Sandyville, WV 25275 ZIP Code Map


Sandyville ZIP Codes

West Virginia

25275 Schools


  • Gilmore Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 25275 is located in Jackson County

    25275 Street Addresses

    Barnes Run Rd ((100-198)) Bonham's Mtn Rd ((200-298)) Brierwood Village ((1-99)) Burgess Run Rd ((101-199)) Copper Fork Rd ((2-3298)) Co Rd 13 ((101-2099)) Co Rd 14 ((1-3599)) Co Rd 14/2 ((100-4899)) Co Rd 14/3 ((100-3599)) Co Rd 14/5 ((101-1398)) Co Rd 20/5 ((6100-9299)) Co Rd 21 ((7901-13399)) Co Rd 21/13 ((2-2299)) Co Rd 21/14 ((300-1398)) Co Rd 21/15 ((101-206)) Co Rd 21/49 ((1-399)) Co Rd 21/8 ((100-2098)) Co Rd 33/12 ((200-899)) Co Rd 33/8 ((2-3298)) Co Rd 3/6 ((201-599)) Co Rd 5/11 ((100-198)) Co Rd 7 ((100-3098)) Co Rd 7/2 ((100-198)) Co Rd 7/3 ((103-2499)) Co Rd 7/6 ((101-199)) Co Rte 20/5 ((6100-9299)) Co Rte 48 ((1098-1499)) Dewey Thomas Hill ((101-199)) Dewey Thomas Rd ((101-199)) Drift Run Rd ((300-1398)) Evanna Hope Rd ((100-198)) Farmers Dr ((101-1398)) Garfield Ridge ((6100-9299)) Gilmore Dr ((2-98)) Happy Hollow Rd ((101-199)) Horner Run Rd ((101-199)) Hunter St ((1-399)) Independence Rd ((200-899)) Iron Gate ((2-98)) Jarvis Fork ((101-199)) Joes Run ((100-2298)) Joe's Run Rd ((2400-2998)) Liverpool Rd ((101-2099)) Lockhart Rd ((100-2098)) Lockhart Run Rd ((100-2098)) McGraw Run Rd ((2-2299)) Medina Rd ((101-2899)) Odaville-Horner Run ((100-3098)) Otto Rd ((1098-1499)) Parkersburg ((12801-12899)) Parkersburg Rd ((7901-13399)) Poverty Fork ((100-198)) Railey Ridge Rd ((100-3599)) Raily Ridge Rd ((100-3599)) Right Fork Joe Run ((101-1398)) Ripley Rd ((3501-3555)) Ruby Lake ((1-299)) Ruby Lake Trailer Park ((1-299)) Sandyville-Liverpool ((101-2099)) Sarvis Fork ((2401-2499)) Sarvis Fork Rd ((1-298)) Smith Ridge Rd ((103-2499)) Stanton Ln ((100-198)) Stonegate Ests ((1-99)) Taylor Ln ((5001-5099)) Trace Fork ((101-4899)) Trace Fork Rd ((1-3599)) Turkey Fork Rd ((100-3098)) Wells Hollow ((201-599)) Wilding-Copper Fork ((201-599)) Winding Rd ((1-299)) Windy Ridge Rd ((6100-9299))

    25275 Places and Attractions

    Balls Knob Barnes Run Beatty Run Bens Run Biglick Run Boggess Run Brushy Fork Brushy Fork Bucket Run Burgess Run Cabin Run Camp Run Coon Run Coon Run Copper Fork Copper Fork School (historical) Crow Summit Curry Cemetery Drift Run Drift Run Duncan Cemetery Fairview School (historical) Fallentimber Run Farley Run Five Mile Run Garfield Gilmore Elementary School Gilmore High School (historical) Gridley Cemetery Horner Run Hurd Cemetery Independence Independence Cemetery Island Run Joes Run Church Jones Crossing Kelball Run Kent Cemetery Left Fork Joes Run Left Fork Sandy Creek Lisez Run Lockhart Lockhart Fork Low Gap Run Lynncamp Run Lynn Valley School (historical) McClain McGees Chapel McGraw Run McGraw School (historical) Meadowdale Meadowdale Cemetery Meadowdale Church Middle Trace School (historical) Mill Creek Structure Number Four Dam Mount Hope Church Mud Run Mud Run School (historical) Murray Nesselroad Run New Era Nicholas Hollow Niggletetwist Run Oak Grove School (historical) Odaville Peter Fork Pleasant Home Church Pleasant Ridge Church Prayer and Faith Church Right Fork Sandy Creek Rising Sun School (historical) Rush Run Sandy Run Sandyville Sarvis Fork Sarvis Fork Covered Bridge Sarvis Fork School (historical) Shepherd Chapel Spruce Narrows Squirrel Lick Stutler Hollow Tar Hill The Y Trace Fork Trace Fork Church Turkey Fork Turkey Fork School (historical) Union School (historical) Valley Bell School (historical) Victory School (historical) Washburn Run White Rose School (historical) Willowdale School (historical) Wiseburg Wright Cemetery