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20008 Street Addresses

22nd St NW ((1600-1799)) 23rd St NW ((1600-2099)) 24th St NW ((1700-2699)) 27th St NW ((2700-5399)) 28th Pl NW ((4000-4099)) 28th St NW ((2500-4599)) 29th Pl NW ((2800-4799)) 29th St NW ((2600-4599)) 30th Pl NW ((4900-5099)) 30th St NW ((2200-4999)) 31st Pl NW ((2700-2799)) 31st St NW ((2600-4699)) 32nd St NW ((2700-4999)) 33rd Pl NW ((2900-3799)) 33rd St NW ((5100-5199)) 34th St NW ((2700-5199)) 35th St NW ((4400-4499)) 36th St NW ((4300-5299)) 37th St NW ((3700-4399)) Albemarle St ((2700-3699)) Albemarle St NW ((2700-3699)) Allendale Pl NW ((2800-2899)) Alton Pl NW ((3500-3699)) Appleton St NW ((3100-3699)) Ashley Ter NW ((3400-3499)) Audubon Ter NW ((2800-3099)) Bancroft Pl NW ((2100-2399)) Belmont Rd NW ((2400-2599)) Benton Pl NW ((2900-2999)) Brandywine St NW ((2700-3699)) Broad Branch Rd NW ((4400-5299)) Broad Branch Ter NW ((3200-3499)) California St NW ((2100-2499)) Calvert St NW ((2300-2899)) Cathedral Ave NW ((2000-3399)) Chesapeake St NW ((2700-3699)) Chesterfield Pl NW ((2800-2899)) Chevy Chase Pkwy NW ((5000-5199)) Cleveland Ave NW ((2900-3399)) Connecticut Ave NW ((2000-27398)) Cortland Pl NW ((2700-3099)) Cumberland St NW ((3500-3699)) Davenport St NW ((2800-3899)) Decatur Pl NW ((2100-2399)) Devonshire Pl NW ((2700-2899)) Edgevale Ter NW ((2900-2999)) Ellicott St NW ((2800-3699)) Ellicott Ter NW ((2900-2999)) E St SE ((1901-1999)) Everett St NW ((3600-3699)) Fessenden St NW ((2900-3699)) Florida Ave NW ((1900-2199)) Garfield St NW ((2600-3399)) Garfield Ter NW ((2900-2999)) Garrison St NW ((3000-3499)) Gates Rd NW ((3000-3148)) Grant Rd NW ((2900-3199)) Hawthorne St NW ((2300-3199)) Highland Pl NW ((3100-3399)) Hillyer Ct NW ((1-99)) Idaho Ave NW ((3900-3999)) International Ct NW ((3500-3599)) International Dr NW ((3400-3599)) International Pl NW ((3500-3599)) Kalorama Cir NW ((1-99)) Kalorama Rd NW ((1800-2499)) Klingle Rd NW ((2603-3299)) Lenore Ln NW ((4200-4299)) Leroy Pl NW ((2100-2199)) Linnean Ave NW ((3900-5214)) Linnean Ter NW ((5100-5199)) Lowell St NW ((3300-3399)) Macomb St NW ((2700-3399)) Massachusetts Ave NW ((1900-3899)) McGill Ter NW ((2801-2899)) Nebraska Ave NW ((4900-5235)) Newark St NW ((2900-3399)) Normanstone Dr NW ((2800-3199)) Normanstone Ln NW ((2600-2999)) Normanstone Ter NW ((2900-3199)) Observatory Cir NW ((1-99)) Observatory Ln NW ((3200-3599)) Ordway St NW ((2700-3399)) Phelps Pl NW ((1800-2199)) Porter St NW ((2300-3399)) Q St NW ((2200-2399)) Quebec Pl NW ((3100-3399)) Quebec St NW ((2600-2999)) Reno Rd NW ((3700-5198)) Rock Creek Dr NW ((2400-2899)) Rock Crk and Potomac Pkwy NW ((2400-2499)) Rodman St NW ((3000-3599)) Ross Pl NW ((3300-3399)) Rowland Pl NW ((3200-3399)) R St NW ((2100-2299)) Sedgwick St NW ((3000-3099)) Sheridan Cir NW ((2300-2320)) Shoemaker St NW ((3900-3999)) Springland Ln NW ((3500-3599)) Spring of Freedom Ln NW ((3900-3999)) S St NW ((2100-2499)) Thompson Cir NW ((1-99)) Tilden Pl NW ((2600-2699)) Tilden St NW ((2400-3699)) Tracy Pl NW ((2300-2599)) Upton St NW ((2500-3799)) Van Ness St NW ((2900-3699)) Veazey St NW ((3600-3699)) Veazey Ter NW ((3000-3099)) Warren St NW ((3600-3699)) Waterside Dr NW ((2500-2599)) Whitehaven St NW ((3000-3299)) Williamsburg Ln NW ((3500-3599)) Windom Pl NW ((3600-3699)) Window Pl NW ((3600-3699)) Woodland Dr NW ((2800-3299)) Woodley Pl NW ((2600-2799)) Woodley Rd NW ((2500-3399)) Wyoming Ave NW ((2100-2499)) Yuma St NW ((3400-3705))

20008 Places and Attractions

Adams Mill (historical) Admiral's House Naval Observatory Admirals House Aidan Montessori School Alice Pike Barney House All Souls Episcopal Church Anthony Holmead Archeological Site Apostolic Nunciature - The Holy See Art Barn Arthur Stanley House Austrian Legation Building Battery Rossell (historical) Battery Terrill (historical) Brazilian Embassy British Embassy Building Buffaloes Statue Calvert Station Post Office Camp Hill Carnegie Geophysical Laboratory Cathedral Mansions Chapin Bear Cub Sculpture Charles Evans Hughes House Cleveland Park Cleveland Park Branch Library Cleveland Park Metro Station Cleveland Park Post Office Cloverdale Columbian Legation Building Czechoslovakian Legation Building DC Public Library - Cleveland Park Branch Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities Devils Chair Bridge Devore-Chase House Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge Dunbarton College Eaton Elementary School Edgewater Stables Edmund Burke School Embassy of Antigua and Barbuda Embassy of Austria Embassy of Barbados Embassy of Belize Embassy of Bolivia Embassy of Brazil Embassy of Burkina Faso Embassy of Colombia Embassy of Costa Rica Embassy of El Salvador Embassy of Ethiopia Embassy of France Embassy of Ghana Embassy of Greece Embassy of Guatemala Embassy of Guyana Embassy of Haiti Embassy of Honduras Embassy of Iceland Embassy of India Embassy of Ireland Embassy of Israel Embassy of Japan Embassy of Kenya Embassy of Korea Embassy of Lebanon Embassy of Luxembourg Embassy of Malaysia Embassy of Mauritius Embassy of Morocco Embassy of New Zealand Embassy of Pakistan Embassy of Panama Embassy of Papau New Guinea Embassy of Paraguay Embassy of Portugal Embassy of Romania Embassy of Saint Lucia Embassy of South Africa Embassy of Switzerland Embassy of Thailand Embassy of the Arab Republic of Eygpt Embassy of the Central African Republic Embassy of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Embassy of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Embassy of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria Embassy of the Dominican Republic Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland Embassy of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic Embassy of the Netherlands Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China Embassy of the Republic of Afghanistan Embassy of the Republic of Benin Embassy of the Republic of Botswana Embassy of the Republic of Burundi Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon Embassy of the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus Embassy of the Republic of Guinea Embassy of the Republic of Hungary Embassy of the Republic of Mali Embassy of the Republic of Niger Embassy of the Republic of Senegal Embassy of the Republic of Sudan Embassy of the Republic of Suriname Embassy of the Republic of Togo Embassy of the Republic of Zambia Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands Embassy of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Embassy of the State of Bahrain Embassy of the State of Kuwait Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman Embassy of the Syrian Republic Embassy of the Union of Myanmar Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania Estes Mill Ruins Fernwood Farm Fernwood Heights (historical) Fondo del Sol Visual Arts Center Forest Hills Forest Hills Playground Fort Kearny (historical) Franklin D Roosevelt House Fron Bridge Gearing Bungalow General Philip H Sheridan Statue Giant Anteater Sculpture Grant Road School (historical) Greystone Guy Mason Recreation Center Habitat Sculpture Hearst Elementary School Hearst Playground Hearst Recreation Center Henry Adams Mansion Hillwood Museum Howard University Law School Industrial Home School (historical) Islamic Center James Hooe House Kalorama Circle Kalorama Estate (historical) Kalorama Heights Kalorama Hospital (historical) Kemeys Bear Cub Sculpture Kennedy - Warren Apartment Building Khalil Gibran Memorial Klingle Ford Bridge Klingle Mansion Klingle Valley Klingle Valley Park Latvian Legation Building Legation of Latvia Linnean Hill Linnean Hill Linnean Playground Lyons Mill (historical) Malawi Embassy Maret School Massachusetts Avenue Bridge Massachusetts Avenue Heights Meeting House of the Friends Meeting Melvin C Hazen Park Methodist Home Miller House Mitchell Park Mitchell Park Recreation Center Mohandas K Gandhi Statue Murch Elementary School National Bureau of Standards Building National Zoo Entrance National Zoological Park National Zoological Park Administration Building Normanstone Parkway North Cleveland Park Oak Hill (historical) Observatory Circle Octagonal House (historical) Orbit Sculpture Our Lady Queen of the Americas Roman Catholic Church Oyster Elementary School Peirce Distillery Peirce Springhouse and Barn Pennsylvania Railroad Eagle Sculpture Perry Lions Sculpture Peter Muhlenberg Memorial Phillips Collection Pine Crest Manor Piney Branch Valley Ponce de Leon Apartment Building Poor House (historical) Preece Riding School (historical) Red Wood Estate (historical) Robert Emmet Statue Rock Creek Park Bike Trail Rock Creek Park Equitation Field Rock Creek Park Exercise Course Rock Hill (historical) Romanian Legation Building Royal Danish Embassy Royal Nepalese Embassy Saint Anns Infant Asylum (historical) Saint Margarets Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Lutheran Church Saint Thomas Apostle Catholic Church Saint Thomas Apostle School Sedgwick Garden Architectural Sculpture Sheridan Circle Sheridan School Sheridan Statue Sheridan-Kalorama Shoreham Hill Bridge Siamese Legation Building Single Oak Sir Winston Churchill Statue Soapstone Valley Soapstone Valley Park Society of the Cincinnati Headquarters Building Springland House Textile Museum The Causeway The Lindens Thompsons Bridge (historical) Tregaron Tregaron Tuttle House (historical) Twin Oaks United States Naval Observatory Universal Building University of the District of Columbia University of the District of Columbia International Center Van Ness-UDC Metro Station WRC Wardman House (historical) Wardman Park Annex and Arcade Washington International School Washington Meeting House West Georgetown School (historical) William Howard Taft Bridge William Howard Taft House Windsor Lodge Woodley (historical) Woodley Bridge (historical) Woodley Park Woodley Park Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Metro Station Woodley Playground Woodrow Wilson House Wrestling Bears Sculpture