Wardensville, WV 26851 ZIP Code Map


Wardensville ZIP Codes

West Virginia

ZIP Code 26851 is located in Hardy County (90.10%) Hampshire County (9.90%)

26851 Street Addresses

5/3 County Rte ((1-299)) Adams Ln ((1-998)) Anderson Ridge Rd ((1-998)) Baughman Settlement ((3200-3598)) Beagle Dr ((2-398)) Bobcat Rd ((1-1599)) Butternut Dr ((1-3)) Carpenter Ave ((1-199)) Cedar St ((1-198)) Chestnut Dr ((101-199)) Co Rd 1/6 ((8001-10499)) Co Rte 16 ((5500-6897)) Co Rte 1/6 ((7401-7499)) Co Rte 23/10 ((100-13298)) Co Rte 23/12 ((1-2198)) Co Rte 23/13 ((1-1098)) Co Rte 23/7 ((3200-3598)) Co Rte 23/8 ((401-3799)) Co Rte 23/9 ((400-3499)) Co Rte 23/9 Sauerkraut ((3001-3499)) Co Rte 5 ((1-3599)) Co Rte 5/1 ((1-3899)) Co Rte 55/1 ((200-1499)) County Route 5 North Mtn Rd ((1068-1199)) Cty Rte 55/1 Old Strasburg Rd ((200-298)) Deer Haven ((2-499)) Dj Sager Rd ((201-1099)) D J Sager Rd ((500-1099)) Dogwood St ((100-199)) Dutch Hollow Rd ((535-1998)) E Main St ((100-399)) Evergreen Farms Dr ((0-1099)) Evergreen Farms Rd ((2-299)) Furnace Rd ((100-598)) Golden Trout Dr ((2-399)) Hardy Dr ((1-299)) High Meadow Rd ((1-199)) High St ((1-98)) Hillcrest Dr ((1-43)) Honeysuckle Ln ((2-199)) Hook Rd ((2-299)) Issac St ((101-249)) Keller Pl ((2-1799)) Kitty Rd ((1-298)) Knob Rd ((101-199)) Kotz Mill Ln ((27601-27699)) Laurel St ((1-99)) Leasure Acres Rd ((401-499)) Leisure Acres Rd ((100-1098)) Lost River Ridge Cir ((2-398)) Maple Ln ((1-99)) Mathias St ((1-199)) Midway Dr ((45-799)) Mill Gap-Thorny Bottom ((5500-7499)) Moonrise Dr ((1-799)) Moores Run ((1-1098)) Moores Run Branch Rd ((1-798)) Moores Run Rd ((1000-1098)) Mountain Laurel Cir ((1-298)) Mulberry Ln ((100-199)) N Mountain Rd ((600-3599)) Oak St ((1-199)) Old Strasburg Rd ((200-1499)) Orpha Ln ((1-99)) Pine Ridge ((401-3799)) Pine Ridge Exd ((700-3799)) Pine Ridge Rd ((3901-3999)) Posy Hill Rd ((1-198)) Quincy Dr ((2-199)) Rainbow Rd ((2-399)) Reyman Dr ((1-99)) Ridge Runner Rd ((1-99)) Ridge St ((1-198)) Rock Ridge Acres Rd ((200-298)) Rosebud Ln ((1-99)) Rudolph St ((100-198)) Sandfield Rd ((300-599)) Sand Field Rd ((1-599)) Sassafras Ln ((100-199)) Sauerkraut ((535-1998)) Sauerkraut Rd ((400-3499)) Saville St ((100-141)) Settler Valley Way ((5500-6897)) Spring Run Rd ((2-398)) State Rte 259 ((6-316)) State Rte 55 ((6-316)) Summerfield Dr ((1-99)) Sunset Dr ((101-498)) Thorne Bottom Rd ((5500-10299)) Timber Ridge Rd ((101-699)) Trout Run Cut Off Rd ((1-3198)) Trout Run Rd ((100-13298)) Villa Dr ((2-299)) Virginia Pine Dr ((1-99)) Waites Run ((1-3899)) Waites Run Rd ((1300-3899)) Walnut St ((101-299)) Warden Hollow West Rd ((101-1098)) Warden Lake A B Dr ((1-998)) Warden Lake E Dr ((0-398)) Warden Lake Hollow 2 ((400-798)) Warden Lake Hollow Rd ((101-1598)) Warden Lake Rd ((2101-4099)) Wardenville High School Rd ((1-98)) Ward St ((1-199)) Wilson St ((444-599)) W Main St ((1-399)) Yellow Pine Dr ((2-3298))

26851 Places and Attractions

Alum-Bank Cemetery Anderson Ridge Arie Vankan Spring Baker Mine Spring Baughman Settlement Big Ridge Big Schloss Big Spring Blue Sea Gap Bob Rawlins Spring Boiling Spring Bollinger Knob Buck Mountain Camp Hemlock Camp Pinnacle Camp Pinnacle Spring Capon District Capon Furnace Capon Iron Works (historical) Capon Lake Capon Lake Farm Spring Capon Valley Volunteer Fire Company Cave Valley Cave Valley Presbyterian Church Cherry Ridge Chestnut Ridge Clagett Cemetery Cold Spring Cold Spring Cove Run Crack Whip Furnace Trail Crest Hill Church Deep Gutter Run Devils Garden Ridge Devils Hole Mountain Dutch Hollow Flat Ridge Furnace (historical) Gap Run Spring Great North Mountain Halfmoon Lookout Trail Halfmoon Mountain Halfmoon Run Halfmoon Run Hanging Rock Hanging Rock Ridge Harness Run Hawk Run Hebron Church Heishman School (historical) Heishman School (historical) Intermont Landecker Farm Spring Landecker School (historical) Long Mountain Lost River Number 3 Bridge Lower State Farm Spring Marvin Chapel McCauley Miller Spring Mill Mountain Trail Mollys Hill Moores Run Moores Run Lake Number One Mount Vernon Church National Forest Spring North Mountain School (historical) Paddy Mountain Peer Trail Peewee Spring Perry Pine Ridge Pine Ridge School (historical) Pond Run Racer Camp Hollow Reymann Memorial Farms West Virginia University Richard Farm Spring Rockland Rocky Ridge Rudy Memorial Bridge Sandstone Spring Sandy Ridge Sauerkraut Run Sauerkraut Run Bridge Shady Grove School (historical) Sine Run Slate Rock Run Slate Rock School (historical) Squirrel Gap Staacks Gap Steacy Conrad Spring Sugar Knob Sugar Knob Thorny Bottom Thorny Bottom Ridge Tibbet Knob Tibbet Knob Tibbet Knob Trail Town of Wardensville Trout Pond Run Trout Run Trout Run Fault Spring Trout Run Valley Upper State Farm Spring Waites Run Warden Lake Warden Lake Dam Warden Lake Wildlife Management Area Warden Ridge Wardensville Wardensville High School (historical) Wardensville Spring Wardensville Volunteer Rescue Squad Wardensville Wildlife Management Area Wildcat Ridge Wilson Cemetery Wilson Cove Winfred Tharp Spring Wise Gap Wolf Gap Wolf Gap Wolf Gap Recreation Area Wolf Gap Recreation Area