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Cambridge ZIP Codes


21613 Schools


  • Mace'S Lane Middle School
  • Dorchester County Career And Technology Center
  • Judith P. Hoyer Early Childhood Center
  • Choptank Elementary School
  • Sandy Hill Elementary
  • Maple Elementary School
  • Cambridge-South Dorchester High School
  • 21613 Hotels

  • Americas Best Value Inn
  • Comfort Inn And Suites
  • Days Inn Cambridge
  • Holiday Inn Express Cambridge
  • Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay
  • Census


    ZIP Code 21613 is located in Dorchester County

    21613 Street Addresses

    1st St ((5300-5399)) 2nd St ((5300-5399)) 3rd St ((2900-2999)) Abacco Ln ((101-199)) Academy St ((300-799)) Aireys Rd ((2900-5399)) Aireys Spur Rd ((3100-3199)) Airpax Rd ((800-898)) Algonquin Rd ((2-99)) Allen St ((800-899)) Appleby Ave ((200-499)) Atlantic Ave ((400-499)) Audubon Ct ((100-199)) Aurora St ((2-499)) Austin Rd ((5301-5399)) Backwoods Dr ((5300-5399)) Bar Neck Rd ((5600-5799)) Bayberry Way ((5600-5699)) Bay Heights Ave ((1-99)) Bayley Ave ((300-499)) Bayley Rd ((501-1699)) Bayly Ave ((300-499)) Bayly Rd ((501-1699)) Bay St ((1-99)) Bay View Ave ((1-298)) Beach Haven Rd ((5647-5649)) Beaver Neck Rd ((3400-5298)) Beaver Neck Village Rd ((3301-5196)) Beech St ((2400-2499)) Bellevue Ave ((2-98)) Belvedere Ave ((1-399)) Bestpitch Ferry Rd ((3400-6298)) Bethel St ((600-798)) Blue Water Dr ((5900-6099)) Bonnie Brook Rd ((5400-5599)) Boundary Ave ((201-599)) Bowen Rd ((5500-5598)) Bradley Ave ((600-899)) Brannock Neck Rd ((1700-1999)) Brant Way ((200-299)) Brian Cir ((2600-2699)) Broadview Dr ((1300-1399)) Brohawn Ave ((100-299)) Brook St ((100-199)) Bucktown Rd ((4201-5399)) Buena Vista Ave ((1-299)) Bunker St ((301-399)) Burton St ((500-599)) Byrne St ((200-599)) Byrn St ((200-599)) Cambridge Beltway ((1301-2608)) Cambridge Lndg ((1-499)) Cambridge Plz ((700-799)) Camelia Cir ((1000-1099)) Camelia St ((801-999)) Camper St ((400-499)) Cannon Rd ((5400-5422)) Canterbury Dr ((2400-2499)) Canvasback Dr ((4800-4899)) Canvasback Way ((100-299)) Caribbean Ave ((400-499)) Carlton Ct ((600-699)) Casson Neck Rd ((5300-5799)) Castle Haven Rd ((5800-6299)) Cedar Dr ((5300-5399)) Cedar Grove Rd ((5600-5608)) Cedar St ((1-798)) Cedar Woods Dr ((2901-2999)) Cemetery Ave ((301-499)) Center St ((800-3099)) Central Ave ((900-1099)) Central Rd ((2900-2999)) Charles St ((400-499)) Chateau Rd ((3501-5399)) Chelsea Dr ((2-98)) Cherry St ((400-499)) Chesapeak Ct ((600-699)) Chesapeake Dr ((800-899)) Choptank Ave ((1-399)) Choptank Ct ((1-99)) Choptank Ter ((100-199)) Church Creek Rd ((1301-2438)) Church St ((600-899)) Clifton St ((700-799)) Clifton Woods Dr ((5600-5699)) Clinton St ((500-599)) Coleman Aly ((700-798)) Colonial Ave ((1300-1399)) Commerce St ((100-199)) Condon Rd ((5600-5699)) Cook Point Rd ((600-999)) Cooks Point Rd ((600-999)) Cordtown Rd ((5100-5399)) Corners Wharf Rd ((6000-6099)) Cornish Dr ((700-799)) Cosby Ave ((1000-1099)) Country Club Rd ((5600-5698)) Court Ln ((1-599)) Cross St ((600-699)) Crusader Rd ((201-699)) Dailsville Rd ((1901-2298)) Daniel Choice Rd ((5600-5699)) Daniels Choice Rd ((5600-5699)) Dark Rd ((1700-1899)) David Greene Rd ((4700-5299)) Devon Pl ((3-99)) Dobson St ((500-599)) Dorchester Ave ((1-499)) Dorchester Sq ((2700-2799)) Douglas St ((600-799)) Drawbridge Rd ((4100-5099)) Dunns Ct ((500-599)) E Appleby Ave ((100-199)) Earle St ((600-699)) Edgewood Ave ((500-798)) Edlon Park Dr ((400-699)) Egypt Rd ((4200-5299)) Eldon Park ((400-699)) Elks Lodge Rd ((5400-5498)) Elliott Island Rd ((3448-3498)) Elm Ave ((301-399)) Elm St ((500-599)) Evans Ct ((100-199)) Fairmount Ave ((800-899)) Fieldcrest Rd ((700-899)) Franklin St ((1-299)) Front St ((700-799)) Gadwall Way ((701-799)) Garden Ln ((100-199)) Garden of Eden Rd ((1700-5898)) Gary Creek Rd ((1500-1599)) Gay St ((300-599)) Glasgow Ct ((5700-5799)) Glasgow St ((500-1520)) Glenburn Ave ((1-599)) Glover Ave ((1100-1199)) Golden Hill Rd ((1301-4199)) Goldsborough Ave ((500-799)) Goodwill Ave ((1000-1399)) Goodwill Rd ((100-299)) Governors Ave ((500-799)) Greenbrier Rd ((2700-2999)) Green Cove Dr ((5700-5799)) Greenway Dr ((901-1098)) Greenwood Ave ((500-799)) Gregory Rd ((4900-4999)) Griffith Neck Rd ((3500-4298)) Gypsy Dr ((5201-5299)) Gypsy Hill Rd ((2700-2999)) Hambrook Blvd ((1102-2499)) Hambrooks Ave ((801-1099)) Handley Rd ((5400-5499)) Harrington Ave ((500-699)) Harris Dr ((1-99)) Hataswap Rd ((1-99)) Hatsawap Cir ((107-199)) Hayland Acres Rd ((5000-5099)) Hayward St ((1-299)) Heather Ln ((5900-5999)) Height Rd ((3500-3599)) Henry St ((200-599)) Heron Rd ((5201-5299)) Hiawatha Rd ((100-199)) Hibiscus Ln ((101-299)) Hicksburg Rd ((3701-3799)) Higgins Mill Pond Rd ((4900-4999)) High St ((102-1199)) Hillcrest Dr ((2-98)) Hills Point Rd ((500-899)) Holland Ave ((1100-3498)) Holly Ln ((3200-3299)) Holly Ter ((1-199)) Horns Point Rd ((1800-5999)) Hubbard St ((800-999)) Hubert St ((500-699)) Hudson Rd ((800-2399)) Hudson School Rd ((200-5899)) Hudson Wharf Rd ((5800-5899)) Hughes Ct ((401-499)) Hughlett St ((700-799)) Hurlock Ave ((200-298)) Indianbone Rd ((3200-3499)) Indian Grant Rd ((3501-3511)) Indian Quarter Rd ((5800-5999)) Insley St ((1200-1298)) Jenkins Creek Rd ((1-2355)) Jimson Rd ((1000-1099)) Johnson St ((2-299)) Kent St ((400-499)) Key Wallace Dr ((2000-2599)) Killarney Rd ((100-299)) Kim Dr ((800-899)) Kiowa Rd ((1-99)) Knauer Rd ((3200-3299)) Lagrange Ave ((900-999)) Lake St ((700-799)) Lance Dr ((2600-2699)) Lawson Ln ((5601-5699)) Lecompte St ((300-499)) Lee Dr ((100-199)) Legacy Ct ((2500-2599)) Leonards Ln ((400-799)) Lewis Ln ((3900-3999)) Light St ((400-499)) Lincoln Ter ((700-799)) Linden Ave ((400-499)) Linthicum Dr ((101-299)) Little Creek Ct ((3500-3598)) Locust St ((600-1199)) Lovers Ln ((1-5799)) Luthy Lane Rd ((2600-2899)) Luthy Rd ((2600-2899)) Maces Ln ((800-1199)) Madison Ave ((1500-1598)) Magnolia Trl ((500-599)) Mallard Ln ((3101-5599)) Manito Dr ((1-99)) Maple Ave ((2-299)) Maple Dam Rd ((3801-5299)) Markely Ct ((100-199)) Market Sq ((100-299)) Market St ((100-498)) Maryland Ave ((101-999)) McBride Ave ((800-898)) Meadow Ave ((700-799)) Merryweather Dr ((1-99)) Meteor Ave ((200-799)) Miles Ave ((1000-1099)) Mill St ((1-399)) Mimosa Ave ((100-199)) Mimosa Ct ((1-99)) Moores Ave ((600-799)) Moose Lodge Rd ((1501-5499)) Moreland Ave ((700-799)) Morris Dr ((5300-5399)) Morris Neck Rd ((5300-5799)) Mount Holly Rd ((5641-5698)) Muir St ((200-699)) Muse St ((400-499)) Nantcoke Rd ((1-99)) Nathans Ave ((300-399)) Night Heron Ct ((100-199)) Noble St ((800-899)) North Dr ((600-5198)) Oak Hill Dr ((2800-2999)) Oakley St ((1-557)) Oakley Ter ((900-998)) Oak St ((1-299)) Ocean Gateway ((2800-3319)) Ocean Gtwy ((2700-2799)) Old Field Rd ((2001-2199)) Old House Point Rd ((2502-2531)) Old Rte 50 ((2900-3099)) Old Squaw Ct ((300-399)) Oriole Dr ((1-99)) Orion Rd ((4700-4798)) Osprey Cir ((400-499)) Oyster Catcher Ct ((100-398)) Oyster Shell Point Rd ((5501-5511)) Pacific Ave ((301-499)) Park Ln ((800-1099)) Parsons Dr ((918-923)) Patamoke Way ((1-199)) Paw Paw Rd ((5100-5199)) Paxmore Ln ((1600-1699)) Peachblossom Ave ((700-1199)) Peach Tree Dr ((5400-5499)) Pennsylvania Ave ((400-498)) Percy May Rd ((5004-5998)) Perimore St ((700-799)) Perkins Ln ((700-798)) Perseus Rd ((1601-1809)) Persimmon Pl ((2800-2898)) Phillips Ave ((200-499)) Phillips Industrial Park Dr ((1-99)) Phillips St ((700-1099)) Pig Neck Rd ((1900-2299)) Pinehurst Dr ((800-898)) Pine St ((400-1099)) Pintail Ct ((100-199)) Plantation Rd ((4900-5099)) Pleasant St ((400-499)) Poplar Dr ((5200-5299)) Poplar St ((500-599)) Pungy Path ((2900-2999)) Queen Anne Ave ((1-99)) Race St ((400-1899)) Radcliff Dr ((100-198)) Radiance Dr ((501-1099)) Ragged Point Rd ((5100-5499)) Rainbow Ave ((1300-1399)) Rambler Rd ((100-299)) Ram Rd ((2900-2999)) Rebecca Ln ((2600-2699)) Regulator Dr ((100-199)) Richardson Dr ((1-199)) Richardson Rd ((5800-5899)) Richlin Dr ((100-198)) Rigby Ave ((500-799)) Rippling Rd ((5001-5099)) River Dr ((5302-5399)) River Point Rd ((1000-1099)) Riverside Dr ((100-198)) Riverton Ct ((5701-5799)) Riverton Rd ((5600-5699)) Robbins Farm Rd ((400-499)) Robbins St ((200-899)) Robinson Ave ((400-498)) Rock Dr ((2400-2499)) Rose Hill Dr ((1-99)) Rosehill Pl ((1-99)) Rosemont Ave ((700-799)) Roslyn Ave ((500-1199)) Ross Neck Rd ((5300-5999)) Ross Thumb Rd ((1000-1199)) Rte 16 ((1301-2999)) Sailors Ln ((100-399)) Saint Clair Ave ((700-799)) Sand Rd ((5500-5598)) Sandy Acres Rd ((5-99)) Sandy Hill Rd ((1-599)) Saunders Ave ((500-599)) Schnoor Rd ((4900-4999)) School House Ln ((600-699)) School St ((1000-1499)) Schooner Way ((2900-2999)) Seabreeze Ct ((800-5499)) Seabreeze Rd ((800-5499)) Shady Dr ((1-99)) Shane Dr ((2600-2699)) Shawnee Cir ((100-199)) Shawnee Rd ((1-99)) Shepherd Ave ((300-499)) Shoal Creek Mall ((600-699)) Shorter St ((1201-1299)) Silver Goose Rd ((2100-5199)) Skinners Ct ((400-499)) Skip Jack Dr ((3000-5499)) Slacum St ((800-899)) Sloop Rd ((2900-2999)) Smith St ((200-298)) Somerset Ave ((1-399)) South Rd ((2900-2999)) Southside Dr ((2501-2599)) Spring Dr ((5300-5399)) Springfield Ave ((700-999)) State Hwy 16 ((2800-3319)) State Hwy 341 ((800-1899)) State Hwy 343 ((1-2399)) State Hwy 397 ((3107-3159)) Steamer Run ((2900-3199)) Steele Neck Rd ((4080-4098)) Stiles Cir ((701-799)) Stone Boundary Rd ((1000-5299)) Stoney Ridge Rd ((5400-5499)) Suburban Dr ((5300-5399)) Sunburst Hwy ((1-799)) Sunrise Dr ((3201-3299)) Sunset Ln ((1-99)) Talbot Ave ((1-499)) Talisman Ln ((900-999)) Tates Bank Rd ((5400-5499)) Teal Ln ((100-199)) Todds Point Rd ((6000-6199)) Town Point Rd ((1300-5599)) Travers St ((700-1199)) Travers Wharf Rd ((1700-5899)) Trenton St ((200-399)) Truman St ((800-899)) Twin Point Cove Rd ((600-6299)) US Hwy 50 ((1-3319)) Virginia Ave ((100-299)) Vue de Leau St ((100-199)) Wagner Point Rd ((1000-1099)) W Appleby Ave ((500-599)) Washington St ((1-1099)) Water St ((600-798)) Waterview Ave ((5501-5599)) Weaver Ave ((700-799)) Wells St ((600-699)) W End Ave ((1-399)) Whitehall Rd ((5400-5599)) William St ((600-699)) Willis St ((2-499)) Willowmere Ln ((1000-1099)) Wilson Rd ((5200-5299)) Wingate Way ((5700-5799)) Winters Ct ((1500-1699)) Wisteria Dr ((100-298)) Wood Duck Dr ((100-999)) Woods Rd ((700-5299)) Wood St ((800-898)) Wright St ((700-799))

    21613 Places and Attractions

    Academy Public School (historical) Airey Airey Cemetery Algonquin Algonquin Census Designated Place American Legion Park Antioch Cemetery Antioch Church Armstrong Bay Back Creek Backgarden Creek Backgarden Pond Bare Swamp Bar Neck Bay Country Church Bazzel Church Beaverdam Creek Becker Island Marsh Beckwith Church Beckwith Creek Bestpitch Bestpitch Ferry Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Bethel Cemetery Between the Dams Big Oak Farm Airport Birch Dam Creek Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Center Blackwater Pond Blackwater School (historical) Bonnie Brook Brannock Bay Brannock Cove Brelsmir Haven Brick House Landing Brooks Creek Bucktown Bullock Creek Bullock Pond Butter Pot Point Buzzard Neck Cambridge Cambridge Cemetery Cambridge Church of Christ Cambridge City Hall Cambridge Country Club Cambridge Creek Cambridge Day School Montessori Elementary School Cambridge-Dorchester Airport Cambridge High School (historical) Cambridge Historic District Cambridge House Nursing Home Cambridge Junior High School (historical) Cambridge Plaza Shopping Center Cambridge Police Department Cambridge Post Office Cambridge Seventh Day Adventist Church Cambridge-South Dorchester High School Cambridge-South Dorchester Vocational-Technical Center Cambridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Cambridge Yacht Club Cannon Acres Cardtown Cardtown School Casson Neck Casson Point Castle Haven Castle Haven Point Cedar Landing Cedar Point Cedar Woods Center Street Church of God Chance Island Chapel Creek Cherry Island Chesapeake College Chesapeake Industrial Park Chicamacomico River Chief Cornerstone Church of Jesus Christ Choptank Elementary School Christ Cemetery Christ Episcopal Church Christ Rock Park Christs Rock Christ United Methodist Church Church Creek Church Creek Fire Tower Church of the Anointed One Ministries Church of the Nazarene City of Cambridge Cook Point Cove Cornersville Corners Wharf (historical) Countryside Church Countryside School Covey Creek Covey Point Dailsville Deep Harbor Estates Delia Hill Dieffenbach Pond District 11, Drawbridge District 13, Bucktown District 7, Cambridge District 8, Neck District 9, Church Creek Doctors Creek Dorchester Arts Center Dorchester Cemetery Dorchester County Courthouse Dorchester County Fairgrounds (historical) Dorchester County Health Center Dorchester County Jail Dorchester County Public Library - Central Branch Dorchester County Sheriff's Office Dorchester Evening High School Dorchester General Hospital Dorchester General Hospital Heliport Dorchester Heritage Museum Dorchester Mobile Home Village Dupont Maternity Hospital (historical) Eagle Hall East Cambridge Park East Cambridge Public School (historical) Eastern Shore Hospital Center Eaton Point Ellicott's Island Volunteer Company Emmanuel United Church of Christ Environmental Center Faith Seventh Day Adventist Church First Baptist Church First Pilgrim Holiness Church Friendship Church Fruitland Police Department Garden Estates Garrettsons Chapel Gary Creek Glascow School Golden Shore School Goose Pond Grace United Methodist Church Great Marsh Great Marsh Point Great Marsh Point Green Brier Swamp Green Cove Greenlawn Cemetery Griffith Neck Groggs Point Guinea Marsh Hambrooke Point Hambrooks Bar Hambrooks Bay Handly Mobile Home Park Harpers Marsh Harpers Pond Hills Point Hills Point Hills Point Cove Hills Point Neck Hog Island Hog Rooting Pond Horne Bay Horn Point Horn Point Airport Hudson Hudson Creek Hudson Creek Hudson School Hudsons Point Hughs Dam Creek Hurlock Creek Hurst Creek Immanuel United Church of Christ Indianbone Insley Cemetery Insleys Point Island Creek Island Pond Jacktown James Jenkins Creek Jobs Ditch Johns Creek Julie Pond Keenes Ditch Kentuck Swamp Kilmaurie Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kuehnle Pond Lecompte Bay Lecompte Creek Lee Creek Little Maple Dam Branch Lloyds Lloyds Volunteer Fire Company Station 36 Lodgecliff Lodgecliffe Canal Longfield Long Wharf Park Lot Lane Lovers Lane Maces Lane Middle School Mallard Bay Health Care Center at Cambridge Maple Dam (historical) Maple School Middletown Branch Mills Point Morris Neck Mount Holly Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church National Church of God Neck District Volunteer Fire Company Neild Museum New Revelation Baptist Church North Branch Fishing Creek Northeast Branch Fishing Creek Open Bible Academy Open Bible Church Otter Pond Our Shepherd Lutheran Church Parish Pond Patamoke Village Paw Paw Acres Paw Paw Point Peach Blossom Public School (historical) Phillips Creek Pinks Pond Pitcher Dam Creek Point of View Pokata Creek Pokety Airport Ragged Island Ragged Island Airport Ragged Point Refuge Temple Church of God Rescue Fire Company Station 1 Rioll Cove Ripling Waters Riverton Rock Methodist Church Ross Acres Ross Creek Rossneck Airport Saint Clair School Saint Johns Chapel Saint Johns Chapel Cemetery Saint Lukes Methodist Church Saint Luke United Methodist Church Saint Mary Refuge of Sinners Catholic Church Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church Saint Pauls United Methodist Church Sandy Acres Sandy Hill School School Pond Scotts Chapel Scotts Chapel Cemetery Seabreeze Seaview Seawilde Seward Sharpes Point Shoal Creek Shoal Creek Mall Shopping Center Shorts Creek Pond Simons Ditch Smith Cove Smith Point Snake Point Snarepole Gut Snows Turn Park Sojourner Douglass College - Cambridge Solomons Cove Solomons Cove Souls Harbor Church of God South Branch Fishing Creek Southeast Branch Fishing Creek Speddan United Methodist Church Speddens Church Speeden Wharf (historical) Spocott Windmill Squirrel Point Marsh Stanley Institute (historical) Stanley Neck Sunny Day Christian Preschool Tates Bank The Canal The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Judy Center School Preschool The Ridge School of the Eastern Shore Thomas Thomas Point Thompson Thorofare Marsh Todds Point Town Point Town Point Estates Town Point Neck Travers Wharf Treeland Tripps Neck Union Chapel Union Church United Apostolic Church United Missionary Baptist Church Waugh Cemetery Waugh Methodist Church WCEM-AM (Cambridge) WCEM-FM (Cambridge) Webbs Creek Wesleyan Church Whitehall Whiteley Windmill Creek Windmill Point Wolfpit Marsh Wolfpit Pond Wrights Zion Baptist Church Zion United Methodist Church Zoar Church