Atlanta, GA 30314 ZIP Code Map


30314 Schools


  • Kipp Atlanta Collegiate
  • Kindezi
  • Booker T. Washington High School - Health- Science
  • Booker T. Washington High School - Banking- Financ
  • Booker T. Washington - Early College Small School
  • Atlanta Preparatory Academy
  • Coretta Scott King Young Womens Leadership Academy
  • Kipp West Atlanta Young Scholars Academy
  • University Community Academy
  • Bethune Elementary School
  • Turner Middle School
  • White Elementary School
  • M. A. Jones Elementary School
  • Washington High School Senior Academy
  • Herndon Elementary
  • Kennedy Middle School
  • F. L. Stanton Elementary School
  • North Metro Psychoeducational Program
  • Census


    ZIP Code 30314 is located in Fulton County

    30314 Street Addresses

    1st St SW ((100-299)) Aaron St NW ((200-299)) Abbey St NW ((200-299)) Abbott St SW ((1-299)) Adair St SW ((1200-1299)) Adele Ave SW ((1400-1499)) Adeline Ave NW ((100-299)) Akridge St NW ((1200-1599)) Altoona Pl SW ((200-299)) Anderson Ave NW ((1-399)) Anderson Ave SW ((1-199)) Andrews St NW ((1200-1599)) Arcadia Cir NW ((1-299)) Archer St SW ((1500-1699)) Archer Way NW ((300-399)) Ashby Cir NW ((2-999)) Ashby Grove SW ((900-1099)) Ashby Pl SW ((800-999)) Ashby Ter NW ((900-1099)) Aurora Ave NW ((200-399)) Bailey St SW ((100-199)) Beckwith Ct SW ((100-599)) Beckwith St SW ((400-1099)) Bernard St NW ((1200-1499)) Bethel Dr NW ((2000-2199)) Beutell St NW ((800-899)) Blayton Cir NW ((2000-2198)) Bonair St SW ((1-199)) Booker St NW ((1-99)) Booker Washington Dr NW ((800-999)) Brantley Pl NW ((1500-1599)) Bronx St NW ((1100-1299)) Browning St SW ((1600-1799)) Burbank Dr NW ((1-399)) Burbank Dr SW ((1-199)) Cairo St NW ((300-699)) Calhoun Ter SW ((1200-1399)) Calloway Dr NW ((1700-1999)) Camilla St SW ((900-1099)) Carter St NW ((400-899)) Carver Cir NW ((100-299)) Carver Dr NW ((2200-2399)) Central Dr NW ((2300-2399)) Cerro St SW ((1-199)) Chappell Rd NW ((1-299)) Chappell Rd SW ((1-199)) Chatham Way NW ((1300-1399)) Chenault Pl NW ((200-299)) Chestnut Pl NW ((1-899)) Chestnut St NW ((2-499)) Chestnut St SW ((100-299)) Chicago Ave NW ((1900-2099)) Chicamauga Ave NW ((1-99)) Chicamauga Ave SW ((1-299)) Chicamauga Pl SW ((100-299)) Childs Dr NW ((100-399)) Collier St NW ((1200-1399)) Collum St NW ((100-299)) Cowley Ave SW ((1600-1699)) Croecus Ave NW ((2000-2099)) Dahlia Ave NW ((1-299)) Delbridge St NW ((500-699)) Desoto St NW ((900-1099)) Detroit Ave NW ((1600-2199)) Detroit Ct NW ((1700-1799)) Division St NW ((900-999)) Dixie Hills Cir NW ((200-1888)) Dora St SW ((200-699)) Douglas St SW ((1200-1399)) Drummond St SW ((800-999)) Eason St NW ((1200-1599)) Edwards St NW ((100-399)) Electric Ave NW ((1-299)) Elixir Ave SW ((1500-1699)) Elliott St NW ((100-299)) Elliott St SW ((1-99)) Elm St NW ((100-416)) Elm St SW ((100-299)) Euhrlee St SW ((100-299)) Ezra Church Dr NW ((1400-1799)) Fairfield Pl NW ((1-199)) Fair St ((1286-1399)) Fair St SW ((400-1199)) Federal Dr SW ((1-199)) Fenwood St SW ((1100-1199)) Flowers Pl NW ((200-299)) Foundry St NW ((400-799)) Fountain Dr SW ((1000-1299)) Frank St SW ((800-999)) Gardenia Dr NW ((1-99)) Gardenia St NW ((1100-1299)) Gideons Dr SW ((1200-1399)) Gordon Ter SW ((100-199)) Graves St NW ((100-199)) Greensferry Ave SW ((500-899)) Griffin St NW ((1-429)) Griggs Aly NW ((100-199)) Harrison Pl SW ((600-699)) Harwell St NW ((2-1199)) Hawkins St NW ((1300-1499)) Headland Dr ((2261-2305)) Helena Ave NW ((1-99)) Hilltop Cir NW ((800-899)) Holderness St SW ((100-299)) Holly Rd NW ((1-299)) Hopkins St SW ((200-299)) Howard St NW ((2-299)) Hunter Pl NW ((1000-1199)) Hyacinth Ave NW ((100-199)) Illinois Ave NW ((300-499)) James P Brawley Dr NW ((1-499)) James P Brawley Dr SW ((1-299)) Jasper St SW ((1100-1299)) Jett St NW ((861-999)) Joe Louis Dr NW ((100-299)) John Hope Dr SW ((100-199)) John St ((300-399)) John St NW ((300-435)) Jones Ave NW ((300-799)) Joseph E Boone Blvd ((1577-1899)) Joseph Eboone Blvd NW ((1600-1698)) Joseph E Boone Blvd NW ((1232-1523)) Joseph E Boone St ((200-21299)) Joseph E Lowery Blvd ((1-398)) Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW ((152-598)) Joseph E Lowery Blvd SW ((322-498)) Joseph E Lowery Blvd, SW ((101-199)) Joyce St SW ((900-1099)) Lamar Ave NW ((112-199)) Larkin St SW ((400-799)) Laurel Ave SW ((100-299)) Lavender Dr NW ((1300-1499)) Lawshe St SW ((1-299)) Lawton St SW ((100-289)) Leach St NW ((2-98)) Leathers Cir NW ((1-199)) Lena St NW ((800-1299)) Lester St NW ((600-699)) Liberty Commons Dr NW ((1-98)) Lindsay Pl NW ((800-899)) Lindsey St NW ((300-559)) Lois Pl NW ((1900-2099)) Magnolia St NW ((400-999)) Magnolia Way ((700-899)) Magnolia Way NW ((800-899)) Mangum St ((300-499)) Maple St NW ((1-399)) Marie Ave NW ((100-299)) Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW ((12-15698)) Mathewson Pl SW ((1-299)) Mayson Turner Rd NW ((800-1399)) Mc Allister Rd NW ((1100-1199)) Mc Clure Ave NW ((1200-1399)) McClure Ave NW ((1300-1399)) Michigan Ave NW ((900-1099)) Mildred St SW ((1-199)) Milton St SW ((100-199)) Mims St SW ((1300-1699)) Mitchell St SW ((244-999)) Mobile St NW ((1100-1299)) Morehouse Dr NW ((1900-2199)) Morris Brown Ave NW ((100-798)) Morris Brown Dr SW ((1-199)) Mozley Pl SW ((1300-1699)) Napoleon Dr SW ((100-299)) N Ashby St ((1-599)) Neal Pl NW ((1000-1199)) Neal St NW ((860-1099)) Nelson St SW ((301-366)) Newcastle St SW ((1-99)) New Jersey Ave NW ((300-499)) Newport St NW ((200-499)) Norfolk St NW ((400-599)) Norris Pl NW ((1400-1499)) Northside Dr SW ((8-599)) Northside Pkwy NW ((1-377)) Oakmont Dr NW ((1700-1899)) Ogden St SW ((100-299)) Oleander St NW ((1100-1299)) Oliver St NW ((300-559)) Ollie Cir NW ((1000-1099)) Ollie St NW ((1-299)) Orr St NW ((700-799)) Ozone St SW ((1-199)) Paines Ave NW ((300-433)) Palmetto Ave SW ((900-1099)) Pansy St NW ((2100-2299)) Parsons Pl SW ((1-199)) Parsons St SW ((500-1199)) Paschal Ave ((1-99)) Paschal Blvd SW ((1-199)) Paschal St ((79-899)) Peeples St SW ((1-199)) Penelope Dr NW ((200-1899)) Penelope Rd NW ((1800-1999)) Penelope St NW ((1900-2299)) Pike Ave NW ((800-899)) Pinedale Dr NW ((1700-1999)) Pinedale Rd ((1700-1999)) Play Ln NW ((700-899)) Poland St NW ((501-1099)) Pond St NW ((700-899)) Porter Dr NW ((1600-1799)) Postell St NW ((1-199)) Proctor St NW ((700-1099)) Racine St SW ((100-399)) Raymond St NW ((1-99)) Raymond St SW ((1-199)) Rhodes St NW ((400-699)) Richardson Rd NW ((200-399)) Rigdon Pl NW ((500-599)) Roach St SW ((100-299)) Rockmart Dr NW ((1-99)) Rockmart Dr SW ((1-299)) Rock St NW ((500-999)) Rome Dr NW ((1300-1499)) Rosser St SW ((100-299)) S Ashby St ((1-498)) School Pl SW ((1600-1699)) Sciple Ter NW ((200-898)) Scott St NW ((100-299)) Sewanee Ave NW ((1-399)) Sharon St NW ((1200-1499)) Shirley Pl NW ((1-99)) Simmons St NW ((613-699)) Simpson Rd NW ((1-21299)) Simpson St NW ((1-1099)) Simpson Ter NW ((300-499)) Spellman St NW ((2-399)) Spelman Ln SW ((300-399)) Spencer St NW ((400-999)) Spring Ln NW ((1-1699)) Springview Rd NW ((1700-1899)) Stafford St NW ((1-299)) Stafford St SW ((1-199)) Stanhope Cir NW ((100-299)) State Rte 3 ((1-377)) St Jose St SW ((100-299)) Sunset Ave NW ((1-426)) Tate St NW ((300-399)) Tatnall St SW ((500-699)) Tazor St NW ((300-499)) Temple St NW ((300-499)) Thurgood St SW ((1200-1399)) Thurmond St NW ((400-999)) Tiger Flowers Cir NW ((200-299)) Tiger Flowers Dr NW ((1700-2399)) Torrence St NW ((100-299)) Tremont Dr NW ((1800-1999)) Troy St NW ((100-399)) Tyler St NW ((401-699)) University Pl NW ((500-699)) US Hwy 29 ((1-377)) US Hwy 41 ((1-377)) Vance St SW ((1-199)) Verbena St NW ((1900-2399)) Vesta Ave NW ((2100-2299)) Victor Cir NW ((1-199)) Vine St NW ((1-451)) Vine St SW ((1-199)) Wadley St NW ((1-399)) Walnut St NW ((1-399)) Walnut St SW ((1-299)) Washington Heights Ter NW ((900-1099)) Washington Pl SW ((900-999)) Waterbury Dr NW ((1-1899)) Webster St SW ((100-199)) Wellington St SW ((1-299)) W End Ave SW ((800-999)) Westchester Blvd NW ((300-499)) Western Ave NW ((500-699)) Westmoor Dr NW ((900-1099)) Westview Dr SW ((205-828)) Westview Pl NW ((200-299)) Westview Pl SW ((100-299)) W Fair St SW ((1200-1399)) Whitaker Cir NW ((1-399)) Whitehouse Dr SW ((1-99)) Willis St NW ((1500-1699)) Wilson Ave NW ((2000-2299)) W Lake Ave NW ((1-300)) W Lake Ave SW ((1-299)) W Lake Ct NW ((1600-1799)) W Lake Dr NW ((100-399)) Yonkers Ave NW ((300-499))

    30314 Places and Attractions

    Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church Anderson Park Anderson Park Elementary School (historical) Ashby Station Atlanta Fire / Rescue Station 01 Atlanta Fire / Rescue Station 16 Atlanta University Battle Hill Haven Beulah Baptist Church Booker T Washington High School Centenary United Methodist Church Central United Methodist Church Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church Church of God in Christ City of Atlanta Clark Atlanta University Clement School Coretta Scott King Young Womens Leadership Academy Dixie Hills Church Emmanuel Church of God Ezra Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical) Flipper Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church F L Stanton Elementary School Fountain Hall Fulton County Gaines Hall Gammon Theological Seminary Grace Covenant Baptist Church Gray Street School Greater Bethany Baptist Church Greater Springfield Baptist Church Herdon Home Herndon Elementary School Herndon Home Museum Hunter Hills African Methodist Episcopal Church Hunter Hills First Baptist Church Interchange 17 Interdenominational Theological Center J F Kennedy Park Kennedy Middle School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KIPP West Atlanta Young Scholars Academy Lincoln Cemetery Lutheran Church of the Atonement Mary M Bethune Elementary School Morehouse College Morehouse School of Medicine Morris Brown College Morris Brown Post Office Mount Moriah Baptist Church Mount Tabor Baptist Church Mount Vernon Baptist Church Mozley Park Newberry Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Omni-Dome-Georgia World Congress Center Station Pilgrim Travelers Baptist Church Providence Baptist Church Refuge Church of Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith Rising Star Baptist Church Robert W Woodruff Library Rush Memorial Congregational Church Saint Pauls Church School for Integrated Academics and Technologies Simpson Road Baptist Church Simpson Street Church of Christ Simpson-Woods Plaza Shopping Center Sims Avenue Baptist Church Spelman College Temple of Israel Church Temple Saint Mary Spiritual Church Thessalonian Baptist Church Turner Middle School United Brotherhood for Christ Church University Park Vine City Walter White Elementary School Ware School Warren Memorial United Methodist Church Washington Evening High School Washington Park WCLK-FM (Atlanta) West Hunter Branch Atlanta-Fulton Public Library West Lake Station WGST-AM (Atlanta) WIGO-AM (Atlanta) WRFG-FM (Atlanta)