Welch, WV 24801 ZIP Code Map


Welch ZIP Codes

West Virginia

24801 Schools


  • Mount View High School
  • Welch Elementary School
  • Career And Technology Center
  • Census



    ZIP Code 24801 is located in McDowell County (73.00%) Wyoming County (27.00%)

    24801 Street Addresses

    Airport Rd ((1-1399)) Ash St ((1-299)) Bank St ((1-99)) Baptist Dr ((1-99)) Beech St ((1-299)) Belcher Rd ((2-198)) Berwind Ln ((1-99)) Bland St ((1-99)) Bottom Creek Rd ((101-499)) Broad St ((1-99)) Carswell Hollow Rd ((141-199)) Central Ave ((1-1099)) Church St ((100-198)) Coalwood Rd 6 ((501-599)) Coe St ((290-299)) Co Hwy 12/4 ((1101-6299)) Coney Island Rd ((2-98)) Co Rd 102/01 ((159-637)) Co Rd 102/03 ((2-199)) Co Rd 102/71 ((2-98)) Co Rd 16/10 ((501-599)) Co Rd 52/05 ((1-1298)) Co Rd 52/06 ((141-199)) Co Rd 52/08 ((101-499)) Co Rd 52/16 ((1177-1399)) Co Rd 7/03 ((2-98)) Cornell Ave ((2-198)) Court St ((1-699)) Edgewood Ave ((400-599)) Edmore Rd ((0-1099)) Elkhorn St ((1-99)) Elkins St ((2-98)) Elwood St ((192-299)) E Main St ((101-199)) Franklin St ((1-199)) Frank St ((2-198)) Grandview St ((1-99)) Hamilton St ((100-398)) Harmans Br Rd ((1-99)) Havaco Rd ((159-637)) High St ((101-1899)) Hiller Dr ((1-99)) Hobart St ((1-398)) Indian Creek Rd ((1101-6299)) Jefferson St ((200-256)) Jimmy Odell Carrol St ((2-98)) King Coswell Rd ((238-999)) Lake Dr ((1-199)) Linden St ((1-199)) Little Egypt Rd ((2-498)) Little Hobart St ((1-199)) Magnolia Ave ((400-999)) Maple Ave ((1-399)) Maple Ter ((1-298)) Martha Dr ((1-99)) McDowell St ((1-899)) Memorial Ave ((2-98)) Mirable St ((1-99)) Morgan Ave ((2-98)) Myrtle Rd ((100-198)) New Camp Rd ((100-599)) N Main St ((801-899)) Norwood St ((2-98)) Oakhurst Dr ((2-98)) Oak St ((1-199)) Old Delta 66 Rd ((501-599)) Perry Camp Branch Rd ((501-599)) Perry Camp Rd ((501-599)) Pinch Back Rd ((200-399)) Power House Rd ((200-298)) Ritter St ((2-98)) Riverside Dr ((1-1698)) Rogers St ((1-99)) Roselawn Addition ((1400-1498)) School House Havaco Rd ((1-99)) Spring St ((1-199)) Spruce St ((1-10198)) State Rte 103 ((44-1698)) State Rte 16 ((2-1699)) Stewart St ((100-1699)) S Tug St ((19200-19298)) Summers St ((1-2299)) Totten St ((301-317)) Upper Shannon Branch Rd ((2-98)) Upper Wall Rd ((1-399)) US Hwy 52 ((16-637)) Vine St ((1-99)) Virginia Ave ((1-699)) Willow Brook Rd ((1-99)) Wilson St ((19800-19898)) W New Camp Rd ((501-599)) Wyoming St ((100-199))

    24801 Places and Attractions

    Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Chapel Big Branch Brewster Chapel Browns Creek Browns Creek District Browns Creek District High School (historical) Capels Capels Post Office Church of Christ Church of God City of Welch Clarence Stewart Spring Coalwood Coalwood Caretta Volunteer Fire Department Coalwood Community Church Coalwood Lookout Tower Coalwood Post Office Court Street Methodist Church Daycamp Branch District 2 Dunbar High School (historical) Elkhorn Creek Fanny First Baptist Church First Methodist Church Fort Branch Grace Hospital (historical) Green Ridge Harris Branch Havaco Hemphill Hemphill-Capels School (historical) Indian Ridge Ivanhoe Fire Department Jan - Care Ambulance Service Incorporated Welch Jed Jim Branch Laurel Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Little Cub Branch Little Indian Creek Maitland Maitland-Superior Junior High School (historical) McDowell County Adult Learning Center Mcdowell County Alternative School (historical) McDowell County Career and Technology Center McDowell County Correctional Center McDowell County Courthouse Mcdowell County Emergency Ambulance Authority Station 2 McDowell County Jail (historical) McDowell County Vocational School McDowell Volunteer Fire Department Meetinghouse Branch Mill Creek Mount Airy Church Mudhole Branch Nancy Fork North Welch Church Perry Camp Branch Phoenix Center Alternative School Raccoon Branch Reedy Branch Rockhouse Branch Rock Narrows Branch Rural Retreat Baptist Church Rural Retreat United Methodist Church Saint James Baptist Church Shannon Branch Shiloh Church Shop Branch Six Snakeroot Branch Stevens Clinic Hospital (historical) Superior Superior Post Office Swope Farm Airport Temple Emanuel Trail Fork Turkeywallow Branch Upper Shannon Branch Welch Welch City Hall Welch Community Hospital Welch Elementary School Welch Middle School (historical) Welch Municipal Airport Welch Nazarene Christian Academy Welch Pentecostal Holiness Church Welch Post Office Welch Volunteer Fire Department West Welch Church of God White Oak Branch Wolfpen Branch Wolf Pen Branch Wolf Pen Post Office WXEE-AM (Welch)