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Grafton ZIP Codes

West Virginia

26354 Schools


  • Taylor County Middle School
  • Taylor County Vocational Center
  • Grafton High School
  • Anna Jarvis Elementary School
  • 26354 Hotels

  • Tygart Lake State Park
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    ZIP Code 26354 is located in Taylor County Marion County (0.10%)

    26354 Street Addresses

    1st St ((101-304)) 2nd St ((131-226)) 3rd St ((200-220)) 4th St ((3-9)) Addison Ave ((1-99)) Addison St ((1-199)) Adolphus St ((1-299)) Anna Jarvis Dr ((600-698)) Apollo Ave ((200-298)) Baker St ((601-798)) Baltimore Ave ((1201-1299)) Baltimore St ((1200-1298)) Barbara St ((101-199)) Barret St ((249-499)) Barrett St ((101-599)) Beech St ((100-899)) Betty Ave ((100-199)) Beverlin Aly ((301-898)) Bishop Ave ((100-299)) Blue Ave ((2-199)) Blueville Dr ((1-699)) Boyles St ((1-99)) Brownlow Ave ((2-199)) Brown St ((2-98)) Cassell St ((400-498)) Cemetery Ave ((300-598)) Cherry St ((800-899)) Chestnut St ((2-98)) Christiana St ((200-499)) Clay St ((300-398)) Co Rte 119/1 ((100-198)) Co Rte 119/42 ((101-599)) Co Rte 119/5 ((101-199)) Co Rte 22 ((1200-1298)) Co Rte 24 ((200-298)) Co Rte 250/12 ((497-497)) Co Rte 26/2 ((101-199)) Co Rte 40 ((100-398)) Co Rte 42 ((1-99)) Co Rte 44 ((100-399)) Co Rte 44/8 ((100-299)) Co Rte 46 ((400-498)) Co Rte 46/5 ((400-498)) Co Rte 50/21 ((500-699)) Co Rte 50/25 ((1-99)) Co Rte 9 ((101-499)) Co Rte 9/12 ((401-499)) Co Rte 9/7 ((201-299)) Crescent St ((2-98)) Demoss St ((201-299)) Dewey Ave ((101-499)) Dobbs St ((2-98)) Dorsey St ((1-398)) Durbin St ((200-399)) E Bluemont St ((1-499)) E Boyd St ((1-198)) E Knotts ((300-598)) E Knotts Ave ((1-598)) E Long St ((1-299)) E Main St ((2-399)) Emery St ((3-99)) E Pretence Aly ((101-199)) E Pretence St ((1-199)) E St Charles St ((1-199)) Ethel St ((201-299)) E Wilford St ((1-599)) Fannie St ((1-299)) Florence St ((100-299)) Francis St ((201-599)) Front St ((100-198)) Gay St ((300-599)) Graham St ((100-398)) Grand St ((100-299)) Grant St ((238-254)) Greenbrier Ave ((2-98)) Harman Ave ((1-99)) Haslup St ((100-198)) Haymond Rd ((100-699)) High St ((100-399)) High View Ave ((100-199)) Howard St ((2-398)) Hwy 119 ((1-99)) Jeffrey Ave ((600-698)) Jeffries Ave ((701-898)) Jeffries St ((201-299)) Jennings St ((400-499)) Jones St ((1-998)) Kennedy St ((601-699)) Kersting St ((301-399)) Kirby St ((200-398)) Knottsville ((300-599)) Latrobe St ((2-298)) Lee Aly ((301-399)) Lennox Ave ((2-98)) Leonard St ((1-699)) Liberty Ave ((100-1398)) Liberty St ((200-298)) Lincoln St ((1-498)) Linden St ((201-299)) Linsey Ave ((101-199)) Long Meadow Way ((1-99)) Love Ave ((1-499)) Love Rd ((497-497)) Luby St ((500-598)) Lucwick Rd ((400-498)) Luther St ((1-99)) Luzadder St ((101-798)) Mackin St ((300-399)) Maple Ave ((200-999)) Maple Ave Exd ((1-99)) Maple Ave Exn ((1-99)) Maplehurst ((101-199)) Market St ((1-598)) Mc Graw Ave ((100-399)) Middleton St ((200-298)) Miller Rd ((301-498)) Millerville ((400-498)) Milva Ln ((1-99)) Monroe St ((1-299)) Moritz St ((200-398)) Mt Kimberly ((100-298)) Mulligan St ((2-499)) Ninety Six Hollow ((401-499)) North St ((1-99)) N Pike St ((100-599)) Old 50 E ((500-699)) Ona St ((600-898)) Orchard St ((300-898)) Park Ave ((200-298)) Park Blvd ((100-1098)) Park Rd ((1-298)) Pearl St ((300-998)) Percy St ((301-999)) Phillips Ave ((19-99)) Piedmont Ave ((500-698)) Piedmont St ((500-599)) Pike St ((100-898)) Plum Rd ((200-298)) Prospect St ((500-599)) Railroad St ((2-1598)) Reddehase Aly ((200-298)) Richmond Ave ((1600-1899)) Riverside Dr ((100-398)) Roberts St ((2-98)) Robley St ((800-999)) Rock St ((1-99)) Rodgers St ((400-498)) Rose St ((2-98)) Ross St ((101-399)) Ruth St ((100-199)) Sandy Creek ((400-498)) Sandy Dr ((2-98)) Scab Hollow ((201-299)) School St ((300-399)) Second St ((101-199)) Spruce St ((100-399)) State Rte 310 ((1300-1498)) Steel St ((1-99)) Stilwell Aly ((301-399)) St John St ((101-9998)) Stuart St ((800-998)) Summers Rd ((101-199)) Sunset Ter ((1-99)) Swindler St ((300-498)) Sycamore St ((2-98)) Thayer Ave ((200-399)) Thayer St ((200-698)) Upper Wilford ((200-398)) US Rte 119 ((1-1799)) US Rte 50 ((100-1299)) Valley St ((300-399)) Va St ((300-399)) Victor St ((500-598)) Victory Ave ((100-1799)) Virginia Ave ((101-199)) Wabash St ((1-99)) Walnut St ((100-599)) Walter St ((1-99)) Ward Ave ((300-398)) Warder Ave ((200-399)) Washington St ((1-299)) Watkins Dr ((201-299)) Watkins St ((500-699)) W Bluemont St ((1-99)) W Boyd St ((1-1399)) Weaver St ((1300-1398)) Webster Rd ((2-98)) W Francis St ((200-698)) W Hill ((1-99)) White Day ((101-199)) Wilkinson St ((1-99)) W Knotts Ave ((1-199)) W Main St ((1-1498)) W Pike St ((1100-1198)) W St Charles St ((1-99)) W Washington St ((1-1399)) W Wilford St ((1-699)) Yates Ave ((100-398)) Zinn Rd ((100-198))

    26354 Places and Attractions

    Albert Veyon Spring Amnon Cemetery Amnon Primitive Baptist Church (historical) Andrews Methodist Church Anna Jarvis Elementary School Barnes School (historical) Bartlett School (historical) Belgium Berkeley Run Berkeley School (historical) Berry Run Bluemont Cemetery Blueville Blueville Church of Christ Blueville Grade School (historical) Blueville United Methodist Church Boothsville Volunteer Fire Department Harmony Grove Substation Boyce Cemetery Bridge Street Bridge Brittain (historical) Brittain School (historical) Brown Church Brownlow Browns Knob Brush Run Buck Run School (historical) Carder Run Carder School (historical) Cecil Cherry Run Chicken Run Church of the Covenant City of Grafton Coffman Station (historical) Current Cemetery Curry Ridge Dean Schoolhouse (historical) Doe Run Dog Run Dollar Gap Dry Fork East End School (historical) Eastern District Elliotsville Fall Hills Fellowship Christian Academy Fetterman Fetterman United Methodist Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Grace Brethren Church Flag Run Frog Run Grafton Grafton Cemetery Grafton City Hall Grafton City Hospital Grafton Downtown Commerical Historic District Grafton Fire Department Grafton High School Grafton Middle School (historical) Grafton National Cemetery Grafton Post Office Grafton Seventh Day Adventist Church Grafton Wesleyan Holiness Church Hammond Ridge Hammond School (historical) Harmon Shopping Center Harmony Grove Cemetery Harmony Grove Church Harmony Grove School (historical) Haymond School (historical) Haymond United Methodist Church Henderson School (historical) Jack Run John F. Bennett Bridge Jones School (historical) Joseph A Coy Spring Keener School (historical) Knottsville United Methodist Church Lawler Church Lee Ward School (historical) Lesmalinston Long Run Long Run Church Long Run School (historical) Lost Run Lucas Dairy Spring Lucretia Lucretia School (historical) Lynn Chapel Lynn School (historical) McConkey Cemetery McConkey Church McConkey School (historical) McGee Meadland School (historical) Meetinghouse Run Millertown Moran Cemetery Mount Airy School (historical) Mount Calvary Cemetery Mount View Church New Testament Christ Academy Oak Grove Cemetery Oak Grove Church Oak Grove School (historical) Otter Creek Padds Run Parkersburg Junction Park View Park View Church of the Nazarene Park View School (historical) Pleasant Creek Plummer Knob Plum Run Post School (historical) Pruntytown Pruntytown Correctional Center Pruntytown Correctional Facility Pruntytown Elementary School (historical) Pruntytown State Farm Wildlife Management Area River School (historical) Robinson School (historical) Rocky Branch Roderick School (historical) Rogers Cemetery Rose Hill Church Rose Hill Methodist Church (historical) Roy Airfield Saint Augustine Catholic Church Saint Augustine School Saint Johns United Methodist Church Saint Marys Street Bridge Saint Matthias Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Methodist Church Sandy Creek Sandy (historical) Sawyer School (historical) Scab Run Shaws Chapel Shelby Run Short Run Smith Cemetery South Grafton South Point Church Southside Bridge Stone House (historical) Sugar Grove School (historical) Swamp Run Tappan Tappan School (historical) Taylor County Taylor County Courthouse Taylor County Emergency Company 40 Taylor County Jail (historical) Taylor County Middle School Taylor County Public Library Taylor County Vocational Center Three Fork Creek Towles Camp Trinity United Methodist Church Tucker Run Tygart Dam Tygart District Tygart Lake Public Golf Course Tygart Lake State Park Victor Lucas Dairy Spring Walnut Grove Cemetery Warren United Methodist Church Webster Webster Baptist Church Wendel Wendel Post Office Wesley Chapel Cemetery Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Western District West Grafton West Hill Church West Hill School (historical) West Main Street Methodist Church West Side School (historical) West Virginia Industrial School for Boys (historical) West Virginia National Cemetery Wickwire Run Wickwire School (historical) Wilson School (historical) Winona (historical) Woodsdale Cemetery WTBZ-AM (Grafton) WTBZ-FM (Grafton) Yates (historical)