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Worton ZIP Codes


21678 Schools


  • Worton Elementary
  • Kent County High
  • Census



    ZIP Code 21678 is located in Kent County

    21678 Street Addresses

    Andelot Farm Ln ((11900-12999)) Augustine Herman Hwy ((10354-10412)) Austin Ln ((11000-11099)) Azalea Ct ((1201-12299)) Barrett Farm Rd ((12201-12599)) Bessicks Corner Rd ((25601-26102)) Big Woods Rd ((2-27099)) Bloomingneck Rd ((13000-13699)) Blooming Neck Rd ((13600-13699)) Bottom Rd ((10900-11199)) Boyer Ln ((11100-11298)) Branchtown Rd ((26900-26999)) Brindley Dr ((11000-11199)) Charlestown Ct ((25600-25698)) Charlestown Rd ((13001-13199)) Chickade Ln ((26101-26299)) Chinquapin Rd ((25000-25399)) Clark Rd ((1201-13898)) Cliff Dr ((12800-24199)) Cliff Dr Exd ((24000-24199)) Colly Cove Ln ((11901-11999)) Coopers Ln ((11501-12899)) Cording Rd ((25000-25098)) Country Dr ((10700-10798)) Dads Desire Ln ((12300-12598)) Deer Run Ct ((12600-12799)) Drayton Landing Dr ((24100-24498)) E Hill Rd ((25800-25898)) E Kentfield Rd ((25000-25199)) Fair Promise Ln ((14200-14298)) Fishing Valley Rd ((13101-13399)) Goosedown Farm Rd ((12900-13199)) Green Cove Dr ((11100-11398)) Green Point Rd ((23100-23298)) Hackett Rd ((11200-11399)) Heather Ln ((25000-25099)) Hillcrest Rd ((11000-11199)) Homestead View Ct ((11901-12099)) Homestead View Rd ((11900-12199)) Horseshoe Ln ((10700-10799)) Indian Field Ct ((12700-12799)) Jeffay Dr ((12201-25399)) Jones Ln ((13100-13198)) Kinnards Point Dr ((11501-24999)) Kristin Way ((11000-11099)) Lamb's Meadow Rd ((25700-25798)) Lambs Meadow Rd ((21100-27754)) Luhaven ((12601-25499)) Lynch Rd ((10801-11699)) Macs Ln ((24000-24298)) Maryland 561 ((10801-11699)) Mary Morris Rd ((25546-25556)) Meadow Rd ((25600-25799)) Meeks Point Ln ((13100-13298)) Montabello Lake Rd ((24800-25199)) Needam Rd ((11200-11399)) Newtown Rd ((23600-23798)) Oak Ln ((11100-11199)) Old Worton Rd ((9000-11199)) Paradise Point Ln ((25200-25499)) Parson Hill Ct ((12000-12098)) Pines Rd ((2-25599)) Plum Dr ((11000-11199)) Porters Grove Rd ((24400-25299)) Possum Hollow Rd ((11500-11798)) Potts Rd ((11100-11199)) Saint James Newtown Rd ((10900-23799)) Saint James Rd ((11301-11799)) Smithville Rd ((1-25199)) State Hwy 297 ((9000-11198)) State Hwy 298 ((24001-27005)) State Hwy 561 ((11501-11699)) Station Rd ((11001-11599)) Still Pond Creek Rd ((12000-23298)) Still Pond Neck Rd ((24100-26098)) Still Pond Rd ((1101-11999)) Swamp Rd ((25200-25498)) Travis Trl ((25000-26098)) University Dr ((24100-24199)) Urielle Ln ((11301-11499)) Urieville Ln ((11300-11499)) Walker Rd ((11100-11199)) Wallace Woods Rd ((2-11399)) Walnut Valley Ct ((12600-12699)) Waterview Dr ((24200-24499)) W Hill Rd ((25600-25799)) Whye Rd ((11201-11399)) Woods Rd ((12301-12499)) Worton Lynch Rd ((10801-26299)) Worton Rd ((10265-11099)) Wyble Rd ((13101-13299)) Wymont Park Rd ((25100-25399))

    21678 Places and Attractions

    Beacon Bay Big Marsh Bigwoods Blooming Turkey Farm Butlertown Butlertown Census Designated Place Camp Echo Hill Camp Tockwogh Maintenance Office Camp TockwoghYMCA Catts Corner Christ Cemetery Christ Church Churn Creek Churn Creek Farm Coast Guard Station Stillpond Codjus Cove Coleman Copeland District 3, Worton (Betterton) Easton Volunteer Fire Department Echo Hill Fishing Valley Landing Fountain Cemetery Fountain Church Friendship Montessori School Elementary School Friends Meeting House (historical) Gales Wharf Green Point Farm (historical) Hanesville Harris Airport Harris Wharf Hepbron Howell Point Indian Cabin Creek Jacks Cove Kent Airport (historical) Kent and Queen Annes Hospital Heliport Kent County Kent County High School Kentfield Kinnaird Point Kinnairds Point Lynch Lynch Post Office Lynch United Methodist Church Meeks Point Morgan Creek Branch Dam Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Olive Church Newtown Parson Hill Plum Point Rocky Point Runnymeade Estates Saint Georges Church Saint James Cemetery Saint James Church School Number 1 (historical) School Number 3 (historical) School Number 5 (historical) Smith Field Airport Smithville Still Pond Still Pond Creek Still Pond Neck Still Pond Station The Pines Tims Creek Union Church Urieville Community Lake Urieville Park Watts Farm Pond Dam WKHS-FM (Worton) Worton Worton Census Designated Place Worton Creek Worton Elementary School Worton Heights Worton Manor Mobile Home Park Worton Point Worton Point Orchard (historical) Worton Post Office Worton Regional Park