Baltimore, MD 21213 ZIP Code Map


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21213 Street Addresses

Aiken St ((1700-2199)) Annetta Ave ((3200-3299)) Ardley Ave ((4000-4199)) Balfern Ave ((3900-4199)) Bauernschmidt Ct ((2000-2099)) Belair Rd ((300-3915)) Bonview Ave ((3600-3899)) Brehms Ln ((3100-4099)) Brendan Ave ((2600-4199)) Brendle Ct ((3200-3299)) Canal Aly ((1700-1799)) Cardenas Ave ((3300-3699)) Chatham St ((1200-1299)) Cherry Blossom Pl ((4400-4498)) Chesterfield Ave ((2200-4199)) Clarence Ave ((3201-3299)) Clareway ((4100-4699)) Cliftmont Ave ((3100-8599)) Clifton Park Ter ((2800-3099)) Clifton Pl ((1600-1699)) Cliftview Ave ((1400-1799)) Cliftwood Ave ((2000-2199)) Clough St ((1600-1699)) Coleman Ave ((4100-4199)) Crossland Ave ((3300-3699)) Crystal Ave ((1700-1799)) Darley Ave ((1400-1799)) Dudley Ave ((3000-4199)) Duncanwood Ln ((3300-3799)) E 20th St ((1900-2199)) E 25th St ((1600-1799)) Eareckson Pl ((1300-1699)) Eastmont Ave ((4100-4199)) E Biddle St ((1300-3599)) E Chase St ((1300-4202)) Edison Hwy ((700-3199)) E Federal St ((1300-3998)) E Hoffman St ((1301-3199)) E Lafayette Ave ((1300-2499)) E Lanvale St ((1219-2499)) Ellsworth St ((1600-2099)) Elmley Ave ((3200-3899)) Elmora Ave ((3100-4099)) E North Ave ((1260-3599)) E Oliver St ((1000-3199)) E Preston St ((1300-11799)) Erdman Ave ((2200-6599)) Faith Ln ((1600-1699)) Freedomway N ((1600-4199)) Friar Field Run ((4200-4298)) Gay St ((1100-1199)) Germania Ave ((2100-2299)) Gladden Ave ((4100-4199)) Grape Vine Way ((4200-4499)) Green Rose Ln ((4401-4599)) Greenview Ave ((1900-2299)) Grogan Ave ((2500-2699)) Hakesley Pl ((1600-1699)) Harford Ave ((1600-1899)) Harwell Ave ((3200-3499)) Henneman Ave ((1801-2299)) Highview Ave ((1900-2399)) Holy Cross Ln ((1700-1799)) Homestead St ((2400-2499)) Hubbard Aly ((1200-1399)) Iron Aly ((1200-1299)) Iron Ln ((1700-1799)) Juneway ((3400-3599)) Kavon Ave ((3400-4099)) Kenhill Ave ((1300-1599)) Kenly Ave ((3300-3399)) Kentucky Ave ((2200-3599)) Kenyon Ave ((3000-3999)) Lake Ave ((2200-3399)) Lansing Ave ((1600-1699)) Lawnview Ave ((3100-3399)) Llewelyn Ave ((1600-2699)) Longview Ave ((1900-2399)) Lyndale Ave ((3100-4099)) Lyon St ((4400-4499)) Mahoney Ave ((3800-3899)) Mannasota Ave ((3400-3899)) Maple Shade Dr ((4001-4299)) Mareco Ave ((3100-3199)) Mayfield Ave ((2200-3499)) Mc Donogh St ((1100-1999)) Mura St ((1800-2799)) N Bethel St ((1400-1899)) N Bond St ((1099-1899)) N Bradford St ((1000-1799)) N Broadway ((1100-2099)) N Caroline St ((1100-1899)) N Castle St ((1500-1999)) N Chapel St ((1500-2099)) N Chester St ((1010-2099)) N Collington Ave ((1100-1999)) N Curley St ((1200-1299)) N Dallas St ((1000-1899)) N Decker Ave ((1200-1599)) N Duncan St ((1700-1999)) N Durham St ((1200-1899)) N Eden St ((1100-1699)) N Ellwood Ave ((1200-1999)) N Gay St ((1123-1899)) N Highland Ave ((1600-1799)) N Kenwood Ave ((1100-1599)) N Lakewood Ave ((1100-1599)) N Linwood Ave ((1200-1599)) N Luzerne Ave ((1100-1699)) N Madeira St ((1500-1599)) N Milton Ave ((1100-1899)) N Montford Ave ((1000-1899)) Normal Ave ((1600-1799)) Norman Ave ((3300-3699)) N Patterson Park Ave ((1100-1999)) N Port St ((1100-1899)) N Potomac St ((1200-1599)) N Regester St ((1200-1999)) N Rose St ((1000-2799)) N Spring St ((1200-1899)) N Washington St ((1002-2099)) N Wolfe St ((1100-2199)) Orchard Ridge Blvd ((4001-4599)) Parklawn Ave ((3300-3599)) Pelham Ave ((2200-3599)) Perlman Pl ((1900-1999)) Ramona Ave ((3200-3499)) Ravenwood Ave ((3100-3999)) Raymonn Ave ((3600-4199)) Richmond Ave ((3300-3599)) Rutland Ave ((1100-1899)) Saint Clair ((4300-4399)) Shannon Dr ((3000-4398)) Sinclair Ln ((1800-4599)) Southclare Rd ((3900-4099)) S Pulaski St ((312-398)) State Hwy 151 ((3215-6599)) St Clair Xing ((4101-4399)) St Cloud Ave ((2000-2299)) St Lo Dr ((2701-2899)) Strawberry Field Ln ((3800-3898)) Teresa Ct ((3400-3499)) Terrell Pl ((1700-1799)) US Hwy 1 ((300-3915)) Vonderhorst Ln ((2400-2499)) Woodstock Ave ((3300-3699))

21213 Places and Attractions

Archbishop Curley High School Augustana Lutheran Church Baltimore Cemetery Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery Belair Plaza Shopping Center Berea Lutheran Church Brehms Lane School Church of God Clifton Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Clifton Park Junior High School Clifton Park and Golf Course Clifton-East End Station Baltimore Post Office Collington Square Collington Square Elementary School Columbus School David Memorial Baptist Church Doctor Bernard Harris Senior Elementary School Eastern United Methodist Church Elmley Recreation Center Emmanuel Reformed Episcopal Church Erdman Shopping Center Eutaw United Methodist Church Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church First Pilgrim Holiness Church Fort Worthington School Freedom Shopping Center Gompers Vocational School Grace Memorial Baptist Church Great Blacks In Wax Museum Har Sinai Cemetery Harford Heights Elementary School Henderson School Herring Run Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Hillside School for Handicapped Children Holy Cross Cemetery Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Israel Baptist Church Knox United Presbyterian Church Lake Clifton (historical) Lake Clifton-Eastern High School Lakewood Elementary School Laurel Cemetery (historical) Laurence G Paquin Junior-Senior High School Luther Craven Mitchell Primary School Madison Square Elementary School Memorial Baptist Church Milton Avenue United Methodist Church Mount Calvary Baptist Church Mount Calvary Star Baptist Church Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church New Antioch Baptist Church North Avenue Methodist Church Patrick Henry School Ralph Young Boys School Robert Eden Public School (historical) Rutland Elementary School Saint Alphonsus Cemetery Saint Andrews Orthodox Presbyterian Church Saint Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church Saint Francis of Assisi School Saint Josephs Free Will Baptist Church Saint Josephs Hospital Saint Katharines Convent Saint Katherine of Sienna Roman Catholic Church Saint Katherines School Saint Matthews Episcopal Church Saint Matthews United Church of Christ Saint Paul Community Church Saint Pauls Church of God Apostolic Saint Pauls Roman Catholic Church Saint Theresas Roman Catholic Church Saint Vincents Cemetery Shrine of the Little Flower Roman Catholic Church Shrine of the Little Flower School Sinclair Lane Elementary School Southern Baptist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church Zion Baptist Church