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20007 Street Addresses

26th St NW ((1400-1699)) 27th St NW ((1200-1599)) 28th St NW ((1200-1699)) 29th St NW ((1000-1699)) 30th St NW ((1000-1699)) 31st St NW ((900-1699)) 32nd St NW ((1500-1799)) 33rd St NW ((1000-1699)) 34th Pl NW ((2700-2899)) 34th St NW ((1000-1899)) 35th Pl NW ((1900-2799)) 35th St NW ((1200-2899)) 36th Pl NW ((2600-2899)) 36th St NW ((1200-2899)) 37th St NW ((1200-2547)) 38th St NW ((1201-2999)) 39th Pl NW ((2200-2499)) 39th St NW ((1600-2899)) 40th Pl NW ((2200-2399)) 40th St NW ((2200-2499)) 41st St NW ((2300-4099)) 42nd St NW ((2200-2799)) 44th St NW ((1400-2899)) 45th St NW ((1600-2899)) 46th St NW ((2200-2299)) 47th Pl NW ((1800-1899)) 47th St NW ((1900-2299)) 48th Pl NW ((2000-2099)) 48th St NW ((2000-2399)) 49th St NW ((2100-2999)) Ashby St NW ((4600-4999)) Avon Ln NW ((3000-3099)) Avon Pl NW ((1600-1699)) Bank St NW ((1200-1299)) Beecher St NW ((3800-4199)) Bellevue Ter NW ((2700-2899)) Bending Ln NW ((4801-4899)) Benton St NW ((2300-4099)) Berkeley Ter NW ((4700-4799)) Calvert St NW ((3600-4899)) Cambridge Pl NW ((3000-3099)) Canal Rd NW ((3601-5213)) Canal St NW ((3001-3099)) Caton Pl NW ((1600-1699)) Cecil Pl NW ((1000-1099)) Chancery Ct NW ((4000-4098)) Charleston Ter NW ((4600-4699)) Cherry Hill Ln NW ((3200-3299)) Chestnut Ln ((2101-4499)) Clara Barton Pkwy ((3601-5213)) Clark Pl NW ((4500-4699)) Congress Ct NW ((1200-1299)) Copperthwaite Ln NW ((3101-3199)) Corcoran Aly NW ((1200-1299)) Davis Pl NW ((3800-4199)) Davis St NW ((3500-3699)) Deer Field Rd ((4400-4498)) Dent Pl NW ((3000-3499)) Dexter St NW ((4400-4899)) Dexter Ter NW ((4800-4899)) Dumbarton Ave NW ((2600-3199)) Dumbarton Rock Ct NW ((1500-1599)) Dunmore Ln ((2100-2199)) East Pl NW ((2500-2599)) Edmunds St NW ((3400-4599)) Elliot Pl NW ((1400-1599)) Eton Ct NW ((1200-1298)) Forest Ln NW ((4300-4399)) Foxboro Pl NW ((2200-2299)) Foxhall Cres NW ((4500-4899)) Foxhall Rd NW ((1300-2899)) Fulton St NW ((3200-4799)) Garfield St NW ((3400-4699)) Georgetown Ct NW ((3900-3999)) Grace St NW ((3200-3299)) Greene Pl NW ((4600-4699)) Greenwich Pkwy NW ((4400-4499)) Hadfield Ln NW ((4400-4499)) Hall Pl NW ((2200-2299)) Highwood Ct NW ((3900-4099)) Hillandale Ct NW ((3900-3999)) Hoban Rd NW ((1700-4599)) Huidekoper Pl NW ((2000-2499)) Hutchins Pl NW ((4800-4899)) Indian Rock Ter NW ((4500-4599)) Ivy Terrace Ct NW ((3901-3925)) Jones Ct NW ((3200-3298)) Kenmore Dr NW ((4600-4699)) King Pl NW ((2200-2399)) K St NW ((2900-3799)) Laverock Pl NW ((4500-4699)) Lingan Rd NW ((4400-4598)) Macarthur Blvd NW ((4300-4998)) Manor Pl NW ((3700-3799)) Mansion Ct NW ((3901-4099)) Mansion Dr NW ((4000-4099)) Massachusetts Ave NW ((3401-3699)) Mill Rd NW ((2500-2599)) M St NW ((2700-3699)) New Mexico Ave NW ((2800-2899)) N St NW ((2700-3699)) Observatory Pl NW ((2100-2499)) Olive Ave NW ((2700-2999)) Orchard Ln NW ((3000-3099)) O St NW ((2600-3699)) Paper Mill Ct NW ((1000-1099)) Parkglen Ct NW ((4100-4199)) Pomander Walk NW ((1-99)) Poplar St NW ((2700-2799)) Porter St NW ((2300-2398)) Potomac Ave NW ((4401-4999)) Potomac St NW ((1000-1399)) Prospect St NW ((3200-3699)) P St NW ((2310-4499)) Q Ln NW ((4500-4599)) Q Pl NW ((4500-4599)) Q St NW ((2400-4699)) Reservoir Rd NW ((3200-4998)) R St NW ((2800-3799)) Saint Marys Pl NW ((3601-3699)) Salem Ln NW ((4400-4599)) Scott Pl NW ((3200-3299)) South St NW ((3100-3199)) S St NW ((3101-3899)) St Marys Pl NW ((3600-3699)) Surrey Ln NW ((1700-1799)) Suter Ln NW ((1600-1699)) Thomas Jefferson St NW ((1000-1099)) T St NW ((3500-3999)) Tunlaw Rd NW ((2000-4099)) US Hwy 29 ((2900-3499)) U St NW ((4800-4899)) Volta Pl ((3200-3298)) Volta Pl NW ((3200-4499)) V St NW ((4800-5099)) Water St NW ((3500-3599)) Whitehaven Pkwy NW ((3500-4799)) Whitehurst Fwy NW ((3100-3499)) Winfield Ln NW ((3500-3799)) Wisconsin Ave NW ((900-4229)) W Ln Ky NW ((3000-3099)) W Pl NW ((3500-3599)) W St NW ((3700-4999))

20007 Places and Attractions

Abner Cloud House Academic Administration Adams-Mason House Admiral Weaver House Alexander Melville Bell House Alexander Memorial Baptist Church Alexandria Aqueduct Anchor Tavern and Oyster House (historical) Anthony Reintzel Building (historical) Artists Mart (historical) Babcock-Macomb House Balch House Bank of Columbia (historical) Barber-Caperton House Battery Georgetown (historical) Battery Parrott (historical) Beall Burying Ground (historical) Beall-Peter-Dick House Beall-Washington House Bealls Express Building Bethesda Annex Post Office Bible Presbyterian Church Birch Undertaker Building Bodisco House Bomford Mill Book Hill Park Bowie-Sevier House Brickyard Hill House Bridge Street Presbyterian Church (historical) Brinetown (historical) Bronaugh-Bibb-Libbey House Brook Hill Park Bryce Park Buehler-Sullivan House Bureau of Indian Trade Building (historical) Burleith Bussard-Newman House Calvary Gospel Church (historical) Canal Warehouse Capital Traction Company Powerhouse (historical) Capital Tradition Company Union Station (historical) Car Barn (historical) Carlos Rosario Adult Education Center Carriage House Carroll Daly House Castle Gatehouse Cathedral Heights Center for Urban Ecology Chamberlain School (historical) Chapel of the Sacred Heart Charles S Pryor Fellowship Hall Cherry Hill Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Monument Chesapeake and Ohio Trail Christ Church Christ Church Christ Church Rectory City Tavern (historical) Cloisters Clover View Farm (historical) Colonel John Cox House Colonial Apartments Colony Hill Columbian Foundry (historical) Community House Conduit Road Schoolhouse Congress Street Methodist Protestant Church (historical) Convent of Mercy Convent of the Visitation Monastery Cooke's Row Cookes Park Corcoran House (historical) Corcoran School (historical) Cox's Row Crabapple Hill Crawford-Cassin House Curtis School (historical) Customs House D.C. Paper Manufacturing Company DC Public Library - Georgetown Regional Branch DC Public Library - Palisades Branch De La Roche-Jewell Tennant House Decatur-Gunther House Deep Branch (historical) Discovery Creek Children's Museum District of Columbia Industrial School (historical) District of Columbia Paper Manufacturing Company Dougall House Drovers Rest Tavern (historical) Duke Ellington School of the Arts Dumbarton Bridge Dumbarton House Dumbarton Oaks Estate Dumbarton Oaks Gardens Dumbarton Oaks Museum Dumbarton Oaks Park Dumbarton Theater Dumbarton United Methodist Church Eagle House (historical) Earles Female Seminary (historical) East Campus Quadrangle Edes House Embassy of Venezuela Embassy of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria Embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde Embassy of the Republic of Fiji Englishs Female Seminary (historical) Epiphany Catholic Church Episcopal Heritage Church Evermay House Fairview Hill Federal House Female Union Band Society Burying Ground (historical) Fifth Christian Science Church Fillmore Art Center Elementary School Fire Company Number Five (historical) Fishing Shore Florena Crittenden House Forest Hall Forrest Hall Forrest-Marbury House Forsythia Hill Foundry Branch Foundry Branch Valley Park Foundry Mall Foxall House (historical) Foxhall Foxhall Crescent Foxhall Playground Foxhall Terrace Foxhall Village Francis Dodge House Francis Scott Key Memorial Francis Wheatley House Georgetown Georgetown Branch Library Georgetown Custom House (historical) Georgetown Day School Georgetown Heights Georgetown Heights (historical) Georgetown Lutheran Church Georgetown Market Georgetown Park Shopping Center Georgetown Playground Georgetown Post Office Georgetown Presbyterian Church Georgetown Recreation Center Georgetown Reservoir Georgetown Tobacco Warehouse Georgetown Town Hall and Mayors Office (historical) Georgetown University Shops Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School Georgetown Visitor Center Georgetown Waterfront Park Glover Park Glover-Archbold Park Glover-Archbold Trail Godey House Good Samaritan Hall (historical) Gordons Warehouse (historical) Goszler-Manogue House Grace Church Grassland (historical) Gregg House Gutman-Wise Building H T Thompson Boat Center Halcyon House Hardy Middle School Hardy Playground Hardy Recreation Center Harlem (historical) Harmon House Harnedy Row Houses Harrison School Herring Hill (historical) Herron-Moxley House High Service Reservoir (historical) Hillandale Hillel Foundations Building Hillendale Hillendale Gate Historic Georgetown Grist Mill Historic Georgetown Jail Building Historic Georgetown Town Hall Holy Rood Cemetery Holy Trinity Catholic Church Holy Trinity School Holy Trinity Theatre Horizons Theatre Hurst Home for the Blind Hyde Elementary School Hyde House Indian Rock Terrace Institute of Diplomacy Jackson House (historical) Jackson School Jeremiah Sullivan Building Jerusalem Baptist Church John Davidson House John Hurley House John Lutz House John Stoddert Haw House John Walker House John Williamson House Joseph Carlton House Junior League of Washington Justice William O Douglas Statue K Street Bridge Kesher Israel Temple Key House (historical) Kreeger Museum Laird-Dunlop House Lauinger Library Lees Hill Linthicum House Little Indian Rock Terrace Lock 1 Lock 2 Lock 3 Lock 4 Loughborough-Patterson House - Junior League Loyola Hall M Street Bridge Mackall Place Mackall Square Mackall-Worthington House Market Street Chapel (historical) Masonic Lodge Masons Ferry (historical) McCleery House McGees Ferry (historical) McKenney House McKenny House Miller Cottage Miss Lydia Englishs Seminary (historical) Mitchells Boys School (historical) Montgomery Tavern (historical) Montrose (historical) Montrose Park Morris House Morsell House Mott Theatre (historical) Mount Alto Mount Alto Hospital (historical) Mount Vernon Junior College and Seminary Mount Zion Cemetery (historical) Mount Zion Church Parsonage Mount Zion United Methodist Church Mount Zion United Methodist Community House Mule Hospital Museum of Contemporary Art DC National Headquaters of National Society of Colonial Dams of America Nevils Building Nicholas Hedges House Norwegian Legion Building O'Donovan Dining Hall Oak Hill Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel Oak Hill Cemetery Gatehouse Obelisk Gallery (historical) Old Holy Trinity Church Old Methodist Burying Ground (historical) Old Stone House Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church Palisades Branch Library Palisades Dairy Farm (historical) Parrotts Woods Pebble Garden Fountain Peter Square Peters Grove (historical) Philip T Berry House Phillips School (historical) Potomac Lodge (historical) Potomac Masonic Lodge No. 5 Presbyterian Graveyard (historical) Prospect House Prospect Learning Center Psychiatric Institute of Washington Quality Hill Reckert House Reed Alumni Residence Regency Row Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Republic Saving and Building Company (historical) Reservoir Playground Riggs-Riley House Riverside Hospital Robert P Dodge House Rock of Dumbarton Rose Park Playground Rose Park Recreation Center Ross and Getty Building Rousseau House Royal Norwegian Embassy Russian Embassy Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas Ryder Hall Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Lukes United Methodist Church Saint Patricks Chapel Episcopal Church Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral Sarah Rittenhouse Armillary Sphere Scott-Grant House Sea Captains House Senate Heights Sevier Place Simms-Lihault House Sims House Smith Row Smith-Morton Row House Southworth College (historical) Spring Hill Farm (historical) Stevens-Billings Houses Stoddert Elementary School Stoddert Playground Stoddert Recreation Center Susan Wheeler Decatur House Suters Tavern (historical) Templeman House Terrace Theatre Terrace Top The Boathouse at Fletcher's Cove The Cedars (historical) The Henry and Anne Hurt Home for the Blind The Mole The Sailors Tavern Thomas Beall House Thomas Cramphin Building Thomas Main House Thomas Parrot House Thomas Robertson House Thomas Sim Lee Corner Tohoga (historical) Towpath Row Tudor Place Tudor Place Foundation Union Hotel (historical) Union Tavern (historical) Uplands Valley View Farm (historical) Van Ness Mausoleum Vigilant Firehouse Volta Bureau Building Volta Laboratory (historical) Volta Laboratory and Bureau Building Volta Street Playground W Taylor Birch House W W Corcoran Store Waggaman House Walsh Building Warring Barrel Company Warehouse (historical) Washington Canoe Club Washington Harbour Wesley Heights Park West Washington Baptist Church Westchester Wetzell-Archbold Farmstead Wheatley Town House Whitehaven Parkway Whitehaven Plantation William H Tenney House William Knowles House William Thornton House (historical) Williams-Addison House Wisconsin Avenue Bridge Wisconsin Avenue Reservoir (historical) Wormley School (historical) Worthington-Kearney House Xavier Hall Yellow House Yellow Tavern