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Washington ZIP Codes

20001 20002 20003 20004 20005 20006 20007 20008 20009 20010 20011 20012 20013 20015 20016 20017 20018 20019 20020 20022 20023 20024 20026 20027 20029 20030 20032 20033 20035 20036 20037 20038 20039 20040 20041 20042 20043 20044 20045 20046 20047 20049 20050 20051 20052 20053 20055 20056 20057 20058 20059 20060 20061 20062 20063 20064 20065 20066 20067 20068 20069 20070 20071 20073 20074 20075 20076 20077 20078 20080 20081 20082 20088 20090 20091 20097 20098 20201 20202 20203 20204 20206 20207 20208 20210 20211 20212 20213 20214 20215 20216 20217 20218 20219 20220 20221 20222 20223 20224 20226 20227 20228 20229 20230 20232 20233 20235 20237 20238 20239 20240 20241 20242 20244 20245 20250 20251 20254 20260 20261 20262 20265 20266 20268 20270 20277 20289 20299 20301 20303 20306 20307 20310 20314 20317 20318 20319 20330 20340 20350 20355 20370 20372 20375 20380 20389 20390 20392 20393 20394 20395 20401 20402 20403 20404 20405 20406 20407 20408 20409 20410 20411 20412 20413 20414 20415 20416 20417 20418 20419 20420 20421 20422 20423 20424 20425 20426 20427 20428 20429 20431 20433 20434 20435 20436 20437 20439 20440 20441 20442 20444 20447 20451 20453 20456 20460 20463 20468 20469 20470 20472 20500 20501 20502 20503 20504 20505 20506 20507 20508 20509 20510 20511 20515 20520 20521 20522 20523 20524 20525 20526 20527 20528 20529 20530 20531 20532 20533 20534 20535 20536 20537 20538 20539 20540 20541 20542 20543 20544 20546 20547 20548 20549 20551 20552 20553 20554 20555 20557 20558 20559 20560 20565 20566 20570 20571 20572 20573 20575 20576 20577 20578 20579 20580 20581 20585 20586 20590 20591 20593 20594 20597 20599
District of Columbia

20001 Schools


  • Maya Angelou Transition Center
  • Creative Minds Pcs
  • Center City Shaw Campus Pcs
  • Kipp Dc Grow Academy Pcs
  • Kipp Dc Will Academy Pcs
  • Benjamin Banneker Academy Hs
  • Cleveland Es
  • Cooke H D Es At K C Lewis
  • Dunbar Shs
  • Walker Jones Ec
  • Seaton Es
  • Shaw Ms At Garnet Patterson
  • Montgomery Es
  • Maya Angelou Shaw Campus Pcs
  • Community Academy Amos Iii Amstrong
  • 20001 Hotels

  • Bridgestreet At Meridian
  • Embassy Suites Washington Convention Center
  • Execustay At 425 Mass
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites Washington, DC/Downtown
  • Grand Hyatt Washington
  • Hampton Inn Washington-Downtown-Convention Center
  • Hyatt Regency Washington DC
  • Morrison Clark Hotel
  • Mt Vernon Square Bed and Breakfast
  • Phoenix Park Hotel
  • Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
  • The Eldon Luxury Suites
  • The Henley Park Hotel
  • The Hotel George, a Kimpton Hotel
  • The Liaison Capitol Hill - An Affinia Hotel
  • Washington Court Hotel
  • Census



    ZIP Code 20001 is located in District of Columbia

    20001 Street Addresses

    10th St NW ((300-2299)) 11th St NW ((400-3099)) 1st Pl NW ((1100-1199)) 1st St NW ((200-2999)) 1st Ter NW ((1100-1199)) 2nd St NW ((200-2341)) 3rd St NE ((913-999)) 3rd St NW ((200-2099)) 4th St NW ((400-2499)) 5th St NW ((400-2899)) 6th St NW ((200-2799)) 7th St NW ((1-1999)) 8th St NW ((700-2299)) 9 1/2 St NW ((1900-1999)) 9th St NW ((100-11898)) Adams St NW ((1-199)) Barry Pl NW ((700-1099)) Bates St NW ((1-299)) Blagden Aly ((2-998)) Bohrer St NW ((1900-1999)) Bryant St NW ((1-699)) Channing St NW ((2-98)) College St NW ((300-599)) Columbia Rd NW ((400-1099)) Columbia St NW ((1400-1499)) Constitution Ave NW ((1-399)) C St NW ((100-599)) D St NW ((1-599)) Elm St NW ((200-499)) Emmanuel Ct NW ((600-698)) E St NW ((1-1399)) Euclid St NW ((700-1099)) Fairmont St NW ((600-1099)) Flagler Pl NW ((2000-2299)) Florida Ave NW ((2-1099)) Franklin St NW ((400-499)) French St NW ((900-999)) F St NW ((1-599)) Georgia Ave NW ((2000-3099)) Girard St NW ((600-1099)) G Pl NW ((400-999)) Gresham Pl NW ((500-999)) G St NW ((1-899)) Hanover Pl NW ((1-99)) Harvard St NW ((500-1099)) Hobart Pl NW ((400-899)) Howard Pl NW ((400-699)) H St NW ((1-1299)) Indiana Ave NW ((1-599)) I St NW ((1-899)) Kenyon St NW ((415-498)) Kirby St NW ((1200-1299)) K St NW ((1-2199)) K Ter NW ((1-99)) Logan Cir NW ((1-42)) Louisiana Ave NW ((1-199)) L Pl NW ((1-99)) L St NW ((1-1015)) Marion Ct NW ((600-699)) Marion St NW ((1500-1699)) Massachusetts Ave NW ((1-699)) McCollough Ct NW ((1100-1199)) McKenna Walk NW ((1100-1198)) McMillan Dr NW ((300-498)) Michigan Ave NW ((300-399)) Morgan St NW ((200-225299)) Mount Vernon Pl NW ((701-899)) M St NW ((1-1099)) Naylor Ct ((1300-1399)) Naylor Ct NW ((1300-1399)) N Capitol St NE ((1609-1624)) N Capitol St NW ((400-1624)) New Jersey Ave NW ((200-1899)) New York Ave NW ((1-1099)) N St NW ((1-1099)) Oakdale Pl NW ((300-498)) O St NW ((1-1399)) Park Pl NW ((2900-3099)) Pennsylvania Ave NW ((400-599)) Pierce St NW ((100-199)) Prather Ct NW ((400-499)) P St NW ((1-1099)) Q St NW ((1-1099)) Quincy Pl NW ((1-99)) Randolph Pl NW ((1-199)) Rhode Island Ave NW ((1-1098)) Richardson Pl NW ((400-499)) Ridge St NW ((400-499)) R St NW ((1-1099)) Seaton Pl NW ((1-199)) Shepherd Ct NW ((1100-1199)) Sherman Ave NW ((901-3099)) South Dakota Ave NE ((2426-2499)) S St NW ((1-1099)) Sursum Corda Ct NW ((1100-1199)) Temple Ct NW ((1-99)) Thomas St NW ((100-199)) T St NW ((1-1099)) Union Ct NW ((900-999)) US Hwy 1 ((1-1703)) US Hwy 29 ((700-3098)) US Hwy 50 ((1-1099)) U St NW ((2-1099)) Vermont Ave NW ((1800-2199)) V St NW ((1-1099)) Walter Washington Way ((400-499)) Warder St NW ((3000-3099)) Warner St NW ((400-499)) Westminster St NW ((900-999)) Wiltberger St NW ((1800-1899)) W St NW ((1-1099))

    20001 Places and Attractions

    Abraham Lincoln Statue Acacia Building Acacia Griffins Sculpture Adas Israel Synagogue African American Civil War Memorial Alain Leroy Locke Hall ALBB Park (historical) Alexander Graham Bell Vocational High School (historical) Ambush School American Federation of Labor Building American Federation of Labor Building American Hospital Association American Theatre (historical) Andrew Carnegie Building Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel Anna Cooper Circle Armour J Blackburn Center Armstrong Adult Education Center Armstrong Preparatory Center For Early Learning Armstrong Preparatory Center Number 2 Armstrong Technical School Asension Episcopal Church (historical) Assemblys Church Associates for Renewal in Education Public Charter School Augusta Apartment Building Banneker Community Center Banneker Day Care Center Banneker High School Banneker Recreation Center Bethany Baptist Church Beyers Park (historical) Black Fashion Museum Blagden Row (historical) Blake School (historical) Blanche K Bruce House Blands Court (historical) Bloomingdale Bread for the City Brigadier General Albert Pike Statue Bright Beginnings Day Care Center Bright Horizon Early Education and Back-Up Center Brooks Hall (historical) Bruce-Monroe Recreation Center Bundy Playground Bundy School Burr Annex Business Library Calvary Baptist Church Campbell Hospital (historical) Capital Memorial Adventist Church (historical) Capital View Skilled Nursing Home Cardoza Playground Carnegie Library (historical) Carpenters Building Carter G Woodson Home National Historic Site Carter G Woodson House Casimir Pulaski Building C B Powell Building Celebration In Learning Child Development Center Center for Academic Reinforcement Center for Sickle Cell Disease Cesar Chavez Public Policy Public Charter School Charles R Drew Hall Chauncy T Cooper Hall Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company Main Building Addition Chester Arthur Building Chief Justice John Marshall Statue Chinatown Chinatown (historical) Chinese Community Church Chinese Friendship Archway Memorial Christian Science Reading Room Christian Tabernacle Child Development Center Christian Tabernacle Church of God Church of God Church of the Ascension Church of the Disciples Church of the Incarnation (historical) City Hospital (historical) City of Washington City of Washington Museum Citywide Community Development Center Claridge Towers Geriatric Health Center Clark Griffith Stadium (historical) Cleveland Elementary School Colfax School (historical) Columbia Law School (historical) Corcoran Square Market Corinthian Baptist Church Cowtown (historical) Cramton Auditorium Department of Labor Building Department of Labor Day Care Center District of Columbia District of Columbia Court of Appeals Building District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Engine Company 2 District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Engine Company 3 District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Engine Company 4 District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Engine Company 6 District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services - Fire Prevention Division District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Headquarters and Administration District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Payroll District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Public Affairs District of Columbia Municipal Center District of Columbia Public Library-Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Library District of Columbia Public Library-Watha T Daniel-Shaw Interim Branch District of Columbia Superior Court Child Care Center Dixon Hall Douglas Row (historical) Douglass Hospital (historical) Dunbar Aquatic Facility Dunbar High School Earnest E Just Hall East Central East End Ebenezer Baptist Church Eckington Edmund Burke Statue Effingham Apartments Elinor (historical) Embassy of Canada English Hill Ephesus Adventist Church (historical) Evans-Tibbs House Expense (historical) Faith and Deliverance Bibleway Church Faith and Hope Full Gospel Church Federal City Shelter Clinic Federal Home Loan Bank Board Building First Congregational Church First Genesis Baptist Church First Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church First Rising Mount Zion Child Development Center First Trinity Lutheran Church Fletcher Chapel Florida Avenue Baptist Church For Love of Children Learning Center Founders Library Fourth Presbyterian Church (historical) Frances Perkins House Francis Perkins Station Post Office Fredrick Douglass Memorial Hall Frelinghuysen University Friendship Archway F Street Post Office Gadsbys Hotel (historical) Gage Eckington Elementary Gales School Gallery of Art - Howard University Garfield Hospital (historical) Garfield Terrrace Senior Citizens Center Garnet - Patterson Junior High School General Accounting Office General Meade Statue Georgetown Law Early Learning Center Georgetown University Law Center George W Cook Hall German Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical) Germuiller Row Golden Rule Child Development Center Gonzaga College High School Gordons Meadow (historical) Gorsuch Chapel Gospel Spreading Church Government Printing Office Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Building Greater Little Ark Baptist Church Greater New Hope Baptist Church Grimke School Hamline Church (historical) Harriett Tubman Quadrangle Harrison Apartment Building Harvest Life Fellowship Hash Row Hemingway Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Highway Christian Church of Christ Hippodrome (historical) Holy Redeemer Catholic Church Holy Redeemer Catholic School Holy Redeemer School Holy Rosary Catholic Church Holy Rosery Church Home Away From Home Child Development Center Homeopathic Hospital Howard Hall Howard Playground Howard Plaza Towers Howard Theater Howard University Center Howard University Early Learning Program Howard University Hospital Howard University Hospital Family Health Center Howard University Middle School for Math and Science Primary Charter School Howard University Museum Howard University Park (historical) Howard University Post Office Human Ecology Building Hyde Leadership Public Charter School Immaculate Conception Academy (historical) Immaculate Conception Boys School Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Immaculate Conception Convent Immaculate Conception Rectory Immaculate Conception School Immigration and Naturalization Service Building Inabel Burns Lindsay Hall Indian House (historical) Ira Aldridge Theatre Isabella Sojourner Truth Hall Italian Baptist Church Jackson Hotel (historical) Japanese American Memorial J B Johnson Nursing Center Jefferson Apartment Building John Burr Gymnasium John F Cook Elementary School John F Kennedy Recreation Center John Marshall Place Park Jones School (historical) Joseph Darlington Fountain Joseph Gales School (historical) J O Wilson Recreation Center Judiciary Square Judiciary Square Judiciary Square Hospital (historical) Judiciary Square Metro Station Judiciary Square Rowhouses (historical) Julia Caldwell Frazier Hall Julia Ward Howe Memorial K C Lewis Recreation Center Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lafayette Apartment Building LeDroit Park LeDroit Park Post Office Lewis Elementary School Lillian and Albert Small Jewish Museum Lincoln Temple United Church of Christ Lincoln Westmoreland Child Development Center Loeflers Gardens Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library Lower Quadrangle Lulu V Childers Hall Lutheran English Church (historical) Mackey Building Margaret Washington Senior High School Maria L Baldwin Hall Martin Luther King Junior Memorial Library Mary Church Terrell House Maryland House (historical) Mary Mcleod Bethune Hall Annex Mary Surratt House Mausoleum Square Maya Angelou Public Charter School Maya Angelou See Forever Primary Charter School Shaw Campus McKendree Chapel (historical) McMillan Park (historical) McMillan Reservoir Mercantile Savings Bank Metropolitan Police Boys and Girls Clubs Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters Metropolitan Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Meyer Elementary School Miles Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Miner Hall (historical) Miner Normal School (historical) Miner Teachers College (historical) Minute Man Statue Montgomery Elementary School Moorland Spingarn Research Center Moran Building Mordecal Johnson Administration Building Morrison-Clark Inn Morse School Mount Bethel Baptist Church Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Lebanon Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mount Sinai Baptist Church Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church Mount Vernon Row (historical) Mount Vernon Square Mount Vernon Square Mount Vernon Square-University of the District of Columbia Metro Station Mount Vernon Theater Mount Zion Pentecostal Church Myrene Apartment Building National Building Museum National Guard Heritage Gallery National Guard Memorial Building National Home for Destitute Colored Women and Children (historical) National Hotel (historical) National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial New Bethany Baptist Church New Bethel Baptist Church New Birth Baptist Church Newseum New York Avenue/Dunbar Recreation Center New York Avenue Playground Northern Liberty Market (historical) Northwest Church Family Network Northwest Settlement House Northwest Settlement House Infant Child Development Center Notre Dame Academy Odeon Theatre (historical) Old Adas Israel Synagogue (historical) Old City Hall Old Engine Company Number 6 Old Main Building Old Main (historical) On Leong Chinese Merchants Association Building O Street Market Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Palais Royale Building (historical) Pension Building (historical) Perry Family Health Center Phyllis Wheatley Hall Phyllis Wheatley YMCA Plaza Fountain Pre-Engineering School Within a School at Dunbar Pre-engineering School-within-a-School Charter - Dunbar Prince Hall Masonic Temple Prudence Crandall Hall Purdy Court (historical) Ralph J Bunche International Affairs Center Reedy Branch (historical) Rhode Island Avenue Methodist Church Robert A Taft Memorial and Carillon Russell A Dixon Building Russell A Dixon Hall Ryders Castle Saint Aloysius Catholic Church Saint Aloysius School Saint Charles Hotel (historical) Saint Georges Episcopal Church Saint Georges Syrian Orthodox Church (historical) Saint Martins Catholic Church Saint Marys Catholic Church Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church (historical) Saint Marys School (historical) Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery (historical) Saint Patricks Cemetery (historical) Saint Patricks School (historical) Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery (historical) Saint Stephens Baptist Church Salem Baptist Church Samuel Gompers House Samuel Gompers Memorial Savage Square (historical) School of Education Schuetzen Park (historical) Scott Montgomery Day Care Center Seaton Elementary School Seaton Playground Second Baptist Church Senate Terrace Fountain Seventh Street Park Shadds Tavern (historical) Shaw Shaw-Howard University Metro Station Shaw Junior High School Shaw Recreation Center Shiloh Baptist Church Shiloh Day Nursery Simpson Methodist Church (historical) Sir William Blackstone Statue Sisters Public School (historical) Sixth and I Synagogue Slater-Langston Elementary School (historical) Smiths Park (historical) Soul Saving Center Church of God Southern Aid Society Building Southern Baptist Church Springfield Baptist Church Springfield Baptist Church Child Development Center Stanton Hospital (historical) Stephen A Douglas House (historical) Steuart Building (historical) Student Resource Center Superior Court of the District of Columbia- Clerk of the Court Superior Court of the District of Columbia - Crime Victims Compensation Program Superior Court of the District of Columbia - Criminal Division Superior Court of the District of Columbia - Moultrie Courthouse Sursum Corda Community Library Tabor Presbyterian Church (historical) Takoma Playground Techworld Post Office Temple Baptist Church Tenth Street Baptist Church Terrell Junior High School Terrell Recreation Center The Church of God The Gleaning (historical) The Old Pentecost Church The Plymouth The Scripture Cathedral Day Care Center Third Baptist Church Third Street Church of God Thirkield Science Hall Tiny Findings Day Care Center Trinity Church (historical) True Gospel Baptist Church Truxton Circle Tudor Hall Turner Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church Twining School (historical) Ujamaa School Union Plaza Dormitories (historical) Union Station Plaza United House of Prayer United Planning Organization Number 1 United States Court of Military Appeals United States Hotel (historical) United States Navy Memorial United States Tax Court Building Upper Quadrangle Verizon Center Victims of Communism Memorial Victor Building Walker Jones Clinic Walker - Jones Elementary School Walker School (historical) Walter E. Washington Convention Center Washington Area Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Washington Bank (historical) Washington Center Washington City Washington District of Columbia Fire - Radio Shop Washington District of Columbia Police Chief Headquarters Washington Hebrew Temple (historical) Washington House (historical) Washington Jail (historical) Washington Lodge Number 15 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Headquarters Watha T Daniel Branch Library Webster School Wesley Chapel (historical) Westminster WHUR-FM WHUT-TV Station William H Greene Stadium World Public Charter School of Washington WUST-AM (Washington) WYCB-AM (Washington) Yale Steam Laundry Youngsborough (historical)