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  • Scranton Hs
  • William Prescott #38
  • Northeast Intrmd Sch
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    ZIP Code 18510 is located in Lackawanna County

    18510 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((800-899)) 3rd St ((1300-1599)) Adams Ave ((400-1099)) Arthur Ave ((200-899)) Ash St ((600-2699)) Auburn Pl ((100-199)) Avery Pl ((600-699)) Brady St ((100-198)) Buenzli Ct ((300-1199)) Bunker Hill St ((1000-2599)) Bush St ((100-199)) Catlin Ct ((200-299)) Clay Ave ((300-1399)) Cleveland Ave ((100-1899)) Cobb Ave ((600-699)) Colfax Ave ((200-899)) Costello Ct ((300-1099)) Earl Ct ((100-299)) E Gibson St ((600-1998)) E Grove St ((100-299)) Elmhurst Blvd ((2-98)) Engle Ct ((1000-1099)) Engle St ((1100-1199)) Erie-Lackawanna RR ((700-799)) Erie St ((100-399)) Farber Ct ((300-1299)) Gibson St ((1900-1999)) Gordon Pl ((1-99)) Gravity St ((103-798)) Harding St ((1700-1799)) Harrison Ave ((200-999)) Hitchcock Ct ((400-1399)) James Ave ((700-1099)) Jefferson Ave ((100-1199)) John Ave ((900-1199)) Joseph Ave ((900-1198)) Kellum Ct ((300-1199)) Kressler Ct ((100-899)) Kurtz St ((1-199)) Lake St ((100-199)) Leslie Dr ((1-99)) Linden St ((509-1899)) Luke Ave ((1000-1099)) Madison Ave ((200-1099)) Mahon Ct ((200-999)) Mark Ave ((1000-1099)) Masters St ((100-199)) Matthew Ave ((700-999)) McCormick Ct ((300-898)) McKenna Ct ((300-1199)) Meade St ((100-299)) Moir Ct ((300-999)) Monroe Ave ((200-1099)) Mulberry St ((100-1999)) Myrtle St ((500-2499)) My St ((1901-1999)) Nay Aug Park ((400-498)) Nay Aug Pl ((200-299)) N Irving Ave ((300-1199)) N Luke Ave ((1000-1199)) N Webster Ave ((200-1399)) Oakwood Pl ((1-99)) Okell Ct ((200-599)) Olive St ((600-1899)) Park St ((100-298)) Paul Ave ((900-1199)) Pine St ((400-1899)) Platt Pl ((1-99)) Poplar St ((500-1199)) Prescott Ave ((100-1399)) Prescott Pl ((1-699)) Quincy Ave ((300-1399)) Richter Ave ((800-999)) Ridge Ave ((900-1299)) Ridge Row ((600-1499)) Roselynn St ((1600-1898)) Sadler Ave ((900-1098)) Sand St ((100-299)) S Blakely St ((425-799)) Schultz Ct ((100-899)) Scranton-Pocono Hwy ((9-53)) Second St ((100-598)) Sherwood Ave ((700-799)) Sherwood Ct ((200-699)) Snook St ((1-30)) State Rte 307 ((9-699)) Stipp Ct ((200-999)) Taylor Ave ((300-1199)) Union Ave ((901-1199)) US Hwy 11 ((100-699)) Vine St ((200-1899)) Waldorf Ln ((9-199)) Walnut St ((100-299)) Watrous Ave ((2300-2399)) W Gibson St ((700-1299)) W Grove St ((300-499)) Wheeler Ave ((200-1599)) William St ((100-899)) Yesu Ln ((106-299))

    18510 Places and Attractions

    Admissions Visitors Center Audubon Elementary School Brennan Hall Bunker Hill Cambria House Centennial Fountain Saint Ignatius Sculpture Central High School Christ the Teacher Sculpture Ciszek Hall Communcations Wing Cooling Pond Cooling Pond Dam DeNaples Fields Denis Edward Hall Dorothy Day House Elizabeth Ann Seton House Elm Park Annex Elm Park Methodist Church Fayette House Founder's Green Gallery House Galvin Terrace Gannon Hall Gavigan Hall Gonzaga House Gunster Memorial Student Center Hafey Hall Haines Junction Hanneman Hospital Harper-McGinnis Wing Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library Herold Apartments Houlihan-McLean Center Hyland Hall Immanual Baptist Church Jacob and the Angel Sculpture John Long Center Katharine Drexel House Keating House Kostka House Lavis Hall Linden Plaza Little Roaring Brook Liva Arts House Loyola Hall of Science Luzerne House Lynett Hall Madison Avenue Temple McCourt Hall McDade Center for Literary and Performing Arts McGowan House McKenna House Mercy Hospital Moleclar Biology and Medicine Institute Moses Taylor Hospital Most Reverend William G O'Hara Hall Mullberry Plaza Nay Aug Falls Nay Aug Park Nay Aug Park Gorge Nevils Hall Northeast Reginal Cancer Institute Number Seven Reservoir Pine Street Baptist Church Plaza 500 Poly-Hi Solidur Park Prescott Elementary School Quain Memorial Conservatory Redington Hall Roche Wellness Center Rock Junction Royal Courts at DeNaples Fields Rupert Mayer House Saint Johns Lutheran Church Schautz Memorial Stadium Scranton Hall Scranton Technical High School Scranton Water Company Reservoir Sheila Jordan Murray Memorial Rock Garden Smurfit Arts Center Southwest House Temple Israel The Estate Timlin House Tioga House University of Scranton Westminster Presbyterian Church William J Byron Recreation Complex