Girard, GA 30426 ZIP Code Map


Girard ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 30426 is located in Burke County (71.10%) Screven County (28.90%)

30426 Street Addresses

Academy Ave ((100-299)) Alec Dr ((101-2299)) Alec Rd ((101-2299)) Andrews Chapel Rd ((3401-3499)) Bernice Ln ((201-299)) Bernice Way ((201-299)) Bethesda Church Rd ((1000-1399)) Brigham Ave ((100-299)) Brigham Landing Rd ((100-2099)) Buck Ln ((201-1898)) Buck Rd ((201-1898)) Buxton Dr ((300-9399)) Buxton St ((100-398)) Catherine Ln ((200-298)) Chance Rd ((2-1399)) Chandler Rd ((400-498)) Claxton Rd ((200-1499)) Co Rd 7 ((7001-7199)) Corn Rd ((100-599)) Creek Rd ((300-2699)) Cypress Pond Rd ((201-399)) Dairy Rd ((500-598)) Dalton Baptist Church Rd ((500-598)) Earl Dixon Rd ((700-998)) Eastmead Dr ((100-299)) E Mead Dr ((100-299)) Francesca Dr ((2600-2698)) Gin House Rd ((2300-3198)) Givens Ch Rd ((1200-1298)) Givens Church Rd ((594-596)) Glisson Rd ((301-1098)) Godbee Hillis Rd ((701-2398)) Griffin Landing Rd ((401-2198)) Grunewald Rd ((300-398)) Harmony Rd ((2701-6898)) Heath Rd ((100-498)) Houston St ((300-399)) Joe Oliver Rd ((100-199)) Lebanon Forest Rd ((1400-1598)) Long Rd ((200-998)) Mac Gregor Cir ((301-399)) Main St ((9501-11299)) Martin Luther King Dr ((7001-7199)) McGregor Cir ((301-399)) Millhaven Rd ((100-2899)) Mobley Pond Rd ((1200-1298)) Mosley Pond Rd ((2101-2199)) Norris Dr ((2600-2698)) Odom St ((101-199)) Oglethorpe Trl ((2000-3599)) Penn Ln ((0-299)) Percy-Dixon Rd ((200-998)) Perry Rd ((100-699)) River Rd ((2101-14199)) Royal Rd ((300-799)) Smith Lake Rd ((501-699)) State Rte 23 ((7701-12971)) St Johns Church Rd ((901-1098)) Stoney Bluff Landing Rd ((1000-1099)) Stoney Bluff Rd ((100-4399)) Stony Bluff Rd ((1901-3098)) Sweet Water Rd ((100-1099)) Thankful Church Rd ((100-1399)) Vine Rd ((700-798))

30426 Places and Attractions

Bates Branch Bethany Cemetery Bethany Church Bethel Brick Church Bethel Cemetery Bethesda School (historical) Bethlehem Cemetery Bethlehem Church Brighams Landing Burke County Emergency Management Agency Engine Company 5 Buxton Landing Cains Pond Cains Store Canes Store (historical) Carter Lake Carter Lake Dam Chickasaw Branch Christian Church (historical) Clark Cemetery Cleveland Church (historical) Clubhouse Ridge Cochran Grove Church Corinth Cemetery Corinth Church Cypress Pond Dalton Church Daniel Landing Daniels Branch Devils Elbow Devils Elbow Ellisons Landing Girard Girard Academy (historical) Girard City Hall Girard Division Girard Junior High School Godbee Cemetery Griffins Landing Heath Cemetery Hickman Cemetery High Head High Head Branch Hillis Corner Hillis Pond Hills Store Jenkins Branch Joe Ditch Little Beaverdam Creek Little Hell Point Little Sweetwater Creek Mallard Cemetery Mash Pond Mash Pond Branch McDaniel Creek Mobley Branch Mobley Pond Church Mobley Pond School (historical) Mobley School (historical) Mobley Swamp Moody Cemetery Murray Pond Oak Grove Church Old Mill Branch Oliver Swamp Poplar Root Branch Potlikker Hill Prescott Lakes Queen Lake Red Hill Cemetery Red Lake Robinson School (historical) Rock Fence Crossroads Rockville School (historical) Rocky Creek Royal Lake Saint Andrews Chapel Saint Johns Church Saint Marys Baptist Church Saint Marys Church Saint Paul Cemetery Saint Paul Church Saint Paul School (historical) Shoemaker Lake Smith Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Smith Chapel Cemetery Smith Chapel (historical) Smith Lake Soldiers Field Still Branch Stoney Bluff Ferry (historical) Stoney Bluff Ferry (historical) Stony Bluff Landing Sweetwater Creek Telfair Bay Telfair Pond Thankful Church The Lagoon Toblers Creek Town of Girard Wade Plantation Airport White Womans Point Wimberly Cemetery