Baltimore, MD 21202 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 21202 is located in Baltimore city

21202 Street Addresses

Abbott Ct ((900-999)) Aisquith St ((1-1899)) Ajax Aly ((700-799)) Albemarle St ((1-799)) Aliceanna St ((700-1001)) Allen Aly ((1000-1198)) Ashland Ave ((1200-1299)) Ashland Ct ((800-1199)) Autumnleaves Ct ((1200-1299)) Bank St ((1200-1299)) Barclay St ((1100-1899)) Belvidere St ((1400-1499)) Bowen Aly ((400-499)) Bowen Ct ((400-499)) Brentwood Ave ((1000-1899)) Buren St ((700-799)) Calvert Pl ((201-499)) Carlos Ter ((1600-1699)) Carter Aly ((1400-1499)) Cheapside St ((1-99)) Colvin St ((100-599)) Comet Mews ((1200-1299)) Comet St ((1000-1199)) Commerce St ((1-199)) Concord St ((100-199)) Constitution St ((600-799)) Custom House Ave ((1-99)) Dane St ((700-799)) Dark Ln ((1-199)) Davis St ((200-399)) Dickey Pl ((300-399)) Duke Aly ((1100-1199)) Duker Ct ((800-1099)) Eareckson Pl ((200-1299)) Eastern Ave ((700-1099)) East St ((1-599)) E Baltimore St ((1-1299)) E Barre St ((1-99)) E Biddle St ((1-1299)) E Branch Aly ((1-99)) E Camden St ((1-99)) E Centre St ((1-299)) E Chase St ((1-1299)) E Clay St ((100-199)) E Conway St ((1-99)) E Eager St ((1-1299)) E Fairmount Ave ((1100-1199)) E Falls Ave ((100-699)) E Fayette St ((123-299)) E Federal St ((100-1299)) E Franklin St ((1-199)) E Hamilton St ((1-199)) E Hoffman St ((800-1698)) E Hughes St ((100-199)) E Lafayette Ave ((1-1299)) E Lanvale St ((1-1318)) E Lee St ((1-99)) E Lexington St ((1-1099)) Elmleaf Ct ((1200-1299)) E Lombard St ((1-1199)) E Madison St ((1-1299)) E Montgomery St ((600-698)) E Monument St ((100-1299)) E Mount Royal Ave ((1-299)) E Mount Vernon Pl ((1-99)) E Mulberry St ((1-199)) E North Ave ((1-1299)) Ensor St ((400-1899)) E Oliver St ((300-1299)) E Pleasant St ((1-399)) E Pratt St ((1-1199)) E Preston St ((1-1299)) E Rase Aly ((1-99)) E Read St ((1-299)) E Redwood St ((1-299)) E Saratoga St ((1-499)) E Trenton St ((1-199)) E Wine Ct ((1-99)) Fawn St ((800-1099)) Flat Iron Aly ((500-699)) Forrest St ((300-1199)) Frey Aly ((500-699)) Gay St ((516-598)) Gough St ((1200-1299)) Granby St ((800-1199)) Grant St ((1-99)) Graves St ((700-799)) Greenmount Ave ((700-1899)) Groome Aly ((300-399)) Guilford Ave ((1-1899)) Harford Ave ((700-1599)) Harford Ct ((800-999)) Hargrove Aly ((200-1899)) Harrison St ((1-99)) High Aly ((1200-1299)) Hillen St ((400-1199)) Hillman Ct ((800-899)) Hillman St ((900-1399)) Holbrook St ((1200-1799)) Hollingsworth St ((1-99)) Homewood Ave ((800-1399)) Hooper Aly ((600-699)) Hope St ((1800-1899)) Horseradish Ln ((1-99)) Hubbard Aly ((1000-1099)) Hunter Aly ((1-99)) Hunter St ((700-1899)) I- 83 ((100-399)) Jones Falls Expy ((100-399)) Kia Ct ((1500-1599)) Lamont Ave ((1601-1799)) Lanhorne Ct ((1500-1599)) Latrobe St ((1500-1799)) Lindenleaf Ct ((1200-1299)) Lloyd St ((1-299)) Lovegrove St ((1-1899)) Low St ((700-1199)) Mapleleaf Ct ((1200-1299)) Market Pl ((1-199)) Mc Aleer Ct ((800-1199)) Mc Allister St ((200-499)) McElderry Ct ((1200-1299)) McElderry St ((500-1698)) Mc Kim St ((800-899)) Mercer St ((100-199)) Mince Aly ((900-1099)) Mott St ((400-499)) Mullikin St ((1200-1299)) Mura St ((700-799)) N Calvert St ((2-1899)) N Central Ave ((1-1599)) New Hope Cir ((1000-1199)) N Exeter St ((1-699)) N Front St ((1-1099)) N Gay St ((1-499)) N High St ((1-599)) N Holliday St ((1-699)) Nursery Aly ((1100-1299)) Old Town Mall ((400-599)) Orleans St ((100-1605)) Peachleaf Ct ((1200-1299)) Pearleaf Ct ((1200-1299)) Pier 3 ((1-299)) Pier 6 ((246-299)) Pitman Pl ((400-499)) Plowman St ((800-899)) President St ((1-899)) Proctor St ((1100-1399)) Saint Paul St ((100-1899)) Salisbury Ln ((1000-1099)) Sapp St ((1000-1199)) S Calvert St ((1-199)) S Central Ave ((1-799)) S Exeter St ((1-599)) S Frederick St ((1-199)) S Front St ((1-99)) S Gay St ((1-199)) S High St ((1-499)) Showell Ct ((800-899)) Slemmers Aly ((200-399)) Somerset St ((800-1199)) South St ((1-199)) S President St ((1-899)) Springdale Rd ((4601-21299)) Stable Aly ((100-199)) State Hwy 2 ((601-1899)) Stiles St ((800-1099)) Stirling St ((600-1099)) St Matthews St ((200-299)) Stubblefield Ln ((900-999)) Telephone Aly ((100-199)) Temple St ((1-99)) Terminal Aly ((400-499)) The Fallsway ((100-1199)) Townsend Ct ((1800-1899)) Townway ((1301-1499)) Treeleaf Ct ((1200-1299)) Trine Aly ((400-499)) Trinity St ((800-999)) Turpin Ln ((1200-1299)) US Hwy 1 ((1-1299)) US Hwy 40 ((1-1605)) Valley St ((900-1399)) Voneiff St ((1600-1699)) Warden St ((1000-1099)) Warehouse Aly ((500-699)) Washington Pl ((601-798)) Water St ((1-799)) Watson St ((800-1199)) Webb Ct ((1000-1199)) W Falls Ave ((1-199)) Wilcox St ((1200-1399)) Wilkes Ln ((1-199)) Willinger Ct ((1000-1199)) Wilmot Ct ((800-1299)) Wirton St ((1300-1399)) Young Ct ((1200-1299))

21202 Places and Attractions

Academy of Languages Ark Church Baltimore Baltimore City Community College Business Education Center Baltimore City Correctional Center Baltimore City Courthouse Baltimore City Detention Center Baltimore City Detention Center Baltimore City Fire Department Headquarters Station 24 Baltimore City Fire Department Station 25 Baltimore City Fire Station 26 Old Town Fire Station Baltimore City Hall Baltimore City Sheriff's Office Baltimore Civil War Museum Baltimore Fire Station 25 Baltimore Fire Station 26 Baltimore International College Baltimore Maritime Museum Baltimore Police Department Central District Baltimore Police Department Headquarters Baltimore Police Department Heliport Baltimore Post Office Baltimore Public Works Museum Battle Monument Benjamin Banneker Public School (historical) Business and Government Historic District Canaan Missionary Baptist Church Carroll Mansion Centennial-Caroline Street United Methodist Church Charity Baptist Church Charles Carroll of Carrollton Elementary School Chizuk Amuno Synagogue Christ Episcopal Church Christian Community Center Christs Institute Church City of Baltimore City of Baltimore Fire Museum Columbus Center For Marine Biology Community Church of Christ Community College of Baltimore Harbor Campus Court Square Building David E Weglein Elementary School (historical) Eager Street Academy Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church Flag House and Star-Spangled Banner Museum Fountain Baptist Church Governors Yacht Club Greenmount Cemetery Highway Christian Church of the Apostolic Faith Hillen Station Holocaust Memorial Holy Church of Christ Inner Harbor Inner Harbor East Marina Inner Harbor Marina Inner Harbor Office Building Institute of Notre Dame Interchange 2 Interchange 3 Jewish Heritage Center Jewish Museum of Maryland Johnson Square Johnston Square Elementary School Latrobe Homes Light Street Pavilion Little Ark Missionary Baptist Church Little Italy Lloyd Street Synagogue McKim Community Hall McKims School (historical) Mercy Medical Center Mildred Monroe Elementary School Mount Sinai Baptist Church Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Place Historic District Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church Mount Zion Apostolic Church Municipal Museum of the City of Baltimore National Aquarium Nazarene Baptist Church New Antioch Baptist Church New Foundations Mansef School Old Friends Meeting House Old Town Old Town Medical Center Peabody Institute (historical) Pier 1 Pier 2 Pier 3 Pier 4 Pier 5 Pier 6 Concert Pavilion Pier 7 Port Discovery Museum Pratt Street Pavilion Pride Of Baltimore Statue Rash Field Reginald F Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History and Culture Saint Frances Academy High School Saint Francis Academy Saint Francis Chapel Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy Saint Ignatius Roman Catholic Church Saint James Convent Saint James School Saint James the Less Roman Catholic Church Saint Leo Roman Catholic Church Saint Leos School Saint Patricks School Saint Vincent De Paul Roman Catholic Church Second Baptist Church Seven Foot Knoll Light Sevenfoot Knoll Lighthouse Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church Shot Tower The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins Tower Building United States Custom House Walters Art Museum War Memorial Plaza Washington Monument Waters Avenue African Methodist Episcopal Church World Trade Center Zion Lutheran Church