Union, WV 24983 ZIP Code Map


Union ZIP Codes

West Virginia

24983 Schools


  • Mountain View Elementary & Middle School
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    ZIP Code 24983 is located in Monroe County

    24983 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((1-398)) Albert Hines Rd ((2-5098)) Bailey St ((2-98)) Benton G Allen Rd 10/9 ((101-298)) Broad Run Rd ((1-199)) Buster Brown Rd ((2-98)) Cades Field Dr ((100-198)) Cades Field Rd ((1-199)) Cades Rd ((100-198)) Carper Rd ((6-98)) Cemetery Rd ((1-398)) Central Church Rd ((101-199)) Co Rd 10 ((100-1598)) Co Rd 11 ((100-198)) Co Rd 11/2 ((0-98)) Co Rd 11/3 ((101-199)) Co Rd 13 ((2-1298)) Co Rd 13/1 ((1-99)) Co Rd 13/2 ((6-98)) Co Rd 13/5 ((2-98)) Co Rd 15 ((200-1898)) Co Rd 16 ((1-199)) Co Rd 18 ((400-498)) Co Rd 219/1 ((78-78)) Co Rd 219/10 ((201-299)) Co Rd 219/26 ((1-99)) Co Rd 23/4 ((1-99)) Co Rd 26 ((1-398)) Co Rd 29/1 ((2-5098)) Co Rd 3/23 ((1-99)) Co Rd 3/5 ((1-199)) Co Rd 4 ((100-199)) Co Rd 4/2 ((97-198)) Co Rte 13 ((2-1298)) Dorr Rd ((1-199)) Dunlap St ((1-399)) Elm St ((1-99)) Fairview St ((1-198)) Forest Bostic Rd ((1-99)) Gap Mills Rd ((200-1898)) Green Hill Rd ((1-398)) Hedrick Rd ((0-98)) Hillsdale Dorr ((1-199)) Hillsdale Rd ((100-199)) Hollywood Glace ((100-198)) Hollywood Glace Rd ((97-97)) Hollywood Rd ((97-199)) Honey Locust ((1-99)) Johnsons Crossroads ((100-1598)) Keenan Rd ((100-198)) Kennan Rd ((100-198)) Knobbs Rd ((100-1598)) Knobs Rd ((100-1598)) Laurel Creek Rd ((1-99)) Limestone Hill Rd ((200-1898)) Long View Dr ((1-398)) Main St ((2-899)) Maple St ((101-199)) Middle St ((100-198)) Mill Field Mountain Rd ((1-99)) Mitchell St ((2-98)) North St ((1-99)) Patterson Rd ((1-99)) Pete Lynch Rd ((400-498)) Pines Mountain Rd ((201-299)) Pond St ((1-198)) Pyne St ((1-99)) Rayburn Draft Rd ((78-78)) Second St ((200-398)) Shanklin Ave ((2-98)) Silver Maple Ln ((1-99)) South St ((100-365)) Trotter Branch Rd ((1200-1298)) Tuckahue Rd ((97-97)) Turkey Creek Rd ((6-98)) Walnut Ln ((1-99)) Willowbend ((5000-5098)) Willowbend Rd ((2-198)) Willow Bend Rd ((2-5098)) Willow Ln ((1-99)) Winchester Rd ((1-99)) Zenith Rd ((200-1898))

    24983 Places and Attractions

    Archer Fork Ash Hill School (historical) Baker School (historical) Ballard Cemetery Bickett Knob Big Cove School (historical) Browns School (historical) Bruffeys Memorial United Methodist Church Brushy Mountain Brushy Mountain Lookout Tower Burnside Branch Calders Peak Central Church (historical) Collins School (historical) Cove Mountain Crescent School (historical) Crimson Spring Church Crimson Springs Crimson Springs Daniels Ridge Daugherty Mountain Devil Creek Dowdy Cemetery Dropping Lick Cemetery Dropping Lick Church Dropping Lick School (historical) Dropping Lick Spring Earson Hollow Eastern District Elk Knob Elmhurst Fairview Church Field Hollow Floyd County Sheriff's Office Forest Run Forest Run Church Forest Run School (historical) Gates Gin Hollow Glace Glace Post Office Glace School (historical) Green Hill Cemetery Hanging Rock Hanging Rock Lookout Hanging Rock Lookout Tower Hardy Run Hilton School (historical) Hollins Fire and Rescue Hollywood Hull School (historical) Humphreys Run Hunter Branch Indian Creek Covered Bridge Iodine Spring Jim Ray Spring Johnson Crossroads Keenan Knobs Lady Hall School (historical) Lick Run Lillydale Little Laurel Creek Marvin Chapel McGlone McGlones Notch Moncove Lake Moncove Lake Dam Moncove Lake Wildlife Management Area Monroe County Mountain View Elementary and Middle School Mount Alexander United Methodist Church Mount Hedding Methodist Church Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church Mount Hope School (historical) Mount Pleasant Church Oak Grove Baptist Church Old Rehobeth Cemetery Parker School (historical) Pepper Run Possumtrot Branch Pynes Mountain Read Mountain Fire and Rescue Rehobeth Church Reynolds School (historical) Saint Johns Church Salt Sulphur School (historical) Salt Sulphur Spring Salt Sulphur Springs Salt Sulphur Springs Historic District Sarton Sarton Branch Sarton Post Office Schley School (historical) Shady Grove School (historical) Smith School (historical) Springfield Church Sweet Sulphur Spring Swoopes Knobs Tackett Branch Town of Union Trotter Branch Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Spring Turkey Creek Springs Union Union Community Volunteer Fire Department Union Station Union District (historical) Union Elementary School (historical) Union Historic District Union Rescue - Monroe County Transport Station 4 Union Senior High School (historical) Upper Craigs Creek Fire Department Upton Church (historical) Upton School (historical) Valley Church Wallace Hollow Wallace School (historical) Walnut Knob Willow Bend Willow Bend Airport Willow Bend Post Office Wise School (historical) Woodland School (historical) Woodrum Spring Zenith Zenith School (historical) Zion Chapel Zion Church