Baltimore, MD 21211 ZIP Code Map


21211 Schools


  • Independence School Local I
  • Academy For College And Career Exploration
  • Medfield Heights Elementary
  • Hampden
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
  • Census


    ZIP Code 21211 is located in Baltimore city

    21211 Street Addresses

    Al Sanders Pl ((2000-2599)) Amherst Ave ((1600-1799)) Ash St ((3400-3699)) Atkinson St ((2600-2799)) Baldwin St ((1500-1599)) Bay St ((700-799)) Beech Ave ((3300-3999)) Berry St ((600-1499)) Buchanan Ave ((4100-4599)) Buena Vista Ave ((3500-4499)) Bunnecke St ((700-799)) Cairnes Ln ((3601-3799)) Chestnut Ave ((2900-3799)) Clipper Heights Ave ((1300-1499)) Clipper Hts Ave ((1301-1598)) Clipper Mill Rd ((3300-3699)) Clipper Park Rd ((2000-2099)) Clipper Rd ((1500-3999)) Clydesdale Ave ((4200-4499)) Conduit Ave ((3700-3999)) Cox St ((1200-1599)) Craycombe Ave ((500-699)) Cresmont Ave ((2700-3099)) Crisp St ((700-799)) Crittenden Pl ((3100-3199)) Crowther St ((3800-3999)) Darby St ((800-3099)) Dellwood Ave ((1200-1499)) Dewey Ave ((4300-4399)) Druid Park Dr ((2000-2599)) Edgegreen Ave ((3600-3699)) Edgehill Ave ((1300-4299)) Elm Ave ((800-37199)) Elsa Ter ((4000-14299)) Evans Chapel Rd ((4000-4499)) Everhart St ((3500-3599)) Falls Bridge Dr ((4400-4499)) Falls Cliff Rd ((3100-3399)) Falls Hill Dr ((1100-1199)) Falls Rd ((3300-4499)) Fawcett St ((400-499)) Field St ((700-799)) Fox St ((2700-3099)) Gilman Ter ((3300-3399)) Girard Ave ((2000-2299)) Grandview Ave ((4300-4499)) Greenspring Ave ((3502-3999)) Hampden Ave ((2200-2999)) Harding Pl ((600-699)) Hickory Ave ((3300-4499)) Hooper Ave ((3600-3899)) Hubner St ((600-699)) Huntingdon Ave ((2100-3199)) Jerry Turner Way ((3601-3799)) Kelly Pl ((1100-1199)) Keswick Rd ((2800-4099)) Keystone Ave ((3600-3699)) Laplata Ave ((4300-4499)) Lawn Ave ((200-299)) Lawrence Ave ((4300-4499)) Malden St ((3601-3799)) Medfield Ave ((1300-1499)) Miles Ave ((2600-2999)) Millrace Rd ((1400-1599)) Mill Race Rd ((1400-1498)) Mill Rd ((800-899)) Morling Ave ((1200-1499)) Newport Ave ((4200-4499)) N Howard St ((2300-2399)) N Weldon Pl ((1400-1499)) Oakington St ((2002-2099)) Overlook Ave ((4300-4499)) Pacific St ((700-799)) Paine St ((3300-3699)) Parkdale Ave ((3400-3699)) Parkden Ave ((2000-2099)) Park Hill Ave ((2200-2299)) Pleasant Pl ((3400-3999)) Poole St ((3500-3599)) Powers St ((800-899)) Providence St ((1000-1099)) Puritan St ((700-799)) Quarry Ave ((3800-3899)) Rectory Ln ((1000-1099)) Redfern Ave ((1400-1499)) Remington Ave ((2700-3199)) Rockrose Ave ((2000-2199)) Roland Ave ((3400-4205)) Roland Heights Ave ((1000-1699)) Rosebank Rd ((34-199)) S Darby St ((800-898)) Seneca Ave ((3400-3499)) Seneca St ((3400-3499)) Singer Ave ((700-799)) Sisson St ((2200-2899)) State Hwy 25 ((3700-4499)) Sweet Air St ((3500-3599)) S Weldon Pl ((1400-1499)) Tilden Dr ((3100-3199)) Tudor Arms Ave ((3700-3999)) Tuxedo St ((400-499)) Union Ave ((800-1898)) W 23rd St ((200-599)) W 24th St ((200-599)) W 26th St ((200-599)) W 27th St ((100-599)) W 28th St ((100-599)) W 29th St ((1-599)) W 30th St ((200-599)) W 31st St ((200-399)) W 32nd St ((800-999)) W 33rd St ((500-999)) W 34th St ((500-1099)) W 35th St ((800-899)) W 36th St ((600-1599)) W 37th St ((500-1499)) W 38th St ((500-1199)) W 39th St ((500-1099)) W 40th St ((500-1399)) W 41st St ((1000-2099)) W 42nd St ((1000-1499)) W 43rd St ((1000-1199)) Ware Aly ((200-299)) Weldon Ave ((1100-1399)) Wellington St ((800-899)) Whitehall St ((1301-1399)) W Lorraine Ave ((200-399)) W Old Cold Spring Ln ((1400-1499)) Woodheights Ave ((1000-1599)) Worth St ((2900-3099)) W University Pkwy ((617-699)) W Weldon Pl ((4100-4199)) Wyman Park Dr ((301-3198)) Wyman Pkwy ((2900-2999)) Yeager St ((1400-1499))

    21211 Places and Attractions

    Academy for College and Career Exploration Aldersgate United Methodist Church Alice Manor Nursing Home Baltimore City Fire Station 6 Engine 21 Baltimore City Police Department Baltimore First Free Methodist Church Baltimore Streetcar Museum Baltimore Zoo Bethel Church of God Seventh Day Adventist Calvary Chapel Church of God Childrens Hospital and Center for Reconstructive Surgery Childrens Hospital School Church of the Guardian Angel Cold Spring Park Druid Hill Park Druid Hill Park Historic District Elmhurst Nursery School Emerald Estates Assisted Living Center Florence Crittenton Home for Girls Full Gospel Pentecostal Church Grace Hampden Methodist Church Hampden Hampden Branch Enoch Pratt Free Library Hampden Elementary School Hampden Presbyterian Church Hampden-Roland Park Station Baltimore Post Office Hampden United Methodist Church Independence School Industrial School for Girls (historical) Interchange 8 Interchange 9 Keen Memorial United Methodist Church Keswick Home for Incurables of Baltimore City Learning Co-op Medfield Heights Elementary School Medfield Heights Park Medfield Heights Recreation Center Mount Vernon United Methodist Church New Shechinan Temple Northern Police Station Otterbein Memorial United Brethren in Christ Church Robert Poole Middle School Roland Avenue-Evergreen United Methodist Church Roland Park Place Assisted Living Center Roosevelt Park Saint Lukes Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys Episcopal Church Saint Marys Parish House Saint Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church Saint Thomas Aquinas School Stony Run Television Hill The Greenmount School The Mill School The Rotunda Shopping Center Trinity United Church of Christ United States Public Health Services Hospital WBAL-TV (Baltimore) WBFF-TV (Baltimore) WIYY-FM (Baltimore) WJZT-TV (Baltimore) WMAR-TV (Baltimore) Woodberry Woodberry Church of the Brethren Woodberry United Methodist Church WWMX-FM (Baltimore)