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    ZIP Code 17764 is located in Clinton County

    17764 Street Addresses

    10th St ((100-299)) 11th St ((100-299)) 12th St ((100-199)) 13th St ((100-199)) 14th St ((100-199)) 15th St ((100-199)) 1st St ((500-799)) 2nd St ((400-599)) 3rd St ((100-499)) 4th St ((100-499)) 5th St ((100-499)) 6th St ((100-499)) 7th St ((100-799)) 8th St ((100-299)) 9th St ((100-298)) Allegheny St ((1000-1099)) Bear Ln ((200-299)) Benjamin Run Rd ((1001-1398)) Big Trestle Trl ((301-399)) Birch St ((100-198)) Boone Rd ((1-2999)) Border St ((1-99)) Brady St ((701-799)) Breeze Ave ((7500-12099)) Brewery Ln ((1-99)) Brewery Run Ave ((100-1999)) Brewery Run Rd ((2-98)) Brooks Ln ((2-98)) Bucktail Ave ((1-1399)) Bucktail Trl ((9800-9899)) Bucky Rd ((200-799)) Calhoun Ln ((400-498)) Calhoun Rd ((400-498)) Cedar St ((100-299)) Center St ((1-199)) Central Ave ((400-1199)) Champlain Ave ((200-399)) Chipmunk Ln ((200-499)) Clinton Ave ((100-399)) Coon Run Rd ((1600-1699)) Crabapple Run Rd ((500-598)) Cranberry Run Rd ((100-199)) Daugherty Run Ln ((2-98)) Debs Ln ((2-98)) Deerfield Ln ((1-199)) Delaware Ave ((1700-2299)) Devaul Ln ((2-98)) Devils Elbow Ln ((1-199)) Dings Ln ((1-198)) Dish Pan Hollow Rd ((800-898)) Dyer Rd ((2-198)) Elizabeth St ((1-99)) Elm Camp Rd ((1-99)) Erie Ave ((300-1799)) Escape Rte ((101-199)) Euclid Ave ((2-98)) Fairview Ln ((400-498)) Farwell Ave ((1-1399)) Flat Rock Rd ((3300-3999)) Gannons Ln ((101-199)) George St ((1-99)) Grammas Ln ((100-199)) Gratzmar Ave ((1-199)) Grugan Hollow Rd ((1400-2298)) Hall St ((500-598)) Hammersley Fork Ave ((1-199)) Hammersley Fork Trl ((8201-8299)) Hammersley Rd ((1-8299)) Haystack Rd ((1200-1399)) Henrys Ln ((2-199)) Holman Ave ((2101-2299)) Huron Ave ((300-1399)) Hyner Park Rd ((101-398)) Hyner Rd ((300-398)) Hyner Run Rd ((101-199)) Industrial Park Rd ((100-299)) Jones Ln ((2-98)) Kelly Farm Ln ((2-198)) Kepler Ln ((1-99)) Kettle Creek Rd ((3401-10298)) Kettle Creek Tackle Ln ((1-99)) Larsens Ln ((2-98)) Laurel St ((100-2199)) Lebo Rd ((801-1098)) Left Branch Young Womans Creek ((1000-1099)) Leidy Village Rd ((1-198)) Lilac Ln ((1-1099)) Little Greenlick Rd ((1501-1798)) Locust St ((201-299)) Lyons Ln ((1-99)) Macs Ln ((1-199)) Maple Ave ((1-99)) Market St ((1100-1299)) Mastriania Ln ((300-499)) McCloskey Ave ((1000-1199)) Mids Ln ((1-99)) Mill Run Rd ((100-2298)) Mt Glen Rd ((100-299)) Myrtle St ((100-199)) Old Wooded Rd ((200-298)) Ontario Ave ((301-998)) Page Run Rd ((1-199)) Pennsylvania Ave ((100-799)) Pete's Run Rd ((2900-2999)) Petes Run Rd ((600-698)) Pine St ((100-1099)) Pipe Line Dr ((200-271)) Ponda St ((100-2199)) Poor Bobs Ln ((1-99)) Prospect St ((1100-1299)) Red Hill Rd ((1-299)) Red Hill Trl ((1-299)) Renovo Rd ((12100-17799)) Ridge Rd ((7500-12099)) River Rd ((101-299)) Robbins Rd ((800-1277)) Saint Clair Ave ((200-1399)) Saint Patricks Ln ((100-299)) Schuylkill Ave ((2100-2299)) Shoemaker Ridge Rd ((301-1498)) S Maple St ((1-99)) Smith Run Rd ((100-1049)) Smiths Run Trl ((10-298)) Smoke House Trl ((301-599)) Spice Wood Run Rd ((100-199)) Sportsman Ln ((1-199)) Spruce St ((200-298)) State Rte 120 ((200-17799)) State Rte 144 ((7500-12099)) Stouts Hill Rd ((101-199)) Stouts Ln ((1-99)) Summerson Mountain Rd ((2100-2199)) Susquehanna Ave ((100-25099)) Swamp Branch Rd ((201-899)) Sycamore Ln ((1-299)) T311 ((1-299)) T312 ((1-299)) T313 ((2100-2199)) T314 ((1-198)) T344 ((400-498)) T518 ((1-99)) T545 ((1-8299)) Tall Pines Ln ((1-99)) Tamarack Rd ((1-5899)) Thunderbird Ln ((2-98)) Turkey Path Rd ((2-398)) Twin Ponds Ln ((29-99)) Wertz Ln ((1-99)) Whitman Rd ((1-199)) Wilson Ln ((2-98)) Wise Ln ((1-99)) Woodland Ave ((1101-2199)) Wykoff Rd ((401-599))

    17764 Places and Attractions

    Austin Hollow Baldy Hollow Bark Shanty Hollow Barney Run Barneys Ridge Bearfield Run Bear Hollow Bear Trail Bear Trap Hollow Beaverdam Run Beech Bottom Hollow Beech Bottom Natural Area Bee Tree Hollow Big Basin Hollow Big McCloskey Run Big Rock Vista Boggs Hollow Boiling Spring Camp Borough of Renovo Borough of South Renovo Boundary Line Trail Boweyes Point Brewery Run Brick House Hollow Bruner Branch Butler Hollow Butler Trail Caldwell Run Caldwell Run Trail Calhoun Branch Camp Big Horn Camp Chestnut Hill Central School Chuck Keiper Trail Citizens Hose Company 1 Clinton County Coal Hill Coffin Rock Fire Tower Coffin Rocks Tower (historical) Coon Run Coon Run Trail County Line Run County Line Trail Cove Hollow Crabapple Hollow Cranberry Swamp Cranberry Swamp Natural Area Dark Hollow Daugherty Run Dennison Fork Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Sproul State Forest 10 Devils Elbow Hollow Diamond Rock Hollow Dishpan Hollow Drake Hollow Drake Hollow Drake Hollow Trail Drury Ridge Drury Ridge Trail Drury Run Drury Run Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Dry Run Dry Run Dugan Hollow Eli Hollow Elm Camp Run Endless Mountain Camp Fairview Cemetery Farwell First Fork Barney Run First Fork Hollow Fish Dam Run Fisher Hollow Fork Hill Fork Hill Fork Hill Trail Four Ridge Trail Georges Hollow Gravel Lick Gravel Lick Trail Greene Branch Hall Run Hammersley Fork Hammersley Fork Hevner Run Hickory Hollow Hicks Hollow High Knob Honey Run Hoover Hollow Huling Ridge Trail Indian Camp Run Jesse Hall Picnic Area Jews Run Jimmy Hollow John Summerson Branch Jordan Hollow Trail Kates Hollow Kelly Hollow Kettle Creek Kettle Creek Lake Kettle Creek Lake Dam Kettle Creek State Park Laurely Fork Leeds Hollow Left Fork Bearfield Run Left Fork Beaverdam Run Left Fork Green Branch Left Fork Hevner Run Left Fork Smith Run Left Fork Stink Hollow Leidy Lick Hollow Little Beaver Camp Little McCloskey Run Little McCloskey Trail Lock Branch Long Hollow Lookout Trail Macks Hollow McCoy Cemetery McCoy Run Mountain Glen Oak Ridge Trail Owl Hollow Owl Hollow Trail Oxbow Bend Paddy Run Page Run Peters Run Port Stewart Hollow Proctor Hollow Renovo Renovo Fire Department Renovo Reservoir Renovo View Right Fork Bearfield Run Right Fork Beaverdam Run Right Fork Green Branch Right Fork Hevner Run Road Hollow Rock Run Roundtop Roundtop Hollow Saint Josephs Cemetery Sandy Run Second Fork Barney Run Shintown Shintown Run Shintown Run Trail Shoemaker Ridge Sixth Street Hollow Slab Hollow Sled Road Hollow Smith Run Smiths Run Trail Smiths Run Trail Smokehouse Hollow Trail Smokehouse Run Soldiers Home Camp (historical) South Renovo South Renovo Reservoir Spicewood Run Spike Buck Camp Splash Dam Hollow State Camp Stink Hollow Stony Run Stump Hollow Sugar Camp Run Summerson Cemetery Summerson Hollow Summerson Run Swamp Branch Swamp Draft Swede Shanty Hollow Tamarack Island Tamarack Lookout Tower The Bunk Township of Noyes Trout Run Trout Run Mountain Trout Run Ridge Trail Tub Hollow Tub Trail Turnippatch Trail Tuttle Run Tyro Camp Van Oak Hollow Van Ripper Trail Walters Run Walters Run Trail Water Trough Hollow Water Trough Trail Weaver Hollow Weed Run Wertz Hollow West Renovo Wheaton Hollow Woodley Draft Wykoff Branch