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  • Preston Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 21655 is located in Caroline County

    21655 Street Addresses

    2 Johns Rd ((7600-7898)) Alderman Pl ((4100-4199)) American Corner Rd ((7522-8098)) Apple Ln ((200-299)) Ash Blvd ((22400-22599)) Auction Rd ((24101-24499)) Back Landing Rd ((100-3499)) Beeches Dr ((5700-5899)) Bell Creek Rd ((5700-7099)) Bethlehem Rd ((4200-6299)) Birch Dr ((4700-4899)) Blades Rd ((22000-22299)) Bowdle St ((21800-21899)) Brunkhorst Rd ((23400-23498)) Carolin Ct ((100-199)) Carroll Rd ((23400-23799)) Carrs Creek Ln ((5200-5398)) Cedar Pl ((4501-4798)) Chambers St ((100-199)) Charles Ln ((4200-4299)) Choptank Main St ((2600-2799)) Choptank Rd ((2701-3699)) Collins Rd ((23501-23798)) Craft Rd ((23601-24099)) Dawsons Branch Dr ((6901-7099)) Division St ((100-198)) Dogwood Dr ((7000-7199)) Dover Bridge Rd ((2201-22999)) Drummer Dr ((5400-5599)) Edmondson Creek Rd ((4800-4999)) Everlea Ct ((4600-4999)) Everlea Dr ((21600-21799)) Ewing Rd ((20701-320799)) Fooks Ave ((100-199)) Fowling Creek Dr ((6600-6799)) Frazier Neck Rd ((3401-5199)) Frazier Pt Ln ((20700-20899)) Frazier Rd ((4200-4498)) Friendship Rd ((23901-24599)) Fuchs Rd ((24301-24498)) Gadow Rd ((4401-4699)) Gallagher Rd ((3100-3999)) Ganeys Wharf Rd ((6300-7199)) Gannon Dr ((22000-22199)) Gilpin Point Rd ((23000-23798)) Greenfield Ct ((3100-23898)) Griffith Rd ((1-24099)) Grove Rd ((22901-24495)) Harmony Rd ((100-8798)) Harris Rd ((5001-5198)) Havercamp Rd ((22000-22798)) Herrington Ln ((6100-6399)) Hog Creek Rd ((22201-23299)) Hog Island Rd ((20301-20899)) Holly Park Dr ((23200-23399)) Hunting Creek Rd ((2801-3399)) Ivans Rd ((23200-23498)) Jones Ln ((4200-4398)) Jonestown Ln ((23401-23599)) Klein St ((1-4498)) Langrell Rd ((4300-4399)) Laurel Grove Rd ((6901-7299)) Lednum Ave ((101-199)) Linchester Rd ((400-3599)) Lindsay Ct ((23800-23899)) Lindsey Ct ((23800-23899)) Lusk Dr ((2700-2799)) Lyn Oaks Dr ((22900-22999)) Main St ((2-398)) Mallow Dr ((24100-24399)) Maple Ave ((100-3699)) Marlyn Dr ((24200-24399)) Marsh Creek Rd ((2001-22899)) Maryland Ave ((100-21998)) Meadow Ct ((3100-3299)) Meadows Ct ((3100-3299)) Messick Ave ((100-199)) Mill St ((100-198)) Myrtle Ave ((2600-2699)) Nagel Rd ((5500-6399)) Nelpine Rd ((4400-4598)) Newton Rd ((4400-10199)) Noble Ave ((100-199)) Payne Rd ((3600-4399)) Picture Hill Dr ((6001-6099)) Pinetown Rd ((24400-24844)) Poplar Neck Rd ((2800-4798)) Prchal Rd ((3300-3599)) Prechel Rd ((3300-3599)) Preston Rd ((4201-4498)) Railroad Ave ((159-169)) Richardson Rd ((23901-23963)) Robins Creek Rd ((2-24399)) Sarabee Dr ((7600-7799)) Seaman Rd ((3300-3899)) Shore Dr ((1-7899)) Silvan Glen Dr ((4300-4398)) Skeleton Creek Rd ((21100-21698)) State Hwy 16 ((101-8798)) State Hwy 318 ((4300-4498)) State Hwy 331 ((112-22999)) State Hwy 578 ((5001-6018)) Statum Rd ((1-6999)) Sunset Blvd ((100-199)) Tall Tree Ln ((7600-7699)) Tammuxzena Dr ((20600-20799)) Tanyard Estates Dr ((20800-21099)) Tanyard Rd ((21000-22699)) Tarragon Dr ((6000-6099)) Todds Wharf Rd ((7200-7499)) Two Johns Rd ((7600-7898)) Wachter Ave ((1-4499)) Water St ((21800-21999)) Westerly Dr ((7700-7899)) Westview Dr ((22900-23099)) Wilhan Ln ((4301-4499)) Wilkins Branch Rd ((23700-24099)) Williamson St ((100-199)) Wood Wharf Ln ((21100-21298)) Wood Wharf Rd ((21401-22098)) Wright St ((100-199))

    21655 Places and Attractions

    Back Landing Barkers Ferry (historical) Bell Creek Belmont Acres Belmont Cemetery Berry Run Bethesda Cemetery Bethesda United Methodist Church Bethlehem Bethlehem Post Office Blairtown (historical) Chapel of the Epiphany Choptank Choptank Census Designated Place Choptank Wetlands Preserve Coppins Chapel Coppins Chapel Cemetery Crowberry Creek Dawson Branch District 4, Preston Dover Bridge Dover Ferry (historical) East Providence Landing Everlea Fowling Creek Fowling Creek Mill (historical) Fox Creek Frazier Neck Frazier Point Frazier Point Ganey Wharf Gilpin Point Gravelly Branch Great Choptank Hundred (historical) Grove Harmony Harmony Community Park Harmony United Methodist Church High Banks Hog Creek Hog Island Landing Hopeland Acres Hunting Creek Neck Immanuel Lutheran Church Johns Cemetery Johns Church Jonestown Jonestown Community Park Lake Pinehurst Linchester Mill Pond Little Creek Little Marsh Creek Little Marsh Creek Marsh Creek McCarty Wharf Mill Creek Mitchell Run Mount Calvary Church Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Pentecostal Holiness Church Mount Zoar Church Nagels Mill Pond Dam Nelpine Mobile Home Park New Hope Newton Picture Hill Landing Poplar Neck Poplar Point Preston Preston Branch Library Preston Cemetery Preston City Hall Preston Elementary School Preston Lions Club Park Preston Police Department Preston Post Office Preston Volunteer Fire Company Prettyman Manor Providence Providence Landing Robins Creek School Number 10 (historical) School Number 6 (historical) School Number 8 (historical) School Number 9 (historical) Skeleton Creek Smithson Cemetery Smithson Chapel Tanyard Tanyard Estates Todds Chapel Todds Chapel Cemetery Todd Wharf Town of Preston Two Johns Two Johns Estates Union Grove Cemetery West View Williston Mill (historical) Wings Landing Wrights Wharf