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20002 Street Addresses

10th St NE ((1-1099)) 11th Pl NE ((1600-1699)) 11th St NE ((100-1099)) 12th Pl NE ((200-299)) 12th St NE ((100-1098)) 13th St NE ((1-8215)) 14th Pl NE ((200-699)) 14th St NE ((1-899)) 15th St NE ((1-1799)) 16th St NE ((1-3299)) 16th St NW ((200-299)) 17th Pl NE ((200-1099)) 17th St NE ((1-1799)) 18th Pl NE ((300-1299)) 18th St NE ((300-1299)) 19th St NE ((1-1299)) 19th St NW ((600-899)) 1st Pl NE ((2100-2199)) 1st St NE ((200-1999)) 20th St NE ((200-899)) 21st Pl NE ((1100-1199)) 21st St NE ((200-1199)) 22nd St NE ((900-2099)) 22nd St SE ((1-72)) 23rd Pl NE ((400-599)) 24th St NE ((400-1899)) 25th Pl NE ((500-599)) 26th St NE ((700-899)) 2nd St NE ((1-2599)) 3rd St NE ((1-2699)) 4th St NE ((1-3399)) 5th St NE ((1-2299)) 6th St NE ((1-1399)) 7th St NE ((1-1199)) 8th St NE ((1-1199)) 9th St NE ((1-1199)) Abbey Pl NE ((1100-1199)) Acker Pl NE ((600-699)) Adams St NE ((200-399)) Ames Pl NE ((1400-1499)) Ascot Pl NE ((200-299)) A St NE ((200-1899)) Bennett Pl NE ((1900-2099)) Benning Rd NE ((1500-3199)) Bladensburg Rd NE ((801-1999)) Brentwood Pkwy NE ((1400-1499)) Bryant St NE ((1-399)) Capitol Ave NE ((1700-1999)) Capitol Ct NE ((500-599)) Carbery Pl NE ((400-499)) Central Pl NE ((1800-1899)) Channing St NE ((1-399)) Childress St NE ((1300-1399)) Clagett Pl NE ((2000-2099)) Columbus Cir NE ((1-99)) Congress St NE ((1100-1199)) Constitution Ave NE ((1-2099)) Constitution Ave NW ((1600-1699)) Corbin Pl NE ((1300-1399)) Corcoran St NE ((1500-1899)) Cromwell Ter NE ((200-299)) C St NE ((1-2099)) Douglas St NE ((200-399)) D St NE ((1-2199)) Duncan Pl NE ((1200-1299)) Duncan St NE ((1400-1499)) Eames St NE ((501-599)) E Capitol St NE ((201-1298)) Eckington Pl NE ((1500-1699)) Elliott St NE ((600-699)) Emerald St NE ((1300-1399)) E St NE ((100-2599)) Evarts St NE ((1-399)) Fairview Ave NE ((1900-2099)) Fenton Ct NE ((200-299)) Fenwick St NE ((1700-2099)) Florida Ave NE ((1-1499)) Franklin St NE ((1-399)) Frederick Douglas Ct NE ((1-99)) F St NE ((100-1799)) Gales Pl NE ((1700-1799)) Gales St NE ((1500-2099)) Gallaudet St NE ((1300-2099)) Girard St NE ((1-199)) G Pl NE ((1-99)) Groff Ct NE ((500-599)) G St NE ((1-2399)) Holbrook St NE ((1100-1799)) Holbrook Ter NE ((1100-1299)) H Pl NE ((1800-1899)) H St NE ((1-2399)) Isherwood St NE ((1500-1699)) I St NE ((1-2599)) Jericho ((100-399)) Justice Ct NE ((200-298)) Kendall St NE ((1800-2099)) Kent Pl NE ((900-999)) Kramer St NE ((1600-1699)) K St NE ((1-1899)) Lang Pl NE ((1600-1899)) Langston Ter NE ((700-2298)) Levis St NE ((1300-1699)) Lexington Pl NE ((600-699)) Lincoln Rd NE ((1600-2899)) Linden Ct NE ((1300-1399)) Linden Pl NE ((1200-1299)) Louisiana Ave NE ((400-499)) L St NE ((1-1899)) Lyman Pl NE ((1600-1899)) Maryland Ave NE ((100-2299)) Massachusetts Ave NE ((1-1099)) Meigs Pl NE ((1200-1699)) Michigan Ave NE ((1-99)) Millers Ct NE ((300-399)) Montello Ave NE ((1100-1799)) Morris Pl NE ((600-699)) Morse St NE ((300-1499)) Morton Pl NE ((600-699)) Mount Olivet Rd NE ((900-1699)) M St NE ((1-2399)) N Capitol St NE ((700-2999)) N Capitol St NW ((700-2999)) Neal Pl NE ((400-599)) Neal St NE ((1100-1699)) New York Ave NE ((1-3699)) North Carolina Ave NE ((1200-1699)) N St NE ((1-399)) Oates St NE ((1100-1599)) Okie St NE ((1100-1599)) Oklahoma Ave NE ((201-2799)) Orleans Pl NE ((600-699)) Orren St NE ((1100-1799)) O St NE ((1-199)) Owen Pl NE ((1100-1299)) Parker St NE ((200-299)) Park St NE ((1100-1199)) Patterson St NE ((1-99)) Penn St NE ((300-1299)) Pickford Pl NE ((600-699)) Pierce St NE ((1-99)) Porter St NE ((1-99)) Providence St NE ((1800-1899)) P St NE ((1-99)) Q St NE ((1-199)) Queen St NE ((1100-1599)) Quincy Pl NE ((2-199)) Randolph Pl NE ((1-399)) Rand Pl NE ((2100-2499)) Raum St NE ((1100-1399)) Rhode Island Ave NE ((1-699)) Rosedale St NE ((1600-2099)) R St NE ((1-2499)) Seaton Pl NE ((1-399)) Simms Pl NE ((1200-1299)) S St NE ((1-2499)) Staples St NE ((1100-1499)) Summit Pl NE ((1900-2099)) Summit St NE ((1100-1199)) Tennessee Ave NE ((100-699)) Terrace Ct NE ((1-99)) Todd Pl NE ((1-399)) Trinidad Ave NE ((1100-1799)) T St NE ((1-2499)) Uhland Ter NE ((100-199)) Union Station Dr NE ((600-699)) US Hwy 1 ((1-699)) US Hwy 50 ((1-2298)) U St NE ((1-399)) V St NE ((1-599)) Walter Houpe Ct NE ((1-99)) Warren St NE ((200-299)) West Virginia Ave NE ((700-2199)) W St NE ((300-699)) Wylie St NE ((1200-1299))

20002 Places and Attractions

Abraham Lincoln/Emancipation Monument American Legion Freedom Bell Anacostia Park Section F Anton Ruppert House Apollo Statue Appleby Building Arboretum Recreation Center Archimedes Statue Atonement Lutheran Church Authority of Law Sculpture Ballard House Ballard North Ballard West Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Freight Station Benning Bridge Benson Hall Bison Sculpture Blair School Blind/Visually Impaired Adult Education Center Blow Elementary School Brentwood Building (historical) Brentwood Maintenance Building Brentwood Park Brick Capitol (historical) Brown Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church Burnham Barrier Calvary Chapel Episcopal Church Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church Calvert County Fire/Rescue/Emergency Medical Services Division Calvert County Sheriff's Office Capital Childrens Museum Capitol Assembly of God Church Capitol Baptist Church Capitol Hill Hospital Capitol Hill Market (historical) Capitol Hill Metropolitan Baptist Church Carbery School (historical) Carlin Hall Centennial Baptist Church Central Receiving Centurion Statue Ceres Statue Chapel Hall - Gallaudet University Christ Child Society Building Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of Apostolic Faith Church of the Reformation City Post Office Clerc Hall College Hall - Gallaudet University Columbia Institution Columbia Railway Company Car Barns (historical) Contrapposto Sculpture Cool Spring (historical) Cottage Hill Farm (historical) Crandalls Apollo Theatre (historical) Crummell School D C Apprenticeship School DC Public Library - Langston Community Branch DC Public Library - Northeast Branch DC Public Library - R L Christian Community Branch Dawes House Deutoronomy Missionary Baptist Church Dirksen Senate Office Building Douglas Memorial Methodist Church Eastern Cemetery Eastern Presbyterian Church (historical) Eastern Senior High School Eckington Presbyterian Church Eckington Railroad Yard Eckington Recreation Center Eckington School Edgewood (historical) Edgewood Playground Edgewood Recreation Center Edmonds School Edward Miner Gallaudet Memorial Building Edward Miner Gallaudet Statue Eliot Junior High School Eliot Recreation Center Elstad Auditorium Ely Center Emancipation Monument Emery Elementary School Enon Baptist Church Ezras Israel Temple Faith United Missionary Baptist Church Fay House Federal Spring (historical) Field House First Adventist Church First Jericho Baptist Church First Nazarene Church Fowler Hall Freedmen Memorial Galatians Baptist Church Gallaudet Thomas Hopkins and Alice Cogswell Statue Gallaudet University Gibbs Elementary School Gibsons Spring (historical) Glenwood Cemetery Glenwood Cemetery Chapel Glenwood Cemetery Mortuary Chapel Goding Elementary School (historical) Graceland Cemetery (historical) Grants Row (historical) Greater Friendly Baptist Church Greater Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church Greater Victory Baptist Church Greyhound Bus Terminal H Street Connection Shopping Center Hall Memorial Building Hart Senate Office Building Hayes School Health and Human Services and Law and Legal Services Academy Hecht Company Warehouse Hickey Hill Hickey Run Hilton School Hine Recreation Center Holy Name Catholic Church Holy Name School Holy Trinity Baptist Church Holyway Baptist Church Hospital Square Ingram Memorial Congregational Church Isaac Pierce House (historical) Isherwood Ivy City Ivy City Station (historical) J O Wilson Elementary School Juenemanns Lager Beer Brewery (historical) Keller Memorial Lutheran Church Kendall Hall Kingman Lake Kingman Park Kingsman Elementary School (historical) Lane Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Langley Junior High School Langley Recreation Center Langston Community Library Langston Golf Course and Driving Range Langston Playground Langston Terrace Dwellings LeDroit Senior Center Licking Banks Lincoln Hospital (historical) Lincoln Park Lincoln Park Lincoln Park United Methodist Church Lincoln Road Methodist Church Logan School Longs Tavern Lovejoy School Ludlow School (historical) Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School Ludlow/Taylor Recreation Center Lutheran Church of the Reformation MPD 5th Heliport Madison School Major General Nathanael Green Statue Mary McLeod Bethune Statue Mary Thornberry Building Maryland Avenue Baptist Church Maryland State Police Barrack U Maury Elementary School Maury Recreation Center McClellan Circle McKinley/Penn Senior High School Meadow Bank Spa Springs (historical) MedLink Hospital at Capitol Hill Merrill Learning Center Metropolitan Complex Heliport Miner Elementary School Montana Terrace Recreation Center Morris Addition (historical) Mount Hamilton Mount Olivet Cemetery Mountjoy Bayly House Nathanael Greene Statue National Arboretum National Museum of African Art National Philatelic and Postal History Museum National Postal Museum National Training School for Boys (historical) National Visitor Center National Womens Party Building New Saint John Missionary Baptist Church New York Avenue-Florida Avenue-Gallaudet University Metro Station New York Station Shopping Center Ninth Street Christian Church (historical) Northeast Branch Library Northeast Station Post Office Notley Youngs Mill (historical) Notre Dame Convent Old Brick Capitol (historical) Old Capitol Prison (historical) Old Toll Gate Site (historical) Old Way Baptist Church Parkington Peabody Elementary School Peabody Recreation Center Peet Hall Peikoff Alumni House Penn Adult Education Center Penn Center Pentecostal Holiness Church (historical) Peter J. Fine Health Center Phelps Career Senior High School Pierce School Pilgrim African Methodist Episcopal Church Plaza Dining Hall President's House - Gallaudet University Primary Hall Gallaudet College (historical) Progress of Railroading Statues Prometheus Statue Prospect Hill Cemetery Providence Church Puck Fountain R L Christian Community Library Reggio Emilia Preschool Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station Richard Brevard Russell Office Building Ronald H Browne Middle School Roosevelt Apartment Building Rosedale Rosedale Methodist Church Rosedale Playground Rosedale Recreation Center Russell Senate Office Building Saint Benedict the Moor Catholic Church Saint Benedicts School Saint James Episcopal Church Saint Johns Primitive Baptist Church Saint Josephs Catholic Church Saint Josephs School (historical) Saint Martins School Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery Saint Peters Catholic Burial Ground (historical) Saint Phillips Baptist Church Scenes From Shakespeare Sculpture Schotts Court (historical) Second Baptist Church Sewall-Belmont House National Historic Site Shaed Elementary School Sherwood Playground Sherwood Recreation Center Spingarn School to Aid Youth Spingarn Senior High School Spingarn-Langston Recreation Center Spring Tavern (historical) Stanton Park Stanton Park Stuart-Hobson Middle School Supreme Court Swampdoodle (historical) Taylor House (historical) Thales Statue The Contemplation of Justice Sculpture Themis Statue Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Statue Trinidad Trinidad Playground Trinidad Recreation Center Trumbull Row (historical) US National Arboretum Uline Arena Union Center Plaza North Building Union Center Plaza South Building Union Market Union Station Union Station Metro Station Union Station Shopping Center Union Station Visitor Center United Brick Corporation Brick Company United States Capitol Historical Society Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Building WOL-AM (Washington) Washburn Arts Building Washington Brick Machine Company (historical) Washington Coliseum Washington-Dix Street Academy Waugh Chapel Waugh Methodist Church Way of the Cross Church of Christ Webb Elementary School Westory Building Wheatley Elementary School Wheatley Playground Wheatley Recreation Center Whitney Young Memorial Bridge William F Allen Statue Woodward and Lothrop Service Warehouse Young Elementary School