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Chesapeake City

21915 Schools


  • Bohemia Manor Middle
  • Chesapeake City Elementary
  • Bohemia Manor High
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    ZIP Code 21915 is located in Cecil County

    21915 Street Addresses

    1st St ((401-499)) 2nd St ((1-699)) 3rd St ((1-498)) 4th St ((400-498)) Academy Ln ((1-199)) Allen Rd ((1-199)) Alliance Dr ((1-99)) Andrea Dr ((1-199)) Augustine Herman Hwy ((1801-3898)) Bank St ((101-399)) Basil Ave ((1-499)) Bayview Rd ((1-199)) Bethel Cemetary Rd ((2-399)) Bethel Rd ((516-1198)) Bet Twice Ln ((2-98)) Biddle St ((100-1005)) Blue Heron Reach Ln ((2-798)) Boat Yard Rd ((2-299)) Bohemia Ave ((1-399)) Bohemia Manor Farm Ln ((101-299)) Bohemia Manor Farm Rd ((101-299)) Bohemia River Marina Rd ((1-299)) Bohemia Vista Marina Rd ((100-198)) Briscoe Ave ((1-99)) Buddy Blvd ((1-99)) Bunk Dr ((1-99)) Canal Rd ((1-99)) Canterbury Ct ((1-99)) Cayots Corner Rd ((1-1699)) Cecil St ((100-599)) Charles St ((201-229)) Cherry St ((1-298)) Chestnut Springs Rd ((1-399)) Chichester Cir ((1-99)) Cory Rd ((1-99)) Country Rd ((1-99)) Court House Point Rd ((1-2098)) Dartmouth Rd ((1-198)) Deer Run Rd ((1-99)) Delaware Ave ((1-99)) Devon Pl ((1-99)) Downing Dr ((1-199)) Drake Rd ((1-99)) Drummond Ln ((2-98)) Durney Dr ((1-99)) Elk Rd ((1-99)) Elk River Farm Ln ((201-299)) E Wheel Rd ((847-1198)) Fern Ln ((1-99)) Foard Ln ((101-398)) Forest Ln ((1-199)) Front St ((1-99)) George St ((100-499)) Gour Rd ((2-399)) Grayson Ave ((100-399)) Great House Farm Ln ((100-298)) Grier Ave ((1-99)) Harbor Rd ((1-99)) Harkins Ln ((2-98)) Hemphill St ((200-499)) Hessey Ln ((1-99)) Hillview Ave ((1-99)) Holly Ln ((1-99)) Hollywood Beach Rd ((2-299)) Housebuster Ln ((2-98)) Iler Ln ((1-99)) Indian Range Farm Ln ((83-99)) James Ct ((1-99)) Jenkins Rd ((1-99)) Labadie Mill Ln ((100-298)) Lamborn Ln ((1-99)) Leicester Way ((1-99)) Lindsey Ave ((300-399)) Lock St ((100-499)) Luff Ln ((1-99)) Mallard Dr ((1-99)) Maryland Ave ((1-99)) Meadows Rd ((1-99)) Messick Dr ((1-199)) Mitton Rd ((201-499)) Moss St ((300-399)) Mount Nebo Rd ((600-999)) Myrtle Wilson Rd ((2-399)) N Bluff Rd ((1-99)) N Bohemia Ave ((100-135)) North Rd ((1-99)) Northview Ln ((1-99)) N St Augustine Rd ((1-1199)) Old Telegraph Rd ((2300-3099)) Park Dr ((1-99)) Penowa Farm Ln ((1-199)) Pine St ((101-309)) Pleasure Shores Cir ((1-99)) Port Herman Dr ((1-199)) Port Herman Rd ((1-199)) Randalia Rd ((1-1399)) River Rd ((1-1099)) Riverview Ave ((1-99)) Shady Dr ((2-299)) Shipwatch Ln ((1-99)) Short Cut Rd ((1-598)) Spenrock Ln ((2-798)) Stallion Row ((2-198)) State Hwy 213 ((2400-3898)) State Hwy 285 ((200-1005)) State Hwy 286 ((473-799)) State Hwy 310 ((1-1699)) State Hwy 342 ((31-1199)) Summer's Chance Rd ((2-98)) Sunnyside Dr ((1-99)) Sunset Ln ((1-99)) Surrey Ln ((1-99)) Tower Point Rd ((1-199)) Tower Rd ((1-99)) Town Point Rd ((1-1899)) Two Rivers Ln ((1-199)) Union St ((200-298)) Vanderlyn Dr ((1-99)) Wallamsey Ln ((1-99)) Walnut Dr ((300-399)) Walnut St ((300-399)) Williams Ln ((100-198)) Wilmon St ((1-199)) Windfields Way ((1-399)) Winfields Way ((389-399)) Woodside Dr ((1-199)) Woodstock Dr ((100-199)) Woodstock Farm Ln ((300-398)) Worthington Ln ((100-198)) Yearling Row ((2-199))

    21915 Places and Attractions

    Back Creek Back Creek Dam Bethel Bethel Cemetery Bethel Managed Hunting Area Bethel Methodist Church (historical) Bohemia Bridge Bohemia Ferry (historical) Bohemia Manor High School Bohemia Manor Middle School Bohemia River Marina Bohemia Vista Marina Burkalow Creek Canal View Estates Canal Wildlife Management Area Cayots Cecil County Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Station 3 Chesapeake City Chesapeake City Disposal Area Lake Chesapeake City East Disposal Area Chesapeake City Elementary School Chesapeake City Park Chesapeake City Post Office Chesapeake City Town Hall Chesapeake Estates Concord (historical) Convent of Saint Basil Courthouse Point Court House Point Disposal Area Dam Court House Point Disposal Area Lake Courthouse Point Managed Hunting Area Disposal Area 18 Dam Disposal Area Number 19 Dam District 2, Chesapeake City Dockside Yacht Club Ebenezer Cemetery Ebenezer Church Elk River Basin Ferryslip Road Park Great Bohemia Creek Green Briar Greenbrier Point Green Point Harbor View Harbour North Marina Herring Creek Herring Island Hog Creek Hollywood Beach Little Bohemia Creek Long Creek Manor Creek Manor School (historical) Metton Pond North Bluff Old Lock Pump House Old Town Point Wharf Parlor Point Pell Gardens Park Pivot Bridge (historical) Pooles Creek Port Herman Port Herman Post Office (historical) Randalia Randall Point Rich Point Saint Augustine Saint Augustine Cemetery Saint Augustine Episcopal Church Saint Augustine Post Office (historical) Saint Basils Catholic Church Saint Basils Church Saint Basils School (historical) Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church Snow Hill (historical) South Chesapeake City Historic District Stony Point Sycamore Hall Farm The Woods of Town Point Top Notch Farm Tower Point Town of Chesapeake City Town Point Town Point Town Point Methodist Church Town Point Neck Trinity United Methodist Church Two Rivers Two Rivers Marina Unicorn Farms Universalist Church (historical) Volunteer Fire Company 1 of Chesapeake City Incorporated Station 12 Volunteer Fire Company 1 of Chesapeake City Incorporated Station 2 Watty Point White Swan Lake Winbak Farm Winfield Farms Woodstock Airport