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21216 Street Addresses

Allendale Rd ((2100-2999)) Alto Rd ((3300-4199)) Artaban Pl ((3100-3199)) Arunah Ave ((2300-3099)) Ashburton St ((400-2399)) Ayrdale Ave ((3300-3399)) Baker St ((2200-3299)) Bateman Ave ((3300-4199)) Belmont Ave ((2800-3299)) Bloomingdale Rd ((1200-3399)) Bonner Rd ((3800-4599)) Borchers Ln ((800-899)) Braddish Ave ((600-2399)) Brighton St ((2800-3399)) Buena Vista St ((2900-2999)) Callaway Ave ((3100-3399)) Calverton Heights Ave ((2300-2599)) Carlisle Ave ((3001-4099)) Cedric Rd ((1900-1999)) Chelsea Rd ((1800-1999)) Chelsea Ter ((2100-3399)) Chesholm Rd ((3600-3799)) Chief St ((900-999)) Claymont Ave ((600-1099)) Clayton Rd ((3000-3099)) Clifton Ave ((2200-4099)) Clifton Rd ((4300-4599)) Denison St ((1900-3399)) Duvall Ave ((3400-4299)) Edgewood St ((1900-3399)) Elgin Ave ((2800-3798)) Ellicott Driveway ((1-2999)) Elsinore Ave ((2100-2899)) E North Ave ((2400-2500)) Evergreen St ((2200-2399)) Fairfax Rd ((3900-4599)) Fairview Ave ((3300-4699)) Fairwood Ave ((5819-5927)) Fenton Rd ((1800-1999)) Forest Glen Rd ((2800-2999)) Garrison Blvd ((2100-3399)) Gertrude St ((1600-1899)) Glenolden Ave ((600-699)) Grantley Rd ((3000-3399)) Grayson St ((3000-3299)) Gwynns Falls Pkwy ((2500-3999)) Hanlon Ave ((3000-3199)) Harlem Ave ((2300-3099)) Haverford Rd ((2900-2999)) Herbert St ((2800-3199)) Knight Ct ((2200-2299)) Koko Ln ((2100-2399)) Lawina Rd ((2600-3099)) Lorman St ((2500-2699)) Loudon Ave ((2800-2999)) Lyndhurst Ave ((2100-3299)) Lyttleton Rd ((3001-3099)) Mondawmin Ave ((2901-4299)) Monticello Rd ((2200-2499)) Moreland Ave ((1300-1899)) Mosher St ((2200-3099)) Mount Holly St ((2100-2999)) N Bentalou St ((500-2199)) N Dukeland St ((600-2899)) N Ellamont St ((1000-3199)) N Franklintown Rd ((1-1299)) N Hilton St ((1500-3399)) N Longwood St ((600-2799)) Norfolk Ave ((3600-4799)) Normount Ave ((3100-3299)) Normount Ct ((3000-3099)) Nortonia Rd ((3700-3799)) N Rosedale St ((600-2799)) N Smallwood St ((1500-2199)) N Warwick Ave ((1-2399)) Oakfield Ave ((2800-3299)) Oakhurst Pl ((1200-1299)) Piedmont Ave ((3000-3899)) Poplar Grove St ((521-2399)) Poplar St ((3300-3399)) Poplar Ter ((2900-3099)) Powhatan Ave ((3100-3599)) Presbury St ((2200-3299)) Presstman St ((2200-3399)) Prince George Rd ((4100-4299)) Prospect Ave ((2600-2899)) Prospect Cir ((4500-4599)) Queen Anne Rd ((2500-2799)) Rayner Ave ((2600-3099)) Riggs Ave ((2100-2999)) Rosedale Ct ((3000-3099)) Rosedale St ((1100-1199)) Roslyn Ave ((2200-2899)) Ruxton Ave ((1600-2099)) Slingluff Ave ((1500-1599)) Spedden St ((800-899)) Springdale Ave ((3300-3799)) Strayer Ct ((2700-2799)) St Stephens Ct ((2400-2499)) St Stephens St ((1600-1699)) Talbot Rd ((2400-2799)) Tazewell Rd ((2800-2899)) Thomas Ave ((1600-1899)) Upper Ellicott Driveway ((600-899)) Vickers Rd ((3200-3299)) Wakefield Rd ((4300-4799)) Walbrook Ave ((2200-3499)) Westchester Rd ((4000-4599)) Westmont Ave ((3100-3299)) Westmont Ct ((3100-3199)) Westwood Ave ((2200-3299)) W Forest Park Ave ((3300-3899)) Wheeler Ave ((500-2099)) Whitmore Ave ((600-1899)) Wilbron Ave ((701-799)) Winchester St ((2000-2999)) Windsor Ave ((2180-3599)) Windsor Mill Rd ((3500-5498)) Winterbourne Rd ((3300-3799)) W Lafayette Ave ((2200-2999)) W Lanvale St ((2100-3099)) W North Ave ((2201-3499)) Wolcott Ave ((2900-3399)) Woodhaven Ave ((3700-4199)) Wynham Rd ((2900-2999))

21216 Places and Attractions

Alexander Hamilton Elementary School Ashburton Lake Augsburg Lutheran Church Belmont Elementary School Bethel Temple Church Bethlehem Church of God Bright Star Baptist Church Calverton Junior High School Carver Vocational-Technical High School Christ United Baptist Church Coppin Center Coppin Heights Development Center Coppin State University Daley Hall Dedmond Hall Dining Facility Easterwood Park Easterwood Recreation Center Edgewood Elementary School First Abyssinia Baptist Church Forest Park Forest Park Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Forest Park Presbyterian Church Frances Murphy Research Center Gospel Tabernacle Church Grace Hill Jacobs Office Classroom Building Grace and Truth Gospel Hall Greater New Hope Baptist Church Gwynns Falls Elementary School Hanlon Park Health and Human Services Building Hilton Elementary School Holy Trinity Episcopal Church J.Millard Tawes College Center James Mosher Elementary School James Weldon Johnson Auditorium Building Jerusalem Holiness Church John Wesley United Methodist Church Lafayette Elementary School Lake Ashburton Lake Ashburton Dam Miles Connor Administration Building Mount Ararat Baptist Church Mount Hebron Baptist Church Mount Hebron Church of God in Christ Mount Moriah Baptist Church Mount Zion United Church of God New Holy Temple New Jerusalem Church of God New Mount Camel Baptist Church New Rehoboth Baptist Church Nurse Center Partlett Longworth Moore Library Pecks Branch Dam Pentecost Baptist Church Percy Julian Science Center Perkins Square Baptist Church Physical Education Complex Progressive Baptist Church Progressive First Baptist Church Rehoboth Church of God Robert Coleman Elementary School Rosemont Elementary School Rosemont Multi-Purpose Center Saint Cecilia Roman Catholic Church Saint Cecilia School Saint Edwards Roman Catholic Church Saint Edwards School Saint Marks Baptist Church Saint Mary the Virgin Protestant Episcopal Church Saint Pauls School (historical) Saint Peters Cemetery Shiloh African Methodist Episcopal Church Starr Methodist Protestant Church Trinity Presbyterian Church Union Memorial United Methodist Church Walbrook Walbrook Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Walbrook High School Walbrook Station Baltimore Post Office Wash Water Lake Wayland Baptist Church Whitestone Baptist Church William H Lemmel Middle School William S Baer School Willobrook Shopping Center Windsor Hills Windsor Hills Elementary School