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  • New Midway/Woodsboro Elementary
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    ZIP Code 21757 is located in Carroll County (54.00%) Frederick County (46.00%)

    21757 Street Addresses

    Baker Rd ((10900-11499)) Baumgardner Rd S ((2500-2798)) Bruceville Rd ((1200-1399)) Burrier Ln ((1700-2199)) Cash Smith Rd ((1801-11899)) Circle Dr ((1000-1099)) Claybaugh Rd ((12301-12699)) Clyde Young Rd ((12300-12499)) Cramer Ln ((6401-6598)) Cregger Rd ((11901-12399)) Crouse Mill Ln ((901-999)) Crouse Mill Rd ((700-1199)) Detour Rd ((12200-13399)) Forest and Stream Club Rd ((7700-8599)) Francis Scott Key Hwy ((600-12999)) Good Intent Rd ((11700-12699)) Gruber Rd ((10300-10499)) Hagerstown Ln ((1901-2199)) Haughs Church Rd ((10800-11699)) Hill Rd ((11100-11499)) Hiney Rd ((12501-13299)) Johnsville Rd ((300-699)) Keymar Rd ((11475-12998)) Keysville Bruceville Rd ((1400-2099)) Keysville Frederick Co Rd ((2100-2799)) Keysville Rd ((5700-7399)) Legore Bridge Rd ((11502-12199)) Legore Rd ((12200-12599)) Lookingbill Rd ((11900-12099)) Mathews Rd ((11500-11699)) Matthews Rd ((11500-11699)) Middleburg Rd ((4062-7599)) Mumma Ford Rd ((8200-8299)) Myerly Ln ((1700-1898)) Naylors Mill Rd ((1200-1498)) Nicholson ((11556-11598)) Nicholson Rd ((11500-11899)) Oak Hill Rd ((10100-10398)) Reifsnider Rd ((2000-2299)) Renner Rd ((11336-12599)) Retreat Dr ((6100-6198)) Riverway Dr ((1400-1599)) Rocky Ridge Rd ((10801-11399)) San Diego Rd ((11701-11799)) Sharrett Rd ((6000-6399)) Simpsons Mill Rd ((11601-12798)) Sixes Bridge Rd ((6901-8299)) S Keysville Rd ((1100-2099)) Smith Ln ((12400-12498)) State Hwy 194 ((600-12999)) State Hwy 77 ((6700-11399)) Warner Rd ((11700-12499)) Woodsboro Pike ((11200-12999)) Y Rd ((6501-6699))

    21757 Places and Attractions

    Beaver Dam Creek Big Pipe Creek Bowie Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad Bowling Brook Preparatory School Bruceville Bruceville Station (historical) Carroll View Clearview School (historical) Crabster (historical) Delaplane Mill (historical) Detour Detour Methodist Protestant Church Detour Post Office Dinterman District 10, Middleburg District 11, Woodsboro Double Pipe Creek Franklin School (historical) Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 9 New Midway Volunteer Fire Company Good Hill Goodintent School (historical) Grace United Church of Christ Grooe Academy School (historical) Haughs Cemetery Haughs German Reformed Church (historical) Haughs Hideway Keymar Keymar Airpark Keymar Post Office Keysville Keysville Evangelical Lutheran Church Keysville Union Church (historical) Ladiesburg Ladiesburg Post Office Le Gore Le Gore Branch Le Gore Bridge Le Gore Quarry Little Pipe Creek Maryland Department of State Police Maryland Department of State Police Maryland State Police Headquarters Maryland State Police Headquarters Middleburg Cemetery Middleburg Post Office Middleburg United Methodist Church Millers Bridge Mount Zion Church Mumma Ford New Midway New Midway Elementary School New Midway Fire Company Number 9 New Midway Post Office North Branch Israel Creek Oak Bluff Dairy Farm Oak Hill Cemetery Oak Hill Church Piney Creek Quarry View Sharrer Heights Sharretts (historical) Sidmar Simpsons Mill Sixes Bridge Stone Manor Stull Swiger Terra Rubra Farm Toms Creek Triple Farm Union Cemetery Walden Farms Wiley Mill (historical) Wolfs Den