Bishopville, MD 21813 ZIP Code Map


Bishopville ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 21813 is located in Worcester County

21813 Street Addresses

Ames Rd ((13101-13298)) Back Creek Rd ((11300-12399)) Bank St ((13101-13398)) Bette Dr ((12300-12399)) Beverly St ((11201-11299)) Bishop Rd ((9600-9999)) Bishop St ((10700-10799)) Bishopville Rd ((9600-13298)) Blue Heron Ct ((10500-10599)) Brant Rd ((12100-12299)) Campbelltown Rd ((11512-12898)) Caterpillar Rd ((12401-12599)) Cedar Creek Rd ((11900-11999)) Cemetery Rd ((10600-10698)) Charlie Dr ((11100-11299)) Charlie Ln ((11100-11299)) Collins Rd ((12100-12799)) Cooper Ln ((11400-12399)) Cove Landing Rd ((13300-13399)) Cygnet Ln ((12200-12298)) Danzi Rd ((12100-12198)) Dawn Cir ((12601-12699)) Daye Girls Rd ((12400-12699)) Delaware Rd ((13302-13398)) Dixie Dr ((1200-12599)) Dixie Rd ((12255-12298)) Duck Ln ((12200-12399)) Egret Ct ((10500-10599)) Fooks Rd ((9301-9499)) Fox Ridge Ct ((12800-12899)) Godfrey Bunting Rd ((11200-12399)) Goose Rd ((12200-12299)) Hammond Rd ((9800-10299)) Hatchery Rd ((13200-13499)) Heathland Dr ((12700-12898)) Hidden Acres Ln ((13100-13199)) Hotel Rd ((9700-10699)) Industrial Park Rd ((11901-12098)) Jarvis Rd ((10601-13198)) Kepler Ln ((10000-10099)) Lakeside Ct ((12800-12899)) Lois St ((1200-12299)) Lou Ln ((12300-12399)) Lydia St ((11300-11399)) Marie Dr ((11300-12498)) Merganser Ln ((12600-12698)) Mill Pond Dr ((10000-10099)) Morris Rd ((9201-9699)) Mumford Rd ((11000-11699)) Muskrattown Rd ((12900-13399)) Muskrat Town Rd ((13100-13399)) N Bunting Rd ((10200-10699)) Nora Ln ((11300-12499)) N Piney Point Rd ((12300-12598)) Old Stage Rd ((12600-13399)) Peerless Rd ((901-10099)) Piney Island Dr ((10600-11099)) Point View Rd ((12300-12399)) Research Ln ((12600-12699)) Rita St ((11201-11299)) Rollie Rd E ((13200-13299)) Rollie Rd W ((13300-13399)) Saint Martins Neck Rd ((10601-13098)) Salt Grass Point Rd ((11901-12099)) Salt Point Rd ((12100-12199)) Salt Rd ((12100-12199)) Saturn Ln ((12000-12099)) Savanna Ct ((12300-12398)) Selby Rd ((12600-13398)) Shell Mill Rd ((12600-12699)) Shingle Landing Rd ((10100-10599)) Shockley Rd ((9701-9799)) Southhampton Dr ((12300-12399)) S Piney Point Rd ((12000-12298)) State Hwy 367 ((10000-10898)) State Hwy 368 ((10601-10769)) State Hwy 568 ((13322-13422)) State Hwy 610 ((9415-9598)) St Martin's Neck Rd ((12300-12399)) Sugar Hill Ct ((10101-12199)) Swan Ln ((12200-12998)) Tammy Ln ((11200-11299)) Tammy Ter ((11200-11299)) Teak Ln ((10600-10799)) Tingle Ln ((11401-12499)) Turtle Mill Rd ((12000-12099)) US Hwy 113 ((12049-13499)) Vista Way ((12301-12399)) Vivian St ((12300-12399)) W Dixie Dr ((1100-11199)) W Dixie Ln ((1100-11199)) Whaleyville Rd ((9040-9899)) W Line Rd ((10900-11898)) W Marie Dr ((11200-11299)) Wood Cove Dr ((10400-10499)) Woodsman Point Rd ((12000-12099)) Worcester Hwy ((11500-13499)) W Tammy Dr ((11200-11299))

21813 Places and Attractions

Assawoman Bay Back Creek Big Island Birch Branch Bishop Bishop Commercial Center Bishopville Bishopville Cemetery Bishopville Census Designated Place Bishopville Park Bishopville Post Office Bishopville Prong Bishopville Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Station 2 Boar Island Bounder Pond Brady Island Buck Island Creek Buck Island Pond Calvary Pentecostal Church Campbell Cape Pleasant Carey Branch Carey Field Airport Cedar Swamp Farm and Greenhouses Corn Hammocks District 5, Ocean Pines Double Pond Drum Point Ebenezer Cemetery Ebenezer Church Golden Acres Cemetery Goose Creek Goose Pond Greys Creek Harry Creek Hidden Harbor Hills Island Holiday Harbor Holiday Manor Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Department of Natural Resources Management Area Isle of Wight Medical Center Isle of Wight Natural Resources Management Area Johns Hammock Latchum Creek Links at Lighthouse Sound Little Georgetown Lone Cedar Point Louis Heights Oak Island (historical) Oyster Pond Peach Point Peeks Creek Perkins Creek Piney Gut Piney Island Piney Island Piney Island Piney Point Poplar Point Porpoise Pond Rodney Pond Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Martin Neck Saint Martins Cemetery Saint Matthews Church Saltgrass Point School Number 3 (historical) Shingle Landing Prong Slab Bridge Prong Smokehouse Cove South Hammocks Swan Gut Tidewater School By the Sea Todd Industrial Park Tulls Island WETT-AM (Ocean City) White Oak Swamp Ditch Wight Point Wilson Church Woods Point Worcester County Fire Department Bishopville Volunteer Fire Department Station 900 Zion Church Zippy Creek