Moundsville, WV 26041 ZIP Code Map


Moundsville ZIP Codes

West Virginia

26041 Schools


  • Gateway Achievement Center
  • Mcninch Elementary School
  • Washington Lands Elementary School
  • Moundsville Junior High School
  • Central Elementary School
  • 26041 Hotels

  • Sleep Inn & Suites
  • Census


    ZIP Code 26041 is located in Marshall County

    26041 Street Addresses

    10th St ((1-1425)) 11th St ((200-999)) 12th St ((512-1124)) 13th St ((101-409)) 14th St ((300-314)) 1st St ((700-2420)) 2nd St ((600-2713)) 3rd St ((700-1830)) 4th St ((1000-3426)) 5th St ((500-1535)) 6th St ((401-1532)) 7th St ((201-2399)) 8th St ((101-1715)) 9th St ((100-1599)) Agnew St ((1200-1299)) Allen Rd ((2-98)) Altamont Ter ((1-299)) Amy Anna Dr ((1-99)) Annadale Ave ((400-10099)) Arlington Ave ((1-199)) Arrowhead Dr ((1-99)) Ash Ave ((1-299)) Ashwood Ct ((400-498)) Baker Ave ((100-799)) Battele St ((1-99)) Beams Ln ((1-399)) Big Grave Creek Rd ((0-99)) Big Wheeling Creek Rd ((1-1)) Birch Ave ((200-299)) Blairs Ridge Rd ((401-429)) Blaney Ave ((100-299)) Brentwood Ave ((400-2998)) Brentwood Ave E ((400-2999)) Brentwood Ave W ((400-799)) Brockuner St ((1-99)) Brown St ((800-899)) Burley Ave ((1-99)) Byrnes Ln ((101-199)) Campground Rd ((1-99)) Candlewick Ln ((100-499)) Capewood Ct ((2900-2999)) Casey Dr ((2-98)) Cedar Ave ((102-599)) Center St ((1200-2699)) Chase Ln ((300-399)) Cherokee Dr ((2-199)) Chestnut St ((1-99)) Christy Lane Dr ((3000-3099)) Clinton Ave ((400-499)) Clive Ave ((1-99)) Coffield Ln ((200-299)) Co Hwy 12 ((3-99)) Co Hwy 12/1 ((100-199)) Co Hwy 12/2 ((1-399)) Co Hwy 17 ((1-99)) Co Hwy 21/1 ((101-199)) Co Hwy 21/12 ((356-356)) Co Hwy 21/18 ((300-398)) Co Hwy 21/19 ((201-299)) Co Hwy 250/88 ((200-899)) Co Hwy 34 ((2-3426)) Co Hwy 34/5 ((1-99)) Co Hwy 34/8 ((1-99)) Co Hwy 40 ((401-429)) Co Hwy 5 ((1-1)) Co Hwy 54 ((0-99)) Co Hwy 7 ((201-399)) Co Hwy 7/4 ((200-299)) Co Hwy 88/5 ((200-298)) Co Hwy 88/7 ((200-299)) Co Hwy 88/9 ((200-298)) Compton Ave ((2-98)) Co Rte 21 ((2-299)) Court Ave ((101-699)) Covert St ((2-1299)) Curtis Ave ((200-1998)) Cypress Ave ((2-299)) Delta Rd 5 ((264-267)) Denwood Dr ((3000-3099)) Dexter Ave ((1-99)) Diamond St ((101-1699)) Division St ((1-99)) Dorsey St ((1-99)) Drummond St ((1-99)) Durward Ct ((1-99)) Durwood Ct ((1-99)) Dwight Ave ((1-99)) E 4th St ((2-207)) E 9th St ((1500-1536)) Edgewood Ave ((400-799)) Elm Ave ((1-299)) Fallen Timber ((200-299)) Fallen Timber Ln ((200-299)) Fernwood Ave ((2900-3199)) Filbert Ave ((400-799)) Floral St ((2101-2298)) Ford St ((1-99)) Fork Ridge ((101-199)) Fork Ridge Rd ((1-99)) Forrest Rd ((1-99)) Foster Ln ((25-34)) Fostoria Ave ((1-99)) Four Sisters Ct ((1-99)) Foxes Rd ((301-399)) Francine Ct ((1-199)) Gambles Ln ((200-299)) Garfield Rd ((1500-1699)) Glenwood Ave ((400-3199)) Grandview Hts ((264-293)) Grandview Rd ((3-99)) Grant Ave ((100-1099)) Hancock St ((2000-2498)) Harmony ((100-199)) Harmony Dr ((103-204)) Heil Ct ((1-99)) Hess Ct ((1-99)) Hickory Ave ((1-199)) Hidden View Dr ((1-99)) Highland Ave ((1-2899)) Hillview Ter ((1-99)) Hitt Dr ((1-199)) Isner Ct ((1-99)) Jackson St ((2000-2799)) Jason Dr ((1-399)) Jefferson Ave ((1-1198)) Jennifer Ave ((1-8099)) Jersey Dr ((1-99)) Jims Run Rd ((2000-2098)) Jones St ((1-99)) Juniper Ave ((200-899)) Kanawha St ((2200-2598)) Kecks Ct ((1-99)) Lafayette Ave ((100-1799)) Laroka Hts ((1-99)) Leatherwood Dr ((100-199)) Levi Ave ((103-199)) Lincoln Ave ((900-1299)) Linden Ave ((1-99)) Lindsey Ln ((200-298)) List St ((1-99)) Lockwood Ave ((700-1399)) Locust Ave ((1-99)) Locust St ((1-99)) Lynn Acres ((101-199)) Magnolia Ave ((400-799)) Maple Ave ((1-199)) Maxwell Ln ((100-199)) McConnell Dr ((1000-1199)) McCreary Ridge Rd ((201-399)) McCrearys Ridge ((1-1)) McCreary's Ridge Rd ((201-399)) McMillan St ((2-98)) Meighen Ave ((1800-2099)) Melba Ter ((1-399)) Middle Grave Creek Rd ((2-398)) Morton Ave ((100-1199)) Mulberry Ave ((1-299)) Myrtle Ave ((400-799)) Newman Ln ((100-198)) N Highland Ave ((1-199)) Nixon Ridge ((101-199)) North St ((1300-1399)) N Poplar Ave ((1-99)) Oak Ave ((1-99)) Ohio St ((2200-2598)) Olive Ave ((1-399)) Orchard Ave ((1-99)) Orchard Ln ((200-299)) Orchid Ave ((1-99)) Overlook Dr ((1-99)) Park St ((1-99)) Parriot St ((1019-1299)) Parriott Ave ((200-1299)) Pearl St ((1-1499)) Penn St ((1800-1898)) Pine Ave ((100-399)) Poplar Ave ((1-799)) Potomac St ((1-2699)) Primrose St ((1-99)) Purdy Ave ((1100-1499)) Rd 4 ((200-299)) Reservoir Rd ((2-98)) Richmond Dr ((200-299)) Ridgeview Ln ((356-356)) Riffle Dr ((1000-6098)) Roberts Ridge Rd ((2-299)) Rock Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Rodriguez Ln ((300-398)) Roxie Rd ((288-293)) RR 5 ((1-99)) Ruby St ((1300-1699)) Sam's Dr ((2-98)) Sandy Ave ((1-299)) S Embury St ((1-99)) Sentimental Acres Dr ((201-299)) S Highland Ave ((1-399)) Shirley Ter ((2800-2899)) Shoe String ((200-298)) Shoestring Rdg Rd ((228-229)) Simmons Dr ((200-299)) Simpson Ave ((1-99)) Spruce St ((2-209)) State Rte 2 ((100-1799)) State Rte 2/21 ((300-398)) Stewart St ((1-99)) Sugar Ave ((103-199)) Sycamore Ave ((100-399)) Teletech Dr ((300-398)) Tharon Ln ((200-399)) Thompson Ave ((700-1499)) Thorn Ave ((100-399)) Tomlinson Ave ((2-1199)) US Hwy 250 ((1-2420)) Virginia Oaks ((2-8099)) Virginia St ((1701-1999)) Walnut Ave ((1-99)) Washington Ave ((100-998)) Water St ((1501-1599)) Waynesburg Pike ((1-598)) Waynesburg Pike US 250 ((149-598)) Weaver St ((1000-1199)) Welshon Ln ((100-199)) Wesley Park Ave ((100-398)) Western Ave ((501-699)) Willard Ave ((1-99)) Wood Hill ((100-199))

    26041 Places and Attractions

    Adena Hills Behavioral Health Center (historical) Alexander Mine Allen School (historical) Anderson Hollow Arch A Moore Bridge Ash Avenue Church of God Aston Ridge Baker Run Bartletts Run Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Bethel Christian Fellowship Church Blairs Ridge Blairs Ridge Cemetery Blairs Ridge Church Blairs Ridge School (historical) Buchanan Hill Cemetery Butter Run Calvary United Methodist Church Camp Fairchance Captina Island Center School (historical) Central Elementary School Christ United Methodist Church Church of Christ Church of Christ Church of God Church of God Seventh Day Adventist Church of the Nazarene Circle A School (historical) City of Moundsville Delf Norona Museum Dille Station (historical) District 1 District 2 District School (historical) Donald L Garrison Spring East End Park Ebenezer Cemetery Ebenezer United Methodist Church Eugene Fitzwater Spring Fairview Cemetery Fairview School (historical) Fairview United Methodist Church Fallen Timber Ridge First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Street Cemetery First United Presbyterian Church First Ward School (historical) Fish Run Fork Ridge Community Building Fort Tomlinson (historical) Gateway Achievement Center Gorby School (historical) Grand Vue Park Golf Course Grave Creek Grave Creek Grave Creek Indian Mound Grave Creek School (historical) Graveyard Run Green Point School (historical) Green View Cemetery Harold R Franklin Spring Hog Run House of Prayer Hughes Memorial Chapel Jefferson-Staniford Cemetery John Tyler Spring Kansas Ridge Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lawrence Brown Spring Leach Run Limestone Limestone Cemetery Limestone Church Limestone Elementary School (historical) Limestone Regional Emergency Service Incorporated Limestone Volunteer Fire Department Lindsay Run Little Grave Creek Little Toms Run Lowell Ryan Spring Marshall County Airport Marshall County Animal Shelter Marshall County Courthouse Marshall County Fairgrounds Marshall County Jail (historical) Marshall County Senior Citizens Center Martin Hill Spring Martin School (historical) McKeefrey McKeefrey School (historical) McLain Church McLain Run McNinch Elementary School Meetinghouse Hollow Messiah Lutheran Church Methodist Park Middle Grave Creek Middle Grave Creek Church of the Brethren Miracle Valley Regional Library System Headquarters Molleys Hollow Moundsville Moundsville Baptist Church Moundsville Boat Club Moundsville Bridge Moundsville Christian Assembly of God Church Moundsville Christian School (historical) Moundsville City Church of Christ Moundsville Country Club Golf Course Moundsville Fire Department Moundsville Junior High School Moundsville Plaza Shopping Center Moundsville Post Office Moundsville Revival Center Moundsville Shopping Plaza Shopping Center Moundsville Volunteer Fire Department Mount Rose Cemetery Mrs Riggs Spring New Vrindaban Nixon Ridge Nixon School (historical) Northern Regional Jail North Fork Middle Grave Creek North Lafayette Shopping Center North Street Mission (historical) Oak Dale School (historical) Oak Grove Cemetery Oak Grove School (historical) Oak Grove United Methodist Church Old Field School (historical) Oscar T Magers Spring Park View Elementary School (historical) Parrs Run Pentecostal Mission Pierce School (historical) Pig Run Pipe Creek Pleasant Valley Number 14 School (historical) Prabhupada Spring Prison Cemetery Riggs School (historical) Riverside Park Riverview Cemetery Roberts Ridge Roberts Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Rock Hill Baptist Church (historical) Roland Mason Spring Rosbys Rock Rosbys Rock Methodist Church Rosbys Rock School (historical) Round Bottom Round Bottom School (historical) Rulong-Bartlett Cemetery Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church Saint Francis Xavier School Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Salvation Army Chapel Sanford Elementary School (historical) Shoestring Ridge Simmons Cemetery Simpson United Methodist Church Spoon Hollow Spurr School Temple Baptist Church Terrell Ridge The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thompson Spring Toms Run Toms Run School (historical) Toolhouse Hollow Trinity Baptist Church Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church (historical) Tri State Ambulance Incorporated Union Junior High School (historical) United Pentecostal Church Valley Fork City Park Wards Hollow Washington Lands Elementary School Washington Lands Volunteer Fire Department Waymans Ridge Waymans Ridge Cemetery Waymans Ridge School (historical) Waymans Ridge United Methodist Church Wayne Francis Spring Wayne Francis Spring WEIF-AM (Moundsville) West Virginia State Penitentiary (historical) White Gate Cemetery William K Heath Spring William Standiford Spring Wood Hill Cemetery Woodhill School (historical) Wood Hill United Methodist Church