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    ZIP Code 16720 is located in Potter County (81.00%) Cameron County (9.70%) McKean County (9.30%)

    16720 Street Addresses

    1st Fork Rd ((5600-12898)) Apple Dr ((1-99)) Bailey Run Rd ((1-1599)) Bark Shanty Rd ((0-8898)) Barnett Ln ((100-299)) Bartley Ln ((2-98)) Bear Rd ((1-99)) Big Bear Ln ((1-99)) Big Moores Run Rd ((3100-3599)) Bittersweet Ln ((2-199)) Blanche St ((1-198)) Brooks Run Rd ((2900-3198)) Buck Dr ((2-298)) Burger Ln ((1-99)) Bush Hill Rd ((0-298)) Cedar St ((1-398)) Cemetary Ln ((2-98)) Cemetery Rd ((1-398)) Cherry Springs Rd ((1300-4450)) Church St ((2-98)) Cochran Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Cookie Ln ((1-398)) Costello Ave ((2-299)) Costello Rd ((1-2099)) Coudersport-Jersey Shore Hwy ((1300-1498)) Cowley Hill Rd ((900-2299)) Coyote Trl ((2-98)) Crandall Rd ((15-126)) Daisy Ln ((1-99)) Dancing Bear Ln ((300-398)) Deering Run Rd ((201-1399)) Deppa Dr ((2-98)) Duffee Ln ((1-99)) Dutch Mare Ln ((1-99)) E Darian Run ((2-98)) E Fork Rd ((200-3999)) Elliot ((1-99)) Elliott St ((2-98)) Ernhardt Ln ((1-99)) Falcon Ln ((2-198)) Fanton Hollow Rd ((2-98)) First Fork Rd ((61-2298)) Foster St ((1-199)) Fox Meadow Ln ((2-98)) Fox Mountain Dr ((1-498)) Fox Mountain Rd ((100-498)) Freeman Run Ln ((1-99)) Gardeau Rd ((340-5999)) Garman Ln ((1-199)) Garretson St ((2-98)) Goodyear Ter ((1-99)) Goss Rd ((1-199)) Grace St ((100-298)) Half Mile Run ((2-98)) Harvey St ((1-99)) Horn Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Indian Run Rd ((101-599)) Jamison Dr ((200-299)) Kamatz Rd ((1-99)) Keating Summit St ((1-99)) Lacney Hollow Ln ((1-498)) Logue Run Rd ((1-299)) Lower Bark Shanty Rd ((0-5498)) Ludwig Rd ((1-499)) Main St ((1-99)) Maryland Ln ((1-398)) Matt Ward Rd ((66-413)) McCoy Hollow Rd ((201-299)) Miller Ln ((1-99)) Montour Rd ((13100-13198)) N Berge Run Rd ((100-298)) Nelson Run Rd ((1-698)) N Ruth St ((1-99)) Oak St ((1-99)) Orchard Rd ((1-99)) Pipeline Rd ((2-199)) Portage Rd ((1-399)) Prouty Rd ((2-999)) Purdy Ave ((1-99)) Railroad St ((1-199)) Rainbow Dr ((1-99)) Reading St ((2-98)) Reed Run Rd ((2-198)) Right Branch Cooney Hollow ((2-98)) Ripple Dr ((101-199)) Rugaber St ((1-199)) Ruth St ((1-99)) S Berge Run Rd ((1-99)) School St ((1-199)) Scoville St ((1-199)) Sears Hollow ((2-2898)) Shea St ((1-199)) Simms Ln ((100-498)) Sr3002 ((901-2299)) S Ruth St ((1-99)) State Rte 155 ((9701-9899)) State Rte 607 ((1-2999)) State Rte 872 ((166-12898)) State St ((1-99)) Stiner St ((1-99)) Streich Dr ((20-98)) Summit St ((100-599)) Swank Rd ((200-998)) S Woods Rd ((1-1099)) Sycamore St ((1-99)) T300 ((1-698)) T302 ((1-1099)) T304 ((1-3599)) T305 ((0-298)) T306 ((1-499)) T307 ((0-8898)) T-308 ((2-198)) T-310 ((0-5498)) T312 ((66-413)) T331 ((340-2298)) T391 ((15-126)) T396 ((201-1399)) T396 Section 3 ((212-550)) T470 ((2801-4398)) T511 ((1-399)) T515 ((401-5999)) T524 ((1-99)) T525 ((1-99)) T548 ((1-298)) Thorn St ((1-199)) Trl 400 ((2-999)) Turner St ((1-198)) Upper Logue Rd ((2-98)) Watson Farm Rd ((1-99)) Weaver's Ln ((2-98)) Wharton Rd ((2401-4798)) Wild Boy Dr ((2-98)) Wild Boy Rd ((1-99)) Windy Blvd ((1-199)) W Main St ((200-299)) Young Hollow Ln ((1-99))

    16720 Places and Attractions

    Ames Hollow Andrew Hollow Arnold Hollow Austin Austin Emergency Services Avery Hollow Bachman Hollow Bailey Run Bailey Run Bark Shanty Hollow Barrett Slide Bear Pen Hollow Bear Trap Hollow Beech Run Beer Keg Hollow Bell Branch Bell Branch Trail Bentley Hollow Berger Trail Berge Run Berge Run Big Carlson Hollow Big Fill Hollow Big Hollow Big Moores Run Big Nelson Run Big Tree Hollow Birch Run Black Mark Hollow Blacksmith Hollow Black Stump Hollow Borie Borie Branch Borough of Austin Brainard Hollow Brooks Cemetery Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Number 1 Trail Brown Hollow Number 2 Trail Brown Hollow Number 3 Trail Buckbee Hollow Buck Hollow Bucktail Path Buffalo Switch Hollow Buffalo Switch Trail Bunnell Ridge Bunnell Ridge Trail Bunnell Run Burleson Hollow Burt Hollow Bush Hollow Butternut Hollow Butternut Hollow Camp Run Cannon Hollow Card Hollow Card Hollow Cochrane Hollow Cody Hollow Combs Trail Conrad Cooney Hollow Cooney Hollow Cooney Hollow Costello Costello Cemetery Cow Run Cow Run Trail Crawford Hollow Culver Hollow Dan Barr Hollow Darling Run Darling Run Trail Deering Run Dempsey Run Donovan Hollow Doubler Hollow Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Dry Run Dry Run Dump Hollow East Darian Run East Fork Sinnemahoning Creek Elevenmile Hollow Elkhorn Hollow Elkhorn Trail Elk Lick Knob Elk Lick Run Elk Lick Run Ensign Run Fanton Hollow Fee Run First Fork Fish Basket Hollow Five Points Five Points Helistop Ford Hollow Forksville Fox Mountain Fox Mountain Fire Tower Freeman Run Gardeau Garretson Hollow Gas Well Hollow Gas Well Hollow Gilmore Cemetery Gravel Lick Run Gravel Lick Run Gravel Lick Trail Graveyard Hollow Hailstone Hollow Half Mile Run Hammersley Hammersley Trail Hardwood Trail Harrier Hollow Healey Hollow Heath Hollow Hi Foster Hollow Hill Hollow Hockney Hollow Hoover Hollow Horn Hollow Horton Run Horton Run Trail Horton Run Vista Hunter Hollow Indian Shanty Run Jackson Lick Run Jacob Run Jamison Jamison Run Jamison Run Vista Jones Run Jordan Hollow Keating Summit Kirkendahl Hollow Klesa Trail Kreitner Hollow Layton Hollow Left Branch Bark Shanty Hollow Left Branch Big Nelson Run Left Branch Half Mile Run Left Branch Lushbaugh Run Little Bailey Run Little Bailey Run Little Burdick Hollow Little Carlson Hollow Little Cherry Springs Park Little Fill Hollow Little Hollow Little Joe Run Little Moores Run Little Nelson Run Little Parker Run Little Portage Creek Logue Logue Run Long Hollow Long Hollow Trail Lookout Mountain Lookout Mountain Overlook Lower Vag Hollow Lushbaugh Lushbaugh Run Lyman Run Mackey Hollow Mackey Trail Mahon Run Marvin Run McConnell Hollow McCurvey Hollow McDonald Hollow McDonald Hollow Trail McFall Cemetery McMann Hollow Mill Run Mitcheltree Hollow Moores Run Cemetery Mud Lick Hollow Mud Lick Run Muley Run Nady Hollow Nelson Branch Nelson Hollow Nelson Hollow Trail Nestor Hollow Norcross Run North Branch Indian Run O'Brien Hollow Owl Hollow Owl Run Parker Hollow Trail Parker Run Pine Camp Trail Pine Hill Pine Hill Run Pine Island Run Pine Run Planing Mill Hollow Poges Hole Post Hollow Prout Lick Trail Prouty Place Camp Prouty Place State Park Prouty Run Railroad Hollow Railroad Run Railroad Trail Rattlesnake Run Reed Cemetery Rees Cemetery Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Reesville School Ridge Trail Right Branch Bailey Run Right Branch Bark Shanty Hollow Right Branch Big Nelson Run Right Branch Half Mile Run Right Branch Lushbaugh Run Right Fork Reed Run Ripple Hollow Road Branch Road District of East Fork (historical) Road Hollow Road Hollow Rock Ridge Trail Root Hollow Ross Hollow Saint Joseph Cemetery Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Run Schoolhouse Run Sears Hollow Shang Hollow Shang Hollow Trail Shinglebolt Hollow Shippen Station Sinnemahoning State Park Sizerville Park Dam Sizerville State Park Slabtown Hollow Slide Hollow Branch Smith Hollow South Branch Indian Run South Branch Little Portage Creek South Woods Branch Splash Dam Splash Dam Trail Sprague Hollow Squab Hollow State Game Lands Number 30 Stepping Stone Hollow Stone Chimney Hollow Stony Lick Run Stony Run Stony Trail Stuckey Hollow Switchback Trail Tate Hollow Teed Hollow Tower Trail Township of Eulalia Township of Grove Township of Keating Township of Portage Township of Summit Township of Sylvania Township of Wharton Twin Sisters Hollows Twin Sisters Trail Upper Doctor Green Trail Upper Logue Hollow Upper Logue Run Upper Vag Hollow Weller Hollow West Branch Freeman Run West Darian Run Wharton Wharton Cemetery Wheeler Hollow Whiting Creek Wild Boy Run Williams Run Wooley Lot Hollow Young Hollow