Midville, GA 30441 ZIP Code Map


Midville ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 30441 is located in Emanuel County (57.80%) Burke County (41.60%) Jenkins County (0.60%)

30441 Street Addresses

1st Ave ((101-199)) 1st St ((100-199)) 2nd St ((100-199)) Alice St ((1-299)) Ann St ((401-899)) Apple St ((101-799)) Bark Camp Church Rd ((501-2599)) Bell Rd ((26-352)) Benniefield Rd ((300-498)) Big Creek Rd ((100-899)) Big Oak Rd ((100-499)) Bill Glenn Rd ((500-699)) Birch Rd ((1-99)) Bishop Chapel Church Rd ((744-1698)) Blun Rd ((1-198)) Brack Rd ((100-798)) Brinson Cemetary Rd ((500-699)) Brinson Chapel Church Rd ((1-99)) Brinson Rock Rd ((1-99)) Brother Blvd ((200-299)) Brown Hall Rd ((1-99)) Brown Springs Rd ((200-399)) Bunn Store Rd ((200-998)) Burton St ((100-398)) Buster Ln ((1-99)) Cadillac Club Rd ((1-299)) Canoochee Byp ((1-899)) Canoochee Rd ((1693-2299)) Cherokee Cir ((2-298)) Cherry St ((100-799)) Clark Rd ((1-299)) Cobb Rd ((900-1099)) Corbin Hitchcock Rd ((1-99)) Co Rd 58 ((1-198)) Covena Rd ((100-2549)) Cross and Green Rd ((1-299)) Cty Rd 6 ((1-99)) Curry Ln ((1-99)) Dal St ((1-99)) Doan Rd ((100-198)) Drake Rd ((1800-1998)) Drew Bennett Rd ((2-599)) Foljambi Ln ((2-98)) Frank Farmer Rd ((801-2299)) Fulghum St ((3-99)) Gallilee Rd ((91-99)) Gardenia Rd ((1-1999)) Green Spence Rd ((2-1199)) Hadden Ln ((1-199)) Harris St ((100-299)) Hedgerow Rd ((1400-1499)) Henry Rowland Rd ((601-699)) Hereford Farm Rd ((1-399)) Herndon Rd ((14-1799)) Hickson Rd ((200-2499)) Hood Rd ((101-299)) Humpback St ((1-99)) Hwy 192 N ((1900-2698)) Inman Rd ((201-899)) Jack Pine Rd ((1-99)) James St ((2-199)) Johnson Grove Church Rd ((100-998)) Johnson Powell Dr ((200-299)) Johnson Rd ((100-199)) Jones St ((100-483)) Jukes Rd ((101-498)) Kay St ((101-199)) Kilpatrick St ((101-798)) Lambs Chapel Rd ((2-98)) Lanier Rd ((4501-4599)) Lawrence Sherrod Rd ((100-899)) Lee St ((19-1499)) Madison St ((100-299)) Magruder Ln ((100-199)) Magruder Rd ((301-3499)) Mary St ((101-499)) McGarrh Mill Pond Rd ((400-498)) McKinney Pond Rd ((101-199)) Mimosa Rd ((200-299)) Mobly St ((201-299)) Moore St ((2-98)) Mount Olivet Church Rd ((1800-2099)) Mt Olive Rd ((3600-3798)) Murphy St ((201-799)) Netherland Dr ((139-1499)) Netherland Rd ((139-1499)) N Railroad St ((100-298)) Old Blundale Rd ((1-899)) Old River Rd ((1-99)) Old Savannah Rd ((1-2499)) Old Wadley Rd ((200-1099)) Oliver Rd ((600-698)) Oscar Ln ((1-99)) Outlaw Dr ((200-299)) Outlaw Rd ((200-299)) Overstreet Johnson Rd ((100-199)) Peachtree St ((200-298)) Peony Ln ((1-199)) Piney Grove Rd ((1-199)) Railroad St ((100-198)) Ralph Smith Rd ((401-2399)) Reeves Rd ((201-1498)) River Row Rd ((1-99)) Roberts Rd ((201-299)) Rosier Rd ((3500-3898)) Rowan Johnson Rd ((2-199)) Roy Lee Rd ((1-199)) Rudy Scarboro Rd ((1-99)) Saint Galilee Rd ((1-299)) S College Ave ((117-906)) Scotts Store Rd ((188-1298)) Scott Store Rd ((100-1298)) Seal St ((100-199)) Shadey Ln ((301-399)) Squirrel Rd ((1-99)) State Rte 17 ((1-2398)) State Rte 192 ((2-2699)) State Rte 192 N ((2-98)) State Rte 305 ((100-6999)) State Rte 56 ((100-11199)) State Rte 78 ((401-598)) Stevens Cemetary Rd ((100-498)) Stevens Crossing Rd ((1-899)) Strong Ln ((1-99)) Summertown Church Rd ((100-199)) Summertown Church St ((1-199)) Summertown Green St ((1-199)) Summertown Main St ((1-99)) Summertown Railroad St ((2-98)) Summertown Smith St ((2-98)) Tillman Rd ((2101-2299)) Trout St ((2-399)) Underwood Rd ((100-298)) US Hwy 1 ((3601-3798)) Wadley Coleman Lake Rd ((1-1998)) Watson Rd ((101-1399)) Wells Rd ((300-399)) Whitehall St ((3-99)) Wilcher Ln ((1-99)) Wild Cherry Rd ((1-99)) Willie Davis Rd ((2-32)) Willow Rd ((1-99)) Wiregrass Rd ((1-198)) W Old Savannah Rd ((5601-5799)) W Winthrope Ave ((101-398)) Wyatt Place Rd ((3100-3299))

30441 Places and Attractions

Bark Camp Bark Camp Cemetery Bark Camp Church Bark Camp Creek Batts Grove Church Beegles Farm Pond Beegles Farm Pond Dam Big Long Creek Bishop Church Bishops Chapel Cemetery Boiling Spring Boneyard Lake Brack Cemetery Brinson Rock Church Brown Lake Brown Springs Bull Branch Bunn Cemetery Bunns Lake Burke County Emergency Management Agency Engine Company 4 Burke County High School Burtons Millpond Campbells School (historical) Cason-Bynes Cemetery City of Midville City of Summertown Clear Spring Creek Clear Spring School (historical) Coleman Cemetery Colemans Cemetery Colemans Lake Colemans Lake Corinth Cemetery Cross Cemetery Daniels Mill Creek Dead River Dinkins School Drake Cemetery Durden Dam Durden Farm Pond Emanuel County Volunteer Fire Department Summertown Station Farmer Lake Farmer Lake Dam Forts Grove Church Franklins Bluff Garbutts Cemetery Gertrude Greens Cemetery Hines Church Inman School (historical) Johnson Cemetery Johnsons Grove Church Kirkland Cemetery Lamberts Lake Lambs Chapel Lambs Chapel Cemetery Lane Chapel Little Hell Pond Little Long Creek Long Creek Church Magruder Magruder Farms Lake Magruder Farms Lake Dam West McKinney Pond McKinney Pond Dam McKinzie Cemetery Midville Midville Branch Library Midville City Cemetery Midville City Hall Midville Division Midville International Airport Midville Post Office Mill Creek Mill Creek Mount Olivet Cemetery Mount Olivet Church Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Murphree Cemetery Nasworthy Cemetery Number Ten (historical) Ogeechee Education Center Old Union Grove Cemetery Old Union Grove Church (historical) Paces South Farms Airport Parkers Lake Rock Landing Rountree Island Church Sand Branch Sand Hill Cemetery Sandy Hook Sapp Pond Dam Scotts Corner Seals Creek Seven Cypresses Sherrod Cemetery Southeast Georgia Experiment Station Stevens Crossing Straight Gate Church Summertown Summertown Cemetery Summertown Division Summertown United Methodist Church Summertown Volunteer Fire Department Sycamore Cemetery The Split Three Points Turkey Pond Turkey Pond Turkey Pond Dam Union Grove Cemetery Union Grove Church Walea Cemetery Wells Pond Wells Pond Dam Wig Lake