Baltimore, MD 21218 ZIP Code Map


21218 Schools


  • Baltimore Antioch Diploma Plus High School
  • Northwood Appold Community Academy
  • Stadium School
  • Waverly Elementary
  • Montebello Elementary
  • Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High
  • Margaret Brent Elementary
  • Harbor City High School
  • Dallas F. Nicholas Sr. Elementary
  • Coldstream Park Elementary
  • Cecil Elementary
  • Barclay Elementary/Middle
  • Baltimore City College
  • Abbottston Elementary
  • 21218 Hotels

  • Hopkins Inn
  • Inn at the Colonnade Baltimore - a DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Census


    ZIP Code 21218 is located in Baltimore city

    21218 Street Addresses

    Abbotston St ((1500-1799)) Abell Ave ((3000-3399)) Aiken St ((2100-2399)) Aisquith St ((1900-2699)) Alameda Cir ((3500-3799)) Andover Rd ((900-1199)) Argonne Dr ((700-2399)) Art Museum Dr ((2-98)) Avon Ave ((3200-3299)) Barclay St ((1900-3599)) Bartlett Ave ((600-799)) Bedford Pl ((4400-4498)) Belgian Ave ((700-999)) Belle Terre Ave ((700-899)) Birkwood Pl ((300-399)) Bishops Rd ((1-99)) Bonaparte Ave ((700-1399)) Boone St ((1900-2799)) Boone Ter ((500-599)) Brentwood Ave ((2400-3499)) Bretton Pl ((400-499)) Calvin Ave ((400-499)) Camp St ((300-399)) Canterbury Rd ((3800-4099)) Carswell St ((1400-1799)) Cator Ave ((600-999)) Cecil Ave ((1900-2699)) Chancery Rd ((200-399)) Charlcote Pl ((1-99)) Charlcote Rd ((100-4299)) Chauncery Sq ((1-99)) Chestnut Hill Ave ((500-1399)) Chilton St ((1600-1899)) Cliftview Ave ((1200-1399)) Cloverhill Rd ((3900-3999)) Cokesbury Ave ((600-699)) Crestlyn Rd ((3800-3899)) Curtain Ave ((800-1399)) Darley Ave ((1000-1399)) Deepwood Rd ((3900-4099)) Delverne Rd ((3600-3899)) Dobler Ave ((2100-2199)) Dumbarton Ave ((600-899)) E 20th 1/2 St ((300-399)) E 20th St ((1-1399)) E 21st 1/2 St ((300-499)) E 21st St ((1-799)) E 22nd 1/2 St ((300-599)) E 22nd St ((1-1099)) E 23rd 1/2 St ((300-399)) E 23rd St ((1-799)) E 24th St ((1-599)) E 25 1/2 St ((100-199)) E 25th 1/2 St ((300-399)) E 25th St ((1-1599)) E 26th St ((1-599)) E 27th St ((1-699)) E 28th St ((1-1999)) E 29th St ((1-1999)) E 30th St ((1-2099)) E 31st St ((1-2099)) E 32nd St ((1-2099)) E 33rd St ((1-1999)) E 34th St ((1-899)) E 35th St ((500-1799)) E 36th St ((500-1599)) E 37th St ((600-999)) E 38th St ((500-3899)) E 39th St ((1-599)) E 41st St ((500-999)) E 42nd St ((500-599)) Eastview Rd ((4200-4299)) Eastway ((4400-4499)) E Cold Spring Ln ((1500-1999)) Ednor Rd ((3300-3999)) E Highfield Rd ((1-399)) Elkader Rd ((3600-4199)) Ellerslie Ave ((3000-3999)) E Lorraine Ave ((300-2499)) Engle Ave ((500-599)) E Old Coldspring Ln ((200-353)) Erdman Ave ((2100-2199)) E University Pkwy ((1-399)) Exeter Hall Ave ((500-1698)) Falls St ((2400-2499)) Fenchurch Rd ((3800-3899)) Fenwick Ave ((2700-4499)) Fernley Rd ((1500-1599)) Fillmore St ((1100-1499)) Friendship St ((1400-1799)) Frisby St ((3000-4199)) Garrett Ave ((2200-2699)) Gorsuch Ave ((500-1799)) Greendale Rd ((1500-1599)) Greenmount Ave ((1900-4199)) Greenway ((3400-4499)) Greystone Rd ((900-1199)) Guilford Ave ((1900-3499)) Guilford Ter ((3400-3499)) Gutman Ave ((500-699)) Hadley Sq E ((3800-3999)) Hadley Sq N ((1-3998)) Hadley Sq S ((1-99)) Hadley Sq W ((3801-3999)) Harford Rd ((1900-4099)) Hargest Ln ((1200-1299)) Hargrove Aly ((2000-3399)) Hartz Ln ((3000-3099)) Havenwood Rd ((1200-1699)) Heaver St ((400-499)) Hillen Rd ((2800-4599)) Homestead St ((600-1799)) Homewood Ave ((1900-3098)) Homewood Ter ((200-299)) Hope St ((1900-2099)) Hugo Ave ((2700-2799)) Hunter St ((2000-3099)) Ilchester Ave ((300-499)) Independence St ((2900-3299)) Jenifer Ave ((2900-3199)) Juniper Rd ((3700-3999)) Kelway Rd ((4200-4499)) Kennedy Ave ((1900-2899)) Kennewick Rd ((1500-1599)) Kentucky Ave ((2100-2199)) Kimble Rd ((200-3999)) Kingsway Ct ((1600-1699)) Kingsway Rd ((1400-1699)) Kirk Ave ((2100-2999)) Lake Ave ((2100-2299)) Lake Montebello Dr ((3300-3699)) Lake Montebello Ter ((2100-2199)) Lakeside Ave ((1200-1799)) Lambeth Rd ((202-299)) Limond Pl ((2900-2999)) Loch Raven Blvd ((3200-4499)) Loch Raven Rd ((2400-3298)) Lochwood Rd ((1500-1699)) Lovegrove St ((2000-3599)) Lowndes Ave ((3900-3999)) Mace St ((1900-2899)) Marble Hall Rd ((4300-4499)) Marlow Rd ((400-499)) Maryland Ave ((1500-2999)) Mathews St ((2600-3099)) Mc Kewin Ave ((600-999)) Medford Rd ((1500-1599)) Melville Ave ((600-899)) Merryman Ln ((400-499)) Millbrook Rd ((1-199)) Monterey Rd ((3602-3899)) Montpelier St ((500-1799)) Morton St ((2000-2799)) N Calvert St ((1900-3599)) N Charles St ((1900-4499)) Neighbors Pl ((1-99)) Newland Rd ((3500-3599)) N Hill Rd ((900-999)) N Howard St ((1901-2899)) Northgate Rd ((1400-1699)) Northview Rd ((1200-1399)) Northway ((1-499)) Northwick Rd ((1500-1699)) Norwood Rd ((4300-4499)) Oakenshaw Pl ((3400-3499)) Oakhill Ave ((1900-3099)) Oak Pl ((1-99)) Oakridge Rd ((1500-1599)) Old York Rd ((3000-4199)) Parkwyrth Ave ((600-699)) Pelham Ave ((2100-2199)) Penlucy Ave ((600-699)) Perring Pkwy ((4401-4599)) Polk St ((2600-2799)) Rabes Ave ((2900-2999)) Ralworth Rd ((1500-1699)) Reese St ((2700-3099)) Reservoir Ln ((200-4499)) Rexmere Rd ((3600-4099)) Ridgefield Rd ((3800-3899)) Robb St ((2000-2699)) Rose Hill Ter ((500-599)) Roundhill Rd ((1200-1699)) Roundtop Rd ((4000-4099)) Saint Martins Rd ((1-299)) San Martin Dr ((3300-3799)) Sapp St ((1900-1999)) Shadyside Rd ((1500-1699)) Sheffield Rd ((1500-1599)) Sherwood Ave ((1900-2499)) Southview Rd ((1200-1399)) Southway ((200-499)) St Anns Ave ((600-699)) State Hwy 139 ((1900-4498)) State Hwy 147 ((1900-4099)) State Hwy 41 ((2800-4599)) State Hwy 45 ((1900-4199)) State Hwy 542 ((2701-4499)) St Georges Ave ((4000-4203)) St Paul St ((1900-4399)) Stratford Rd ((1-299)) Suffolk Rd ((300-499)) The Alameda ((2701-4399)) Tinges Ln ((3000-3499)) Tivoly Ave ((2700-4099)) Tunlaw Rd ((1500-1599)) Tyler St ((2600-2699)) Underwood Ct ((4401-4499)) Underwood Rd ((4100-4599)) University Pl ((3401-3499)) Upshire Rd ((1500-1599)) Venable Ave ((400-899)) Vineyard Ln ((3000-3099)) W 19 1/2 St ((100-199)) W 20th St ((1-199)) W 21st St ((1-299)) W 22nd St ((1-199)) W 23rd St ((1-199)) W 24th St ((1-599)) W 25th St ((1-299)) W 26th St ((1-599)) W 27th St ((1-298)) W 29th St ((1-199)) W 39th St ((4-99)) Walpert Ave ((600-699)) Ware St ((1-399)) Welbourne Rd ((4200-4499)) Wendover Rd ((1-4399)) Westerwald Ave ((3200-3399)) Westview Rd ((4100-4299)) W Highfield Rd ((1-99)) Whitridge Ave ((300-499)) Wilsby Ave ((3900-4199)) Windemere Ave ((1200-1799)) Worsley St ((300-1199)) Wyanoke Ave ((500-799)) Yolando Rd ((3600-3999)) York Ct ((1-198))

    21218 Places and Attractions

    Abbottston Elementary School Alpha and Omega Pentecostal Church A W Wilson Memorial United Methodist Church Baltimore Christian School Baltimore City College Baltimore City Fire Station 12 Herman William Junior Fire House Baltimore City Fire Station 7 Engine 31 Baltimore Fire Station 12 Baltimore Fire Station 7 Baltimore Museum of Art Bannaeker Hall Barclay Elementary School Bauernschmidt Building Bedford Square Believer's Chapel Blazing Star Pentecostal Church Blessed Baptist Church of God Blessed Sacrament School Boundary Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Burning Light Church Career Academy Cathedral of the Incarnation Cecil Elementary School Chariot of Fire Community Church Charles Village Charles Village-Abell Historic District Christ Church of the Deaf Church of God Church of Our Saviour Church of Saint Michael and All Angels Coldstream Park Elementary School Convent of Our Lady and Saint Francis Curtis National Hand Center Dallas F Nicholas Sr Elementary School Deliverance Church of God Doctors Hospital Eastern High School (historical) Ebenezer Baptist Church Elementary School Number 136 (historical) First Baptist Church First English Evangelical Lutheran Church First English Evangelical Lutheran School Friends Cemetery Garden of Prayer Baptist Church Gateway School Grace Baptist Church Greenmount Neighborhood Center Greenmount Recreation Center Guilford Guilford Elementary School Hall Spring Hall Spring Harbor City High School Homestead Homestead United Methodist Church Homewood Friends Meeting House Hopkins Plaza Huber Memorial United Church of Christ Hughes Memorial Stadium Huntingdon Baptist Church Hurts Hall Jane Addams Vocational School Jerusalem Baptist Church Johns Hopkins University Johnston Professional Building Kirk Avenue Athletic Field Lake Montebello Lake Montebello Lake Montebello Dam Lovely Lane Museum Library Lovely Lane United Methodist Church Margaret Brent Elementary School MedStar Union Memorial Hospital Memorial Institutional Church of God Memorial Stadium (historical) Mercy Seat Church of God in Christ Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School Milton S Eisenhower Library Montebello Presbyterian Church Montebello School Montebello Waste Water Lake Montebello Waste Water Lake Dam Morgan Christian Center Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Hatten Baptist Church Mount Moriah Church of God and Christ Mount Oliver Missionary Baptist Church Mount Zion Baptist Church New Gethsemane Baptist Church Northwood-Appold United Methodist Church Northwood Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Northwood Shopping Center Oak Street African Methodist Episcopal Church Old Goucher College Buildings Oliver Cromwell School Open Bible Gospel Church Oriole Park (historical) Our Saviour Lutheran Church Child Development Center Peoples Baptist Church Pillar of Truth Christian Community Church Redeemed Apostolic Church of Christ Regeneration Christian Life Fellowship Church Saint Anns Roman Catholic Church Saint Anns School Saint Bernards Convent Saint Bernards Roman Catholic Church Saint Bernards School Saint Elizabeths Home Saint Elizabeths School for Special Education Saint James Free Baptist Church Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Johns United Methodist Church Saint Marks English Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Matthews United Methodist Church Saint Paul Baptist Church Saint Paul Street Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Saint Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norwood Saints Philip and James Roman Catholic Church Saints Philip and James School (historical) Saint Stephens Church of God Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Second Presbyterian Church Second Shiloh Church of Christ Seton High School Stadium School State of Maryland Health Center Sydenham Hospital Temple of Wisdom Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Green School The New Good Samaritan Baptist Church Third Evangelical Lutheran Church Union Park (historical) University Baptist Church Venable High School Venable Park Veterans Trade School Waverly Waverly Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Waverly Career Center Waverly Elementary School Waverly Presbyterian Church Waverly Station Baltimore Post Office Waverly Tower Shopping Center Waverly United Methodist Church WEAA-FM (Baltimore) Wilson Park Holy Church of Power Wings of Victory Church WITH-AM (Baltimore) Woolford Infirmary W S Barnes Memorial Apostolic Church WWIN-AM (Baltimore) Wyman Park