Marlinton, WV 24954 ZIP Code Map


Marlinton ZIP Codes

West Virginia

24954 Schools


  • Marlinton Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 24954 is located in Pocahontas County

    24954 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((712-1206)) 10th St ((900-1025)) 11th Ave ((919-1008)) 11th St ((1000-1107)) 12th St ((210-212)) 13th Ave ((800-850)) 14th Ave ((808-1316)) 15th Ave ((800-835)) 1st Ave ((200-1111)) 2nd Ave ((204-1231)) 3rd Ave ((500-1123)) 4th Ave ((119-735)) 5th Ave ((901-925)) 6th Ave ((601-819)) 6th St ((100-213)) 7th Ave ((801-819)) 7th St ((626-703)) 8th Ave ((701-818)) 8th St ((100-720)) 9th Ave ((701-1021)) 9th St ((101-922)) Alderny Dr ((2-98)) Back Mountain Rd ((1-299)) Brownsburg Rd ((100-198)) Cemetery Rd ((900-998)) Circle Dr ((1-99)) Co Rte 1 ((1-299)) Co Rte 1/12 ((1-1703)) Co Rte 11/3 ((1201-1299)) Co Rte 11/6 ((101-1199)) Co Rte 15/2 ((601-1799)) Co Rte 1/6 ((100-198)) Co Rte 17/2 ((200-1398)) Co Rte 17/3 ((201-299)) Co Rte 19 ((301-399)) Co Rte 219/19 ((219-219)) Co Rte 219/3 ((100-219)) Co Rte 39/2 ((901-925)) Delta Rd 1 ((1-399)) Dog Town Rd ((201-299)) Dogwood Ln ((1-99)) E Woodrow Branch Rd ((201-299)) Haley St ((2-98)) Hannah Ln ((1-99)) Jerico Rd ((301-399)) Jordan Rd ((200-1398)) Judge St ((1000-1099)) Jury St ((1000-1099)) Lake St ((1-99)) Luster Shrader Rd ((101-1199)) Old Campbell Town Rd ((219-219)) Parrish St ((1200-1598)) Seebert Wilfong Rd ((1-1703)) Seebert Wilforng Rd ((601-1799)) Seneca Dr ((901-999)) Sewell St ((800-1515)) Sherrad Rd ((1-99)) Sherrard St ((1-99)) Smith Rd ((1-11)) Smith St ((1-99)) Smith St Addition ((2-98)) Smith Street Addition ((2-99)) State Rte 39 ((100-921)) State Rte 55 ((15-19)) Stoney Creek Rd ((100-219)) Strawberry Ln ((100-198)) Sunset Rd ((1201-1299)) Thomas Town Rd ((101-399)) Thorny Creek Mountain Rd ((1-1703)) Tom Edger Rd ((200-1398)) US Rte 219 ((15-19)) Wildcat Run Rd N ((100-198))

    24954 Places and Attractions

    Adam Moore Chalybeate Spring Airport Hill Alder Lick Run Allen Run Arrowhead Trail August Averill Spring Barclay Run Barlow Top Bear Pen Run Trail Beartree Run Beaver Creek Beaver Creek Cemetery Beaver Creek Church Beaver Creek School (historical) Beaver Creek Trail Beaverdam Run Beaverdam School (historical) Beaver Trail Bethel Church Cemetery Bethel School (historical) Big Hill Big Laurel Creek Big Ridge Big Ridge Big Sandy Run Big Spruce Knob Bird Run Bird Run Campground Black Mountain Run Booga-Boo Hollow Brandy Hollow Bridger Mountain Briery Knob Brownsburg Brownsburg School (historical) Browns Creek Browns Creek Church Browns Creek School (historical) Browns Mountain Brush Lick Run Brushy Flat School (historical) Brushy Mountain Brushy Mountain Trail Buckeye Trail Buckley Mountain Buckley Mountain Trail Buck Run School (historical) Buckskin Reservation Boy Scout Camp Bucks Mountain Burnside Ridge Burr Burr School (historical) Burr Valley Buzzard Hollow Buzzard Ridge Campbelltown Camp Copperhead (historical) Camp Hollow Camp Minnehaha Cave Spring Central Union Church Chestnut Flat Cloverfield Hollow Cloverlick Mountain Cochran Creek Cochran Creek Church Cockrane Spring Cold Spring Cold Springs Company 1 Effinger Department Crooked Fork Crooked Fork School (historical) Crowser Hollow Cummings Creek Cummings Creek Church Cummins Creek School (historical) Curry Neil Spring Davis Spring Day Mountain Day Run Day Run Campground Devils Backbone Devils Garden Dillys Mill Boy Scout Camp Lake Dam Divide Trail Dixie Elementary School Double the Mountain Dourif Airport Douthat Creek Douthat Creek School (historical) Downy Run Dry Creek Dry Creek School (historical) East Buckeye School (historical) Edray Edray District High School (historical) Edray School House (historical) Edray Trout Hatchery Edray United Methodist Church Elk Mountain Evic Hollow Fairview Church Fairview School (historical) First Baptist Church Fort Greenbrier (historical) Fred Moore Spring Friel Run Frost Frost School (historical) Frost United Methodist Church Frost Volunteer Fire Department Gate Hollow Gay Knob Gay Knob Fire Tower (historical) Gibson Cemetery Gibson Knob Gibson Spring Gilden Hollow Green Hill School (historical) Griffin Run Grindstone Knob Guy Run Guy Run Spring Halfway Run Hamilton Hollow Hamilton Lick Run Hamlin United Methodist Church Handley Wildlife Management Area Hannah Cemetery Hannah School (historical) Hannan Spring Hatten Run Helen V Hannah Spring Herald Knob Holcomb Run Honey Moon Trail Huntersville Huntersville Census Designated Place Huntersville District Huntersville Presbyterian Church Huntersville United Methodist Church Improvement Lick Run Indian Draft Irvin Hollow Island Lick Run Jakes Run Jericho Flat Jim Run John Lee Hollow Kee Hollow Kennison Run Kline Hollow Knapp Knapp Creek Knave Run Lake Sam Hill Laurel Creek Laurel Run Laurel Run Laurel Run Laurel Trail Lewis Lick Run Little Laurel Creek Little Mountain Little Spruce Knob Lockridge Mountain Lockridge Mountain Trail Lockridge Run Locust Knob Lonetree Knob Lost Bottom Run Lucy Draft Machine Hollow Mad Sheep Ridge Mad Tom Marlin Lick Run Marlin Mountain Marlin Mountain Trail Marlin Run Marlin Run Structure One Dam Marlinton Marlinton City Bridge Marlinton District Ranger Station Marlinton Elementary School Marlinton Post Office Marlinton Presbyterian Church Marlinton Rescue Squad Marlinton United Methodist Church Marlinton Volunteer Fire Department Marys Chapel Mary Sharp Run Mash Run McCarty Spring McLaughlin Cemetery McLaughlin Hollow McLaughlin Hollow McLaughlin Spring Messir Cemetery Middle Knob Mill Creek Miller Ridge Mill Run Mill Run Mill Run Mill Run Spring Minnehaha Spring Minnehaha Springs Minnehaha Springs Post Office Moffett Knob Monday Lick Run Moody Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Moore Run Moore School (historical) Moses Spur Mountain Lick Run Mountain View Cemetery Mount Carmel Church Mount Pleasant Church Mount Pleasant School (historical) Mount Tabor School (historical) Mount Zion Church Mount Zion School (historical) Muddy Run Necholas Run Newman Hollow New Pleasant Valley School (historical) Newroad Run North Fork Beaver Creek North Fork School (historical) Onoto Paddy Knob Paddy Knob Paddy Knob Lookout Tower Paddy Knob Trail Pickett Hollow Pigeon Run Pine Grove School (historical) Pine Run Pleasant Ridge School (historical) Pleasant Valley Poage Lane School (historical) Pocahontas Country Club Golf Course Pocahontas County Pocahontas County Courthouse Pocahontas County Jail Pocahontas Picnic and Campground Possum Hollow Price Run Pyle Mountain Rainbow Run Ramsey Hollow Red Lick Overlook Point of Interest Red Spruce Knob Rimel Rimel Parking Cicle Rimel Wildlife Management Area Road Run Rock Run Ruckman Run Ruckman Run Spring Ryder Gap Ryder Gap Ryder Run Saint Johns Episcopal Church Sally Hollow Sampson Pike Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Second Run See All Seneca Lake Dam Sevenmile Run Sharp Hollow Sharp Hollow Sharp Run Sharp Spring Shinaberry Cemetery Shrader Hollow Shumate Hollow Slate Lick Knob Slatyfork Post Office Slaty Ridge Spice Run Spring Run Spruce Flats Spruce Flats School (historical) Spruce Lick Hollow Stillhouse Run Stillwell Stony Creek Stony Creek Mountain Stony Creek Presbyterian Church Sugar Camp Run Sugar Haul Run Sulfur Run Sunday Lick Run Sunset (historical) Sunset School (historical) Swago Church Tallow Knob Teaberry Hill The Dock The Dock Trail The Horse Ridge Thomas C. Edgar Memorial Bridge Thomas Spring Thorny Creek Thorny Creek Town of Marlinton Trainer School (historical) Trooper Doug W. Bland Memorial Bridge Two Lick Run Valley Draft Valley Run Varner Cemetery Violet Wade Hollow Warwick Warwick Run Watoga Lake Watoga Lake Dam Watoga State Park Westminster Presbyterian Church West Union West Union Church West Union School (historical) West Virginia Division of Forestry Pocahontas County Field Office West Virginia State Fish Hatchery White Church White Mare Run White Rocks White Rocks Fire Tower (historical) Widemouth Run Wildcat Hollow Williams River Trail Wilson Chapel Wolfpen Ridge Woodrow Woodrow Church of the Nazarene Woodrow School (historical)