Delbarton, WV 25670 ZIP Code Map


Delbarton ZIP Codes

West Virginia

25670 Schools


  • Burch Middle
  • Mingo County Extended Learning Center
  • Mingo Central Comprehensive High
  • Burch Pk-6
  • Mingo Career & Technical Center
  • Burch High School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 25670 is located in Mingo County

    25670 Street Addresses

    Academy Dr ((101-199)) Allison Ln ((1-99)) Anna Laura Ave ((1-299)) Anna Lavera Ave ((1-299)) Belleau Wood Rd ((200-298)) Bent Branch Rd ((1-99)) Billy Curry Branch Rd ((1-99)) Buffalo Creek Rd ((224-242)) Buffalo Dr ((500-2699)) Co Hwy 14 ((224-242)) Co Hwy 65/03 ((1-2398)) Co Hwy 65/04 ((100-198)) Co Hwy 65/05 ((1-11)) Co Hwy 65/09 ((700-799)) Co Hwy 65/10 ((200-232)) Co Hwy 65/2 ((2-199)) Co Hwy 65/20 ((101-199)) Co Hwy 65/21 ((200-299)) Co Hwy 65/24 ((1-399)) Co Hwy 7/05 ((2-2198)) Co Hwy 7/06 ((100-799)) Conley Hollow Rd ((200-299)) Daystar Rd ((200-299)) Diamond Rd ((2-98)) Duncan Fork ((200-799)) Duncan Fork Rd ((100-799)) Elk Creek Rd ((1-2398)) Elmer Brown Dr ((201-299)) Eutaw Ave ((2-98)) Farley Ave ((101-199)) Five Mile Creek Rd ((700-799)) Gillman Dr ((1-399)) Gilman Dr ((1-399)) Gracieallen Ln ((101-199)) Helena Ave ((5000-5098)) Hell Creek Rd ((2-199)) Hells Creek Rd ((1-199)) Herbert Dr ((0-98)) Jarrell Dr ((101-199)) Kara Ln ((200-298)) Left Fork Duncan Fork Rd ((100-799)) Left Fork Elk Creek Rd ((100-198)) Lower Caney Rd ((101-2399)) Moore St ((2-98)) Mountain Lake Bottom Rd ((1-99)) Muncy Dr ((1-898)) Murphy Ln ((1-99)) Old Wv 65 ((1-399)) Riffe Branch Rd ((2-2198)) Riverside Dr ((101-199)) Rockhouse Dr ((1-99)) Rockhouse Fork Rd ((1-11)) Rosewood Ln ((101-199)) Ruth Trace Rd ((1-99)) Shirley June Ave ((2-98)) State Rte 65 ((101-299)) Stuart's Dr ((101-199)) Upper Sheppardtown Rd ((301-399)) US Rte 52 ((500-2699)) White Pines Rd ((1-199)) Williamson Dr ((500-2699))

    25670 Places and Attractions

    Ashcamp Hollow Bearwallow Branch Belo Bias Big Muncy Branch Big South Branch Bird Branch Buffalo Mountain Buffalo Mountain Lookout Tower Burch Burch Elementary School Burch High School Calico Caney Branch Caney Church Cecil Diamond Memorial Bridge Conley Branch Connolly Memorial Baptist Church Curry Branch Delbarton Delbarton Fire Station Substation 2 Delbarton United Baptist Church Delbarton Volunteer Fire Department Dempsey Cemetery Dingess Camp Branch Duncan Fork Duty Branch Duty Cemetery Elk Creek Elk Creek Church Elk Creek Church Elk Creek Community Church Elk School (historical) Estep Cemetery Estep Cemetery Farley Cemetery Farley Cemetery Ferrell Branch Ferrell Cemetery Ferrell School (historical) Fivemile Creek Forest School (historical) Grant Branch Hatfield Cemetery Hatfield Cemetery Hatfield Cemetery Hell Creek Henry Hall Memorial Bridge Horse Road Fork Hurricane Creek Jims Branch Kennedy Cemetery Lake Front Church of God Lando Mines Lee District Left Fork Elk Creek Left Fork Riffe Branch Left Fork Right Fork Trace Fork Left Fork Rockhouse Fork Lick Branch Lily of the Valley Church Little Laurel Branch Little Muncy Branch Little Rosie Church Little Twin Branch Loggy Branch Longtail Lick Branch Lower Curry Cemetery Mahon Cemetery Marcum Cemetery Maynard Cemetery Meador Branch Meador Cemetery Middle Fork Elk Creek Millstone Branch Mingo Career and Technical Center Mingo County Mounts Cemeteries Muncy Valley Church Musick Musick Cemetery Musick Cemetery Myrtle Myrtle Elementary School (historical) Myrtle Post Office National Refuse Dump Number 25 National Refuse Dump Number 25 Dam Nighway Branch Oldfield Branch Ooten Cemetery Ooten Cemetery Ooten Fork Pickering Knob Pickering Knob Lookout Tower Pie Pigeonroost Creek Puritan Mines Ragland Railroad Tunnel Overpass Rebecca Church Regional Christian School Riffe Branch Right Elk Creek Right Fork Trace Fork Rockhouse Fork Rodd Fork Rover Branch Rush T White Memorial Bridge Ruth Trace Branch Sardis Church Scarlet Simmons Fork Slate Branch Slick Rock Branch South Branch Rockhouse Fork Spice Branch Spring Branch Spring Branch Stat Ambulance Service Incorporated Stonecoal Branch Straight Fork Sturgell Fork Taylorville Taylorville Census Designated Place Thacker Fork Timothy Branch Tom Branch Town of Delbarton Trace Fork Trace Fork Church Twin Branch Upper Curry Branch Upper Curry Cemetery Varney Cemetery Varney Cemetery Williams Cemetery Wirt Marcum Memorial Bridge Zornes Cemetery