Baltimore, MD 21223 ZIP Code Map


21223 Schools


  • Southwest Baltimore Charter School
  • Frederick Elementary
  • Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy
  • Francis M. Wood Alternative High
  • Steuart Hill Academic Academy
  • Samuel F. B. Morse Elementary
  • Lockerman Bundy Elementary
  • James Mchenry Elementary
  • Franklin Square Elementary
  • Mary Ann Winterling Elementary At Bentalou
  • The Seed School Of Maryland
  • Census


    ZIP Code 21223 is located in Baltimore city

    21223 Street Addresses

    Ackworth St ((100-299)) Addison St ((1-99)) Ashburton St ((1-99)) Ashton St ((1901-2599)) Bayard St ((800-1199)) Bennett Pl ((900-1099)) Benson Ave ((2900-3199)) Bernard Dr ((1200-1299)) Bethany Ln ((1200-1399)) Booth St ((900-2599)) Born Ct ((900-1199)) Boyd St ((800-2599)) Brunswick St ((400-1299)) Burns Ct ((400-499)) Christian St ((1900-2599)) Clifford Ct ((1800-1899)) Clifford St ((900-1899)) Cloney St ((800-1199)) Cole St ((1500-2699)) Cowan Ave ((2900-3199)) Desoto Rd ((800-1299)) Doswell Ave ((500-599)) Dover St ((1800-1999)) Dulany St ((2500-2699)) Eagle St ((1700-2699)) Edmondson Ave ((900-3518)) E Lynne Ave ((400-599)) Emerson St ((2500-2599)) Evergreen St ((500-599)) Font Hill Ave ((200-499)) Forney Aly ((1600-1699)) Frederick Ave ((1600-3199)) Furrow St ((200-499)) Glyndon Ave ((1200-1399)) Goldsmith Aly ((200-399)) Hafer St ((2600-2699)) Harmison St ((100-299)) Herkimer St ((1300-1399)) Hollins St ((900-2599)) Holton Aly ((1000-1199)) Hurley Ave ((100-599)) James St ((1100-1399)) Jarvis St ((900-999)) Kingsley St ((2900-2999)) Kinsey Ave ((2700-2899)) Kirby Ln ((500-599)) Kuper Pl ((1300-1499)) Landwehr Ln ((1-199)) Lauretta Ave ((1800-2899)) Lehman St ((2500-2799)) Lemmon St ((900-2099)) Lipps St ((2300-2399)) Little Stafford St ((2800-2899)) Maempel Ln ((2500-2699)) Mc Henry St ((900-92599)) Mc Phail St ((100-199)) Millington Ave ((300-999)) Mount Clare St ((1-199)) N Amity St ((1-299)) N Arlington Ave ((200-599)) Nassau Pl ((2300-2399)) N Bentalou St ((1-299)) N Brice St ((500-599)) N Bruce St ((1-399)) N Calhoun St ((1-599)) N Calverton Rd ((1-399)) N Carey St ((1-599)) N Carlton St ((1-599)) N Carrollton Ave ((1-599)) N Catherine St ((1-99)) N Franklintown Rd ((1-599)) N Fulton Ave ((1-599)) N Gilmor St ((1-611)) N Gorman Ave ((1-199)) N Longwood St ((500-599)) N Monroe St ((1-599)) N Mount St ((1-599)) N Norris St ((1-99)) N Parrish St ((200-498)) N Payson St ((1-599)) N Pulaski St ((1-599)) N Schroeder St ((1-699)) N Smallwood St ((1-499)) N Stockton St ((1-199)) N Stricker St ((1-599)) N Vincent St ((1-299)) N Woodyear St ((1-599)) Ohio Ave ((1900-1999)) Old Franklin St ((2800-2999)) Osing Ct ((200-299)) Ottawa Ave ((2600-2699)) Page Ct ((900-999)) Parksley Ave ((400-1099)) Penrose Ave ((1501-2299)) Poplar Grove St ((300-598)) Pratt St ((2201-2299)) Ramsay St ((800-2399)) Rankin Pl ((1100-1299)) Ryan St ((700-999)) S Addison St ((1-699)) S Amity St ((1-499)) Sarah Ann St ((800-1899)) Sargeant St ((1100-1399)) S Arlington Ave ((1-299)) S Bentalou St ((200-699)) S Brice St ((600-699)) S Bruce St ((1-399)) S Calhoun St ((1-499)) S Calverton Rd ((1-199)) S Carey St ((1-1199)) S Carlton St ((1-199)) S Carrollton Ave ((1-199)) S Catherine St ((1-699)) S Dukeland St ((300-1199)) S Franklintown Ct ((200-299)) S Franklintown Rd ((1-399)) S Fulton Ave ((1-699)) S Gilmor St ((1-599)) Shipley St ((1-99)) S Kirby Ln ((300-499)) Sloatfield Ave ((2600-2699)) S Longwood St ((400-699)) S Monroe St ((1-1699)) S Mount Olivet Ln ((100-225)) S Mount St ((1-599)) S Norris St ((1-499)) S Parrish St ((200-499)) S Payson St ((1-699)) S Pulaski St ((1-699)) S Schroeder St ((1-199)) S Smallwood St ((1-699)) S Stockton St ((1-199)) S Stricker St ((1-499)) Stafford St ((2900-3099)) State Hwy 144 ((1900-3199)) St Benedict St ((2600-2699)) Stinson St ((300-399)) Strickland St ((2900-3107)) Sunset Dr ((501-2899)) Sunset Rd ((500-599)) S Vincent St ((1-599)) S Warwick Ave ((1-199)) S Woodyear St ((200-399)) Tyrone St ((300-399)) US Hwy 1 ((1-3199)) US Hwy 40 ((900-3099)) US Hwy Route 40 ((1600-1699)) Vine St ((900-2399)) W Baltimore St ((300-2899)) W Cross St ((1300-1399)) W Fairmount Ave ((700-2799)) W Fayette St ((900-2699)) W Franklin St ((900-2999)) Wheeler Ave ((1-299)) Whistler Ave ((1000-1199)) Wilhelm St ((1800-2199)) Wilkens Ave ((1600-3199)) Willard St ((1-199)) Wilmarco Ave ((2700-3199)) Wilmington Ave ((900-1099)) Wilso Dr ((1000-1199)) W Lexington St ((900-2699)) W Lombard St ((900-2599)) W Mulberry St ((900-2999)) W Ostend St ((1300-1499)) W Pratt St ((900-2599)) W Saratoga St ((600-2899))

    21223 Places and Attractions

    Academy of Success All American Holiness Church Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church All New Satellite Baptist Church All Saints Episcopal Church A New Faith Community Church Archbishop Keough High School (historical) Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts Babe Ruth Field Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum Baltimore City Fire Station 18 Engine 14 Baltimore City Fire Station 19 Engine 36 Baltimore Outreach Ministries Baltimore Temple Salvation Army Bentalou Elementary School Bentalou Recreation Center Betsy Ross Public School (historical) Bible Days Revival Center (historical) Bon Secours Hospital Calverton Calverton Heights Cardinal Gibbons High School Central Baptist Church Chariot of Fire Community Church Christian Community Church of God Church of God Church of the Holy Cross Claremont (historical) Community Baptist Church Coppin Demonstration School (historical) Cross Roads Industrial Center DeSoto Road Business Park Edgar Allen Poe Home Edgar Allen Poe House Fannie L Barbour Public School (historical) Francis M Wood Alternative School Franklin Square Franklin Square Elementary School Franklin Square Historic District Franklin Station Baltimore Post Office Frederick Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Frederick Elementary School Fulton Avenue Baptist Church Gillis Memorial Community Church Gwynns Falls Recreation Center Hollins-Payson Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Interchange 51 International Academy of Hair James McHenry Elementary School James Monroe Public School (historical) Joseph Harrison Lockerman Public School (historical) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lincoln Memorial Nursing Home Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School Maidens Choice Run Monroe Street United Methodist Church Morning Star Baptist Church Mount Hebron Baptist Church Mount Olivet Cemetery New Saint John Baptist Church New Union Baptist Church Nicodemus Baptist Church Our Lady of Victory Church Perkins Square Baptist Church Pilgrim Holiness Church (historical) Public School 140 (historical) Saint Benedicts Roman Catholic Church Saint Benedicts School (historical) Saint James Alpha and Omega Pentecostal Church Saint James United Methodist Church Saint Lukes Episcopal Church Saint Lukes United Church of Christ Saint Martins Academy Saint Martins Roman Catholic Church Saint Marys Industrial School (historical) Saint Pauls United Methodist Church Saint Pius Memorial Roman Catholic Church Saint Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church Samuel F B Morse Elementary School Saratoga Junior High School (historical) Shiloh Christian Community Church South Baltimore Memorial Methodist Church Southwest Baptist Church Southwest Charter School Southwest District Police Station Southwestern High School Steuart Hill Elementary School Third Evangelical United Brethren Church Timothy Baptist Church Traci Atkins Park Union Square Union Square-Hollins Market Historic District Union Square United Methodist Church Unity Christian Church Villa Maria School at Seton Keough Vivien T Thomas Medical Arts Academy West Baltimore Baptist Church West End Shopping Center Western Cemetery Westside Shopping Center Wilhelm Park Wilkins Avenue Recreation Center Wilkins Industrial Park Wilmington Park Christian Church Woodrow Wilson Junior High School (historical)