Saint Marys, WV 26170 ZIP Code Map


Saint Marys ZIP Codes

Saint Marys
West Virginia

26170 Schools


  • Mid Ohio Valley Technical Institute
  • St. Marys High School
  • St. Marys Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 26170 is located in Pleasants County (96.40%) Ritchie County (3.60%)

    26170 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((100-1503)) 3rd St ((101-918)) 4th St ((600-922)) 5th St ((600-818)) 6th St ((300-819)) Ankom St ((1400-1498)) Baltimore and Ohio RR ((100-499)) Barkwill St ((200-499)) Barron St ((501-599)) Beechwood Dr ((1000-1099)) Big Painter Rd ((101-699)) Bills St ((200-399)) Bogart Run ((400-498)) Bridge St ((100-199)) Broad Run Rd ((1-2199)) Bryan Dr ((2-199)) Bull Creek-Borland Spring ((300-2199)) Bull Creek Rd ((861-6199)) Calf Creek Rd ((101-2499)) Canyon Pl ((1000-1298)) Charles St ((200-299)) Cherry St ((100-699)) Clay St ((100-216)) Clema Ave ((300-399)) Cloverdale Church Rd ((1-99)) Co Rd 3 ((101-199)) Co Rd 3/1 ((4101-4299)) Co Rd 31/1 ((4101-4299)) Co Rte 1 ((101-7699)) Co Rte 1/2 ((1-1398)) Co Rte 14 ((501-998)) Co Rte 1/5 ((2-398)) Co Rte 1/6 ((300-6199)) Co Rte 16/10 ((1-298)) Co Rte 16/7 ((100-498)) Co Rte 1/7 ((600-998)) Co Rte 18 ((500-2199)) Co Rte 22 ((2-2199)) Co Rte 2/3 ((600-798)) Co Rte 24 ((100-3299)) Co Rte 26 ((100-8598)) Co Rte 26/3 ((400-498)) Co Rte 26/5 ((100-199)) Co Rte 28 ((1-4299)) Co Rte 3 ((200-1498)) Co Rte 30/1 ((100-598)) Co Rte 3/2 ((11201-13599)) Co Rte 4 ((101-2698)) Co Rte 4/3 ((101-199)) Co Rte 4/4 ((901-1099)) Co Rte 50/2 ((1-2199)) Co Rte 50/4 ((1-1298)) Co Rte 50/5 ((101-699)) Co Rte 50/6 ((200-798)) Co Rte 6 ((2000-2098)) Cotrill Camp Rd ((2-98)) County Line Rd ((4101-4299)) Court Ln ((302-699)) Cow Creek Rd ((5201-7699)) Creel St ((100-299)) Cunningham Cir ((1-298)) Delta Rd 1 ((801-1399)) Delta Rd 11 ((1-99)) Delta Rd 3 ((1-299)) Delta Rd 9 ((1-298)) Dewey Ave ((600-8999)) Donald St ((100-199)) Douglas Run Rd ((101-199)) Edgedale Dr ((1200-1399)) Fairview Dr ((201-211)) Fay Ave ((300-499)) Federal Ridge ((1-4299)) Foreast City Dr ((101-199)) Gallaher St ((101-599)) Gard Hill Rd ((101-1099)) George St ((100-298)) Grace St ((2200-2298)) Grant St ((200-299)) Greens Run-Carl Cook ((500-2199)) Greens Run Rd ((500-2199)) Griffen Rd ((1-1199)) Harmony Hts ((1-199)) Hebron ((11201-13599)) Henry Camp Rd ((101-4598)) Heron St ((100-199)) High St ((200-398)) Hillcrest Circle Dr ((1000-1099)) Horseneck Rd ((801-2698)) Horseneck Run Rd ((101-199)) Jewell Hill Rd ((801-1399)) Jomar Dr ((100-199)) King Ridge Rd ((2501-3299)) Kings Ridge Rd ((100-2399)) Lafayette St ((100-213)) Limestone Rd ((2-1398)) Lindy Cir ((2200-2298)) Little Ridge Rd ((1-299)) Locke Rd ((2-198)) Locust St ((200-398)) Lodge Ln ((400-498)) Maple St ((1000-1399)) Mc Elroy Run Rd ((130-298)) Mc Elroys Run ((100-198)) Mc Kim St ((200-1498)) Meadow Run ((100-199)) Moody Ln ((2-98)) Morgan Ave ((200-698)) Mound Manor ((2-98)) Mound Manor Rd ((2-98)) Mound Mnr ((1-99)) Mount Carmel Ridge ((100-8598)) Nichols Rd ((2-298)) Nine Mile Rd ((1-1298)) Oak Grove Rd ((801-2698)) Oak Grove Rd Exn ((2000-2098)) Oakwood Ter ((1000-1099)) Oillands Rd ((100-199)) Old Greens Run Rd ((501-998)) Old Mill Rd ((1-299)) Old State Rd ((4101-4299)) Old St Marys Pike Hill ((201-299)) Pike St ((200-798)) Pole Cat Hollow Rd ((101-2499)) Popular St ((1-399)) Powell Rd ((100-498)) Right French Creek Rd ((2-2199)) Riverside Dr ((100-699)) Riverview Dr ((701-713)) Road Run Rd ((2-398)) Roby Hill Rd ((101-698)) Rose St ((400-599)) S Bradfield Dr ((200-499)) School House Rd ((2-298)) Schultz Fork Rd ((600-998)) Schultz Rd ((5201-5698)) Seckman Ridge ((100-598)) Shadow Hill Rd ((600-798)) Sharps Run Rd ((300-3198)) Sled Run Rd ((1600-1898)) Smith Hill Rd ((400-498)) Stadium Dr ((1000-1098)) State Rte 16 ((200-398)) State Rte 2 ((3-1306)) Stouts Run ((100-199)) Stouts Run Rd ((100-199)) Summit Point Dr ((1-99)) Sun St ((200-215)) Sycamore St ((300-699)) Timms St ((300-398)) Vaughn Rd ((100-198)) Walnut St ((900-998)) Washington St ((100-699)) Willie St ((2200-2298)) Wilson St ((1400-1499))

    26170 Places and Attractions

    Adlai Alum Cave Run Apostolic School Atward Run Bens Run Borland Borland Church (historical) Borland School (historical) Bradfield Cliff Spring Briggs Broad Run Broad Run School (historical) Browns School (historical) Bukey Run Burntcabin Run Calcutta Calcutta Cemetery Calcutta School (historical) Calcutta United Methodist Church Calf Creek Calf Creek School (historical) Campbell Run Carney Run Cave Run Center Valley School (historical) Church Hollow City of Saint Marys Clay Point Cemetery Clay Point Church Cloverdale Cloverdale Cemetery Cloverdale Church Combs Crisp (historical) Crooked Run Cytec Industries Incorporated Willow Island Ambulance DeLong District A District B District C District D Douglas Cemetery Drum Chapel (historical) Earleys Run Eddy Chapel Engle Run Engle Run School (historical) Eureka Federal (historical) Federal Ridge Feeny Run Fern Fishpot Run Forest City Lake French Creek Church Furgeson Lane George Street Church of Christ Glendale Glenwood School (historical) Grape Island Grape Island Green Run Grimes Run Hebron Hebron Cemetery Henry Camp Henry Camp Run Henry Camp School (historical) Hi Carpenter Memorial Bridge Hogpen Run Horseneck Horseneck Church Horseneck School (historical) Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Ingram Church Ingram Ridge Cemetery Ingram School (historical) Isaacs Fork Jackson Hall School (historical) Jamestown School (historical) Java Run Kings Ridge Lamp Cemetery Laurel Fork Left Fork French Creek Limestone Run Little Panther Run Lobell School (historical) Long Run Maple Lane Cemetery Maple Lane Church Maple Lane Methodist Church (historical) Martins Run Maxwell Mcelroys Run Embankment Dam McKim Creek Meadow Run Meadow Run School (historical) Middle Island Middle Island Creek Middle Island Creek Bridge Mid Ohio Valley Technical Institute Mount Carmel Cemetery Mount Carmel Ridge Mount Carmel United Methodist Church Mount Dewey School (historical) Mount Nebo Cemetery Mount Nebo Church Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Pleasant Church Mount Zion Church Mudlick Run Newlandsville Nine Mile Cemetery Ninemile School (historical) Ninemile Schoolhouse (historical) Nine Mile United Methodist Church Oak Hill School (historical) Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge Old Hi Carpenter Bridge Old Road Run Panther Run Parish Park School (historical) Pickens Bottom Pickens Run Pilgrim Church Pine Grove Pine Grove Cemetery Pine Grove Church Pleasants Pleasants County Pleasants County Courthouse Pleasants County Emergency Ambulance Authority 1 Pleasants County Public Library Pleasant Valley Church Point Lookout Cemetery Point Lookout United Brethren Church (historical) Point Lookout United Methodist Church Polecat Hollow Poynette Raven Rock Raven Rock United Methodist Church Riggs Run Right Fork Bull Creek Right Fork French Creek Robins Run Rock Run Ruckman Church Rush Run Rush Run School (historical) Saint Marys Saint Marys Church of the Nazarene Saint Marys Correctional Center Saint Mary's Elementary School Saint Marys First Baptist Church Saint Marys Golf Club Saint Mary's High School Saint Marys Post Office Saint Marys Seaplane Base Saint Marys United Presbyterian Church Saint Marys Volunteer Fire Department Schultz Schultz Run Schultz Run School (historical) Sharps Run Shawnee Cemetery Shawnee Run Shawnee United Methodist Church Sled Run Sled Run School (historical) South Fork Rock Run Spice Run Spice Run School (historical) Spring Run Spring Run Star School (historical) Sugar Creek Sulphur Spring Run The Thoroughfare Turkey Run Union Mills Union Mills School (historical) Vaucluse Walnut Hill School (historical) Walnut Run Walnut Run School (historical) West Virginia State Training School Wiley Willow Island Baptist Church Willow Island Creek Willow Island Post Office Willow Island School (historical) Wolf Run Wolf Run School (historical) Wrights Run WRRR-FM (Saint Marys) Zoar Church