Pittsburgh, PA 15219 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 15219 is located in Allegheny County

15219 Street Addresses

1st Ave ((400-699)) 2nd Ave ((500-3399)) 30th St ((300-599)) 3rd Ave ((100-699)) 4th Ave ((400-699)) 5th Ave ((1-2304)) 5th St ((1900-1999)) 6th Ave ((400-599)) 7th Ave ((400-599)) Addison St ((300-399)) Adelaide St ((700-999)) Alberta Dr ((2076-2099)) Allequippa St ((401-4199)) Alpena St ((900-1099)) Anaheim St ((700-999)) Arcena St ((2-98)) Arthur St ((500-699)) Auditorium Pl ((1-398)) Avalon St ((3100-3199)) Barnett Way ((2600-2799)) Bedford Ave ((1200-3099)) Belinda St ((600-699)) Bentley Dr ((2000-2299)) Bethoven St ((3300-3499)) Bigelow Blvd ((1-3402)) Blessing St ((516-592)) Bloomer Way ((1-2399)) Bluff St ((700-1399)) Blvd of the Allies ((400-2399)) Brackenridge St ((2400-3199)) Brady St ((100-199)) Brereton St ((200-3299)) Brownsville Rd Exd ((3293-3498)) Bryn Mawr Rd ((600-4299)) Burton Way ((800-899)) Camp St ((3000-3599)) Caramel Way ((1-99)) Cargill St ((3300-3599)) Carnak St ((3300-3499)) Cassatt St ((700-899)) Centre Ave ((600-26299)) Chatham Sq ((1-99)) Chatham St ((1-99)) Chatham Towers ((1-198)) Chauncey Dr ((2400-2599)) Chauncey St ((1-2599)) Cherokee St ((700-999)) Cherry Way ((1-429)) Clarissa St ((700-999)) Cliff St ((1500-1899)) Colwell St ((1000-2099)) Congress St ((1-99)) Conkling St ((1-699)) Court Pl ((500-698)) Covel Way ((400-499)) Crawford St ((401-898)) Crockett Way ((2800-2999)) Danube St ((700-799)) Davenport St ((1-99)) Davenport Way ((200-299)) de Ruad St ((101-2099)) Devilliers St ((2-617)) Diamond St ((500-799)) Diaz Way ((1800-1999)) Dinwiddie St ((100-499)) Dobson St ((3100-3299)) Downing St ((2-3299)) Duff St ((600-799)) E Carson St ((1-399)) Edna St ((1600-1699)) Elba St ((2500-2799)) Elmore Sq ((300-2199)) Elmore St ((1-2199)) Enoch St ((1800-1999)) Erin St ((1-299)) Ewart Dr ((3100-3199)) Festus Way ((2100-2199)) Finland St ((600-999)) Flavian St ((3301-3599)) Forbes Ave ((400-3099)) Foreside Pl ((400-1699)) Fort Pitt Blvd ((401-499)) Frances Ct ((601-699)) Francis St ((500-899)) Gilmore St ((1-99)) Gist St ((2-399)) Glendora St ((1900-1999)) Granite St ((1-99)) Grant St ((1-799)) Granville St ((1-699)) Green St ((1-99)) Grove St ((400-2099)) Hallett St ((2-2599)) Hancock St ((300-899)) Harding St ((1-99)) Harmar St ((300-399)) Heldman St ((1-599)) Hemans St ((2100-2199)) Herron Ave ((500-1299)) High Way ((1800-1899)) Hollace St ((600-699)) Hooper St ((1-99)) Horton St ((1-598)) Humber Way ((2200-2499)) Iowa St ((3000-4199)) Iskar Way ((2200-2299)) Jacobus Way ((1-99)) Jewel St ((1100-1399)) Jumonville St ((1-399)) Junilla St ((500-799)) Kearney Way ((1-99)) Kenney Way ((1-99)) Kirkpatrick St ((1-2198)) Landleiss Pl ((500-599)) la Place St ((2202-2399)) Lawson St ((1-699)) Leander St ((2900-3199)) Ledlie St ((2-899)) Linoleum Way ((300-399)) Linton St ((1800-1899)) Locust St ((600-1899)) Lombard St ((200-299)) Lyon St ((3000-3399)) Magee St ((1-299)) Mahon St ((2200-2699)) Manilla St ((1-1799)) Mario Lemieux Pl ((300-398)) Marion St ((1-199)) Mc Clarren St ((1-2299)) Mc Kean St ((100-399)) McNeil Pl ((701-3399)) Melwood Ave ((3300-3499)) Mercer St ((1-1598)) Midtown Sq ((600-2299)) Miller St ((1-499)) Miltenberger St ((1-499)) Milwaukee St ((3300-3599)) Monaca Pl ((1-1899)) Montague St ((501-599)) Montour Way ((600-699)) Morgan St ((400-799)) Moultrie St ((1-199)) Nigh Way ((1800-1899)) N Ruthven St ((3300-3599)) Old Kirkpatrick St ((2-199)) Oliver Ave ((400-499)) Orbin St ((2800-2999)) Orion St ((1-99)) Orr St ((1-199)) Ossipee St ((600-699)) Our Way ((1200-1799)) Paulowna St ((3000-3099)) Peach Way ((1-99)) Perry St ((1-699)) Phelan Way ((3000-3299)) Pleasant St ((1578-5576)) Pride St ((2-298)) Protectory Pl ((2-699)) Pulawski Way ((3000-3099)) Rampart St ((901-3599)) Reed Roberts Pl ((100-199)) Reed St ((1-2499)) Revere Way ((1-99)) Ridgway St ((2-1899)) Roberts St ((1-799)) Rose St ((1800-2199)) Ross St ((100-499)) Rowley St ((1800-1999)) Rust Way ((2900-2999)) S 1st St ((1200-1299)) S 2nd St ((100-199)) S 3rd St ((1-199)) S 4th St ((1-199)) Seal St ((700-799)) Seneca St ((1-299)) Shawnee St ((700-999)) Shingiss St ((300-499)) Shipton St ((1-799)) Smallman St ((1900-2099)) Soho St ((200-599)) Somers Dr ((2200-2299)) Somers St ((2-799)) State Rte 380 ((1-3402)) State Rte 51 ((1836-1899)) State Rte 837 ((1-1799)) State Rte 885 ((400-2099)) Station Sq ((1-99)) Stevenson St ((1-299)) Stockholm St ((8-2698)) Strawberry Way ((400-499)) Sweeney Way ((100-199)) Tannehill St ((48-699)) Terminal Way ((1-99)) Trent St ((1-199)) Try St ((1-99)) Tustin St ((1600-2698)) Upfold Way ((2400-2499)) Upton St ((601-2599)) Van Braam St ((1-199)) Vancroft St ((3000-3099)) Vera Cruz Way ((400-499)) Vera St ((1-99)) Verdant Way ((2400-2599)) Vickroy St ((900-7399)) Vincennes Way ((2900-2999)) Vine St ((1-399)) Wandless St ((1-899)) Washington Pl ((1-199)) Watson St ((600-2199)) Watt Ln ((700-799)) Watt St ((1-699)) W Carson St ((100-1899)) Webster Ave ((700-3599)) Webster Ter ((700-799)) Whiteside Rd ((800-999)) White St ((1-2998)) Whitney Ter ((1-99)) Wichita Way ((3300-3499)) Wick St ((200-299)) Wiggins St ((3000-3099)) William Penn Pl ((500-625)) Wooster St ((1-698)) Wyandotte St ((2000-2099)) Wylie Ave ((1500-2999)) Zero Way ((3100-3199))

15219 Places and Attractions

Actors Civic Theatre Allegheny County Court House Allegheny County High School Allegheny County Jail Allegheny County Office Building Ammon Playground Armstrong Tunnel Assumption Commons Assumption Commons Assumption Hall A Weil Elementary School Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Terminal Bayer Hall Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Beth Hamedrash Hagodol and Beth Jacob Congregation Synagogue Brottier Hall Calvary Baptist Church Canevin Hall Carnegie Library of Allegheny Carnegie Library of Hill District Carson Street Station Center for Family Excellence Central Academy Central Baptist Church Central Medical Pavilion Christian Tabernacle Church Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Civic Arena Community College of Allegheny County Connelley Skills Center Library Connelly School Corinthian Baptist Church Covenant Church on the Hill Des Places Hall Duquesne Towers Duquesne Towers Duquesne Union Duquesne Union Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost Ebenezer Baptist Church Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania Epiphany Church Fire Station Number 5 First Church of God and Saints of Christ First English Evangelical Lutheran Church Fisher Hall Flag Plaza Forbes Garage Gateway Clipper Fleet Dock Good Samaritan Baptist Church Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church Grant Street Post Office Greater Pittsburgh Council Boy Scouts of America Greens Temple Church of God in Christ Gumberg Green Space Gumberg Library Gumberg Library Harty Bible School Herron Hill Junior High School Herron Hill Park Hillcrest Seventh Day Adventist Church Hill Distrct Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Interchange 1B Interchange 1C Interchange 1D Interchange 2B Interchange 3A John Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Laval House Letsche Education Center Library Liberty Bridge Lily Baptist Church Litche Education Center Locust Garage Lourdes Grotto Macedonia Baptist Church Madison Elementary School Madison Elementary School Library Magic Years Childcare Center and Learning Center Martin Luther King Junior Branch Carnegie Free Library of Pittsburgh McCloskey Field McKelvey Playground Mendel Hall Mercy Hospital Midtown Station Miller Elementary School Miller Elementary School Library Miller Street Baptist Church Milliones Middle School Milliones Middle School Library Monogahela Incline Monongahela River Monumental Baptist Church Mount Horran Baptist Church Nazareth Baptist Church New Beginning Family Worship Center New Light Temple Baptist Church New Pilgrim Baptist Church "Old Main" Administration Building Olivet Baptist Church One Oxford Center Palumbo Center Pappert School of Music Pappert School of Music Pennsylvania Communication Association Pittsburgh Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Station Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Station 4 Pittsburgh City Courthouse Pittsburgh City Hall Pittsburgh Gifted Center Pittsburgh Gifted Center Library Pittsburgh Housing Authority Pittsburgh Magistrates Courthouse Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation Department Pittsburgh Public Schools Library Point Bridge Police Airport Polish Hill Psychological Services of Pittsburgh Rangos School of Health Sciences Rangos School of Health Sciences Renaissance III Richard King Mellon Hall of Science Right Start Family Development Center Rising Star Baptist Church Robert Lee Vann Elementary School Robert Morris College Rockwell Hall Rockwell Hall Rooney Field Rooney Field Rosella Hospital Saint Ann Hall Saint Ann Hall Saint Benedict the Moor Church Saint Benedict the Moor Convent Saint Benedict the Moor School Saint Martin Hall Saint Michaels Russian Orthodox Cathedral Sawmill Run Schenley Heights School of Law Building Sisters of Charity Smithfield Street United Methodist Church Soho Station Square Station Square Station Steel Plaza Station Steel Plaza Station Tenth Street Bridge The Landing at Station Square Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church Trinity Hall University of Pittsburgh Theatre Uptown Uptown Pittsburgh Post Office US Steel Rooftop Heliport USX Building Vann Elementary School Library Vickroy Hall Weil Elementary School Library Weil Technology Elementary School Wesley Center African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Western School of Health and Business Library West Penn Recreation Center W H McKelvy Elementary School Wylie Post Office Zion Hill Full Gospel Baptist Church