Reading, PA 19602 ZIP Code Map


19602 Schools


  • Sixteenth & Haak El Sch
  • Southwest Ms
  • Southern Ms
  • Amanda E Stout El Sch
  • Tyson-Schoener El Sch
  • Census


    ZIP Code 19602 is located in Berks County

    19602 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((300-399)) Apple St ((1-99)) Beaver St ((600-699)) Bell Aly ((300-699)) Benners Ct ((1000-1099)) Benz Pl ((1-99)) Bingaman Ct ((400-498)) Bingaman St ((414-999)) Budd Aly ((200-299)) Calls Ct ((300-399)) Canal St ((400-699)) Carpenter St ((1-499)) Chapel Ter ((200-599)) Cherry St ((100-1099)) Chestnut St ((100-1299)) Clymer St ((1-299)) Constitution Way ((301-399)) Cotton St ((900-1337)) Culvert St ((800-1099)) Deem St ((700-799)) Eckert Ave ((1200-1899)) E Laurel St ((900-999)) E Linden St ((509-575)) Fairview St ((1300-1499)) Fehrs Ct ((1000-1299)) Forest St ((1600-1699)) Forrest St ((1810-1898)) Franklin St ((100-1299)) Geigers Ct ((900-999)) Gem Aly ((200-399)) Gilson Aly ((400-499)) Goodharts Ct ((500-599)) Good St ((1300-1399)) Grape St ((100-299)) Haak St ((1500-1799)) Haines Ct ((1-99)) Hessian Rd ((1800-1999)) Hill Rd ((1200-2298)) Holly Rd ((1700-1999)) Hoskins Pl ((300-399)) Kenny St ((1300-1399)) Klein Ave ((1700-1799)) Laurel St ((400-898)) Lemon St ((100-299)) Little Cherry St ((1100-1199)) Little Grape St ((300-399)) Little Willow St ((600-699)) Little Wunder St ((1-99)) Maitland St ((100-199)) Maple St ((1-699)) Master St ((800-899)) Mc Ilvain St ((700-799)) Mifflin St ((200-299)) Miller St ((300-399)) Mineral Spring Rd ((1300-1899)) Minor St ((300-699)) Mohns Ct ((1-99)) Muhlenberg St ((700-1499)) N 14th St ((514-575)) Neversink Aly ((700-799)) Neversink St ((1-199)) Orange St ((1-499)) Peach St ((1-299)) Pearl St ((1-599)) Penn St ((200-1099)) Perkiomen Ave ((1100-4398)) Pine St ((300-699)) Plum St ((100-399)) Rambo Aly ((100-198)) Riverfront Dr ((101-599)) S 10th St ((1-798)) S 11th St ((1-599)) S 12th St ((100-599)) S 13th St ((200-699)) S 14 1/2 St ((400-599)) S 14th St ((300-599)) S 15th St ((400-699)) S 16th St ((200-399)) S 17 1/2 St ((300-399)) S 17th St ((200-399)) S 18th St ((200-399)) S 2nd St ((1-199)) S 3rd St ((1-499)) S 4th St ((1-599)) S 5th St ((1-699)) S 6th St ((1-699)) S 7th St ((301-699)) S 8th St ((1-399)) S 9th St ((1-1198)) Schultz Ct ((600-699)) Seward St ((200-299)) S Front St ((1-199)) South St ((900-1299)) Spring Garden St ((300-499)) Spruce St ((101-1499)) Steuben Rd ((1800-2099)) Strong Aly ((300-699)) Trooper Rd ((1900-2099)) US Hwy 222 Bus ((1-412)) US Hwy 422 Bus ((1-1799)) Victory Pl ((1-99)) Weimer St ((1100-1299)) Whitehouse Rd ((1001-1099)) Willow St ((500-699)) Woodbine Ct ((400-499)) Wood St ((1-599)) Wool Aly ((600-699)) Wunder St ((100-599))

    19602 Places and Attractions

    Amanda E Stout School American Legion Post 872 Borinqueneers American Legion Post 929 General Casimir Pulaski Bandshell Amphitheatre BARTA Transportation Center Berks Hall Bingaman Street Bridge B'nai Brith Apartments Cabrini Academy Callowhill Historic District Central School Child Evangelism Fellowship of Reading Church of God in Christ City Park City Park Playground Dove Garden Dove of Peace Sculpture Drenkel Field Duryea Drive Fairview Christian School Fairview Mennonite Church First Baptist Church First Century Worship Center First Presbyterian Church First Unitarian Universalist Church Freedom Gate Ministries German Lutheran Cemetery Grace Lutheran Church Heritage Park Hessian Camp Highland House (historical) Holy Guardian Angels School Holy Rosary Church Hopewell Mennonite Church Immanuel Evangelical Church Kerpers Landing Kesher Zion Synagogue Keystone Fire Station Klapperthall Junction Knights of Columbus 4198 Holy Eucharist Liberty Fire Company Lindbergh Viaduct Mary's Shelter Millers Lock (historical) Mineral Spring Park Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church Neversink Playground Neversink Reservoir Penn Hall Penske Heliport Pentecostal Christ Is Risen Church Perkiomen Avenue School Reading Area Community College Reading Area Fire Fighters Museum Reading Franklin Street Station Reading Hardware Company (historical) Reading Health Dispensary Reading Hose Fire Company Reading Iron Playground Reading Police Memorial Reading Public Library Reading Railroad Massacre Historic Marker Rehoboth Seventh-Day Adventist Church Rhodes Towers Riverfront Park Saint Johns Reformed Church Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery Saint Peters Catholic Church Saint Peter School Saints Cyril and Methodius Roman Catholic Church Schuylkill Hall Sixteenth Street Elementary School Southeast Branch Library Southern Junior High School Southwest Junior High School Sovereign Center Spanish Pentecostal Church Spruce Bridge (historical) Tabernacle of Prayer for All People Tenth and South Playground The Pagoda Third and Spruce Recreation Area Third and Spruce Recreation Center Thirteenth Street Incline (historical) Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Tyson Schoener Elementary School Washington Fire Company White House (historical) WRAW-AM (Reading)