Baltimore, MD 21217 ZIP Code Map


21217 Schools


  • Roots And Branches School
  • Renaissance Academy
  • Augusta Fells Savage Institute Of Visual Arts
  • Baltimore Talent Development
  • New Song Academy
  • Midtown Academy
  • William Pinderhughes Elementary
  • Westside Elementary
  • Mount Royal Elementary/Middle
  • Matthew A. Henson Elementary
  • John Eager Howard Elementary
  • Harlem Park Elementary
  • Gilmor Elementary
  • Furman L. Templeton Elementary
  • Frederick Douglass High
  • Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary
  • Booker T. Washington Middle
  • 21217 Hotels

  • Phoenix Risin' Bed And Breakfast
  • Census


    ZIP Code 21217 is located in Baltimore city

    21217 Street Addresses

    Allegany Pl ((700-799)) Appleton St ((600-1899)) Argyle Ave ((1200-1699)) Arunah Ave ((1800-1899)) Auchentoroly Ter ((2700-3699)) Avalon Ave ((2300-2399)) Bakbury Ct ((1600-1699)) Baker St ((500-2199)) Balmor Ct ((1600-1699)) Bloom St ((200-599)) Bolton Pl ((200-299)) Bolton St ((1000-2199)) Booker Ct ((1600-1699)) Brantley Ave ((1000-1099)) Brevard St ((1200-1799)) Brewer St ((1200-1399)) Brookfield Ave ((2000-2599)) Brooks Ln ((800-1099)) Bruce Ct ((1600-1699)) Brunt Ct ((500-599)) Brunt St ((1300-2399)) Bryant Ave ((2000-2399)) Callow Ave ((2100-2499)) Carson Ct ((1100-1199)) Chalk Aly ((1600-1699)) Chauncey Ave ((800-999)) Clendenin St ((1100-1299)) Clifton Ave ((1500-2199)) Cloverdale Rd ((1000-1299)) Collett St ((600-699)) Cumberland St ((500-799)) Curfew Aly ((600-699)) Delano Ct ((1600-1698)) Dickson St ((1300-1499)) Division St ((1200-2399)) Dolphin Ln ((101-299)) Dolphin St ((100-799)) Druid Hill Ave ((1200-2799)) Druid Park Lake Dr ((700-999)) Ducatel St ((900-999)) Edgemont Ave ((2300-2399)) Edmondson Ave ((1810-1898)) Elgin Ave ((1401-2099)) Etting St ((1200-2499)) Eutaw Pl ((1200-2599)) Falls Rd ((1892-1999)) Flora St ((2500-2699)) Francis St ((2400-2699)) Gilbert St ((600-699)) Gold St ((300-799)) Gwynns Falls Pkwy ((1601-2499)) Harlem Ave ((900-2099)) Hendler Ln ((800-1299)) Herbert St ((1900-2299)) Holmes Ave ((3400-3599)) Islamic Way ((1-599)) Jenkins Aly ((1200-1799)) John St ((1200-1799)) Jordan St ((1100-2399)) Kavanaugh St ((1800-1899)) Kensett St ((1500-1599)) Kirby Ln ((400-799)) Lakeview Ave ((2400-2499)) Laurens St ((200-1999)) Lennox St ((600-899)) Leslie St ((1500-1599)) Liberty Heights Ave ((2000-2299)) Linden Ave ((1400-2599)) Linden Green ((1200-1399)) Little Walsh St ((1600-1899)) Lorman Ct ((800-1699)) Lorman St ((1700-1899)) Lynnbrook Ave ((2200-2299)) Madison Ave ((700-2699)) Malster Ave ((1500-1599)) Mason Aly ((2200-2399)) Mason St ((1200-1799)) McCulloh St ((500-2699)) McKean Ave ((800-2099)) Mc Mechen St ((1-599)) Mission Ct ((500-599)) Montreal St ((1800-1899)) Morris St ((1200-2599)) Mosher St ((1-2099)) Mosher Street Walk ((200-299)) Mountmor Ct ((1400-1699)) Mount Royal Ter ((1900-2399)) Mullin St ((1800-1899)) Myrtle Ave ((1200-1599)) N Arlington Ave ((600-1099)) N Brice St ((600-899)) N Bruce St ((901-1899)) N Calhoun St ((600-1799)) N Carey St ((600-1899)) N Carlton St ((1000-1399)) N Carrollton Ave ((601-1199)) Newington Ave ((600-999)) N Fremont Ave ((516-1599)) N Fulton Ave ((600-2399)) N Gilmor St ((104-1699)) N Monroe St ((300-2699)) N Mount St ((600-1899)) N Parrish St ((800-1499)) N Payson St ((500-2299)) N Pulaski St ((600-2499)) N Schroeder St ((600-699)) N Sheeps Ln ((2600-2699)) N Stockton St ((1000-2499)) N Stricker St ((700-1599)) N Vincent St ((600-1299)) N Warwick Ave ((2000-2399)) N Woodyear St ((500-1898)) Orem Ave ((2200-2399)) Park Ave ((900-2299)) Park Ter ((2001-2299)) Parkwood Ave ((2700-2999)) Penmont Ct ((1800-1999)) Pennsylvania Ave ((1201-2799)) Pitcher St ((600-699)) Presbury St ((1600-2199)) Presser Ct ((1500-1599)) Presstman St ((200-2299)) Rayner Ave ((1800-2099)) Reisterstown Rd ((2100-3099)) Reservoir St ((600-899)) Retreat St ((1400-1999)) Rice St ((1000-1299)) Richland St ((1500-1599)) Ridgehill Ave ((1900-2199)) Riggs Ave ((1100-1999)) Riggs St ((1800-1811)) Robert St ((200-599)) Rupp St ((2000-2199)) Ruskin Ave ((2200-2399)) Rutter St ((1200-1599)) Salem St ((2500-2599)) Sanford Pl ((500-599)) School St ((600-1599)) Senker Pl ((500-599)) Sewell St ((600-699)) Shields Pl ((1200-1599)) Small St ((700-1399)) Smithson St ((600-1499)) Spray Ct ((1600-1699)) State Hwy 129 ((500-3599)) State Hwy 26 ((2000-2299)) Stoddard Aly ((1200-2599)) Swann Dr ((3300-3599)) Tiffany Aly ((1400-2199)) Traction St ((1401-1599)) Upton St ((1100-1399)) US Hwy 1 ((200-1899)) Vincent Ct ((1500-1699)) Walbrook Ave ((1800-2199)) Waltemeyer Ct ((600-699)) Watts St ((600-699)) Waxter Way ((200-299)) Westbury Ave ((1600-1799)) Westwood Ave ((1600-2199)) Whatcoat St ((900-1399)) Whitelock St ((600-1599)) Whittier Ave ((2000-2399)) W Hoffman St ((200-298)) Wilmer St ((1200-1599)) Wilson St ((1-599)) Winchester St ((1100-1899)) Windsor Ave ((1700-2299)) W Lafayette Ave ((100-2199)) W Lanvale St ((100-2099)) W Mosher St ((1-2099)) W Mount Royal Ave ((1-1998)) W North Ave ((200-2200)) Woodbrook Ave ((2400-3599)) W Preston St ((100-299))

    21217 Places and Attractions

    Agape Christian Baptist Church All Saints Baptist Church Ames Memorial United Methodist Church Apostolic Community Fellowship Apostolic Faith Church of God Number 1 Baltimore Ballet Center Baltimore City Fire Station 20 Engine 52 Baltimore City Fire Station 21 Engine 8 Baltimore City Fire Station 22 Engine 13 Baltimore School of the Bible Baltimore Tabernacle Beacon Baptist Church Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church Beth Am Congregation Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Bethel Christian School Bethel United Apostolic Church Bible Way Church Bolton Hill Historic District Bolton Hill Public School (historical) Booker T Washington Middle School Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church Bunting Center Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church Canaan Memorial Christian Church Central Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Christ Apostolic Church Christian Memorial Church Church of Christ Church of God in Christ Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church Douglas Frederick Early Learning Center Douglas Memorial Community Church Druid Lake Druid Station Baltimore Post Office Edward Kennedy Duke Ellington Primary School Emmanuel Church Enon Baptist Church Etting Cemetery Eutaw-Madison Apartment House Historic District Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School Father Charles Hall Catholic Elementary School First Christian Community Baptist Church First Emmanuel Baptist Church First Mount Calvary Baptist Church Fox Building Frances Ellen Harper Public School (historical) Fulton Fulton Baptist Church Furman L Templeton Elementary School George G Kelson Elementary School Gethsemane Baptist Church Gilmor Elementary School Gilmor Homes Greater Bethesda Baptist Church Greater Olivet Baptist Church Harlem Park Harlem Park Elementary School Harlem Park Middle School Harriet Beecher Stowe Public School (historical) Harriet Tubman Elementary School Holy Temple Pentecostal Church Interchange 7 Islamic Community School John Eager Howard Elementary School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kramer House Lafayette Market Lafayette Square Lafayette Square Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Lafayette Square Multi-Service Center Love Crowd Christian Light Church Macedonia Baptist Church Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Madison Park Professional Center Main Building Annex Maritime Academy High School Maryland Institute College of Art Matthew A Henson Elementary School Memorial Episcopal Church Metropolitan United Methodist Church Midtown Academy Mohammeds Holy Temple of Islam Mount Calvary of the Pentecostal Faith Church Mount Hope Baptist Church Mount Lebanon Baptist Church Mount Pisgah Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Mount Royal Mount Royal Elementary-Middle School Mount Royal Medical Associates Health Center Myerhoff House New Bethlehem Baptist Church New Life Fellowship Church of Christ New Metropolitan Baptist Church New Mount Hebron Baptist Church New Mount Joy Missionary Baptist Church New Psalmist Church New Shiloh Baptist Church New Song Academy Payne African Methodist Episcopal Church Pennsylvania Avenue Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Providence Baptist Church Ray's Temple Apostolic Faith Church Renaissance Academy Reservoir Hill Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Robert Brown Elliott Public School (historical) Saint Abraham Baptist Church Saint Gregory the Great Church Saint James Episcopal Church Saint Johns African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Johns Pentecostal Church Saint Katherines Episcopal Church Saint Lukes United Methodist Church Saint Martins Church of Christ Saint Matthew Lutheran Church Saint Matthews Lutheran Church Saint Paul Holiness Church Saint Peter Clavers Roman Catholic Church Saint Peter Clavers School Sanctuary Church Shaarei Tfiloh Congregation Sharon Baptist Church Sharp Street Memorial United Methodist Church Simmons Memorial Baptist Church Star of Bethlehem Spiritual Temple Strawbridge United Methodist Church Talent Development High School Temple of Christ Baptist Church The Upton School- Home and Hospital Services Titus Memorial Church of God Transformation Baptist Church Trinity Baptist Church Triumph Church of God Umoja Head Start Academy Union Baptist Church Union Temple Baptist Church Upton Cultural Center Upton Multi-Purpose Center Upton School Western District Police Station Westside Elementary School William A Alexander Public School (historical) William Pinderhughes Elementary School Womans Hospital Word of Deliverence Church Youth Opportunity School