Cross Fork, PA 17729 ZIP Code Map


Cross Fork ZIP Codes

Cross Fork

ZIP Code 17729 is located in Potter County (69.00%) Clinton County (31.00%)

17729 Street Addresses

Acorn Ln ((2-98)) Austin Hollow ((1-499)) Baileys Ln ((2-699)) Bark Hollow Ln ((2-98)) Barnes Hill Rd ((201-299)) Bettys Ln ((2-98)) Camp Keg Ln ((100-198)) Camp Ln ((1-99)) Camp Savage Ln ((1-199)) Chesnut St ((2-98)) Chestnut St ((5-398)) Churchill Ln ((1-199)) Cross Fork Creek Rd ((400-1498)) Cross Fork Rd ((101-1499)) Cross Forks ((300-498)) Erins Ln ((2-98)) Escape Rte ((1700-1799)) Firehouse Ln ((2-98)) Fire House Ln ((2-98)) Floyd's Rd ((1-911)) Forest Rd ((400-499)) Foutz Valley Rd ((1100-1199)) Francis Rd ((101-499)) Gerfen Ln ((2-499)) Harrys Ln ((1-99)) Haystack Rd ((1-1399)) Haystack Run ((900-1298)) Helens Ln ((1-99)) Hensel Fork Rd ((101-1098)) Hungry Hollow Rd ((100-199)) Jasper Ln ((1-299)) Johns Ln ((100-199)) Keeney Mountain Ln ((1-99)) Kelly Farm Ln ((1-99)) Knobs Hill Ln ((1-199)) Little Greenlick Rd ((1501-1798)) Lone Pine Ln ((1-99)) Main St ((1-99)) Manning Hollow ((1-199)) Marsh Hollow Ln ((1-299)) Marsh Hollow Rd ((1-299)) Merriman Hollow Rd ((2-98)) Miller Farm Ln ((1-99)) Oak Hill Rd ((1-99)) Old Cross Fork Creek Rd ((1-1499)) Old Cross Fork Rd ((101-1499)) Old Township Rd ((2-98)) Ole Bull Rd ((1-1298)) Orchard Ln ((1-99)) Paddys Run Rd ((2-699)) Painter Hollow Ln ((1-91198)) Petes Ln ((1-299)) Pfoutz Valley Rd ((1-499)) Phoutz Valley Rd ((1100-1199)) Pine Hill Rd ((1100-2599)) Pointer Hollow Ln ((1-91198)) Quiet Oaks Campground Ln ((2-98)) Railroad St ((1-99)) Redeye Ln ((2-98)) Ridge Rd ((1-273)) Rooney Ln ((2-98)) Schaffer Rd ((1-99)) S Crossfork Rd ((300-398)) Shephard Rd ((100-1899)) Short Ln ((1-99)) Silo Ln ((1-99)) State Rte 144 ((1-1298)) State Rte 44 ((1120-1198)) Steward Hill Rd ((1001-2699)) Stewart Hill Rd ((2-2598)) Stuart Hill Rd ((2600-2699)) Suits US Ln ((1-99)) Summerson Mountain Rd ((1100-5599)) T303 ((201-299)) T313 ((1100-2999)) T316 ((2-2699)) T416 ((1-19)) T417 ((101-1499)) T436 ((1-340)) T544 ((1-498)) Togetherness Ln ((1-99)) Turtle Point Rd ((102-399)) Windfall Ln ((1-199)) Windfall Rd ((1-199)) W Marthas Ln ((1-99))

17729 Places and Attractions

Ash Tree Hollow Austin Hollow Bark Shanty Hollow Barrel Slide Hollow Beaver Hollow Bergstresser Hollow Betz Hollow Big Bench Hollow Big Ridge Big Ridge Trail Big Run Big Spring Branch Big Trestle Run Big Trestle Trail Boone Road Trail Brown Hollow Browns Mill Hollow Bundle Hollow Bunnell Hollow Cal Hollow Carey Run Cassidy Hollow Cherry Hollow Cherry Hollow Trail Cherry Run Clark Hollow Coon Hollow Cross Fork Cross Fork Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Trail Dead Horse Hollow Dry Hollow Dyer Branch Dyer Pike Trail Dyke Run Dykes Peak Elk Hollow Elk Hollow Trail Elk Lick Run French Trail Gospel Camp Church Gravel Lick Gravel Lick Run Gravel Lick Trail Green Hollow Greenlick Ridge Green Timber Hollow Gum Draft Hartman Trail Headgate Hollow Hensel Fork Hogstock Run Hollow Ridge Trail Hopper Run Hungry Hollow Impson Hollow Italian Hollow Trail Jordan Hollow Jordan Hollow Keeney Hollow Keeney Mountain Kettle Creek Hose Company 1 Kirk Hollow Klondike Ridge Trail Klondike Trail Knickerbocker Hollow Laurel Bottom Laurel Hill Cemetery Layfield Hollow Lecox Ridge Lecox Ridge Trail Left Branch Lieb Run Left Fork Trail Leib Run Trail Lick Hollow Lieb Run Little Basin Hollow Little Kettle Creek Long Run Manning Hollow Marsh Hollow Marsh Hollow Trail McNerny Branch Merriman Hollow Miller Run Mink Hollow Mud Lick Hollow Nordjeuskald Ole Bull Castle (historical) Ole Bull Run Ole Bull State Park Ole Bull State Park Ole Bull Trail Oleona Painter Hollow Parker Hollow Pfoutz Valley Trail Pigs Ear Branch Pine Tree Hollow Pipe Line Hollow Pong Hollow Poplar Hollow Pritchard Hollow Rebel Hollow Renz Hollow Rhulo Hollow Ridge Trail Right Branch Lieb Run Rixford Hollow Rob Horse Trail Robin Hollow Rock Hollow Rock Hollow Trail Sandy Ridge Trail Sandy Trail Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Run Sawmill Trail Schoolhouse Hollow Slip Hollow Spring Brook Stewart Run Swartwood Trail Tamarack Tamarack Swamp Tin Can Hollow Tobe Hollow Township of Chapman Township of Leidy Township of Stewardson Tub Hollow Tub Hollow Turtle Point Turtle Point Hollow Van Sickle Hollow Welch Hollow Welch Ridge Trail White and Burney Hollow Whitman Branch Wideview Trail Wildcat Trail Windfall Run Wykoff Hollow