Emmitsburg, MD 21727 ZIP Code Map


Emmitsburg ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 21727 is located in Frederick County

21727 Street Addresses

1st Ave ((1-67)) 2nd Ave ((2-99)) 4 Points Rd ((10200-10499)) Academy Ct ((2000-2099)) Adams Ave ((1-99)) Annandale Rd ((16400-17399)) Azalea Ct ((15400-15499)) Bollinger School Rd ((16501-17299)) Brookfield Dr ((1000-1298)) Bullfrog Rd ((17000-17299)) Bunker Hill Dr ((1-99)) Carrick Ct ((4000-4199)) College Ln ((9200-9299)) Cool Rd ((17500-17699)) Creamery Rd ((16500-16950)) Creekside Dr ((100-199)) Crystal Fountain Rd ((8601-9099)) Depaul St ((1-299)) Dern Rd ((10500-10898)) Dry Bridge Rd ((9500-9999)) E Grimes Rd ((15400-15498)) E Lincoln Ave ((300-499)) E Main St ((1-599)) E Main St Exd ((500-799)) Emmit Ct ((2-98)) Eylers Valley Rd ((16400-17299)) Federal Ave ((1-198)) Flat Run Ct ((1000-1099)) Four Points Bridge Rd ((16000-16898)) Four Points Rd ((10200-10499)) Frailey Rd ((700-998)) Friends Creek Rd ((7101-8598)) Friends Ln ((7501-7599)) Grimes Rd ((15000-15299)) Grotto Rd ((16100-16199)) Hampton Valley Rd ((7501-8999)) Harney Rd ((10300-12006)) Heatherwind Dr ((1400-1499)) Heritage Ln ((2-99)) Hornets Nest Rd ((8001-8799)) Huntley Cir ((1300-1399)) Irishtown Ct ((1-199)) Irishtown Dr ((1-99)) Irishtown Rd ((1-17699)) Keysville Rd ((9703-11110)) Lincoln Ave ((200-599)) Main St ((701-799)) Mechanicstown Rd ((15800-15899)) Motters Station Rd ((15556-15899)) Mountaineers Way ((300-399)) Mountain View Rd ((17200-17699)) Nevin Ct ((17300-17399)) North Ave ((400-598)) N Seton Ave ((101-17606)) Old Emmitsburg Rd ((16302-16699)) Old Frederick Rd ((15322-16399)) Old Gettysburg Rd ((17501-17699)) Old Kiln Rd ((8600-9199)) Orndorff Rd ((8800-9299)) Park Dr ((1-99)) Pembrook Ct ((2000-2099)) Provincial Pkwy ((1-99)) Ramblewood Ct ((401-499)) Ramblewood Dr ((1400-1499)) Reeny Cir ((1-99)) Riffle Rd ((17101-17599)) Robindale Dr ((1-99)) Rose Ct ((8800-15599)) Saint Anthonys Rd ((16120-16299)) Saint Josephs Ln ((2-198)) Scott Rd ((16600-16899)) Seton Pl ((1-99)) Shriver Rd ((16900-17299)) Simmons Rd ((10600-10699)) Sixes Bridge Rd ((14401-15499)) Sixes Rd ((14500-15599)) S Seton Ave ((100-16899)) State Hwy 140 ((1-11753)) State Hwy 76 ((15556-15899)) Stonehurst Ct ((3100-3299)) Stonehurst Dr ((3000-3099)) Taneytown Pike ((10301-11753)) Timbermill Ct ((500-598)) Timbermill Run ((300-1498)) Toms Creek Church Rd ((16100-16698)) Tract Rd ((17400-17699)) University Dr ((1-99)) Warthens Way ((2-99)) Waycross Ct ((1-99)) Waynesboro Pike ((9100-9599)) Welty Ave ((2-198)) Welty Rd ((10301-10598)) Wheatley Dr ((1300-1399)) William Ct ((1-99)) W Lincoln Ave ((1-599)) W Main St ((1-899)) Zanella Dr ((2-99))

21727 Places and Attractions

Barrett Hall Bell Airport Blackberry Hills Bollinger School (historical) Borders Learning Center Carrick Knob Chapel of the Immaculate Conception Church of the Incarnation United Church of Christ Coad Science Building Cogan Student Union Building Crystal Fountain Farms Derr Hill District 5, Emmitsburg Dodge Chapel Cemetery Elder Cemetery Elias Cemetery Elias Lutheran Church Emmit Ridge Emmitsburg Emmitsburg Ambulance Company Number 26 Emmitsburg Branch Library Emmitsburg Cemetery Emmitsburg Community Park Emmitsburg Dam Emmitsburg Elementary School Emmitsburg Library Emmitsburg Police Department Emmitsburg Post Office Emmitsburg Reservoir Emmitsburg School Eyeler (historical) Eylers Valley Chapel Flat Run Flat Run Flynn Hall Fourpoints Four Points Bridge Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 26 Emmitsburg Ambulance Company Friends Creek Friends Creek Cemetery Friends Creek Church of God Glass Hampton Valley Harney Venture Estates Jones Knott Academic Center Knott Athletic, Recreational and Convocational Complex Knott Athletic Recreation Convocation Complex Longs (historical) Lost Valley Marion Burk Knott Auditorium Memorial Gymnasium Middle Creek Middle Creek Mother Seton Elementary School Mountain Manor Treatment Center Emmitsburg Mountain View Cemetery Mount Saint Mary's University National Emergency Training Center National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Northgate Old Mount Saint Marys Cemetery Pangborn Hall Phillips Library Rainbow Lake Saint Anthony Saint Anthony Shrine Roman Catholic Church Saint Catherine's Nursing Center Saint Elias Cemetery Saint Joseph Catholic Church Saint Joseph High School Saint Josephs Cemetery Saint Josephs College Saint Mary Run Sheridan Hall Silo Hill Stonehurst Stouter Summit Lake Camp The Grotto of Lourdes The Terrace Toms Creek Toms Creek Cemetery Toms Creek Church Town of Emmitsburg Trinity United Methodist Church Troxel Turkey Creek Twin Oaks Dairy Vigilant Hose Company 6 Vigilant Hose Company Number 6 Willowdale Farms Willow Rill WMTB-FM (Emmitsburg) WMTB-FM (Emmitsburg) Woodland Heights