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20001 Street Addresses

10th St NW ((300-2299)) 11th St NW ((400-3099)) 1st Pl NW ((1100-1199)) 1st St NW ((200-2999)) 1st Ter NW ((1100-1199)) 2nd St NW ((200-2341)) 3rd St NE ((913-999)) 3rd St NW ((200-2099)) 4th St NW ((400-2499)) 5th St NW ((400-2899)) 6th St NW ((200-2799)) 7th St NW ((1-1999)) 8th St NW ((700-2299)) 9 1/2 St NW ((1900-1999)) 9th St NW ((100-11898)) Adams St NW ((1-199)) Barry Pl NW ((700-1099)) Bates St NW ((1-299)) Blagden Aly ((2-998)) Bohrer St NW ((1900-1999)) Bryant St NW ((1-699)) Channing St NW ((2-98)) College St NW ((300-599)) Columbia Rd NW ((400-1099)) Columbia St NW ((1400-1499)) Constitution Ave NW ((1-399)) C St NW ((100-599)) D St NW ((1-599)) Elm St NW ((200-499)) Emmanuel Ct NW ((600-698)) E St NW ((1-1399)) Euclid St NW ((700-1099)) Fairmont St NW ((600-1099)) Flagler Pl NW ((2000-2299)) Florida Ave NW ((2-1099)) Franklin St NW ((400-499)) French St NW ((900-999)) F St NW ((1-599)) Georgia Ave NW ((2000-3099)) Girard St NW ((600-1099)) G Pl NW ((400-999)) Gresham Pl NW ((500-999)) G St NW ((1-899)) Hanover Pl NW ((1-99)) Harvard St NW ((500-1099)) Hobart Pl NW ((400-899)) Howard Pl NW ((400-699)) H St NW ((1-1299)) Indiana Ave NW ((1-599)) I St NW ((1-899)) Kenyon St NW ((415-498)) Kirby St NW ((1200-1299)) K St NW ((1-2199)) K Ter NW ((1-99)) Logan Cir NW ((1-42)) Louisiana Ave NW ((1-199)) L Pl NW ((1-99)) L St NW ((1-1015)) Marion Ct NW ((600-699)) Marion St NW ((1500-1699)) Massachusetts Ave NW ((1-699)) McCollough Ct NW ((1100-1199)) McKenna Walk NW ((1100-1198)) McMillan Dr NW ((300-498)) Michigan Ave NW ((300-399)) Morgan St NW ((200-225299)) Mount Vernon Pl NW ((701-899)) M St NW ((1-1099)) Naylor Ct ((1300-1399)) Naylor Ct NW ((1300-1399)) N Capitol St NE ((1609-1624)) N Capitol St NW ((400-1624)) New Jersey Ave NW ((200-1899)) New York Ave NW ((1-1099)) N St NW ((1-1099)) Oakdale Pl NW ((300-498)) O St NW ((1-1399)) Park Pl NW ((2900-3099)) Pennsylvania Ave NW ((400-599)) Pierce St NW ((100-199)) Prather Ct NW ((400-499)) P St NW ((1-1099)) Q St NW ((1-1099)) Quincy Pl NW ((1-99)) Randolph Pl NW ((1-199)) Rhode Island Ave NW ((1-1098)) Richardson Pl NW ((400-499)) Ridge St NW ((400-499)) R St NW ((1-1099)) Seaton Pl NW ((1-199)) Shepherd Ct NW ((1100-1199)) Sherman Ave NW ((901-3099)) South Dakota Ave NE ((2426-2499)) S St NW ((1-1099)) Sursum Corda Ct NW ((1100-1199)) Temple Ct NW ((1-99)) Thomas St NW ((100-199)) T St NW ((1-1099)) Union Ct NW ((900-999)) US Hwy 1 ((1-1703)) US Hwy 29 ((700-3098)) US Hwy 50 ((1-1099)) U St NW ((2-1099)) Vermont Ave NW ((1800-2199)) V St NW ((1-1099)) Walter Washington Way ((400-499)) Warder St NW ((3000-3099)) Warner St NW ((400-499)) Westminster St NW ((900-999)) Wiltberger St NW ((1800-1899)) W St NW ((1-1099))

20001 Places and Attractions

ALBB Park (historical) Abraham Lincoln Statue Acacia Building Acacia Griffins Sculpture Adas Israel Synagogue African American Civil War Memorial Alexander Graham Bell Vocational High School (historical) Ambush School American Federation of Labor Building American Theatre (historical) Anna Cooper Circle Armstrong Adult Education Center Armstrong Technical School Asension Episcopal Church (historical) Assemblys Church Atlantic Building Augusta Apartment Building Banneker Community Center Banneker Recreation Center Banneker Senior High School Bethany Baptist Church Beyers Park (historical) Black Fashion Museum Blagden Row (historical) Blake School (historical) Blanche K Bruce House Blands Court (historical) Bloomingdale Brigadier General Albert Pike Statue Brooks Hall (historical) Bruce-Monroe Recreation Center Bundy Playground Bundy School Calvary Baptist Church Campbell Hospital (historical) Capital Memorial Adventist Church (historical) Cardoza Playground Carnegie Library (historical) Carter G Woodson Home National Historic Site Carter G Woodson House Casimir Pulaski Building Chester Arthur Building Chief Justice John Marshall Statue Chinatown Chinatown (historical) Chinese Community Church Chinese Friendship Archway Memorial Church of God Church of the Ascension City Hospital (historical) City of Washington Museum Clark Griffith Stadium (historical) Cleveland Elementary School (historical) Colfax School (historical) Columbia Law School (historical) Corcoran Square Market Corinthian Baptist Church Cowtown (historical) D C Courthouse DC Public Library - Sursum Corda Community Branch DC Public Library - Watha T Daniel Branch Department of Labor Building District of Columbia Municipal Center Douglas Row (historical) Douglass Hospital (historical) Dunbar Senior High School East Central East End Ebenezer Baptist Church Eckington Edmund Burke Statue Embassy of Canada English Hill Ephesus Adventist Church (historical) Equitable Co-operative Building Evans-Tibbs House F Street Post Office Federal Home Loan Bank Board Building First Congregational Church First Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church First Trinity Lutheran Church Fletcher Chapel Fourth Presbyterian Church (historical) Frances Perkins House Frelinghuysen University Friendship Archway Gadsbys Hotel (historical) Gage-Eckington Elementary School Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro Station Garfield Hospital (historical) Garfield Terrrace Senior Citizens Center Garnet-Patterson Middle School General Accounting Office General Meade Statue Georgetown University Law Center German Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical) Germuiller Row Gonzaga High School Gorsuch Chapel Government Printing Office Greater Little Ark Baptist Church Greater New Hope Baptist Church Greek Vases Sculpture Grimke School Hamline Church (historical) Harrison Apartment Building Hash Row Hemingway Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Hippodrome (historical) Holy Redeemer Catholic Church Holy Rosary Catholic Church Holy Rosery Church Homeopathic Hospital Howard Hall Howard Playground Howard Theater Howard University Howard University Hospital Howard University Park (historical) Immaculate Conception Academy (historical) Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Immaculate Conception School (historical) Immigration and Naturalization Service Building Indian House (historical) Italian Baptist Church J F Cook Elementary School J O Wilson Recreation Center Jackson Hotel (historical) Japanese American Memorial Jefferson Apartment Building John Marshall Place Park Jones School (historical) Joseph Darlington Fountain Judiciary Square Judiciary Square Judiciary Square Hospital (historical) Judiciary Square Metro Station Judiciary Square Rowhouses (historical) Julia Ward Howe Memorial Julius Lansburgh Furniture Company K C Lewis Recreation Center Lafayette Apartment Building LeDroit Park Lewis Elementary School Lillian and Albert Small Jewish Museum Lincoln Temple United Church of Christ Loeflers Gardens M M Washington High School Martin Luther King Junior Memorial Library Mary Church Terrell House Mary Surratt House Maryland House (historical) Mausoleum Square McGill Building (historical) McKendree Chapel (historical) McLachlen Building McMillan Park (historical) McMillan Reservoir Mercantile Savings Bank Metropolitan Theatre (historical) Metropolitan Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Meyer Elementary School Miner Hall (historical) Miner Normal School (historical) Miner Teachers College (historical) Minute Man Statue Montgomery Elementary School Moran Building Morrison-Clark Inn Morse School Mount Bethel Baptist Church Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church Mount Vernon Row (historical) Mount Vernon Square Mount Vernon Square Mount Vernon Square-UDC Metro Station Mount Vernon Theater Myrene Apartment Building National Building Museum National Guard Heritage Gallery National Guard Memorial Building National Home for Destitute Colored Women and Children (historical) National Hotel (historical) National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial National Museum of American Art National Portrait Gallery National Union Building New Bethel Baptist Church New York Avenue Playground New York Avenue/Dunbar Recreation Center Northern Liberty Market (historical) Notre Dame Academy O Street Market Odeon Theatre (historical) Old Adas Israel Synagogue (historical) Old City Hall Old Engine Company Number 6 Old Main (historical) Old Masonic Hall On Leong Chinese Merchants Association Building Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Palais Royale Building (historical) Pegasus and Bellerophon Sculpture Pension Building (historical) Phyllis Wheatley YMCA Plaza Fountain Pre-Engineering School Prince Hall Masonic Temple Purdy Court (historical) R H Terrell Junior High School Reedy Branch (historical) Rhode Island Avenue Methodist Church Robert A Taft Memorial and Carillon Ryders Castle Saint Aloysius Catholic Church Saint Aloysius School Saint Georges Episcopal Church Saint Georges Syrian Orthodox Church (historical) Saint Martins Catholic Church Saint Marys Catholic Church Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church (historical) Saint Marys School (historical) Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery (historical) Saint Patricks Catholic Church Saint Patricks Cemetery (historical) Saint Patricks School (historical) Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery (historical) Saint Stephens Baptist Church Salem Baptist Church Samuel Gompers House Samuel Gompers Memorial Savage Square (historical) Schutzen Park (historical) Seaton Elementary School Seaton Playground Second Baptist Church Senate Terrace Fountain Seventh Street Park Shadds Tavern (historical) Shaw Shaw Junior High School Shaw Recreation Center Shaw-Howard University Metro Station Shiloh Baptist Church Sibley Memorial Hospital Simpson Methodist Church (historical) Sir William Blackstone Statue Sisters Public School (historical) Slater-Langston Elementary School (historical) Smiths Park (historical) Southern Aid Society Building Springfield Baptist Church Stanton Hospital (historical) Stephen A Douglas House (historical) Steuart Building (historical) Sursum Corda Community Library Tabor Presbyterian Church (historical) Takoma Playground Temple Baptist Church Tenth Street Baptist Church Terrell Recreation Center Trinity Church (historical) Truxton Circle Turner Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church Twining School (historical) Union Plaza Dormitories (historical) Union Station Plaza United States Court of Military Appeals United States Navy Memorial United States Tax Court Building Vaquero Statue Verizon Center WUST-AM (Washington) WYCB-AM (Washington) Walker School (historical) Walker-Jones Elementary School Warder Building Washington Area Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Washington Bank (historical) Washington City Washington Convention Center Washington Hebrew Temple (historical) Washington House (historical) Washington Jail (historical) Washington Lodge Number 15 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Headquarters Watha T Daniel Branch Library Webster School Wesley Chapel (historical) Westminster Woodward and Lothrop Building Yale Steam Laundry Youngsborough (historical)