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University Park

ZIP Code 16802 is located in Centre County

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Academic Activities Building Academic Projects Building Althouse Laboratory Applied Research Laboratory Armsby Building Beaver Stadium Beecher - Dock House Benedict House Bennet Family Center Bigler Hall Boucke Bluilding Breazeale Nuclear Reactor Burrowes Building CEDAR Building Chambers Building Chandlee Laboratory Coal Utilzation Laboratory Cross Hall Curtin Hall Davey Laboratory East Area Locker Room Eastview Terrace Eisenhower Auditorium Fenske Laboratory Frear Building Frear South Building Gardner House Grange Building Greenberg Ice Pavillion Haller Hall Hammond Building Hartranft Hall Health and Human Development Home Henderson South Building Hetzel Union Building Hibbs Hall Hiester Hall Hintz Family Alumni Center Holuba Hall Intramural Building Johnston Commons Lasch Football Building McAllister Building McCoy Natatarium McElwain Hall McKean Hall Mifflin Hall Moore Building Nittany Parking Deck Noll Laboratory Old Botany Building Old Main Osmond Laboratory Oswald Tower Pasquerilla Spiritual Center Paterno Library Pattee Library Penn State Forum Pennypacker Hall Pine Cottage Pollock Commons Pollock Library Pond Laboratory Rackley Building Reber Building Redifer Commons Research East Bluilding Ritenour Building Ritner Hall Robeson Cultural Center Sackett Building Sarni Tennis Facility Schwab Auditorium Shulze Hall Shunk Hall Simmons Hall Spruce Cottage Thomas Bluilding Tyson Bluilding University Park Wagner Building Waring Commons Wartik Laboratory White North Whitmore Laboratory Wolf Hall