Petersburg, WV 26847 ZIP Code Map


Petersburg ZIP Codes

West Virginia

26847 Schools


  • South Branch Vocational School
  • Petersburg High School
  • Petersburg Elementary School
  • Dorcas Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 26847 is located in Grant County (98.20%) Pendleton County (1.80%)

    26847 Street Addresses

    Arnold Rd ((3000-3098)) A St ((2-98)) Bryan St ((200-299)) B St ((2-98)) Cedar Ln ((1-199)) Cedar Manor Ct ((1-598)) Central Ave ((1-299)) Co Rte 10/1 ((520-2399)) Co Rte 220/1 ((1101-1199)) Co Rte 5 ((1400-1799)) Co Rte 5/9 ((1000-1298)) Co Rte 8 ((3900-3998)) Co Rte 9 ((1-99)) Co Rte 9/1 ((500-899)) Co Rte 9/7 ((100-198)) Creek St ((1-99)) Davis St ((1-99)) Dogwood Dr ((1-99)) D St ((1-99)) Durgon Rd ((3900-3998)) Early Ave ((1-198)) East Ave ((1-398)) Edgar Ave ((1-99)) Elkhorn-Getz Rd ((500-899)) Foreman Ave ((2-299)) Fort Hill Ave ((1-99)) Frosty Hollow ((520-2399)) Genessee Ridge Rd ((1-99)) Grant St ((1-299)) Hemlock Dr ((2-98)) Hickory Ln ((2-98)) Highland Ave ((2-498)) Hyre Ave ((2-98)) Jackson St ((1-99)) Jefferson Ave ((201-398)) Judy St ((1-299)) Keyser Ave ((201-498)) Knob Rd ((100-198)) Laurel Dr ((1-99)) Laurel Pl ((1-99)) Lee St ((1-1099)) Meadow Hill Dr ((1-99)) Michael Ave ((1-2299)) Mountain View St ((2-299)) Myrtle Ave ((1-99)) N Grove St ((1-199)) N Main St ((1-398)) North Ave ((1-99)) Oak Ave ((1-99)) Oak Haven Farm Rd ((1-99)) Ola Simmons Rd ((100-198)) Ours St ((1-99)) Park St ((1-99)) Patterson Creek Rd ((1400-1799)) Pepsi Ln ((1-99)) Pierpont St ((1-399)) Pine St ((1-199)) Point Dr ((1-99)) Point Pl ((14-25)) Port Republic Ave ((101-299)) Potomac Ave ((2-298)) Rig St ((101-299)) Riverview Addition ((1-45)) Riverview Dr ((1-99)) Robert Ours Rd ((901-999)) Seneca Ln ((1-99)) S Grove St ((1-99)) Shobe St ((1-199)) Short St ((1-498)) S Main St ((1-199)) S Mill Creek Rd ((1-99)) Spring St ((101-199)) Spruce Ave ((1-99)) State Rte 28 ((1-498)) State Rte 55 ((1-498)) Sunset Dr ((1-99)) Tearcoat ((1200-1298)) Tearcoat Rd ((1000-1298)) Terrace Pl ((2-98)) Trenton St ((1-199)) Twin Maple Dr ((1-99)) US Rte 220 ((1-99)) Valley View St ((301-399)) Van Meter Dr ((1-99)) Virginia Ave ((1-498)) Water St ((1-198)) W Central Ave ((1-199)) Welton Orchard Rd ((520-2399)) Woodlawn Dr ((1-199))

    26847 Places and Attractions

    Arthur Arthur Post Office Badleys Ford Bean Gap Bergdoll School (historical) Bethel Church Big Mountain Big Spring Blue Rock BMF Christian School Boot Hill Church Brake Church Brake School (historical) Brushy Run Brushy Run School (historical) Bulls Head Bulls Head Burnt House Spring Cedar Knob Charles Knob City of Petersburg Crites School (historical) Deep Hollow Run Deep Spring School (historical) Devin Lee Alt Memorial Bridge Dorcas Dorcas Elementary School Dorcas Post Office Ebb Spring Edgewood School (historical) Elkhorn Lookout Tower Elkhorn Mountain Elkhorn Rock Elkhorn Run Fairview School (historical) Fort Hill Fort Mullegan (historical) Frye School (historical) Gap Mountain Getz School (historical) Gordon Chapel Grant County Airport Grant Memorial Hospital Gum Hollow Harmony School (historical) Hedrick Chapel Hiser (historical) Hoglan Run Johnson Run Johnsonville School (historical) Judy School (historical) Kessner Run Ketterman School (historical) Landes Landes Hollow Long Run Long Run Lunice Creek Marvin Chapel Masonville Middle Mountain Mill Creek Milroy District Mountaindale School (historical) Mount Carmel Church Mount Hope School (historical) North Fork Christian School North Fork Lunice Creek North Fork South Branch Potomac River North Mill Creek North Mill Creek Church North South Mill Creek Number Four Dam Old Arthur Orr Mountain School (historical) Orrs Mountain Pansy Patterson Creek Structure 49 Dam Patterson Creek Structure Two Dam Petersburg Petersburg Bridge Petersburg Elementary School Petersburg Fish Hatchery Petersburg Gap Petersburg High School Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department Potters House Christian School Robinson Run Rough Run Rough Run Rough Run Church Royal Glen Mill (historical) Royal Glen School (historical) Saint Johns Church Saint Matthews Sawmill Branch Seemly (historical) Seymourville Shoock School (historical) Shook Gap Sites Chapel Sites School (historical) South Branch Career and Technical Center South Branch Memorial Gardens South Fork Lunice Creek South Mill Creek Spring Run Spring Run Fish Hatchery State Trout Hatchery Spring Stillhouse Gap Teter Creek Lake Dam Town Hill Waterfall Run Welton Wolfpen Hollow