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20032 Street Addresses

10th Pl SE ((3200-3499)) 11th Pl SE ((3200-3499)) 12th Pl SE ((3200-3299)) 12th St SE ((3200-4399)) 13th Pl SE ((3400-3499)) 13th St SE ((3200-4007)) 14th Pl SE ((3300-3399)) 15th St SE ((3300-3499)) 1st Pl SW ((4000-4099)) 1st St SE ((3700-4599)) 1st St SW ((3900-4899)) 2nd St SE ((2700-3899)) 2nd St SW ((3900-4199)) 3rd St SE ((4000-4599)) 4th St SE ((2900-4399)) 5th St SE ((2800-3499)) 6th St SE ((3200-4699)) 7th St SE ((2900-4398)) 8th St SE ((2900-4299)) 9th Pl SE ((3200-3299)) 9th St SE ((3000-4399)) Alabama Ave SE ((400-1599)) Andrews Cir SW ((3500-3569)) Andrews Pl SW ((3501-3599)) Armor Ct ((1-99)) Armor Ct SW ((1-99)) Arnold Ave SW ((3132-5534)) Atlantic St SE ((1-899)) Atlantic St SW ((1-199)) Barnaby Rd SE ((900-4499)) Barnaby St SE ((700-899)) Barnaby Ter SE ((1000-1399)) Barnacle Ct SW ((1-99)) Bellevue Cir SE ((800-899)) Bellevue St SE ((800-1199)) Blakney Ln ((900-999)) Blakney Ln SE ((4000-4099)) Blanchard Dr ((301-399)) Blue Plains Dr SW ((900-4799)) Bonini Rd SE ((702-799)) Brandywine Pl SW ((1-199)) Brandywine St SE ((1-898)) Brandywine St SW ((1-99)) Brothers Pl SE ((3200-3699)) Burwell St SW ((200-299)) Cargo Ct SW ((1-99)) Chanute Pl SW ((1400-1461)) Chesapeake St SE ((1-899)) Chesapeake St SW ((1-299)) Clagett St SW ((100-181)) Cole Blvd SE ((3900-4099)) Condon Ter SE ((400-699)) Congress St SE ((714-1499)) Cornwell Dr SE ((3300-3399)) Cornwell Rd ((3300-3398)) Danbury St SE ((1-99)) Danbury St SW ((1-199)) Darrington St SE ((600-699)) Darrington St SW ((1-199)) DC Village Ln SW ((1-99)) Dinger St SW ((2-98)) Duncan St SW ((1-97)) Edwards Ln SW ((1400-1499)) Edwards Pl SW ((1400-1499)) Elmira St SE ((1-699)) Elmira St SW ((1-299)) Esther Pl SE ((3100-3199)) Fetchet Ln ((5400-5498)) Forrester St SE ((1-699)) Forrester St SW ((1-199)) Foxhall Pl SE ((500-599)) Galley Ct SW ((1-99)) Galveston Pl SE ((600-699)) Galveston Pl SW ((1-199)) Galveston St SE ((600-699)) Galveston St SW ((1-199)) Garrison St SW ((100-143)) Giesboro Pl SW ((4700-4799)) Halley Pl SE ((1-199)) Halley Ter SE ((3800-4399)) Hazelton St SW ((1-99)) Helm Ct ((1-99)) Highview Pl SE ((100-299)) Horner Pl SE ((3600-3799)) Hr Dr SE ((800-899)) Irvington St SW ((101-199)) Ivanhoe St SW ((100-199)) Joliet St SW ((100-199)) Joyce St SE ((4100-4199)) Knot Ct SW ((1-99)) Lackland Way SW ((3400-3499)) Langley Way ((5400-5599)) Langley Way SW ((5400-5598)) Lebaum St SE ((400-699)) Livingston Rd SE ((4000-4699)) Livingston Ter SE ((300-399)) Loring Way SW ((5510-5598)) Malcolm X Ave SE ((1-899)) March Cir SW ((3436-3499)) Marjorie Ct SE ((800-899)) Martin Luther King Jr Ave SW ((3900-4899)) Mellon St SE ((400-699)) Milwaukee Pl SE ((600-699)) Mississippi Ave SE ((1-2298)) M L King Jr Ave SE ((2702-3799)) Monteria Ct SE ((801-899)) Newcomb St SE ((200-599)) Oakwood St SE ((200-599)) Orange St SE ((200-499)) Overlook Ave SW ((4300-5099)) Oxon Run Rd SE ((3300-3899)) Oxon Run Tributary ((398-408)) Parkland Pl SE ((300-599)) Raleigh Pl SE ((600-699)) Raleigh St SE ((100-599)) Randle Pl SE ((3100-3299)) Reinburg Cir SW ((600-1634)) Reinburg St SW ((200-299)) Rice St SW ((1-99)) Rudder Ct SW ((1-99)) Savannah Pl SE ((1200-1399)) Savannah St SE ((100-1599)) S Capitol St SE ((2600-4799)) S Capitol St SW ((4000-4799)) S Capitol Ter SW ((4000-4799)) Scott Cir SW ((3400-3499)) Shepherd Pkwy SW ((4600-5099)) Smith Pl SE ((1400-1499)) Southern Ave ((1300-1310)) Southern Ave SE ((300-1398)) Sterling St SE ((100-299)) Tanner St ((1511-1599)) Tiller Ct SW ((1-99)) Travis Way SW ((3400-3499)) Trenton Pl SE ((100-1299)) Trenton St SE ((400-599)) Turret Ct SW ((1-99)) Upsal St SE ((100-799)) Valley Ave SE ((200-1299)) Valley Ter SE ((1800-1999)) Varney St SE ((900-1199)) Waclark Pl SE ((3100-3199)) Wahler Ct SE ((4000-4099)) Wahler Pl SE ((900-4099)) Wayne Pl SE ((100-299)) Westover Ave SW ((65-699)) Wheeler Hill Dr SE ((701-898)) Wheeler Rd SE ((3200-4399)) White St SW ((176-299)) Wilmington Pl SE ((100-299)) Xenia St SE ((100-899)) Xenia St SW ((1-199)) Yuma St SE ((100-899))

20032 Places and Attractions

Anacostia Annex Anacostia Helicopter Facility Anacostia River Anacostia River Assumption School Bald Eagle Hill Bald Eagle Recreation Center Ballou Recreation Center Ballou School To Aid Youth Ballou Senior High School Barnaby Terrace Bellevue Blue Plains Bolling Air Force Base Heliport Bolling Anacostia Tract Bolling Field Camp Simms (historical) Conants Mill (historical) Congress Heights Congress Heights Metro Station Congress Heights Playground Congress Heights Post Office Congress Heights Recreation Center Congress Heights School Congress Park Covenant Baptist Church D C Impounding Lot D C Village DC Public Library - Washington Highlands Branch District of Columbia Impound Lot Draper Elementary School Ferebee-Hope Elementary School Fort Carroll (historical) Fort Greble (historical) Fort Greble Recreation Center Fort Greble Recreation Center Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Giesboro Giesboro Point Greater Southeast Community Hospital Green Elementary School Hadley Memorial Hospital Hart Middle School Harvey Memorial Baptist Church Hendley Elementary School Junior Village King Elementary School Leckie Elementary School M C Terrell Elementary School Malcolm X Elementary School Malcolm X Recreation Center Mary Church Terrell Recreation Center McGogney Elementary School Old National Race Course (historical) Oxon Run Parkway Parklands-Turner Community Library Patricia R Harris Education Center Patterson Elementary School Saint Elizabeths Hospital Saint Elizabeths Hospital Cemeteries Saint Thomas More School Shepherd Ferry (historical) Shepherd Parkway Shepherd Station (historical) Shepherds Landing Simon Elementary School United States Powder Magazine (historical) Washington Highland Recreation Center Washington Highlands Washington Highlands Branch Library