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  • Sharpsburg Elementary
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    ZIP Code 21782 is located in Washington County

    21782 Street Addresses

    Antietam St ((200-299)) Aspen Dr ((2300-2399)) Back Rd ((1400-2499)) Bakersville Rd ((17207-17299)) Barrett Ct ((7100-7199)) Bloody Ln ((18100-18198)) Bowie Rd ((6501-6799)) Branch Ave ((4801-4899)) Brigets Ct ((5000-5099)) Burnside Bridge Rd ((18000-19229)) Canal Rd ((16300-17999)) Canter Ln ((6000-6099)) Cheneys Neck Ln ((15900-15998)) Chestnut Grove Rd ((2100-2799)) Churchey Rd ((4831-4900)) Dam 4 Rd ((6504-7898)) Dam Number 4 Rd ((6500-7885)) Dargan Rd ((2000-2499)) Dargan School Rd ((2200-2499)) Davidson Rd ((17700-17899)) Dunker Church Rd ((5800-6299)) Dustin Dr ((7100-7299)) E Antietam St ((100-199)) E Chapline St ((100-299)) E High St ((100-199)) E Main St ((100-399)) Fairplay Rd ((7000-7298)) Falling Run Rd ((15901-16098)) Frankies Ct ((5100-5199)) General Anderson Ct ((4900-5099)) General Branch Ct ((4900-5099)) General Gordon Cir ((4900-4999)) General Hill Cir ((17700-17799)) General Jackson Cir ((17500-17599)) General Lee Dr ((17400-17599)) General Longstreet Cir ((17500-17599)) General Robert E Lee Dr ((17400-17599)) General Stuart Ct ((5000-5199)) Harpers Ferry Rd ((2100-18099)) Hemlock Ln ((18300-18399)) Hillview Dr ((7100-7299)) Hoffmaster Rd ((1809-2199)) Horseshoe Bend Rd ((2-18699)) Hott Ln ((15300-15899)) Houser Rd ((7000-7399)) Limekiln Rd ((2600-3799)) Lockhouse Dr ((3001-6199)) Mansfield Ave ((17800-17898)) Mc Coy Rd ((18700-18899)) Millers Sawmill Rd ((500-17898)) Mills Rd ((3600-4499)) Mondel Rd ((5300-17799)) Mose Cir ((5500-5699)) Mount Lock Canal Rd ((18200-18399)) Mount Lock Hill Rd ((18400-18899)) N Church St ((100-299)) N Hall St ((100-199)) Nick Rd ((18700-18799)) N Mechanic St ((100-199)) N Potomac St ((100-198)) Potomac Dr ((5900-6199)) Powell Rd ((5900-17399)) Ranch Ln ((5000-5098)) Remsburg Rd ((6600-6799)) River Rd ((5900-6299)) Rocky Rd ((18900-18999)) Samples Manor Dr ((18500-18598)) S Church St ((100-299)) Shaffer Rd ((16100-17099)) S Hall St ((100-299)) Sharmons Run ((4200-4599)) Sharpsburg Pike ((5300-6898)) Shepherdstown Pike ((16400-17699)) S Mechanic St ((100-299)) Snyders Landing Rd ((5700-17699)) Southbend Ln ((3900-4199)) S Potomac St ((100-198)) Sprecher Rd ((10701-17199)) State Hwy 34 ((100-17699)) State Hwy 65 ((101-6898)) Taylors Landing Rd ((16700-17899)) Tommytown Rd ((6800-7399)) Tow Path Ln ((6000-17099)) Trotter Cir ((6000-6999)) Truman Ln ((201-299)) W Antietam St ((100-399)) W Champline St ((201-399)) W Chapline St ((100-399)) W High St ((101-120)) W Main St ((100-399)) Woburn Rd ((16100-16699))

    21782 Places and Attractions

    Antietam Antietam Census Designated Place Antietam Church of God Antietam Creek Antietam Creek Aqueduct Antietam Creek Campground Antietam Dargan Community Park Antietam Iron Works (historical) Antietam National Cemetery Antietam Station Bethel United Methodist Church Big Woods Campground Blackfords Ferry (historical) Burnside Acres Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park Headquarters Christ Reformed Church Confederate Hills Dam Number 4 Dargan Dargan Bend Dargan Census Designated Place Dargan Quarry District 1, Sharpsburg Dogtown Dovenbergers Mill (historical) Dunker Church Ferry Hill Ferry Hill Plantation First Church of God First Methodist Cemetery First Methodist Church (historical) Forge Hill Estates Frog Hollow Guard Lock Number 5 Hauser Ridge Hawkins Zouaves Monument Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend Horse Shoe Bend Horseshoe Bend Campground James Rumsey Bridge James Rumsey Bridge Killiansburg Cave Campground Knott Island Lock 37 Lock 38 Lock 39 Lock 40 Lower Bridge Marsh Run Maryland Monument Mercersville Mercersville Census Designated Place Millers Sawmill Mondell Mountain Lock Campground Mountain View Cemetery Mount Moriah Mount Moriah Church (historical) New York State Monument Nicodemus Heights Pack Horse Ford Pack Horse Ford Philadelphia Brigade Monument Piper Farm Porterstown Bridge Potomac Crest Potomac River Dam Number Four Potomac River Reservoir Potomac Valley Farms Potomac Valley Fire Department Company 11 Price Farms Reformed Cemetery Samples Manor Sharmans Branch Sharpsburg Sharpsburg Area Emergency Medical Services Station 19 Sharpsburg Elementary School Sharpsburg Post Office Sharpsburg Public Library Sharpsburg Spring Sharpsburg Town Hall Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Company Shepherds Ford Shepherds Island Snavelys Ford Snavelys Ford Trail Snyders Landing Taylors Landing Town of Sharpsburg Wades Landing Washington Four Water Acres West Woods (historical) Woburn Estates Woburn School (historical)