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20011 Street Addresses

10th St NW ((3800-3899)) 11th St NE ((5100-5299)) 12th St NE ((5100-5299)) 12th St NW ((6200-6299)) 13th Pl NW ((5900-6099)) 13th St NW ((3800-6399)) 14th St NW ((3800-6418)) 15th St NW ((4300-4899)) 16th St NW ((1200-6399)) 17th St NW ((4000-5999)) 18th St NW ((3800-4899)) 1st Pl NE ((4400-6199)) 1st Pl NW ((5400-5699)) 1st St NE ((4300-5999)) 1st St NW ((4900-5799)) 20th St NE ((4113-4199)) 2nd Pl NW ((5600-5999)) 2nd St NE ((4200-5899)) 2nd St NW ((4200-6399)) 3rd Pl NW ((4700-5899)) 3rd St NE ((5200-6299)) 3rd St NW ((3900-6399)) 4th St NE ((5100-5599)) 4th St NW ((3800-6299)) 5th St NE ((5500-5899)) 5th St NW ((3700-6399)) 6th St NE ((5700-6098)) 6th St NW ((5700-5899)) 7th Pl NW ((5000-6199)) 7th St NE ((5100-5199)) 7th St NW ((3700-6399)) 8th St NE ((5100-5999)) 8th St NW ((3700-6399)) 9th St NW ((4000-6399)) Allison St NE ((1-99)) Allison St NW ((200-1899)) Argyle Ter NW ((3800-4698)) Arkansas Ave NW ((4000-5099)) Bates Rd NE ((100-4998)) Blagden Ave NW ((4200-4899)) Blagden Ter NW ((4600-4799)) Blair Rd NE ((5300-5799)) Blair Rd NW ((5700-6299)) Brookland Ave NE ((3800-4099)) Buchanan St NE ((1-99)) Buchanan St NW ((300-1699)) Bunker Hill Rd NE ((1800-1999)) Chillum Pl NE ((201-7599)) Chillum Pl NW ((6200-6599)) Clermont Dr NE ((401-4599)) Colorado Ave NW ((4200-5899)) Crestwood Dr NW ((1700-1799)) Crittenden St NE ((1-99)) Crittenden St NW ((300-1699)) Decatur St NW ((300-1799)) Delafield Pl NW ((300-1599)) Eastern Ave ((6200-6398)) Eastern Ave NE ((3500-6298)) Emerson St NW ((100-1599)) Farragut Pl NW ((1-5099)) Farragut St NE ((400-499)) Farragut St NW ((100-1599)) Fort Dr NE ((100-199)) Fort Stevens Dr NW ((1300-1599)) Fort Totten Dr NE ((4500-5199)) Gallatin St NE ((1-198)) Gallatin St NW ((1-1599)) Galloway St NE ((300-1199)) Georgia Ave NW ((2865-7799)) Grant Cir NW ((1-79)) Half Pl NE ((4501-4599)) Hamilton St NE ((1-1299)) Hamilton St NW ((1-1599)) Harewood Rd NW ((1-99)) Hawaii Ave ((6-4599)) Hawaii Ave NE ((1-399)) Illinois Ave NW ((3800-5599)) Ingraham St NE ((100-699)) Ingraham St NW ((1-1499)) Iowa Ave ((5000-5098)) Iowa Ave NW ((4300-4999)) Jamaica St NE ((1200-1299)) Jefferson St NE ((1-999)) Jefferson St NW ((100-1399)) Kansas Ave NE ((6100-6399)) Kansas Ave NW ((3600-6099)) Kennedy Pl NW ((1600-1699)) Kennedy St NE ((1-899)) Kennedy St NW ((1-1699)) Kensington Pl NE ((600-699)) Longfellow St NE ((1-99)) Longfellow St NW ((1-1699)) Luzon Ave NW ((6300-6399)) Madison Pl NW ((300-399)) Madison St NE ((1-698)) Madison St NW ((1-1699)) Manchester Dr NW ((1300-1699)) Manchester Ln NW ((1300-1699)) Manchester Pl NW ((5800-5899)) Marietta Pl NW ((400-899)) Marlboro Pl NW ((4000-4099)) Mathewson Dr NW ((4200-4299)) McDonald Pl NE ((1-99)) Military Rd NW ((1200-1299)) Milmarson Pl NW ((1-99)) Missouri Ave NW ((1-1698)) Montague St NW ((1300-1699)) N Capitol St NE ((6-6399)) N Capitol St NW ((5300-6399)) New Hampshire Ave NE ((5500-6299)) New Hampshire Ave NW ((3800-5599)) Nicholson St NE ((200-899)) Nicholson St NW ((1-1699)) North Dakota Ave NW ((6000-6299)) Oglethorpe St NE ((1-899)) Oglethorpe St NW ((1-1599)) Oneida Pl NW ((400-799)) Oneida St NE ((100-699)) Peabody St NE ((1-699)) Peabody St NW ((1-1399)) Piney Branch Rd NW ((4600-6489)) Powhatan Pl NW ((500-699)) Quackenbos St NE ((200-499)) Quackenbos St NW ((100-1099)) Quincy St NW ((400-1999)) Quintana Pl NE ((300-399)) Quintana Pl NW ((500-899)) Randolph St NW ((300-1899)) Riggs Rd NE ((1-699)) Rittenhouse St NE ((1-399)) Rittenhouse St NW ((100-1499)) Rock Creek Church Rd NE ((4900-5398)) Rock Creek Church Rd NW ((1-499)) Rock Creek Ford Rd NW ((1200-1499)) Roxboro Pl NW ((500-799)) Sargent Rd NE ((5101-5199)) Shepherd Rd NW ((500-799)) Shepherd St NW ((300-1999)) Sheridan St NE ((1-299)) Sheridan St NW ((1-1499)) Sherman Cir NW ((1-4698)) Sligo Mill Rd NE ((5900-6299)) Somerset Pl NW ((500-1499)) South Dakota Ave NE ((5200-5999)) Sulloway St ((101-198)) Taussig Pl NE ((100-199)) Taylor St NW ((200-1899)) Trumbull Ter NW ((2000-2099)) Tuckerman St NE ((1-199)) Tuckerman St NW ((1-1699)) Upshur St NW ((100-1999)) Urell Pl NE ((100-199)) US Hwy 29 ((3800-6399)) Varnum St NE ((2-298)) Varnum St NW ((100-1899)) Victor St NE ((1-199)) Webster St NE ((1-299)) Webster St NW ((100-1799))

20011 Places and Attractions

Adams Memorial Albright Memorial United Methodist Church Allan Mercer Daniel Law Library Anderson Cottage Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington Backus Middle School Backus Recreation Center Barnard Elementary School Battery Sill (historical) Beth Sholom Temple Blagdens Mill (historical) Boulder Bridge and Ross Drive Bridge Brightwood Brightwood Driving Park (historical) Brightwood Elementary School Brightwood Park Brightwood Park United Methodist Church Brightwood Post Office Brightwood Recreation Area Brightwood Recreation Center Brightwood Reservoir (historical) Broad Branch Burdick Adult Education Center Burdick Career Development Center Calvert Advanced Life Support Company 10 Cantilever Bridge Carter Barron Amphitheater Chillum Castle Chillum Station Christ Lutheran Church Church of Christ Clark Elementary School Coolidge Community School Coolidge Recreation Center Crestwood DC Public Library - Petworth Branch Dennison School (historical) Embassy of the Peoples Republic of the Congo Embassy of the Republic of Liberia Emery Recreation Center Emory Methodist Church Emory United Methodist Church Exodus Missionary Baptist Church Faith Moravian Church Family Tree of Hope Sculpture First Church of the Nazarene First High Reservoir (historical) Foreign Mission Seminary of Holy Cross Fort Slocum (historical) Fort Slocum Park Fort Stevens (historical) Fort Stevens Monument and Marker Fort Stevens Park Fort Totten (historical) Fort Totten Metro Station Fort Totten Park General Scott Statue Gethsemane Baptist Church Gideon Baptist Church Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Grant Circle Hamilton Recreation Center Hamilton Street Playground Hampshire Garden Apartment Building Hampshire Knolls Harewood (historical) Holy Comforter Episcopal Church Iconium Baptist Church Israel Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Keene Elementary School Keene Recreation Center LaSalle Elementary School Lamond Riggs Lamond-Riggs Neighborhood Library Lieutenant General Winfield B Scott Statue MacFarland Middle School Mamie D Lee School Manor Park Masonic and Eastern Star Home Military Road School Nativity School New Temple Baptist Church Nineteenth Street Baptist Church Paul Junior High School Peabody Street Mennonite Church Peirce Mill Peoples Congregational Church Petworth Petworth Baptist Church Petworth Branch Library Petworth Elementary School Petworth Playground Petworth Recreation Center Petworth United Methodist Church Piney Branch Park Piney Branch Trotting Course (historical) Piney Branch Workshop (historical) Powell Elementary School President Lincoln and Soldiers' Home National Monument Pulpit Rock Rabaut Junior High School (historical) Rabaut Recreation Center Riggs LaSalle Recreation Center Riggs Park Riggs Plaza Riggs Road Playground Riggs-LaSalle Playground Rock Creek Baptist Church Rock Creek Cemetery Rock Creek Church Yard Rock Creek Park Box Office Rock Creek Park Police Substation Rock Creek Park Trail Center Rock Creek Post Office (historical) Roosevelt Adult Education Center Roosevelt School To Aid Youth Roosevelt Senior High School Rudolph Elementary School Rudolph Playground Rudolph Recreation Center Russian Orthodox Church of Saint John the Baptist Saint Gabriels Catholic Church Saint Gabriels School Saint Luke Baptist Church Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Church Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Sauis Addition (historical) Sharpe Health School Sheridan Hall (historical) Sherman Circle Sherman Hall Simpson-Hamline United Methodist Church Sixteenth Street Reservoir (historical) Sixth Presbyterian Church Soldiers Home Cemetery Soldiers Home Farm (historical) Soldiers Home Post Office Stott Station (historical) Terra Cotta Terra Cotta Station (historical) Town and Country Club (historical) Truesdell Elementary School Tuburculosis Hospital Twin Oaks Garden Recreation Center Twin Oaks Playground United States Soldiers Home Library (historical) Upshur Recreation Center Valley Trail Varnum WDCU-FM (Washington) WFTY-TV (Washington) WJZE-FM (Washington) WOOK Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church Washington Female Orphan Asylum (historical) West Elementary School Whittier Elementary School