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20003 Street Addresses

10th St SE ((1-1299)) 11th St SE ((1-1399)) 12th St SE ((100-1499)) 13th St SE ((1-1099)) 14th St SE ((1-1099)) 15th St SE ((1-1099)) 16th St SE ((1-799)) 17th St SE ((1-899)) 18th St SE ((1-699)) 19th St SE ((1-499)) 1st St SE ((1-1499)) 22nd St SE ((1-99)) 2nd Pl SE ((900-1199)) 2nd St SE ((200-1199)) 3rd St SE ((1-1199)) 4th St SE ((1-1199)) 5th St SE ((1-1199)) 6th St SE ((1-799)) 7th St SE ((1-1199)) 8th St SE ((1-1199)) 9th St SE ((1-1199)) A St SE ((300-1899)) Barney Cir SE ((1-99)) Bay St SE ((1700-1899)) Browns Ct SE ((1-699)) Burke St SE ((1800-1899)) Canal St SE ((400-499)) C St SE ((1-1899)) Cushing Pl SE ((1100-1299)) Dahlgren Ave SE ((1100-1199)) D St SE ((1-1999)) Duddington Pl SE ((100-199)) E Archibald Walk SE ((500-647)) E Capitol St NE ((1-2498)) E Capitol St SE ((1101-2099)) Ellen Wilson Pl SE ((600-699)) E St SE ((2-1999)) Freedom Way ((1501-1599)) F Street Ter SE ((500-599)) F St SE ((100-199)) Gessford Ct ((1-99)) Gessford Ct SE ((1-99)) G St SE ((300-1699)) Guetlet Ct SE ((500-599)) Half St SE ((900-1299)) H St SE ((100-1699)) I- 295 ((1100-1149)) Independence Ave SE ((1-2699)) Independence Ct SE ((1301-1399)) I St SE ((1-1299)) Ives Pl SE ((1300-1499)) Ivy St SE ((1-99)) Kentucky Ave SE ((100-899)) Kings Ct SE ((1-99)) K St SE ((1-1699)) Library Ct SE ((1-199)) L St SE ((1-1499)) Massachusetts Ave SE ((1201-1999)) McVay Pl SE ((1000-1098)) M St SE ((1-1899)) New Jersey Ave SE ((200-1219)) North Carolina Ave SE ((1-1099)) N St SE ((1-399)) O St SE ((100-1199)) Patterson Ave SE ((1200-1299)) Pennsylvania Ave SE ((200-1799)) Potomac Ave SE ((1-1899)) Railroad Ave SE ((100-199)) Rumsey Ct SE ((100-299)) S Capitol St SE ((1-1799)) S Capitol St SW ((1-499)) S Carolina Ave SE ((900-1499)) Seward Sq SE ((400-599)) South Carolina Ave SE ((1-699)) S Rumsey Ct SE ((100-399)) Tingey Cres SE ((800-898)) Van St SE ((1200-1299)) Virginia Ave SE ((100-899)) Walker Ct SE ((400-499)) Walter St SE ((1200-1299)) Warrington Ave SE ((600-799)) Water St SE ((1300-1499))

20003 Places and Attractions

Anacostia Marina Anacostia Park Section C Anacostia Railroad Bridge Arsenal Monument Asylum Square Avenue Grand Theater (historical) Barney Circle Barrys Wharf (historical) Bloody Hill Brent Elementary School Bryan School Buchanan Secondary Learning Center (historical) Butler House (historical) Caldwell House (historical) Cannon House Office Building Capitol Grounds Capitol Heating Plant Building Capitol Hill Capitol Hill Day School Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church Capitol Hill United Methodist Church Capitol South Metro Station Capper Recreation Center Carroll Prison (historical) Carroll Row (historical) Carroll Senior Citizens Center Carrollsburg (historical) Chamberlain Career Development Center Christ Church Capitol Hill Christ Episcopal Church Christ United Methodist Church Congressional Cemetery Cranch School (historical) D C Armory D C General Hospital D C Jail DC General Hospital ACCC Heliport DC Public Library - Southeast Branch Daniel A Payne Elementary School Daniel Carroll House Dent School District Yacht Club District of Columbia Crematorium (historical) East Front Fountains East Public School (historical) East Washington Methodist Protestant Church Eastern Academy Eastern Branch Market (historical) Eastern Market Eastern Market Metro Station Eastern Methodist Cemetery (historical) Eastern Power Boat Club Ebenezer United Methodist Church Eleventh Street Bridge Evans Point Fifteenth Street Christian Church (historical) Fifth Baptist Church First Brethren Church First Methodist Protestant Church (historical) Folger Park Folger Shakespeare Library Folger Theatre Friendship House Friendship Settlement House Garfield Monument Garfield Park Giddings School Grace Baptist Church Grant Row Greater People Union Baptist Church Hine Junior High School Holy Comforter Catholic Church Holy Comforter School House East Fountain House Office Building Annex 1 House of Representatives Page School Israel Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) James Madison Memorial Building Jersey Railroad Yard John Adams Building Latrobe Gate Lenox Adult Education Center Lenox School Library of Congress Lincoln Playground Longs Hotel (historical) Longworth House Office Building Magazine Wharf Marine Corps Barracks Marine Corps Commandants House Marine Corps Museum and Historical Center Marine Hospital (historical) Marine Hospital Square (historical) Marine Science Building Marion Park Methodist Protestant Church Naval Gun Factory (historical) Naval Lodge (historical) Naval Lodge Number 4 Masonic Hall (historical) Navy Art Gallery Navy Department Library Navy Magazine Navy Memorial Museum Navy Yard Channel Navy Yard Metro Station Navy Yard Pier 1 Navy Yard Pier 2 Navy Yard Pier 3 Navy Yard Pier 4 Navy Yard Wharf (historical) New Jersey Avenue Market (historical) New Morning Star Baptist Church New United Baptist Church North Carolina Avenue Methodist Church Old Naval Hospital Old Providence Hospital (historical) Old Providence Market (historical) Olive Risely Seward Statue Payne Playground Payne Recreation Center Pennsylvania Avenue Railroad Yard Philadelphia Row Pipetown (historical) Potomac Avenue Metro Station Potomac Gardens Recreation Center Providence Baptist Church Ptomaine Row (historical) Quarters A - Washington Navy Yard Quarters B - Washington Navy Yard Robert F Kennedy Memorial Stadium Ryland Chapel (historical) SMART Program Adult Education Center Saint Cecilias High School Saint Cyprians Catholic Church Saint Cyprians School (historical) Saint Marks Episcopal Church Saint Matthews Lutheran Church Saint Monicas Episcopal Church Saint Peters Catholic Church Saint Peters School Saint Vincent De Paul Catholic Church Seafairers Marina Second Baptist Church (historical) Senate Page School Seward Square Southeast Southeast Branch Library Southeast Federal Center Southeast Hebrew Temple Southeast Station Post Office Spring Branch (historical) Stadium-Armory Metro Station Ten Buildings (historical) Thankful Baptist Church The Bakeoven (historical) The Court of Neptune The Court of Neptune Fountain Sculpture Thomas Jefferson Building Torch of Learning Sculpture Tunnicliffs Tavern (historical) Tyler Elementary School Tyler Vision Program USS Barry United States Marine Corps Barracks and Company Van Ness Elementary School Varnum Hotel (historical) Virginia Avenue Playground (historical) Virginia Avenue Recreation Center Wallach School (historical) Washington Asylum (historical) Washington City Brethren Church Washington Heliport Washington Yacht Club Watkins Elementary School Watkins Recreation Center Watterston House Word of God Baptist Church