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    ZIP Code 16922 is located in Potter County

    16922 Street Addresses

    1st St ((1-199)) 2nd St ((1-99)) 3rd St ((1-99)) 4th St ((2-98)) 5th St ((1-99)) 936 ((1-99)) Adams St ((1-99)) Ansley Rd ((1-2198)) Ash St ((1-99)) Aspen Rd ((1-199)) Babylon Rd ((500-699)) Bach Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Bach Ln ((1-99)) Bader Hallow Rd ((1-199)) Bean Hill Rd ((1-299)) Blass Hollow Rd ((1-387)) Boone Rd ((201-798)) Boone Run Rd ((201-798)) Braun Ave ((2-10)) Bridge St ((1-99)) Butternut Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Butternut Rd ((1-198)) Button Hollow ((100-498)) Button Hollow Rd ((101-498)) Cheese Factory Hill Rd ((1-99)) Cherry Ln ((100-198)) Cherry Ridge Rd ((2-199)) Cherry Springs Rd ((2-98)) Cherry St ((1-99)) Clinton St ((1-99)) Club Hill Rd ((1-399)) Club House Rd ((1-99)) Constitution Ave ((1-99)) Corbett Rd ((2-8)) Coudersport-Jersey Shore Hwy ((2-98)) Crippen Run Rd ((1-998)) Crippen St ((1-199)) Deerwood Ln ((1-99)) Division Ave ((1-99)) Dugan Sprucetree Rd ((1-99)) Dugans Sprucetree Rd ((1-99)) Eggler Aly ((1-99)) Elm St ((1-299)) E Main St ((4-98)) Exd T-433 ((1-399)) Fairview Ave ((1-99)) Fats Hollow ((2-98)) Fiero Rd ((1-198)) Fowler Rd ((1-199)) Germania-Overlook Rd ((1-499)) Germania Rd ((1-2198)) Germania St ((1-399)) Gnau Rd ((1-198)) Grand Army of the Republic Hwy ((1-399)) Gross Rd ((74-298)) Hammond Ave ((1-99)) Head Ave ((1-99)) Heuser Rd ((1-299)) Hill Hollow Rd ((1-199)) Hoppe Hollow Rd ((1-199)) Ives Hollow Rd ((1-299)) Johnson Brook Rd ((1-399)) Kennedy Dr ((1-99)) Kline Rd ((1-99)) Lambert Ave ((1-99)) Lebo Rd ((1400-1799)) Lechler Branch Rd ((2-199)) Lewis Rd ((1-99)) Lower Germania St ((2-98)) Lyman Run Rd ((100-698)) Main St ((2-98)) Maple Ave ((1-99)) Meeker Rd ((2-1498)) Mountain View Ln ((1-99)) North St ((1-99)) Notch Rd ((901-1198)) Oak St ((1-99)) Old Rte 6 ((2-699)) Orchard Ave ((1-99)) Park Ln ((3-99)) Parsonage Ave ((1-99)) Paul Hollow Rd ((1-899)) Penn Ave ((2-99)) Phoenix Run Rd ((1-31)) Pigeon Hill Rd ((1-999)) Pigs Ear Fork Dr ((1-99)) Pine Hill Rd ((1-2403)) Pine St ((1-199)) Pine Tree Ests ((1-99)) Pine Tree Rd ((1-99)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((2-98)) Poplar Ave ((1-99)) Prospect Ave ((1-99)) Railroad Ave ((1-99)) Ranch Rd ((1-99)) Rauch Rd ((1-1298)) Ridge Rd ((1-399)) River St ((1-99)) Rouch Rd ((400-499)) Schaar Rd ((1-299)) School St ((1-99)) Sherman St ((1-199)) Short Run Rd ((1-999)) Slider Rd ((2-98)) S Mitchell Rd ((2-199)) Songbird Way ((1-99)) Spring Brook Ln ((2-98)) Spring Brook Loop ((200-298)) Spring St ((2-198)) Spruce Tree Rd ((1-99)) Sr2003 ((601-699)) Sr3003 ((1-31)) State Rte 144 ((1-1898)) State Rte 2002 ((424-1099)) State Rte 44 ((2-198)) Stone Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Stoney Lick Rd ((1428-1498)) Straley Rd ((101-199)) Sunken Branch Rd ((1001-4999)) T300 ((800-999)) T396 ((1-1198)) T-410 ((63-198)) T413 ((1-499)) T414 ((2-66)) T416 ((201-798)) T418 ((1-999)) T419 ((27-899)) T420 ((1-299)) T421 ((1-299)) T422 ((1-199)) T423 ((1-741)) T425 ((1-99)) T427 ((1-299)) T428 ((1-299)) T430 ((1-199)) T431 ((1-498)) T432 ((1-199)) T433 ((400-1298)) T435 ((1-699)) T436 ((1-399)) T438 ((2-1198)) T440 ((1-399)) T502 ((2-199)) T504 ((1-199)) T530 ((1-99)) T547 ((1-198)) Tr438 ((1428-1498)) Twelve Mile Rd ((1700-3998)) Twp Rd 420 ((1-99)) Tyoga Rd ((2-198)) Union St ((2-98)) US Hwy 6 ((1-1312)) Valley View Ln ((1-10)) W Branch Ave ((1-99)) W Branch Rd ((100-1598)) West St ((2-99)) Whispering Pines Ln ((1-99)) Whitman Colony Dr ((1-99)) Williams Ave ((2-98)) Winkleman Rd ((100-198)) W Main St ((1-299)) Yahn Rd ((1-699)) Yochum Run Rd ((2-299)) Zoerb Hollow Rd ((2-299))

    16922 Places and Attractions

    Abbott Acid Factory Hollow Ansley Hollow Bach Hollow Baders Hollow B and S Trail Barnes Hollow Bean Hill Bear Run Ridge Bear Trail Beech Flats Run Bibiana Mountain Big Ridge Birch Still Hollow Bloss Hollow Blumenthal Hollow Boedler Branch Bohunk Hollow Bohunk Hollow Bohunk Trail Bolich Run Boone Run Borough of Galeton Brown Hollow Brushy Point Bull Tote Road Trail Burdock Hollow Burnisky Hollow Burnt Hollow Burrous Trail Burrows Butternut Hollow Butternut Hollow Button Hollow Byam Cemetery Camp Trail Carter Camp Cherry Run Cherry Springs Fire Tower Cherry Springs Station (historical) Cherry Springs Vista Clark Farm Trail Club Hill Corbett Cow Hill Trail Crandall Hollow Crippen Hollow Crippen Run Crooks Trail Cross Fork Brook Trail Cross Fork Trail Cross Junction (historical) Cross Trail Daggett Hollow Dead Bear Hollow Dead Horse Hollow Deck Lane Trail Deer Lick Hollow Dimmick Hollow Dry Bottom Trail Dry Hollow Egler Hollow Ewing Trail Face Run Falling Springs Hollow Fegley Hollow Fire Tower Trail First Hollow Galeton Galeton Dam Galeton Lake Germania Germania Branch Germania Bridge Trail Germania Fire Company Germania Hill Germania Post Office (historical) Germania Station Goodyear Hose Company Station 10 Green Hollow Gross Hollow Hartman Hollow Hasker Hollow Hedgehog Hollow Hemlock Trail Hensel Hollow Hickory Ridge Hogback Hollow Hoppe Hollow Hopper House Hollow Huggler Hollow Hults Hollow Hurd Hollow Indian Run Indian Run Indian Trail Ives Hollow Jacob Hollow Johnson Brook Johnson Hollow Kilbourne Hollow King Smith Hollow Kortz Run Lechler Branch Leech Hollow Left Stony Hollow Lick Hollow Lick Ridge Trail Little Indian Run Little Lyman Run Little Phoenix Run Log Grade Trail Long Hollow Long Run Trail Louis Main Hollow Lower Dry Hollow Lyman Land Trail Lyman Run Lyman Run Lyman Run Camp Lyman Run Dam Lyman Run Reservoir Lyman Run State Park Lymans Run Station Madison Hollow Main Lot Hollow Martin Hollow Miller Run Trail Mosch Hollow Mott Hill Hollow Mount Brodhead Mud Hollow New Bergen (historical) Newcomb Hollow Notch Hollow Notch Trail Osgood Hollow Paul Hollow Phoenix Trail Pigeon Hill Pike-Whitman Trail Pipe Line Hollow Prindle Trail Rawson Ridge Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Rhinehimmer Hollow Rhinehimmer Trail Right Branch Wetmore Run Right Stony Hollow Rock Run Schoolhouse Hollow Shaar Hollow Short Run Short Run Shotgun Trail Silver Run Sixth Hollow Slaughterhouse Hollow Slide Hollow Sliders Branch Sliders Dam South Branch Pine Creek State Game Lands Number 64 Stone Hollow Stone Hollow Stone Watering Trough Hollow Straight Ridge Trail Straight Run Straley Hollow Sugar Bush Hollow Sugar Bush Hollow Sugar Ridge Sunken Branch Switchback Trail The Notch Third Hollow Thunder Run Tin Can Hollow Tinsmith Hollow Tom Cabin Hollow Tom Cabin Trail Township of Abbott Township of Pike Township of West Branch Traplog Hollow Upper Dry Hollow Warpath Hollow Waterfalls Hollow Water Tank Hollow Wenzel Hollow Wenzel Hollow West Branch Pine Creek Wetmore Run Wheaton Hollow Wildcat Hollow Wild Cat Hollow Williams Hollow Wingard Trail Wingerter Run Yaudes Hollow Yeager Hollow Yochum Hill Yochum Hill Cemetery Yochum Run Yochum Trail Zeorb Hollow Zundel Hollow