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  • Wolfsville Elementary
  • Myersville Elementary
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    ZIP Code 21773 is located in Frederick County

    21773 Street Addresses

    Ashley Ct ((1-99)) Ashley Way ((1-99)) Baltimore National Pike ((9257-11199)) Bidle Hill Ct ((9100-9199)) Bittle Rd ((3500-3799)) Black Rock Rd ((2901-3198)) Bolivar Rd ((8521-8599)) Brandenburg Hollow Rd ((10600-13050)) Brethren Church Rd ((3100-3999)) Briarfield Ct ((1000-1099)) Canada Hill Rd ((2-2899)) Cedar St ((1-99)) Church Hill Rd ((10100-11499)) Clark Rd ((10200-10399)) Coxey Brown Rd ((4100-4598)) Crow Rock Rd ((3801-10598)) Dawn Ct ((9000-9099)) Deerwoods Ct ((1-99)) Deerwoods Pl ((100-199)) Delauter Rd ((4200-4699)) Dog Rd ((2701-2899)) Easterday Rd ((10400-11999)) E Church Hill Rd ((3400-3499)) Ellerton Rd ((1-99)) Fishers Hollow Rd ((4001-4799)) Flintridge Ct ((2700-2799)) Flintridge Dr ((2700-10298)) Ford Fields Rd ((4501-4999)) Forest School Rd ((4034-4099)) Forrest School Rd ((4034-4099)) Fox Rock Dr ((1-99)) Grindstone Rd ((10300-10799)) Harmony Rd ((9400-10699)) Harp Hill Rd ((10700-12499)) Harp Pl ((1-99)) Hayes Rd ((12300-12899)) Highland Ave ((3900-3999)) Highland Ct ((3900-3999)) Highland School Rd ((10200-11399)) Hunters Knoll ((1000-1099)) Loy Wolfe Rd ((11800-14199)) Main St ((1-699)) Martin Rd ((13001-13007)) Meadow Fence Ct ((10200-10299)) Meadow Hill Dr ((3000-3099)) Meadow Knoll Ct ((10200-10299)) Meadow Ridge Ct ((2700-2799)) Meadowridge Dr ((2701-10299)) Meeting House Rd ((11300-11899)) Michael Rd ((1722-2399)) Middlepoint Rd ((4200-4898)) Mink Farm Rd ((12100-12698)) Monument Rd ((2-2899)) Mountain Ter ((200-299)) Mount Tabor Rd ((9416-10098)) Murdock Mountain Ln ((13000-13099)) Myersville Rd ((9000-9799)) Old Harmony Rd ((8901-9099)) Pleasant Walk Rd ((10800-12499)) Pond Run Ct ((9800-9899)) Poplar St ((1-99)) Rocky Fountain Ct ((1-99)) Rocky Fountain Dr ((700-899)) Rocky Fountain Ter ((1-999)) Rollingridge Ct ((10200-10299)) Rum Springs Rd ((10400-11575)) Saddleridge Ct ((1-99)) Saddleridge Dr ((1-10199)) Scravel Rd ((2400-2699)) Spruce Run Rd ((12301-13399)) State Hwy 17 ((1-11498)) Stottlemyer Rd ((12400-13399)) Tower Rd ((12100-12698)) US Hwy 40 ((9301-11199)) Ventrie Ct ((3000-3099)) Vista Ct ((10000-10099)) Walnut St ((1-99)) Ward Kline Rd ((2800-3398)) Wildcat Rd ((11800-12399)) Wistman Ln ((3900-4198)) Wolfsville Rd ((1-12570)) Woodland Way Rd ((11201-11999))

    21773 Places and Attractions

    Alpine View Ashley Bartman Hill Bidle Hill Acres Bidle Industrial Park Bittle Blacks Glen Blank Bond Farm Pond Bond Farm Pond Dam Buhrman Buzzard Flats Church Hill Church Hill Estates District 16, Jackson District 6, Catoctin Dry Run Ellerton Fairmount Fishers Hollow Flook Farm Forest School (historical) Garfield Grossnickle Church Grossnickles Cemetery Grossnickle School (historical) Harmony Harmony Brethren Cemetery Harmony Brethren Church Harmony Brethren Church Harmony Cemetery Harmony Knolls Harp Harshman Estates Highfields Highland Highland Cemetery Highland School (historical) Highlands of Monroe Interchange 42 Jerusalem Jerusalem Cemetery Jerusalem Lutheran Church (historical) Laurelcrest Lens Rambles Little Catoctin Creek Lynch Estates Meadow Ridge Meeting House Overlook Middle Creek Middle Creek Estates Middlepoint Miller Hill Monument School (historical) Mount Zion Methodist Church Mullinix Farm Myersville Myersville Baptist Church Myersville Cemetery Myersville Cemetery Myersville Community Park Myersville Elementary School Myersville Post Office Myersville Springs Myersville Town Hall Myersville Volunteer Fire Company North Lynch Estates Paintrock Mill (historical) Pine Knob Pleasant Walk Pleasant Walk Cemetery Pleasant Walk School (historical) Pleasant Walk United Methodist Church Saint John Lutheran Church Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Paul Lutheran Church Salem United Methodist Church Shady Grove South Mountain Campground Spruce Run Summers Family Cemetery The Cascade Thunderhill Farms Town of Myersville Turkey Hill Viewpoint Vista Farms Waterloo West Branch Middle Creek Wistmans Delight Wolfe Wolfes Overlook Wolfsville Wolfsville Cemetery Wolfsville Crossing Wolfsville Elementary School Wolfsville Puritan Park East Wolfsville Reformed Cemetery Wolfsville Reformed Church Wolfsville Volunteer Fire Company 21 Woodland Way