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20009 Street Addresses

12th Pl NW ((2100-2299)) 12th St NW ((1600-2599)) 13th St NW ((1600-3099)) 14th St NW ((1600-3099)) 15th St NW ((1208-3198)) 16th St NW ((1600-3099)) 17th St NW ((1600-2599)) 18th St NW ((1525-2999)) 19th St NW ((1500-2499)) 20th St NW ((828-2499)) 21st St NW ((1600-1799)) Adams Mill Rd NW ((1800-3299)) Allen Pl NW ((2000-2099)) Argonne Pl NW ((1600-1699)) Ashmead Pl NW ((2300-2399)) Beekman Pl NW ((1601-1699)) Belmont Rd NW ((1800-2099)) Belmont St NW ((1300-1699)) Biltmore St NW ((1800-1999)) California St NW ((1700-1899)) Calvert St NW ((1701-2299)) Caroline St NW ((1500-1599)) Champlain St NW ((2100-2599)) Chapin St NW ((1400-1499)) Cliffbourne Pl NW ((2500-2599)) Clifton St NW ((1100-1499)) Clydesdale Pl NW ((1800-1899)) Columbia Rd NW ((1100-2099)) Connecticut Ave NW ((1400-2309)) Corcoran St NW ((1300-1899)) Crescent Pl NW ((1600-1699)) Euclid St NW ((1100-1799)) Fairmont St NW ((1100-1499)) Florida Ave NW ((989-2099)) Fraser Ct NW ((1700-1799)) Fuller St NW ((1400-1699)) Girard St NW ((1100-1499)) Harvard Ct NW ((2900-2999)) Harvard St NW ((1100-1899)) Hillyer Pl NW ((2000-2099)) Hobart St NW ((1600-1799)) Johnson Ave NW ((1700-1799)) Kabrawa Sq ((1800-1898)) Kalorama Pl NW ((1900-1999)) Kalorama Rd NW ((1600-18199)) Kenyon St NW ((1378-1398)) Lanier Pl NW ((1600-1799)) Mintwood Pl NW ((1800-1899)) Mount Pleasant St NW ((2900-3099)) Mozart Pl NW ((2500-2699)) New Hampshire Ave NW ((1500-2199)) Ontario Pl NW ((1800-1899)) Ontario Rd NW ((2100-3099)) Portner Pl NW ((2000-2099)) Q St NW ((1100-2199)) Quarry Rd NW ((2700-2899)) Riggs Pl NW ((1300-1899)) R St NW ((1100-2099)) Seaton St NW ((1700-1799)) S St NW ((1100-2099)) Summit Pl NW ((1700-1899)) Swann St NW ((1400-1899)) Thornton Pl NW ((2000-2099)) T St NW ((1100-2099)) University Pl NW ((2500-2699)) U St NW ((900-17163)) Vermont Ave NW ((1600-1799)) Vernon St NW ((1000-1899)) V St NW ((900-16199)) Wallach Pl NW ((1300-1399)) Waterside Dr NW ((2000-2099)) Waverly Ter NW ((1900-1999)) Willard St NW ((1700-1799)) W St NW ((1100-1599)) Wyoming Ave NW ((1800-2099))

20009 Places and Attractions

Adams Elementary School Adams Morgan Alden, Babcock, Calvert Apartments Alighieri Dan`te Statue All Souls Church All Souls Unitarian Church Anthony Bowen Branch YMCA Argentine Embassy Building Association of American Geographers Building Augustana Lutheran Church Augustines School Belmont Estate (historical) Bishop Asbury Statue Cairo Apartment Building Calvary-Casa Del Pueblo United Methodist Church Camp Barker (historical) Cardozo Senior High School Carver Hospital (historical) Central Presbyterian Church Charlotte Forten Grimke House Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church of the Holy City Clifburne Hospital (historical) Codman-Davis House Columbia College General Hospital (historical) Columbia Heights Columbia Heights Metro Station Columbian Preparatory School (historical) Columbian School Community of Hope Church Cuban Embassy Building Cubi XI Sculpture Danish Legation Building Dante Statue David White House Dean Estate (historical) District of Columbia Teachers College Dominican Legation Building Douglas House (historical) Dunbar Hotel (historical) Edgewater Mouting Horse Stable Embassy of Ecuador Embassy of Granada Embassy of Italy Embassy of Malta Embassy of Mexico Embassy of Nicaragua Embassy of Sierra Leone Embassy of Singapore Embassy of Spain Embassy of Zimbabwe Embassy of the Argentine Republic Embassy of the Gabonese Republic Embassy of the Republic of Chad Embassy of the Republic of Poland Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda Embassy of the Republic of Zaire Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church First Genesis Baptist Church First Haitian Baptist Church of Washington D C Fourth Presbyterian Church (historical) Francis Asbury Statue Fraser Mansion Freedom Baptist Church Fuller House Gala Hispanic Theater Garrison Elementary School George Fraser House Gladstone and Hawarden Apartment Buildings Goode House (historical) Goodwill Baptist Church Gres Gallery (historical) Guatemalan Legation Building Gunston Hall School (historical) H D Cooke Elementary School Hancock Circle (historical) Happy Hollow Playground Harrison Elementary School Harrison Playground Hearst House (historical) Hendersons Castle (historical) Hitt House (historical) Hoby House (historical) Holmeads Cemetery (historical) Holmeads Race Track (historical) House of the Temple House of the Temple Museum Hungarian Legation Building Inter-American Defense Board Building International Eastern Star Temple Jackson Hill James Buchanan Memorial Joan of Arc Memorial John Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church John Wesley Methodist Church Kalorama Park Kalorama Post Office Kalorama Recreation Center Kalorama Triangle Knickerbocker Theater (historical) Kossuth Lajos Memorial Lanier Heights Legation of Lithuania Lincoln Theater Lithuanian Legation Building Living Stage Logan Circle Lothrop Mansion MPD 3rd District Heliport Mackin High School Major General George B McClellan Statue Marie H Reed Recreation Center Meade Circle Meridian Hill Park Meridian House International Meridian Mansions Metropolitan Baptist Church Mexican Cultural Institute Morgan School Mormon Temple Mount Pleasant (historical) Mount Pleasant Congregational Church (historical) National Baptist Memorial Church Netherlands Legation Building Northumberland Apartments Noyes Armillary Sphere Old French Embassy Oswego and Exeter Apartments Park Tower Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University Pretty Prospect (historical) Protestant Orphan Asylum (historical) Rabaut Park Rapids Bridge Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Dupont Memorial Reed Learning Center Elementary School Reeves Center Municipal Building Rock Creek Valley Stable Ross Elementary School Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Matthews Catholic Cemetery (historical) Saint Pauls Catholic Church Samuel M Bryan House Savoy Theater (historical) Schneider House (historical) Scottish Rite Supreme Council Building Serenity Statue Slash Run (historical) Soul Saving Center Church of God Source Main Stage Source Warehouse Theatre Swiss Legation Building T Street Station Post Office Taft Stable Temple Heights Station Post Office The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thomas Nelson Page House Tifereth Israel Temple Toutorsky Mansion True Gospel Baptist Church True Reformer Building U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station Universalist National Memorial Church Vermont Avenue Baptist Church Warder-Totten House Wardman Row Washington Heights Presbyterian Church (historical) Wayland Seminary White-Meyer House Whitelaw Hotel Wilson School Woodward Apartments Wyoming Apartments Young Mens Baptist Cemetery (historical) Zalmon Richards House