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Union Bridge

21791 Schools


  • Francis Scott Key High
  • Elmer A. Wolfe Elementary
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    ZIP Code 21791 is located in Frederick County (60.10%) Carroll County (39.90%)

    21791 Street Addresses

    Alton Rd ((11322-11499)) Arlington Mill Rd ((11900-11999)) Arrow Ln ((200-298)) Banner Ave ((800-899)) Bark Hill Rd ((3800-4899)) Baust Church Rd ((900-1799)) Beaver Dam Rd ((11401-12099)) Becka Dr ((3600-3698)) Bessie Clemson Rd ((9001-10499)) Boxwood Ln ((12800-12899)) Brooks Howard Dr ((400-498)) Bucher John Rd ((2-698)) Buckey Aly ((2-98)) Bunker Hill Ct ((11700-11799)) Bunker Hill Rd ((12033-13299)) Canary St ((1-99)) Clear Ridge Rd ((100-599)) Clear View Rd ((900-1899)) Clemsonville Rd ((8800-11398)) Coppermine Ct ((10300-12398)) Coppermine Rd ((11611-13699)) Cracked Bell Ct ((12300-12399)) Croyden Ct ((11900-11999)) Dollyhyde Rd ((7943-9099)) Ebert Rd ((200-698)) E Broadway St ((2-399)) E Elger St ((1-2098)) Eichman Aly ((1-99)) E Locust St ((1-399)) E Thomas St ((101-499)) Fairview Rd ((3800-3999)) Fordham Ct ((8300-8399)) Fountain School Rd ((9402-10899)) Fox Ridge Dr ((9000-9099)) Garth Pl ((12200-12399)) George St ((100-1098)) Glenn Hill Ct ((100-199)) Glissans Mill Rd ((12001-12299)) Good Intent Rd ((5201-13699)) Green Valley Rd ((500-12598)) Handboard Rd ((11400-11899)) Hickory Ct ((12900-12999)) Hoff Rd ((1-499)) Holly Ct ((9000-9097)) Honeysuckle Ln ((200-299)) Houck Rd ((11400-12199)) Jones Rd ((8900-8999)) Key Heights Rd ((500-599)) Keys Chapel Rd ((9500-9599)) Knighton Ct ((8300-8399)) Lackey Rd ((12800-12899)) Ladiesburg Rd ((4400-4798)) Lehigh Dr ((2-98)) Lehigh Rd ((4801-4899)) Lehigh Sq ((2-98)) Liberty East Ter ((12300-12399)) Liberty Knolls Ct ((9100-9199)) Liberty Rd ((11901-13799)) Liberty Village Way ((9123-9198)) Lightner St ((2-99)) Lowman Ln ((3200-3599)) Main Rd ((5000-5198)) Mapleville Rd ((8302-8602)) Marble Quarry Rd ((1200-1499)) McKinstry Mill Rd ((400-1598)) Mc Kinstrys Mill Rd ((1400-1598)) Middleburg Rd ((3400-5750)) Mill Race Dr ((4300-4499)) Molasses Rd ((12501-13299)) New Windsor Rd ((12500-14105)) N Farquhar St ((1-99)) Nittany Ct ((13200-13299)) N Main St ((1-298)) N Pipe Creek Rd ((1-208)) Peace and Plenty Ln ((500-599)) Peace and Plenty Rd ((500-599)) Pearre Rd ((14000-14399)) Penrose St ((101-299)) Phillips Ln ((1-299)) Pipe Creek Rd ((1-298)) Priestland Rd ((4400-4799)) Quaker Hill Rd ((400-998)) Rabbit Run Ter ((13400-13499)) Rampart Way ((800-899)) Raywell Ave ((600-798)) Raywell Ct ((500-599)) Renner Rd ((10500-10608)) Repp Rd ((10600-11199)) Rinehart Aly ((1-99)) S Bellevue St ((1-198)) S Benedum St ((1-99)) S Clear Ridge Rd ((104-116)) Serene View Dr ((4001-4099)) S Farquhar St ((1-99)) Shriner Aly ((300-398)) S Lightner St ((2-199)) S Main St ((1-598)) S Pipe Creek Rd ((210-298)) Star Ct ((800-899)) Starr Ln ((3901-4098)) State Hwy 26 ((11901-13799)) State Hwy 31 ((12690-14022)) State Hwy 75 ((500-12438)) State Hwy 800 ((3700-4298)) State Hwy 84 ((104-1799)) St Benedict Way ((13800-13899)) Stem Rd ((1-299)) Stoner St ((2-398)) Sycamore Ct ((9100-9199)) Timmons Rd ((7700-8899)) Trevanion Rd ((700-1404)) Union Bridge Rd ((100-698)) Unionville Rd ((13600-13716)) Wachter Rd ((12100-12198)) Walnut St ((900-9799)) Warehime Aly ((2-98)) Watson Ln ((3700-4299)) W Broadway St ((1-199)) W Elger St ((2-98)) Whyte St ((1-99)) Wilderness Dr ((3800-3999)) Winters Church Rd ((900-1098)) W Locust St ((2-298)) W Thomas St ((1-99))

    21791 Places and Attractions

    Bark Hill Bark Hill Bible Church Bark Hill Church of God (historical) Beaver Dam Cemetery Beaver Dam Presbyterian Church Bellevue Heights Bessie Clemson Heights Bethel Bethel Cemetery Bethel Church (historical) Bowens Chapel Bunker Hill Estates Byrons Manor Carroll County Fire Department Station 8 Union Bridge Fire Department Cedarbrook Farms Cherry Branch Church of the Brethren Clear Ridge Clemson Branch Clemsonville Coppermine Estates District 12, Union Bridge District 17, Johnsville District 8, Liberty Dollyhyde Creek Elmer Wolf High School Fairview Acres Fairview School (historical) Feesersburg Flying H Farm Airport Fox Ridge Estates Francis Scott Key High School Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 17 Libertytown Fire Company Frederick (historical) German Baptist Cemetery German Baptist Church Glenn Hill Glisson Place Gospel Spreading Church of God Grossnickle Haines Branch Hard Lodging Historic Site Harmon Haven Hidden Creek Jessie Anne Estates Johnsville Johnsville Cemetery Johnsville Cemetery Johnsville Farms Johnsville Methodist Church Johnsville Methodist Protestant Church Key Heights Keyview Liberty Knolls Libertytown Linganore Chapel Cemetery Linganore United Methodist Church Linwood Linwood Brethren Church Linwood Historic District Linwood Post Office Lovejoy Estates Lynn Cemetery McKinstrys Mill Meadow Branch Big Pipe Creek Middleburg Mill Brothers Hills Mountain View Cemetery Mountain View School (historical) Mount Joy Cemetery Mount Joy United Methodist Church (historical) Mounts Scenic Acres M R P Airpark Oldfield Oldfield Branch Otterdale Mill Pipe Creek Cemetery Pipe Creek Church Pipe Creek Friends Cemetery Pipe Creek Friends Meeting House (historical) Priestland Branch Priestland School (historical) Priestland Valley Quaker Heights Rabbit Run Rattlesnake Branch Roop Branch Saint James Lutheran Church Saint Lucas Reformed Church (historical) Saint Peters Cemetery Saint Peters Roman Catholic Church Sams Creek Sams Creek Cemetery Sams Creek Church Sams Creek Methodist Protestant Church (historical) Stultz Mill (historical) Three J Airport Town of Union Bridge Union Bridge Union Bridge Baptist Church Union Bridge Community Park Union Bridge Post Office Union Bridge Quarry Union Bridge Town Hall Union Bridge United Methodist Church Union Hills Walls Mill (historical) Western Maryland Railroad Museum West View Terrace Windsor View Winter Springs Wolf Pit Branch Wolfs Cemetery