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Harrisville ZIP Codes

West Virginia

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  • Harrisville Elementary
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    ZIP Code 26362 is located in Ritchie County

    26362 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((101-703)) Auburn Rd ((1-99)) Baker St ((600-698)) Buckeye Ln ((101-199)) Cooper St ((500-799)) Co Rd 16/12 ((800-898)) Co Rd 16/29 ((200-699)) Co Rd 16/30 ((401-421)) Co Rd 16/32 ((100-1012)) Co Rd 17 ((201-299)) Co Rd 19 ((200-1199)) Co Rd 19/4 ((2-598)) Co Rd 26 ((100-198)) Co Rd 30/1 ((200-298)) Co Rd 5 ((100-1099)) Co Rd 5/6 ((100-398)) Co Rd 7/11 ((1401-1499)) Co Rd 9/3 ((2-98)) Court St ((100-198)) Cross St ((101-199)) Delaware Ave ((501-599)) Dry Run Rd ((2-598)) Edgeview Ln ((1-99)) E Main St ((100-1399)) E North St ((101-699)) Five Forks Rd ((1401-1499)) Floral Dr ((200-1499)) Ford St ((500-699)) Fox Ave ((700-1399)) Hale St ((301-522)) Hall Ave ((300-398)) Hall St ((300-398)) Harrison St ((201-699)) Hazelgreen Rd ((200-1199)) Helen St ((900-998)) Hollybrook Cir ((2-6)) Hollybrook Dr ((2-98)) Hulderman Ridge ((800-898)) Liberty Ave ((900-1398)) Liberty St ((1300-1398)) Main St ((100-198)) Maryland Ave ((400-628)) Mary St ((1000-1099)) Mayberry Run ((200-298)) McKinley Ave ((400-523)) Meadow Crest St ((1-399)) Memorial St ((101-299)) Mykayla Ln ((100-299)) Myles Ave ((401-421)) N Church St ((200-299)) N Court St ((200-398)) New York Ave ((400-698)) N Moats Ave ((100-210)) N Penn Ave ((100-499)) N Spring St ((100-399)) N Stout St ((100-313)) Ohio Ave ((400-499)) Oil Ridge ((100-198)) Orchard Ave ((200-499)) Park St ((200-1399)) Pearl St ((900-1399)) Penn Ave ((400-1012)) Pierpoint St ((100-299)) Pioneer Dr ((701-799)) Rock Camp Rd ((2-98)) School St ((201-1099)) S Church Ave ((200-218)) S Court St ((100-598)) S Cross St ((100-199)) Second St ((1001-1099)) S Memorial St ((300-398)) S Moats Ave ((101-199)) South St ((200-698)) S Penn Ave ((101-398)) Spruce Run ((200-1199)) S Spring St ((101-1499)) S Stout St ((200-299)) S Summit St ((100-299)) Starr Ave ((700-798)) State Rte 16 ((101-1319)) State Rte 31 ((100-550)) State St ((600-9041)) Straight Fork ((1401-1499)) Terrace Pl ((300-399)) Thomas St ((1001-1099)) Walnut St ((600-1499)) Washburn-Gillespie ((201-299)) Washburn St ((400-598)) Water Plant Rd ((100-198)) Water St ((201-307)) West Virginia Ave ((400-1123)) W High St ((200-940)) White Ave ((300-499)) Wigner Ave ((500-799)) W Main St ((100-1099)) W North St ((2-399)) Woodland Ave ((901-1242)) W South St ((100-441))

    26362 Places and Attractions

    Adds Run Back Run Bearwallow Run Bethany Church Betheny Churchyard Bobs Fork Bridge Run Buzzard Cemetery Cain Run Cain Run School (historical) Cantwell Cedar Grove Church Cedar Grove School (historical) Chevaux De Frise Chevaux de Frise Church Chevaux de Frise Run Coffield Run Cokeleys Conrad Run Cunningham Cemetery Cunningham Run Daisy Westfall Cokeley Technical Center Davy Cain Run Den Run Den Run School (historical) Devilhole Creek Dog Run Dry Run Dry Run Elm Run Elm Run School (historical) Fairview Church Five Forks Goffs Goffs Post Office (historical) Hannahdale Harrisville Harrisville Bridge Harrisville City Reservoir Dam Harrisville Elementary School Harrisville Volunteer Fire Department Hartley Hartley School (historical) Hatfield Cemetery Haught Cemetery Hazelgreen Henry Run Hulderman Ridge Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Indian Creek Church Indian Creek Churchyard Indian Run Indian Run School (historical) Indian Run School (historical) Isaac Fork Jesse Cain Run King Knob King Knob King Knob Cemetery King Knob Church King Knob Run King Knob School (historical) Lick Run Little Indian Run Log Church Long Run Long Run Lost Run Mahone Mahone Post Office Masonic Cemetery Mellin Mellin Post Office (historical) Mitchell School (historical) Morris Cemetery Morris Chapel Mount Pisgah Church Mount Zion Church Mount Zion School (historical) Moyers Cemetery Moyers Run Murphy District North Bend Golf Course North Bend Golf Course Area Lake Dam Oil Ridge Oil Ridge Church Oil Ridge School (historical) Plum Run Prunty Reeves Cemetery Riddle (historical) Ritchie County Ritchie County Ambulance Authority Incorporated Station 42 Ritchie Mines Wildlife Management Area Rockcamp Church Rockcamp Run Rockcamp School (historical) Rock Run Rocky Fork Rocky Run Rutherford Slab Slab Creek Smith Chapel Smith Run Smith Run School (historical) Smithville Post Office Spruce Creek Spruce Grove Church Star Settlement (historical) Stewart Run Stewart Run School (historical) Straight Fork Third Run Third Run Bridge Town of Harrisville Twolick Run Upper Addis School (historical) Upper Devil Hole School (historical) Victory Ridge Washburn Washburn Post Office (historical) Wass Run Wass School (historical) Wass School (historical) Westfall Cemetery West Virginia Division of Forestry Ritchie County Field Office White Oak Run Wigner Run Wolfpen Run