-398)) Washington Dr ((701-899)) Waverly Ave ((100-398)) Westgate Dr ((1407-1499)) W Four Points Rd ((101-1199)) Wheeler Rd ((1000-2399)) Whitehead St ((100-199)) Whitehurst Ave ((300-399)) William Tinley Rd ((1300-1799)) Winter Rd ((1801-1899)) W Quaker Rd ((701-6298))

30816 Places and Attractions

Beaver Dam Creek Bines Slave Cemetery Blackburn Church Boggs Academy Brushy Creek Brushy Creek Cemetery Brushy Creek Church Brushy Creek (historical) Bull Nose Branch Burke County Emergency Management Agency Engine Company 6 Burke County Emergency Management Agency Engine Company 7 Bynes Grove Church City of Keysville Crossroads Christian School Crossroads Church Davis Pond Davis Pond Dam Dukes Branch Eliott Barrow Airport Elmore (historical) Farmers Bridge First Baptist Church First Baptist Church Goldberg Pond Gordon Chapel Gordon Hill School (historical) Gough Gough Family Cemetery Gough Post Office Green Grove Church Green Grove School Gresham Cemetery Gresham Cemetery Grove Mount Hopeful Branch Hopeful Cemetery Hopeful Church Hopeful Church Hopeful School Hudson Hall School James Grove Church Keys Grove Church Keys Pond Keys Pond Dam Keysville Cemetery Keysville Community Cemetery Keysville Division Keysville Evangelistic Church Keysville Post Office Le Roy (historical) Little Brushy Creek Little Creek Matthews Junior High School Morrison Grove Church (historical) Mount Horeb Cemetery Mount Horeb Church Noah Noah's Ark Church Noahs Ark School (historical) Padgett Crossing (historical) Palmers Pond Quinnie Cemetery Red Hill Church Red Hill School (historical) Saint Antioch Church Saint Clair Saint Clair Church Saint Clair School Satchel Pond Section Grove Church Sheppard Place Cemetery Smith Family Cemetery Smiths Grove Cemetery Smiths Grove Church Spreadoak Church Stocking Branch Stockton Pond Taylor Cemetery Timmons Pond WAGW-FM (Waynesboro) Walker Grove School (historical) Walker Grove Settlement Walkers Bridge Walker Scott Cemetery Walkers Grove Church Walnut Branch Watkins Pond Williams Grove Church Williams Grove School WYFA-FM (Waynesboro) Yawn Field