Belleville, WV 26133 ZIP Code Map


Belleville ZIP Codes

West Virginia

ZIP Code 26133 is located in Wood County

26133 Street Addresses

Belleville Dr ((1-399)) Belleville Rd ((1-399)) Belleville-Rockport ((1-9399)) Bellville St ((100-398)) Big Pond Creek ((1900-6799)) Buckingham Rd ((101-399)) Cain Hill Rd ((400-498)) California Ridge ((800-1699)) Champion School Rd ((2-2598)) College Hill Rd ((601-1684)) Co Rd 1/2 ((1503-1625)) Co Rd 2/1 ((300-398)) Co Rd 6/3 ((201-498)) Co Rte 11 ((201-598)) Co Rte 11/5 ((1300-2598)) Co Rte 11/7 ((401-499)) Co Rte 13 ((2-4799)) Co Rte 13/3 ((601-1684)) Co Rte 15 ((1600-2598)) Co Rte 1/5 ((1-1399)) Co Rte 17 ((5500-9399)) Co Rte 1/7 ((1-5498)) Co Rte 17/1 ((301-1999)) Co Rte 17/2 ((1-1299)) Co Rte 17/3 ((401-2098)) Co Rte 17/9 ((800-1699)) Co Rte 22 ((101-399)) Co Rte 25 ((2-6799)) Co Rte 2/5 ((1-99)) Co Rte 25/13 ((100-598)) Co Rte 25/5 ((1-3099)) Co Rte 3/8 ((101-8299)) Co Rte 46/2 ((400-498)) Co Rte 46/4 ((200-799)) Co Rte 9/14 ((2-798)) Co Rte 9/16 ((200-3798)) Co Rte 9/21 ((2-1198)) Delta Rd 27 ((1-399)) Digger Dr ((1-199)) Digger Rd ((2-199)) Dutch Ridge Rd ((300-398)) Electric Ave ((100-398)) Elk Run Rd ((400-798)) Elk Valley ((400-798)) Friar Tuck Rd ((1-99)) Harris Hwy ((10100-12199)) Hoffman Hill ((601-1684)) Lee Creek Rd ((1-9399)) Lick Run Rd ((101-8299)) Little Pond Creek ((100-598)) Logston Run Rd ((400-498)) Lost Pavement Rd ((101-8299)) Lower Pond Creek ((2-1198)) Lower Pond Creek Rd ((2-1198)) Middle Fork Lee Creek Rd ((200-3798)) Minerals Wells Eli Rd ((2-4799)) Mount Olive Rd ((200-1299)) New England Ridge Rd ((201-598)) Old Rte 2 ((100-598)) Orem ((200-799)) Parr Rd ((401-499)) Pleasant Hill ((301-1999)) Pleasant Hill Church ((1-1299)) Pleasant Home Ridge ((401-2098)) Pond Creek Rd ((2-6799)) Pub Stream Access Rd ((1-99)) Ranis Rd ((2-798)) River Ln ((1-99)) Robin Hood Ln ((201-598)) Robin Hood Rd ((201-598)) Ruble Rd ((2-698)) S Fork Ln ((101-399)) Sherwood Forest Dr ((2-898)) Shultz Mill Rd ((401-499)) Slate Run Rd ((1-2598)) State Run Rd ((1-2598)) Toppins Grove Rd ((201-498)) Turn Around Rd ((1-99)) Wadesville Rd ((4300-4799)) Wesley Champton School ((1300-2598)) Wigal School Rd ((800-1699)) Wolf Run Rd ((1-3099))

26133 Places and Attractions

Anderson Cemetery Bailey Run Balderson Hollow Belleville Belleville Locks and Dam Big Champion School (historical) Big Rock Hollow Binola (historical) Blair Cemetery Broad Run Brown Cemetery Buckley Cemetery Buckley Chapel College Hill School (historical) Congrove Cemetery Cove Run Crooks Cemetery Cunningham Cemetery Dugan Hollow Elk Run Engels Cemetery Fleak Cemetery Flinn Cemetery Flinn Hollow Ford Ford Cemetery Ford Church Fort Belleville Cemetery Fouty Hollow Gilpin Run Hall Cemetery Harris Cemetery Harris District Hog Hollow Humphrey Humphrey Cemetery Humphrey School (historical) Jerrys Run School (historical) Keenan Cemetery Lafferre Hollow Lee Creek Lee Creek Church Left Fork Wolf Run Lick Run Little Champion School (historical) Little Pond Creek Lock and Dam Number 20 (historical) Long Run Lower Sheets Run Lubeck Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Manganese (historical) McCollins Run Middle Fork Lee Creek Miller Cemetery Monitor School (historical) Mount Olive Church Mount Olive Church Cemetery Mud Lick North Fork Lee Creek Oak (historical) Oak Valley School (historical) Owens Hollow Pickett Cemetery Pleasant Hill School (historical) Pleasant Home Cemetery Pleasant Home Church Pond Creek Pond Creek Baptist Church Pond Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Poplar School Hollow Poplecat Hollow Powers (historical) Remus (historical) Right Fork Wolf Run Robin Hood Road Bridge Robison Cemetery Robison Hollow Ruble Run Rush Cemetery Sawmill Hollow Schultz Hollow Seebaugh Cemetery Sellers Cemetery Shaffer Hollow Sheets Cemetery Short Run Slate Run Smith Cemetery South Fork Lee Creek Sugarcamp Run Tagger Run The Slough Thomas Run Thomas Run School (historical) Twomery School (historical) Twomey Cemetery Tyner (historical) Upper Sheets Run Whetstone School (historical) White Cemetery Wigal Cemetery Wigal Cemetery Wigal School (historical) Willow Run Willow Run School (historical)